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As athletes advance in their sport, it becomes crystal clear how influential the mind can be in altering performance.    -- Caroline Silby, Games Girls Play


Goal Mind

Can you be Proactive with Confidence in Competition

Athletes are responsible for their own confidence prior to competition. However, some athletes wait until the competition is already underway and react to what's happening.

These athletes delay feeling confident until they see positive results or proof they are allowed to be confident. I call this leaving confidence to chance.

The opposite of confidence is doubt and negative thinking about your performance. When you are doubting your ability to perform well, you can't feel confident. Often you can't control the outcome of a competition, but you can control how you think and behave during the competition.

Do not rely on positive results in competition and wait for your confidence to kick in. Instead, be proactive with your confidence...

Make a commitment to yourself to begin each competition with confidence and you will not have to wait until something good happens to feel confident.

Keep in mind that athletes gain confidence from years of practicing and competing, not just from most recent results in games, or their most recent successes.

You can draw confidence from past success to help spark confidence at the start of a competition.

Return to those positive past performances at any time during your competition in order to maintain your confidence and boost your confidence when needed.

Here is a task to help you increase your confidence prior to competition. Recall the feelings and thoughts associated with confidence and try to take them with you into your next competition.

3 Tips To Take Charge of Your Confidence

1. Go back and review the last time you performed with confidence.

2. Next, mentally rehearse the event in which you had complete confidence. Did you feel unstoppable? Did you have momentum going into the game from good practices?

3. Then see or rehearse yourself in your next performance, playing with the same level of confidence and composure as before. This exercise will help you learn to visualize yourself performing with confidence and picture success.

Dr. Patrick Cohn - Mental Training for a Competitive Edge

ANTs are bad for you
"ANTs" is short for automatic negative thoughts. ANTs are cynical, gloomy and complaining thoughts that seem to be marching into people's lives all by themselves.

We pass this article along in the spirit of encouraging your engagement in what you do in life, with hopes that by realistically looking for the positive in your lives at school and play that you will be more likely to find the positive!

Scientists have learned that negative thoughts can produce chemicals in your brain that make you and your body feel bad. Positive thoughts can produce chemicals that make you and your body feel good. What goes on in your mind all day long can determine if your behavior is self-defeating or self-promoting.

Here are some examples of typical ANTs:

Just because we had a good year doesn't mean anything.
This situation isn't going to work out.
I know something bad will happen.
My teacher didn't say hello to me today. She doesn't like me.
It's your fault.
I should have done much better, I'm a failure.
She is arrogant.
She is always putting me down.
I'll never get better.

The Limbic System is about the size of a walnut and is located at the center of the brain. It's power packed with functions, all of which are critical for human behavior. The Limbic System of the brain sets your emotional tone and stores highly charged emotional memories, both positive and negative.

What does all this mean? Realize that your thoughts are real. You have a thought. Your brain releases chemicals. An electric transmission goes across your brain. You become aware of what you're thinking. Notice how negative thoughts affect your body. If you think about the last time you were mad, how did your body feel? Muscles become tense, hearts beat faster, and you begin to perspire.

Notice how positive thoughts affect your body. Think about the last time you had a happy thought. How did your body feel? Muscles relax, the heart beats slowly, and breathing is easy and relaxed.

Your body reacts to every thought you have. Think of bad thoughts as pollution. Understand that automatic negative thoughts don't always tell the truth. Unless you think about your thoughts, they are automatic, "they just happen." Think of the negative thoughts that invade your mind are like ants at a picnic. One negative thought, like one ant at a picnic, is not a big problem. Two or three negative thoughts, like two or three ants at a picnic, become more irritating. Ten of twenty negative thoughts, like ten or twenty ants at a picnic, may cause you to pick up and leave.

When you notice these automatic negative thoughts (ANTs), you need to crush them or they'll ruin your relationships, your self-esteem, and your personal power. You need to notice them. If you can catch them at the moment they occur, and correct them, you take away the power they have over you. When a negative thought goes unchallenged, your mind believes it and your body reacts to it.

ANTs have an illogical logic. By bringing them into the open and examining them at a conscious level, you can see for yourself how little sense it makes to think these kind of things. Whenever you notice an ANT entering your mind, train yourself to recognize it and write it down. When you write down automatic negative thoughts and talk back to them, you begin to take away their power and gain control over your moods. Kill the ANTs by feeding your emotional anteater.

(Source: Change Your Brain, Change Your Life, Daniel Amen, M. D., New York, Times Books, 1998)

How to Become a Complete Soccer Athlete?

Conceive, Believe and Achieve - Mind Over Body, or Body Over Mind?
By Kurt Hurley

"Empty pockets never held anyone back. Only empty heads and empty hearts can do that."   --Norman Vincent Peale

As a fitness professional, I am always amazed at how little understanding exists regarding the ‘getting what you give’ concept. Very few people actually believe that there are actually consequences for their ill or negative actions and this includes what they think, as well as what they do. Many folks exercise, quite a few eat right, but very few exercise and eat right. Doing one without doing the other is like thinking the body and the mind are separate and distinct, divided and not unified. Division is only the effect; the cause is in the thought (the concept).

“Reaping what you sow”, is merely cause and effect at work and expecting any more than that is truly absurd. And realistically any ‘thing’ that we want to manifest is accomplished through something referred to as synergy. Synergy is defined as effectively combined components working congruently and simultaneously to achieve something positive in a more efficient, effectual and expedient manner. And when it comes to your mind/body connection this law is undeviating. What your body can achieve depends on what your mind can conceive. This principle is likened to a camera. Whatever the lens captures, the film produces. You wouldn’t expect a photo of something that was not captured by the lens…now would you?

The body can only conjure up (achieve) a potential that the mind can imagine (conceive). The mind is designed to perform as a command center and the body serves as the production department. When the mind is strong and integral, the body will obey. When the mind is creative, the body will create accordingly.

If the reverse is indoctrinated, inability sets in. When the mind is weak and overwhelmed, the body takes over and commands the mind. Consequently, at the slightest hint of difficulty and pain, the body wants to give up and so it communicates to the mind that it can do no more and subsequently it does indeed give up.

In such cases the mind can do nothing except agree with the fussy, finicky body and quit. When the body doesn’t feel like doing anything—like, when you feel lazy and any excuse will do to not get out of bed and function—and the mind is too weak to oppose that, you have a case of body over mind. And from that abnormal scenario will flow an equally abnormal life. All elements and issues in life will grow and evolve from that, and you will inevitably emerge a total wreck. Dysfunctional!

The head (or mind) must to be always on top and act as the captain of the body, and this means the body must obey the mind always. This should at all times be unwavering, but for most people the opposite is true. So many people ask, “What if the mind is also a wreck and commands the body to remain dormant?” This scenario is often mistaken as a lazy mind commanding the body into idleness. Many experts say a healthy mind actually always chooses a positive course of action, never inaction. When the mind seems to work otherwise, it is proof of a subverted mind controlled by a cosseted, indulged body. It thinks (conceives) negatively and unproductively precisely because the body has taught and controlled it to do so accordingly.

Undoubtedly, the mind can be strengthened by training it to make decisions the body will obey. If you adopt a life principle, make sure everything you do is based on it. The mind decides what is right and the body is given practical things to do in relation to it. It is truly that simple!

Once the mind decides something the body is unwilling to do, a tug-of-war starts. It is in such conflict that the body must be disciplined to succumb to the mind. If this is accomplished, the mind is strengthened and given authority over the body, which is trained to respond positively to such authority. The person becomes “highly principled.” As this goes on, the mind is promoted to heights never before imagined, and dares (and is encouraged) to go beyond its limits, tugging the body along the way. The body does what it is told to do. So the body begins to outdo itself as the mind imagines it to be doing so.

When the head (the mind) is put in its rightful place of authority over the body, limitless potentials break out of hiding and release the ace, the champion in all of us. You can indeed be this person, but effort is required and execution of that effort must be continually employed.

Kurt's website, as well as his Provo Utah Private Fitness Facility Synergy Fitness Systems, specializes in in providing leading edge exercise and nutrition programs and the Neo Physis super premium supplement line. All of these superior products offer superior results.

Article Source:


Sports Specific Mental Training Tip

"Seeing It Before It Happens is the Key to Success!"


We have a motto in sports psychology: "You must first see it before you can believe it." Just two minutes a day of visualization can give you the mental game edge by anticipating what you might see in a game situation.


"I think I visualize a lot, I think seeing it before it happens is the key to success. I close my eyes and it takes me two minutes a day, I guarantee I’m able to make about 200 saves a day in my head." ~Martin Brodeur, N.J. Devils Goalie


You Go Girl !

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Alice in W

"Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?"

"That depends a good deal on where you want to get to," said the Cat. 

"I don't much care where," said Alice.

"Then it doesn't matter which way you go," said the Cat.


From - Lewis Carroll's, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland




Velocity SC 00/01 Girls
Velocity SC 00/01 Girls

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