Warwick Football Parents Association: Jr. High News

Tuesday, October 2
October 2nd Junior High Newsletter

Coach Resch was sorry to inform me today that Thursday's Middle School JV game will not be played due to the injury situation.

Thursday, they will watch film from Wednesday's game right after school and then have a practice afterward. The coaches will inform the players if the practice is full pads or just shorts and shoulder pads after the game on Wednesday.


Tuesday, October 2: Warwick Football Parents Association meeting at 7:00 PM at High School (Room 116). Come support our program.

Friday, October 5: Middle School Football Recognition Night. I will had out tickets to the players for free food when they arrive at Grosh Field.

Thank you!

Heather Zellers

Monday, September 10
New Junior High Newsletter section

Hi there Junior High Parents!

 I wanted to let you all know about the new Junior High Newsletter section in the Handouts area of this website.  For current information on what's going on with the Junior High team, see that newsletter.




Tuesday, August 28
Player Impact Baseline Concussion Testing!!!

We will be Impact testing the players for a baseline to compare in case of future head injuries. I’m not sure how you word that without sounding scary, but, we will be doing this on the following:

Wednesday, August 29: 9th graders immediately after practice at 6pm in the high school. Coach Resch will be releasing them from practice to go down to the trainer and she will take it from there. PARENTS can pick their son up at approximately 7:00 outside the high school gym entrance.

Thursday, August 30 at 2:15 pm: 7th and 8th grade Players are to report directly to the trainers office ( in the gym doors at high school- 1st left- 1st right- 2nd door on right) . They will be released from there to walk up to practice when complete.

If your son can’t make the assigned night, that’s ok, but Coach Resch MUST know about it as we only have a certain number of computers available. Please send an email to Coach Resch at bobr@bombergersstore.com and he will reassign them to the other session. Thank you!

Wednesday, June 20
Junior High Football Workout Schedule

Hello Parents!  Coach Resch has asked us to post the workout schedule for June.  For the remainder of this month, workouts are Monday and Thursday evenings at 6:30PM. 

Monday, September 10
Junior High Game Location change vs Wilson!

Junior High Parents,


Please note:  The field location for our game at Wilson has been changed to Wilson Southern, 3100 Iroquois Avenue, Sinking Springs, PA 19608.