Vista American Little League: Approved Volunteers

Saturday, January 28
Volunteer Application

Volunteer Application  - anyone wishing to help out with coaching, team mom duties, or in any other capacity, must complete this volunteer application.  A new one is required every year, so even if you completed one last Spring, a new/updated form is required.

Upon completion, please return to our Safety Officer.  His contact information is s follows:  Email:

2014 Approved Volunteers

Approved Volunteers for the 2015 Season.

*REMEMBER* All individuals who which to manage, coach, be a team mom, or in any way interact with the players MUST complete a volunteer application which will be run through a background check.  This is for the safety of the players of Vista American Little League.   

Complete a current year volunteer application, make a copy of your valid ID, and submit it to the League Safety Officer @ .  This year Little League is promoting a more comprehensive background check done through Choicepoint.  This service requires a social security number so please be sure to list one on your application.  Personal info such as SS# and driver lic.# will not be given to anyone.

All volunteer forms will be kept by the league safety officer and will be destroyed after December 31, 2015.   Questions regarding privacy information should be addressed to the league saftey officer.

Below is a list of those applications which have been approved.  If your name is not listed below, and you've completed all paperwork (including a copy of your Driver's License), please contact our safety officer to check status.

2015 Approved Volunteers:

Name   Name  Name Name   Name
 Aguilar,Brandon Dominguez,Angel  Kelsey,Christopher  Piester,David  Waufle,Ryan 
 Allen,Tyson  Eilers,Ronnie  Kentner,Stephanie  Ramirez,Fernando  Anderson,Brian
 Araiza,Alejandra  Escamilla,Marco  Ketcher,Ralph  Ramirez,Mary Ellen  Booker,Charles
 Araiza, Angel  Escoto,Jorge  Lara,Alberto  Robles,Angel  Carranza,Jennifer
 Araiza,Louie  Espino,Anna  Long,Charlson  Rutz,Christopher  Carranza,Kyle
 Ayala,Beatrice  Estensen,Jason  Lucio,Michael  Salazar,Nicholas  Gilbert,Zachary
 Ayala,Juan Estrada,Mathew   Mantilla,Jonathan  Salazar,Phillip  Goetz,Rick
 Babcock,David  Evans,Jock  Marsalis,James  Santos,Benny  Hurley,Donovan
 Barta,Gary  Fuselier,Lowell  Martinez,Daniel  Sauceda,Sergio  Inquez,Concepein
 Berghaus,Mathew  Gattis,Mathew  Martinez,Orlando  Sellers,Aaron  Larkins,Robert
 Boyett,David  Gemmell,Eric  McClintic,David  Shinkle,Timothy  Linguist,Blake
 Cain,Jonathan  Glassell,Tim  McGinn,Kathy  Sialoi,Danielson  Robinson,Von
 Cain,Joshua  Gonzalez,George  McGinn,Thomas  Smith, Devin  Vasquez,Elisha
 Caltagirone,Daren  Griffiths,Jacob  McQuarrie,Randy  Soto,Kelli  Abreu,Candace


 Haessly,Justin  Mendez,Henry  Strange,Eric  McQuail,William
 Carrasco,Art  Harris,Katelyn  Montes,Elizabeth  Sudac,Alexia  Pulido,Jose
 Carrasco,David  Headrick,Paul  Nguyen,Tuan  Tannler,Ehben  Martinez, Steve
 Castellano,Tony  Hermes,Kurt  Nuanez,Joseph  Teare,Kevin  
 Castillo,Maritza  Hernandez,Jesse  Ortiz,Amaury  Terry,Reynolds  
 Childress,Wendy  Herrera, Gilbert Ortiz,Marcos   Terry,Tracey  
 Clift,Robert  Herrera,Maribelia  Papion,Ryan  Thomason,Tony  
 Crowford,Richard  Jaramillo,Juan  Parker,Stephen  Torres,Eric  
 Daniels,David  Jimenez,William  Perez,Jonathan  Vasquez,Juan  
 Delgado,Ralph  Kelly,Karen  Pickslay,Peter  Velasco,Reynaldo