Volleystrong: FAQs

What do I get with my entry fee? 
You get: Uniform, Entry into a minimum of 8 area tournaments, practice facilities, and Volleystrong "swag" (practice shirts and stuff).  The first half of the club dues and any additional tournament money (see below) is due on the tryout date.  The remaining half is due about a month later.

Are there additional charges? 
Players are recommended to get kneepads, volleyball shoes, or some type of court shoes and a gym bag.  We will have Mizuno shoes and gym bags available for sale if desired.  We will also have Volleystrong items for sale for parents and families.  Most items can be personalized with your child's number on them.  Each team will do one Qualifier.    Families are responsible for the entry fee of the tournament which will be divided equally by the number of players (example:  $800 entry fee/8 players=$100 per player).  Also, any travel that we do is the responsibility of the families.  Rather than charge parents for coach's travel, we fundraise these amounts.  Generally, parents and players are needed to work the tournament fundraisers.  (Please note that most region clubs charge an additional $200-300 PER PLAYER for travel to Qualifiers for coaches travel expenses--we fundraise it).  Teams may also participate in the President's Day tournament at the Qwest Center.  The entry fee is paid by the parents and DOES NOT count toward the 8 tournaments. 

If a team makes Nationals, there will be additional charges for travel, practices, etc.  Generally around $300 to cover the club costs plus travel.  This is ONLY if we make Nationals.

When are tournaments?
Tournaments are on Saturdays and Sundays and usually go from 8:00am until 5:00 or so. 

Is there much travelling?  
Each team will do at least one Qualifier.  Players will miss part or all of the Thursday or Friday from school and all of the Monday.  Other tournaments are in the Omaha/Lincoln area.

How many players will be on a team?
Generally 10.

What is your philosophy on playing time?
Playing time is determined by the coaching staff of a particular team.  In general, we feel that there should be starters and a bench.  Starters and bench players are not set in stone and are based on performance in practices and games, attitude and ability.  The same six starters in one tournament may not be the same six in the next tournament.  In the past, there had never been a tournament where every player did not see time on the court.  We do not select players just to have "bodies" on our teams.  We expect each player to have a role on our teams.  Because of this policy, it is important to understand the commitment of playing on a team, be at every practice and at every tournament.  Each team is dependent on each and every player to be successful. 

My daughter wants to play basketball too and it will run during the club volleyball season.  Do you allow that?

Players are required to come to every practice and tournament scheduled.  We prefer that volleyball be the only sport.  However, if the player and family can manage it and it does not interfere with any club activities, then go for it. 

Can parents help in practice?
In previous years, we have not allowed parents to watch practice unless it is pre-arranged.  We prefer to keep that policy for the 2012 season.  It is our experience that players are more attentive when it is just the coaches present.  We do, occasionally, scrimmage other teams and invite parents to attend.   

What can parents do to help out?
Parents can help by carpooling, helping with travel, when we do travel, arranging a healthy lunch for the girls during tournaments, scorekeeping and social activities.  We love "team Moms!"  "Team moms" keep the girls together, plan little activities between matches, etc.  Also, be supportive.  Cheer your team on!  The louder the better, but be positive!

Will you provide a list of phone numbers of other parents on the team?
Yes.  Also, take the time to get to know the other parents.  Club volleyball should be a positive and fun experience.

Please email us if you have any questions that are not covered here!