Volleystrong: Rules

Volleystrong Rules

Volleystrong Rules
(Note:  In running an organization, it is necessary to have rules and standards that everyone abides by.  The rules below are to address situations that could come up and require some type of decision.  If a situation arises that is not specifically addressed here, the Club Director will add a rule to address said situation and written notification will be given to all members.  Players, coaches and parents will be required to sign a written copy of these rules prior to the season.)

  • Players, parents and fans of Volleystrong are expected to a behave in a responsible manner at all times.  During tournaments and games, cheer for our team, have fun and enjoy watching your child play.  Keep all comments positive toward our players, coaches and other parents within our organization as well as opposing players, coaches or parents.  Under no circumstances should a parent confront an official or opposing coach or player.  Players will be expected to be positive towards her teammates and coaches in practice and in games. 

  • Players will be responsible for learning the following:  Volleyball skills, as taught by the coach(s), Scorekeeping, officiating, and sportsmanship.  Players will be required to participate in a scorekeeping and officiating class put on by Volleystrong. 

  • It is likely that there may be more than one Volleystrong team playing at the same location.  Please make an effort to cheer on other age groups within our organization during down time of your tournament. 

  • All fees must be paid in full by the designated due dates or your child will not be allowed to play.  Deposits are non-refundable except on dire circumstances approved by the Club Director.  All forms required by USA Volleyball and Volleystrong must be completed prior to the first practice. 

  • Parents are responsible for reimbursing for equipment owned by Volleystrong or the facilities that are being used that are damaged by their child and is responsible for replacement of lost uniforms or apparel.

  • Practices and tournaments are mandatory! Players are expected to participate in all practices and tournaments so please schedule family events around these times. If there is a conflict, please advise the coach or club director prior to the start of club season so we can possibly schedule around it. In the event of a family emergency, illness or unforeseen circumstance, please let the coach or club director know as soon as possible. If there are continued absences, the coach will submit a written warning (see below information about warnings) and the club director may ask for a meeting with the parents and coach to determine what action should be taken, if any and could affect playing time.

  • Parents/Guardians are responsible for getting their child to practices and tournaments on time. For practices, players need to arrive on time and ready to practice by the designated time. This means, shoes, braces and practice gear needs to be on, hair tied, etc by practice time. It is suggested to arrive at least 20 minutes prior to the practice start time. For tournaments, players need to arrive by the designated time advised by the coach.  If a player is late, she needs to explain why to the coach and the coach will determine what action should be taken, if any. 

  • During practice, parents are to remain outside the gym in the restaurant until practice is over unless pre-approved by the coach or club director prior to that practice. Coaches will be asked to schedule parent’s times for a visit in such cases as scrimmages, or other public events.

  • In the event of inclimate weather, the player's coach will contact parents about the status of practices and tournaments.  Please make sure that we have current contact information at all times. 

  • Playing time is determined solely by the coach and is based on the performance and attitude of the player and what is best for the team's success. 

  • Coaches will have sole discretion on the position(s) that each player will play on the court to best help the team.  Coaches will decide the best offense, defense and serve receive rotations that he/she feel will make the team successful. 

  • At tournaments, a schedule will exist of officiating and scorekeeping assignments.  When officiating, players are required to give their full attention to the match that they are officiating.  The team will stay at the tournament as a team to complete all officiating that is required, even if they are done playing.  For example, if  a 12s team loses in the semis of a tournament, and are required to officiate the finals, we will stay as a team.  Players that leave before tournament play or officiating is completed will be suspended from play in the next tournament.
  • Parents will be responsible for paying for travel to out of town tournaments, their own hotel and food and other travel expenses. 
  • At all tournaments, players on each team should remain together, win or lose. 
  • Parents are responsible for making the coach aware, in writing, of any special requests, family situations, etc. Complete contact information, including email, phone numbers and addresses plus a list of approved people that can take your child out of practice needs to be given to the coaches prior to the first practice. 

  • Parents are responsible for notifying the Club Director and Coach in writing of any medical conditions that the player may have. 

  • Any player or coach, who is charged with a misdemeanor or felony involving the use of drugs, alcohol, or firearms, will be suspended from the Club until cleared of all charges. In the event of being found guilty, the suspension will change to a dismissal for the remainder of the season and no refunds will be given. 

  • A coach has the right to dismiss a player from practice for abusive language, violent behavior toward a player or coach, negative attitude that becomes disruptive in practice or any other behavior detremental to the team.  If this happens, the coach will notify, both parents and the Club Director in writing of the offense leading up to the dismissal. 

  • In today's climate of youth sports and incidents reported by the press, the following policy exists within Volleystrong:  Any parent that physically or verbally attacks another parent, player, coach or official on our team or an opposing team will have their child suspended from Volleystrong, no refunds given and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.  


  • Written notification (warnings) will be made to the families in the event of any violation to team rules (unless a different consequence is noted).  If a family received three such warnings, a player may be expelled from Volleystrong and no refunds will be given.  If parents or player has a concern about the policies or activities of Volleystrong, parents should contact the Club Director in writing, by email or letter, to alert him of the situation.  The Club Director will review the situation and deterimine what action, if any, should be taken. 

Problem Resolution

Feedback and communication is always important in maintaining a positive atmosphere.  If a problem and concern arises, please do the following:

  • Players:  Talk to your coach before or after practice.  Each Volleystrong coach is also willing to take the time to listen.  The time is not during practice or during a tournament. 
  • Parents:  Set up a time to talk to the coach before or after practice or at a time convenient for all.  Do not approach a coach during practice or tournaments to discuss concerns.  If a problem cannot be resolved with the coach, contact the Club Director.