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King Arthur wins the 3200 meter heat at MOC!

Welcome to the Valencia High School Track and Field website!

 2012 Track season has begun! Check out the schedule. 

Upcoming Events:

Friday, May 4: Empire League Finals! Running events begin at 5:00 pm.

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Sean Krinik: University of Washington 

Talal Khan: UC Riverside

Julio Gonzalez: Fullerton College 

Josh Linen: Chico State 

Sean Krinik, National Champion!

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Friday, May 18
CIF Prelims, Gabe Perez goes on!!

Congratulations to Gabe Perez who will go on to the CIF Finals in the Shot Put event!

Cristian Aviles was in perfect position for four laps then fell off the pace and was not able to get back on. He finishes his career with some fine personal records and great contributions to the team. He will be missed! We wish him the joy of running and success at Cal State Fullerton. 

Wednesday, May 9
Empire League Champions!!!

Congratulations to the Empire League Champion Varsity Boys, FS Boys and FS Girls Track teams!!

Cristian Aviles won three events, the 800, 1600 and 3200 meter runs! Gabe Perez won the Shot Put and Discus events. Both were named as the Empire League Co-MVP's! Blake John is the High Jump Champion!

The varsity distance boys really overachieved and made for a terrific way to end a successful season. Following Cristian in the 3200, was Benji Preciado in 2nd, William Garcia in 3rd, and Matthew Pope in 5th. Following Cristian in the 1600, was Eddie Diaz in 3rd, Matthew Pope was 4th, and Jose Gallardo in 5th. Following Cristian in the 800 meters was Alfredo Coria in 4th and William Garcia in 5th!

The FS boys were led by King Arthur Sunga who won the 3200 meters with panache, leading from the gun! Jeremy Yang placed 3rd in the 1600 and 5th in the 800 meters. Henry Diaz placed 6th in the 1600 and 5th in the 3200 meters. Nguyen Nguyen placed a surprising 6th in the 3200 and Dante Figueroa stepped up and placed 6th in the 800 meters!



Monday, February 20
February training!


Wednesday, May 2
League Prelims, All Set For Finals!





Monday, April 23
All Levels Win Against Kennedy!

Great job Tigers! All levels won with the FS Boys finish the regular season undefeated and the Varsity Boys 5-1!




Sunday, April 8
14 Personal Records set at Irvine Distance Carnival!

The promoters of the Irvine Distance Carnival may charge our school more to enter next year as so many medals left with us! The bus driver had to use more gas on the way home due to the extra hardware on board too!

Congratulations to some Tigers with huge breakthrough runs! Walter Herrador went from 4:59 to 4:50 and won his heat! Dante Figueroa and Christian Isaac broke 5:00 for the first time, 4:59 and 4:58! Nguyen Nguyen improved from 5:12 to 5:07 and almost won his heat! Austin Plascentia ran aggressively and improved by 4 seconds. Oscar Preciado improved 2 seconds to 5:10, getting closer to breaking 5! Manny Lopez dropped another 2 seconds this week! Raul Sanchez improved 5 seconds! Jose Calletano had one of our biggest breakthroughs as he went from 5:34 to 5:17!! Mitchell Johnson had a terrific race out front and was rewarded with an 11 second PR! Nisarg Patel dropped 8 seconds! 

Jarrett Castillo improved his 3200 meter PR as did Cristian Aviles in the invitational heat. Cristian was very tough running on tired legs from his triple victory on Thursday, so he should be happy with his 9:49 knowing much more is to come! Benji Preciado is getting back to form and looked solid with a 4:38 time in the invitational heat.

There was lots of great racing and learning by all Tigers! 



Friday, April 6
Huge Victory Over Yorba Linda!

It was an extremely close and exciting meet against Yorba Linda with positive results coming with the final three events!

Congratulations to Cristian Aviles who was willing to run whatever it took to secure the Tiger victory. He won the 1600, 800 and 3200 meter runs, a terrific triple for the senior! Benji Preciado took a break from baseball to help out the team and placed 3rd in the 1600 and 2nd in the 3200 meters. Matthew Pope placed 3rd in the 3200 and Alfredo placed 3rd in the 800 meter run.

Jeremy Yang continues his winning ways and this week was no exception! He caught up and passed an aggressive running Arthur Sunga to record a PR, 4:49 win! Arthur tied his PR placing 2nd. The frosh soph 800 meter run was very thrilling with Josh Valtairo, Jeremy Yang and Christian Isaac all sprinting for the finish line in well in front of contenders. These three swept the event with Josh winning and Jeremy tying his best time. Arthur ran with the big boys in the 3200 placing 1st with Henry Diaz and Christian Isaac placing 2nd and 3rd to also sweep the scoring points in this event.

Season best times were run by: Austin Plascentia, Gio Ruiz, Dave Wulfe, Rafael Gallardo, Eddie Diaz, and Ramon Takaki. 




Thursday, March 29
All Levels Level Western!

All levels won against Western and the meet featured so many fine efforts by our distance runners!

The Tigers were led by Cristian Aviles who won the 1600 and 800 meter runs. The 800 was a 2:02 PR for him with Alfredo Coria a close 2nd tying his best time. Matthew Pope and Eddie Diaz were 2nd and 3rd in the 1600 meters. A highlight in this race was Walter Herrador's first time under 5:00! William Garcia ran his best time for the 800 and later came back to win the 3200. Gio Ruiz and Willie Rodriguez finished 2nd and 3rd to sweep that event. Oscar Preciado recorded a best time in the 3200.

Jeremy Yang, Arthur Sunga and Henry Diaz placed 1st through 3rd in the frosh soph 1600 meters, each running a personal best time! Henry broke 5:00 for the first time. We now have 16 runners below 5:00 in the 1600! Also recording PR's were: Manny Lopez, Euro Fernandez, Roger Rosales, John Mejia, and Mitchell Johnson.

Christian Isaac won the 800 meters followed by Josh Valtairo and Sammy Zhang in 2nd and 3rd. Christian, Sammy, Dante Figueroa, Juan Mora, Euro Fernandez, John Mejia, Ramon Takaki, Jason Sy and Brian Chu also ran best times. Arthur placed 1st in the 3200 with Jeremy Yang and Christian Isaac in 3rd.  




Tuesday, March 27
Tons of PR's at the Meet of Champions!!

 Wow, 38 personal records at the Adidas Meet of Champions! It was a perfect day for racing and our athletes came to race! 

Cristian Aviles ran his best time, 4:24 in the 1600 meters. Also running best times were: Matthew Pope, Willie Rodriguez, Eddie Diaz, Rafael Gallardo, Alfredo Coria, Jose Gallardo, Jarrett Castillo, Walter Herrador, Oscar Hernandez, Oscar Preciado and Jose Calletano. Most of these runners took home hardware with Alfredo's 2nd place an exciting finish!

Matthew Pope's 9:55 3200 meter run was a meet highlight, a great time for him and he ran a smart race with pretty even splits. Cristian and Benji Preciado ran the night invitational rated race and struggled through to place 16th and 17th with 9:51 and 9:59 times. Better races are ahead for these two! Willie Rodriguez, William Garcia, and Jarrett Castillo also ran best times for the 3200 meters. Jarrett's 5th place was the best place for a Tiger in this event!

Alfredo Coria placed 2nd in the 800 meters with a best time of 2:03. Eddie Diaz , Jose Gallardo and Walter Herrador also ran PR's. Walter won his heat, very cool!

Lorenzo got the day started by winning his heat of the frosh soph 800 meters! Josh Valtairo ran a PR in his heat.

Arthur Sunga was also a big winner with his win coming in the 3200 meters with a 10:19 PR. Jeremy Yang placed 5th in the same race and also recorded a fine time, 10:29 personal best. Jeremy and Arthur ran the best frosh soph 1600 meter times for the Tigers but were a bit fatigued for PR's! Dante Figueroa and Jeremy Gibbons came so close to breaking 5:00, running 5:00 and 5:01, both PRs'. Most of the frosh soph took advantage of opportunity and fitness and ran best times including: Christian Isaac, Nguyen Nguyen, Juan Mora, Euro Fernandez, Ramon Takaki, Tim Nguyen, David Hickman, Dave Wulfe, Jason Sy, Austin Cullen, Neemit Shah, John Mejia and Zach Lembesis!




Thursday, March 22
Close Loss to Tustin

Congrats to Frosh Soph boys and girls who remain undefeated! The Varsity boys and girls both lost by 5 points! We look forward to League Finals and doing better there against this fine team loaded with speedy sprinters.





Friday, March 16
Big Win Against Pacifica!





Thursday, March 8
Team Wins at Cypress!

 Story to come, enjoy the pic's!



Monday, March 5
Team Places 2nd at Earl Engman Relays!


 Story and link to come...


Monday, February 27
Fullerton, the First Meet of 2012!

We learned a lot in our first meet! We all look forward to improvement against El Dorado this week :) 

Friday, March 2
Great Racing, Lots of PR's vs El Dorado!

 The team really came to risk and race at this event! The rewards were great as 34 personal records were set in the 1600 meter and 800 meter runs alone! 

Freshman, Cesar Miranda and Jeremy Gibbons both opened their seasons with promise of breaking into the 4's with 5:08 1600 meter times! Jeremy Yang stole the show with a gutsy run to place second with a fine 4:52 followed by hard charging, Arthur Sunga who placed 3rd. Jeremy Yang also won the frosh/soph 800 meters! Josh Valtairo was 3rd.

Cristian Aviles won the varsity 1600 meter run with a solo last two laps good for a 4:36. William Garcia placed 3rd with a best time for him of 4:43. Eddie Diaz and Jarrett Castillo also start the season with best times for this event. Alfredo Coria led the varsity 800 meters until teammate, Cristian Aviles took over and the pair placed 1st and 2nd!