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FALL SCHEDULES 8u - 14/15u

From this point forward, the website is considered the "Bible" and is the tool with which we base the umpires assignments. So if you see something wrong speak up.

It is every teams responsibility to check the website and make sure all the information is correct. Ignorance is not an acceptable excuse if there is a problem that goes unresolved. If you need to change something you must speak to your opponent and get them to agree to the change. Do not send us changes if they have not been confirmed by your opponent. We will not agree to any changes without the opponents consent.

All doubleheaders are listed as 2 games at the same time.

FIELDS: There are many games on the website without field assignments. If you are the home team on these games, please get us the field assignments ASAP.

SCHEDULE CHANGES: Any schedule changes that take place after the schedule is posted on the website MUST be made by email to jimo99@aol.com (James O’Gorman) & jtnn@aol.com (John Nesi). Make sure to copy both on all emails. DO NOT CALL. There will be no changes accepted over the phone.

If you cancel your game(s) with less than 48 hours before game time the umpires will be entitled to full fees. It is the cancelling teams responsibility to notify the league, not the home team!

If you change your schedule from a doubleheader to a single game with less than 48 hours notice you must still pay the umps the full fee for a doubleheader.

Please make all schedule changes by Wednesday night as it is difficult and sometime impossible to move guys around after their assignments are completed. Please try to refrain from changing times of games after Wednesday night.

RAINOUTS & WEATHER-RELATED CANCELLATIONS: All notifications of rainouts must be made by phone to James O'Gorman at 917-841-0398. Home teams must also notify their opponents by phone. You can follow up with an email, but it will not be considered proper notification. If umpires go to a game because you did not notify us properly, they will be entitled to full game fee for traveling.

SCORES: All coaches, regardless of who won the game(s), must email their scores within 24 hours to: jimo99@aol.com (James O’Gorman) & jtnn@aol.com (John Nesi).


James O’Gorman 917-841-0398 (jimo99@aol.com)

John Nesi 914-227-5106 (jtnn@aol.com)

Handout: 2015 WBA Rules

WBA Rules 8u-14u

2015 WBA Rules 8u thru 14u can be found in the handouts section. 
Handout: 2015 WBA Rules

ALL SCORES ...and game info

Each team must report scores, regardless of who won. Each team must also report cancellations, rainouts, & reschedule information to update the website. Please be specific with the age and division when reporting.   
SCORES for 9u through 14u Scores 8u thru 14u @ WBA (15u Fall season only)
SCORES for 15u through 18u will be reported by the umpires - you can send any inquiries about the games or scheduling to Scores Mantle and Mack


Click on the link below for a map of the layout of all Randalls Island fields.
Handout: Randalls Island Field Map