Vista American Little League: VolunteerSpot Sign-Ups

Snack Bar Sign-ups

VALL will continue to use Volunteer Spot for snack bar shift sign ups.  This on-line option will allow for parents to sign-up for shifts at their convenience.  It will also allow for more flexibility and choices for our parents, with the ability to pick any shift day or time which fits their schedule throughout the season.  

 *** IMPORTANT ***  You must indiciate YOUR NAME, THE PLAYER'S NAME and THE TEAM NAME, when signing up for your shifts.  When entering your name, you will need to input all 3 of these times in this line.  So, the name field, should look like this...

Wendee Brightman_Fankie Matos_AAA Orioles

ALSO - when arriving at the snack bar, there will also be a sign-up sheet.  Please indicate the SAME information on this sheet.  This will allow VALL to identify you with the proper child/team & will ensure you get credit for working your shifts.  Failure to indicate this information may result in you not getting credit for your time.

Sign up for your shift by clicking this link (you will need to input the email address you provided to VALL for your household):   

Click to View Volunteer Opportunities on VolunteerSpot