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USSSA Southeast Sports Tournaments
Our goal at Southeast Sports is to be the leader in youth Baseball Tournaments! Our staff is dedicated to making our events the most organized well ran tournaments anywhere. Take a look at our schedule listed below! It is the top in the Southeast in Baseball Tournaments! We have added many new great parks this season in Georgia!

All teams must be registered with USSSA Baseball to play in any event. Every player on your team must be on your team roster to play.      


Champs get the Rings Tournaments!

Feb. 23-24 in Acworth 

 March 2-3 in Lagrange NIT

March 2-3 Cartersville   

March 9-10 Carrollton, Villa Rica NIT 

  March 23-24 Carrollton, Villa Rica NIT 

April 6-7 Lagrange, Villa Rica Global NIT 

 April 6-7 Acworth, Cartersville 

 April 13-14 Lagrange NIT 

 April 13-14 Cartersville  

April 20-21 Villa Rica 

    April 27-28 Lagrange NIT  

    April 27-28 in Cartersville 

         May 4-5 in Cartersville 

              May 18-19 Lagrange, Carrollton

             June 1-2 Lagrange

                      June 1-2 Acworth, Cartersville 


These events will award the Top TwoTeams in each age group and class USSSA Championship Rings!! These are great rings for the players to win.


We will supply the Baseballs!

USSSA Southeast Sports will provide USSSA Diamond Baseballs at our tournaments for all teams!

South Commons
Tuesday, January 8
Beautiful South Commons Sports Complex in Columbus, Georgia

Friday, September 26

Tournaments Galore


                   Georgia Spring Baseball Schedule 

                 Feb. 25-26 Champs Wear the Rings in Acworth

             March 3-4 Champs Wear The Rings "NIT" in Lagrange -  Double Points

                  March 3-4 Champs Wear The Rings in Cartersville

           March 10-11 Champs Wear the Rings "NIT" in  Carrollton- Double Points

              March 24-25 Champs Wear The Rings Villa Rica 

            March 31- April 1 Champs Wear the Rings in Villa Rica

                 March 31 - April 1 Forsyth County Bash in Cumming

            April 14-15 Global "NIT" Qualifier in Lagrange - Double Points

April 14-15 Champs Wear The Rings "NIT" in Cartersville,Villa Rica - Double Points

                 April 21-22 North Georgia Bash in Cumming

                  April 21-22 Phiten Challenge in Cartersville

            April 21-22 Champs Wear The Rings in Lagrange, Newnan

           April 28-29 USSSA "NIT" Challenge in Lagrange - Double Points 

             April 27-29 Champs Wear the Rings "NIT" in Acworth          

                May 5-6 Phiten Challenge in Lagrange in Lagrange,Villa Rica

                May 5-6 Champs Wear The Rings in Cartersville

           May 12 Mothers Day Saturday Only in Carrollton

           May 19-20 Battle of Villa Rica in Villa Rica 

           May 19-20 Champs Wear The Rings in Cartersville 

          May 26-27 Memorial Day Wood Bat Classic "NIT" 300 Points in Lagrange

          May 26-27 Memorial Day Wood Bat Classic "NIT" 300 Points in Villa Rica

          June 2-3 Champs Waer the Rings in Lagrange

          June 2-3 Champs Wear the Rings in Villa Rica

              June 2-3 Phiten Challenge in Cartersville

          June 15-17 USSSA North State Tournament in Cumming

          June 23-24 Phiten Challenge in Vila Rica, Newnan

              June 23-24 Champs Wear The Rings in Cartersville

          June 30 - July 1 World Series Warm Up in Lagrange

              July 7-8 World Series Warm Up in Newnan 











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