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Sunday, February 14
UT reports on French Field Progress

Visit the UT article to get the updated French Field info and share our progress with your friends and family!  We have come a long way but still need lots of help!  Thank you to everyone who has helped us get this far!!

Tuesday, January 5
Attention ALL Parents!

Hello volunteers!

   We will be starting to dig footings for the dugouts and form work for the flat work at French field. If you have any expertise in the following trades we can use your help. Even if you don't have the following experience we still need need your help.

Backhoe               Masonry Rebar (Rod Buster)                Plumbing Carpentry             Survey

Roofing                Iron worker              Laborer              Electrician            Concrete Finisher

   We are hoping to get started this weekend on digging and then forming footings.  After that the rebar is tied so we can pass inspection.   We are aiming to pour the footings on the 23rd of January and from that point we can start the Cmu on the dugouts the following weekend. The 23rd will be a weekend that we can use the most labor assistance to spread the block to each of the 4 dugouts. Once the Dugouts are built we will grout the walls and be ready for roofs. As the roofs are contructed, we can then start form work on the site for the flat work. We really need your help to get this project running. When this work is complete we can start playing ball!! 

 Please contact me with the days and times you can help. Thank you for your help in advance!

Dave Babcock
Masonry Concepts, Inc.


Friday, January 1
French Field

Home Field Info Center

This section has been created to provide information about our Home Field.
Where will we play, and what is the status of our old home field?

Monday, August 30
The Vista Sports Park - new home of Vista American Little League!
If you didn't hear the good news, VALL has moved to the beautiful new Sports Park recently opened by the City of Vista.  We are honored to be the first to play at these state of the art fields and can't thank the City of Vista for their support of our league. Please click on the link for a map.

Thanks for your support

We thank everyone for your support during these last years since being displaced from our home field.

We wish to thank the City of Vista and the City of Oceanside for their support.  The City of Vista provided great support during 2005 by providing a temporary field at Breeze Hill park, and practice fields and meeting rooms through 2009.  Since the 2006 season, the City of Oceanside has provided John Landes Park for our tempory home field.

Have you visited our city's websites?
City of Vista
City of Oceanside 

Wednesday, July 8
Update on testing at French Field

It has been a long wait and a hard struggle for Vista American Little League during the last 4 years.  We were displaced from our home field, French Field, back in January/February 2005 when environmental testing found elevated levels of lead in the bank of the stream next to our fields.  The City of Oceanside closed our field, fenced it and locked it.  It has taken 4 years for the environmental testing to be completed with much of the delay due to monetary conflicts between the environmental consultants and Oceanside and insurance delays.

Testing was finally completed July 2007 and the Preliminary Endangerment Assessment Report was completed in July of 2008.  The Voluntary Cleanup Agreements Amendment bectween the DTSC and the City of Oceanside was posted by the DTSC on January 13,  2009.  This agreement outlines the scope, financial responsiblity, and schedule for cleanup of the property.

The timelines outlined in the Cleanup agreement have been followed by the VALL board of directors.  Most significant was the award of a matching grant in April 2009 for the cleanup effort which was issued by the California Integrated Waste Management Board. 

For closing day 2009 the VALL Board put together a photo display of French field and also encouraged parents to sign and send a request for help to Senator Mark Wyland, our local representative. Thank you those of you who signed and sent letters, Wylands office acknowledged receipt of nearly 100 letters and is looking into our case.

 VALL is now waiting for the public notice and public comments review period to begin, the last step before abatement can begin.  Please check back for further developments as they unfold.

Dept. Toxic Substance Control Website

Following is a link to the Dept. of Toxic Substance Control website for the testing that is being done at our home field, French Field.  It is called the Vista Burn Site since the field is build on top of a capped site that used to be a burn site during 1944-1967.  You can read a summary of the site, and also updates on reports and documents submitted to them.  DTSC website: 

John Landes baseball field - 2006 -2009 Spring Season Field
John Landes - Major Field

We have held our 2006-2009 Spring Seasons at John Landes Park ballfields (4100 block of Lewis St) and will use this field again for our 2010 season if we still have not gotten our home field back at French Field before the season starts.

The John Landes ball fields are in great shape.  The major field is 250' which is modified each season with a 200' outfield fence.  Here are a couple of photos of our John Landes ball fields. You can click on the image to view full size.   You can also view plenty of action photos on the fields at:

John Landes - Minor Field

Links to news articles about Vista American Little League's French Field

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Early Efforts to Gain Info about our Home Field (click to view)