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Imagine that your world was...

...Supposed to be like everyone’s world.

Imagine your world was filled with laughter and joy.
Imagine your world had no worries, no hatred.
Imagine your world was void of politics and competition.
Imagine you world had no enemies, only friends.
Imagine you loved everyone.

That is me.

I may not act like you, but I feel like you...

Now imagine that I could not play a sport.
Now imagine that I could not participate like others.
Now imagine that others don’t know how to interact with me.
Now imagine that I dream of doing all the things I see others do.

And pretend that there are some adults and teenagers who want to help me participate.

And pretend that someone developed a program to help me participate in sports.

And pretend that person is you.




Specifically designed for special needs athletes

with physical or mental disabilities

TOPSoccer Registration - CLICK HERE! 


Registration is $40 per player

 Registration assistance will be available



TOPSoccer’s mission in Cal South

TOPSoccer - The Outreach Program for Soccer is a community-based recreational program specifically designed to help athletes with physical and mental disabilities participate in the world’s most popular sport. Cal South’s numerous TOPSoccer programs bring soccer to players who refuse to let their challenges stop them from playing the sport that they love.

The emphasis of this program is on development, training, and providing meaningful participation rather than on competition. The basis of TOPSoccer is a modified version of the game of soccer, specifically altered to allow full participation and enjoyment for each athlete. TOPSoccer provides affordable opportunities for fitness and building self-esteem. One-on-one assistance is available for those who are in need of it. Above all, TOPSoccer offers a recreational and fun approach to the game of soccer.

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