Volleystrong: About Us

About Volleystrong

Volleystrong was created in 2005 so that some girls that I had been coaching in YMCA leagues could continue playing at the Club level and assuring that the team would remain together.  During the 2005-06 season, I coached a 12U team in nine tournaments, winning three.  I was blessed with a super group of girls, supportive and active parents and families that made the season more fun then I could ever imagine.  During the 2006-07 season, Volleystrong grew to four teams and the fun continued!  Almost all of the Volleystrong players that tried out for school teams made Middle School or High School teams.  Volleystrong continues to grow. 

Our philosophy is simple.  Stress the fundamentals of Volleyball, teach teamwork and sportsmanship, have fun, and, of course, win from time to time!  We win and lose with class and stay positive as players, teams and coaches.  We practice and play as a team.  Every player is expected to have a role in the success of the team and to know that role going in.  Each girl is important.  DON"T GET LOST IN BIG CLUBS--YOUR CHILD IS NOT JUST A NUMBER. 

 As club director, I prefer to keep Volleystrong small.  I am very selective in the coaches that I bring aboard.  I feel very strongly that coaches, including myself, are role models both on and off the court and that we, as members of Volleystrong conduct ourselves with the highest standards of behavior. 

 Each team will play a minimum of 8 area tournaments and one out of state Qualifier.  The cost of the entry to the Qualifier (usually around $80) and player and family travel is paid by the parents.  Coaches expenses are paid through fundraisers (see below).  Additional costs:  Parents will sometimes do team shirts, gift bags when they travel and other little things. 

In the event that we make Nationals, we HAVE to go.  Nationals are in Reno this year.  There will be additional costs involved with Nationals (around $300/player plus travel) but such opportunities are rare. 

It is recommended  that each player has volleyball shoes(or some type of court shoes) and knee pads.  Our uniform supplier gives us good deals on Mizuno Wave shoes (the best volleyball shoes ever!) and will be available to order. 

Fundraisers:  Volleystrong fundraises by having adult coed tournaments and, if approved by the region, Juniors tournaments.  This money pays for coach's travel to the qualifier and equipment and adminstrative needs.  Parents and players are expected to help out.  At the Juniors tournaments, we will have stands to sell candy and baked goods as well as Volleyball items.  At the adult tournaments, players help keep score for the coed matches (this has worked well in the past).