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Wednesday, March 30

2011 COACHES Corner

                               Vermont Lightning is always looking for new head coaches and assistant coaches. If anyone is interested, please contact Vermont Lightning at with your contact information and we will call you back. Thank you for your continued support to our organization

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May               VT Girls State AAU Tournament

May               VT Maple Syrup Classic          

Did you know that the "Magic Ratio" for kids to accept criticism is 5:1!  5 positives to 1 criticism. 

Many of our coaches attended the Double-Goal Coaching clinic held in Essex recently.  Here we learned the ROOTS of honoring the game and how to teach, instill, model, encourage and reinforce this culture in our teams and parents. We learned ways to fill the emotional tanks and how to redefine "winner" in our teams.


  • Refuse to bend the rules to win


  • A worthy opponent is a gift that brings out our best


  • Show respect even when we disagree, never add fuel to the fire.


  • Never do anything to embarrass our team


  • Live up to our own standards even when others don't!

For more information visit the Positive Coaching Alliance website:

Positive Coaching

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