Saturday, December 6
On Saturday December, 6th  the Blazers’ coaching staff will be holding a parent’s meeting at the Hilltop Family YMCA @ 5:15pm. Please be sure to attend this parent’s meeting if at all possible. Your son’s basketball experience will be better if you are familiar with the program and the volunteers who are part the Virginia Beach Blazers. This will save our volunteers a lot of time and help us do a better job of working with your child.

As parents, you have certain responsibilities that must be met. This meeting will be used to identify those responsibilities along with a brief discussion of the following subjects:

1.        Introductions of parents and coaches
2.        Checking of rosters for correct information
3.        How to obtain an AAU Insurance cards.
4.        Discussions of coaching philosophies including the expectations of the players and parents regarding sportsmanlike conduct, attendance of practices and games, team rules, parent volunteers requirements, overviews of practices and any other pertinent information or insights.
5.        Tournament and practice schedules.
6.        Team uniforms
7.        Team Parent: We must select a team parent (cannot be anyone on the coaching staff) that would represent the teams concerns, assist in the coordination of fund raising and team information

Please E-mail ( if you have any concerns or would not be able to attend.

Saturday, December 6

The coverage we have from the AAU National Association is secondary medical and liability. It is accident insurance not health insurance -it won't cover heart attacks or kidney transplants. Key facts about the AAU insurance program, that everyone should be aware of, include the following:

  • EVERYONE (players, coaches, club organizers) associated with AAU basketball is required to be a member of the AAU.
  • Our association recommends that everyone purchase the "AB" card. This is the $14 card for players. "AB" stands for "added benefit". The added benefit is that our team may participate in non-AAU sanctioned tournaments and still be covered.
  • The coverage requires that EVERYONE on the team be an AAU member and have the AB card.
We encourage uses of the Internet as you can get the card instantly! "CLICK HERE!"

Wednesday, December 10
Virginia Beach Blazers team tryouts will be held on November 29, 2008 3:00pm at the Hilltop Family YMCA. This year the team is looking for male players ages 12 and 13. A Player cannot turn 14 before September 1, 2009 unless the player is currently in the seventh grade. For more information email the Virgina Beach Blazers

Sunday, December 7
The Virginia Beach Blazers position of Official Statistician is open. Successful candidate will serve as team Official Statistician for all games. He / she will keep record of the team's major stats (blocks, rebounds, shots ect.). The candidate will work closely alongside the coaching staff, and may be assigned additional duties. Training will be proved. Candidate must be able to multi-task, able to travel, and must have a representative or relative connected to the team. For information please contact the Virginia Beach Blazers.

 email the for more information

Wednesday, October 15
winter spings blazers2
Whatever experience you may have, the bottom line is that trying out for a basketball team is stressful. If you have experience, work as hard as you can in tryouts. Everything counts, from lay-ups to wind sprints to stretching. Don't hide in the last row during warm-ups, get up in front. Don't clown around with your friends, there's plenty of time for that off the court. DON’T MISS YOUR LAY-UPS!!! Nothing says "I don't belong here" more than missing the easiest shot in the game. Even when you think the coaches didn't see you, they saw! Catch up to the leaders in sprint drills. Play hard defense on fast break drills. Make everything you do count! You only have a few hours to make your mark.

All you want to do is your best, and hopefully show the coach that you deserve a spot on that team. What can you do to stand out? What will give you the edge? What does the coach really look for? The obvious answer of course is your skill level. Can you play the game? This is the number one factor. Many athletes who were excellent basketball players, but didn't make the team. Why not? Because of their attitude. After skill, having a positive attitude is the second most important factor in determining whether you make the team. Attitude is everything. If you really want to make the team, take a good look at yourself to determine your attitude in the following situations: