1994-95 Blazers
*The Blazers joined the Mt.Trashmore YMCA Youth Basketball League.

*Glen Harriott was named head coach.

*Robert Feito from St. Greggory, was the first drift pick in team history.

*Steven Brathwaite from Grand Avenue was a first round drift pick.

*John Rabulion was named team MVP.

*Robert Feito was named Sixth Man of the Year.

* Season record: 5-3 Playoff record: 0-1   

1995-96 Blazers
*Harley Johnson and Grace Douglas were named as captains

*Robert Feito set the record for the most points scored in a game; with 20.

*Robert Feito became the blazers all-time leader in Score

*Steven Brathwaite became the Blazers all time leader in assists and steals.

*Robert Feito number 22 was the first Jersey to be retired in team history.

*Robert Feito was named as Team MVP

*Season record: 8-0 (VA Beach YMCA Champions) Playoff record: (Not Held)   

1996-97 Blazers
*Terry Rodriguez was named as head coach.

*Season record: 0-8 Playoff record: (no berth)

1997-98 Blazers
*Glen Harriott was renamed as head coach of Blazers.

*Robert named assistant coach; First former player to name as coach of the Blazers.

*Gregg Bressette and Tony Otter Of Landstown were selected as first round draft pick.

*Ivan Johnson was named team captain.

*Tony Otter was named Sixth Man Of The Year.

*Joel Henson was named Team MVP

*Season record: 5-4(VA Beach YMCA Champions) Playoff record: 1-1

1998-99 Blazers
*Dennis Otter is named assistant coach.

*Tony Otter & Gregg Bressette were Named co-captains.

*Robert Feito, Gregg Bressette, & Tony Otter were named Blazers Hall of Fame.

*Gregg became blazers all-time record holder in games started.

*Tony Otter & Gregg Bressette were named co-MVPs.

*Xavier Collins, Gregg Bressette & Tony Otter were named to VA Beach YMCA All-star team.

*Season record: 3-5 Playoff record:1-1


1999-00 Blazers
* Team moved to Plaza Recreational Basketball League.

*Shaun Jenning named assistant head coach

*Steven L. of Cooperate Landing Ryan S. were first round draft picks.

*David W. placed first and LeAnder W. placed second in the Elk Lodge Free Throw Contest.

*Tony C. Broke Robert Feito record for the most points scored by a Blazer in a game; with 23 points

*Ryan S. named Sixth Man Of The Year.

*Seve O. named the Most Improved Player.

*Steven L. named Team MVP.

*Tony C., Steven L. and Ryan S. were named to VA Beach YMCA All-Star Team.

*Season Record: 2-7 Playoff record: 0-3