Valley Fusion: Welcome

Wednesday, July 15
Valley Fusion Softball




for Try-outs


Who is a Valley Fusion Softball Player?

1. An athlete willing to practice during the winter long before the season starts.
2. An athlete with good family support and at least one adult who will attend all team events.
3. An athlete who consistently practices three, four or five times a week.
4. An athlete with a sound work ethic.
5. An athlete who is not easily rattled over failure.
6. An athlete who does not need to be reminded to practice and has the desire to improve her skills above and beyond her current level.
7. An athlete who willingly sacrifices her time, a commitment that she alone has decided to make.
8. An athlete who is not afraid to be challenged.
9. An athlete who is humble or can learn humility.
10. An athlete who is proud of her hard work but never satisfied, thus keeping her open to learning new skills.

Friday, December 11
True Sportsmanship Story (Click here)

True softball story from 2008. (Reenactment) Check it out.