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Chantilly Premier '91
Rich Gleason
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Chantilly Premier '91: My Site News
Chantilly Premier '91

Summer Planninig

The Firecats are having camp on the week of August 7-11 in the evenings at Rocky Run MS and VYS Premier girls are invited to attend. 

Thank you to the many of you that came to the first camp on July 24-28.  I think all the girls learned a lot and had a good time too. 

The Fall Division Structure is:

W9107 SYC Liberty
W9111 PWSI Courage '91 RED
W9113 VYS Premier 91
W9116 SYA Spirit
W9130 ABGC Fusion
W9133 WALD Wildcats
W9141 PSC Waverunners
W9144 POT Tornadoes
W9153 GSC Glory
W9161 MATT Magic
W9175 ABGC X-treme '91

Words of Wisdom

o "Not everyone who practices every day is a champion, but everyone who is a champion practices every day" - Unknown
o "There's only one way to succeed in anything and that is to give it your all"  - Vince Lombardi
o "Listen closely, this is as loud as I get" - Roberto Garcia
o "Nothing great was ever acheived without enthusiasm" - Ralph Emerson
o "I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have."   - Thomas Jefferson
o "Energy and persistence conquer all things." - Benjamin Franklin
o "Practicing with the same intensity as games is key and critical to good execution" - Gary Smerdzinski
o "The way a team plays as a whole determines its success. You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world, but if they don't play together, the club won't be worth a dime." - Babe Ruth

Training at home
o Training at home is critical to improving a players skills.  Roberto has provided tapes and information on what kinds of skills should be developed during non-practice days.  Juggling is the best exercise, but the foot skills are also important for developing "quick feet"


Conditioning is very important.  It often makes the difference between a win and a loss.  Good conditioning habits can last a lift time. The kids are encouraged to engage in conditioning exercises on their own at home. 

Donations and Money
The team is always looking for donations and sponsorships.  As you all know, it's very expensive to run a team.  Many of the other teams in the surrounding towns get donations from local companies and other organizations.  Although donations and sponsorships are welcomed from most any organization willing to support the team, the best way to do this is for parents to approach their employers to see if they sponsor or make donations to local youth clubs.  The Club is a registered 501(c)3 organization and so donations are tax deductable. 

PWSI Toys for Tots Tournament Sept 3-4, 2005

Some tournament information: This weekend we're participating in the PWSI "Toys for Tots" tournament. The web page says " players are encouraged to bring an unwrapped toy to their game site for Toys for Tots." There will be posted drop-off locations. This is part of the annual Marine Corps Toys for Tots program. We’re supposed to have beautiful weather, lets have a good time.

Tournament Web Page that includes the schedule.  Tournament T-Shirts are also available.

Players should be at the field and ready to start warm-ups 45 Minutes before game time. After a long ride, they will need to stretch well. 

Marine Corps Base Quantico Web Page: Here’s the Marine Corps Base web page in case you’re interested.  (From their web page): Since its inception in 1917, Marine Corps Base, Quantico, has been the "frontline of innovation." Marine concepts, doctrine, training, and equipment of the future are initiated aboard the Base. The techniques of amphibious warfare, for which the Corps is renowned, were conceived and perfected here. The tactics of close-air support and vertical envelopment using helicopters were also developed within its borders. As attention is focused on future battlefields, the Marine Corps and other branches of Service are looking to Quantico to lead the way with technological advances as well as creative and innovative thinking.

Quantico also serves as the focal point for professional military education. The Marine Corps University provides the academic platform the Corps uses to shape and hone leaders at every milestone of their professional lives. Officers in the Marine Corps begin their careers at the Officer Candidates School and The Basic School. Enlisted marines receive additional leadership training at the University's Staff Non-Commissioned Officers Academy. The Marine Corps War College, School of Advanced Warfighting and Amphibious Warfighting School are also part of the University, training officers in the U.S. Armed Forces and international officers from designated foreign countries in the art of war.  


We have enough disk space to post some pictures on the web page on the "Albums" page.  The pictures are viewable only by those people "authorized" to see such as players and parents who get a login ID.  If you regularly take pictures and have some, I can give you permission to post them and show you how.  I've posted a few and will post more as time becomes available in between practices and kids' homework.   

Tips, Drills and Conditioning

1) The web link on the left below the word "eTeamz" has a link titled "Tips and Drills" that has lots of good things to learn.  Many are 'team' drills, but some are individual drills like the "Juggle Across America" sheet that most of you are already familar with. View Our Guestbook | Sign Our Guestbook
9 visitors have signed our guestbook.     
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