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Tuesday, September 1
End of season message.

It's that time of year again....

We are coming to the end of our season...just a few more training sessions left.....ESS Summer Camp.....and Mini World Cup.

Our kids have been very successful this season, 12 chosen for State teams or Developmental squads, 2 HS boys attending the Dallas Cup over Spring Break, 2 kids playing on their State teams in Holland, 4 others represented our own combined District team also in Holland.....and several kids attending indoor tournaments over in Germany.

We want to finish the season off with the same level of comittment......Hopefully we will send numerous teams to the Mini World Cup 20/21 June, Cambridge.

Our Summer Camp details are availble on our HANDOUTS page.. Our Soccer/Cultural Camp 12-15 June, will benefit from using the purpose made facilities at RAF Mildenhall for training.....and travel to RAF Lakenheath, Cambridge and London for their activities session. With kids already attending from Wiesbaden and Oberfalz Districts in Germany...I am hoping we will have a good level of competition from our own District....With better become a better player...

Monday, March 30
MB Tournament

UK Select compete in Germany...

With 21 players UK Select competed on 9 different teams.. We had a player in every division during the tournament. Every player did a great job..UK Select is proud of each and every one of you...

Please send in photos of the tournament...our MB Tournament 09 dominated by pictures of our girls playing..(a proud dad took most of them)..

Here is part of our squad, relaxing the day before the tournament. At a restaurant on Ramstein AB. (see photo in album)

Friday, January 30
14 players......picked for ODP Europe state level.

With a total of 14 players selected  to ODP Europe State teams prior to the MB tournament, Brian and I are very proud of all of you...

Unfortunately one HS boy player has been removed as he is no longer able to be part of the programme.

A gentle reminder...State fees are due...

Monday, December 15
12 ODP Europe State players from the UK

We had 19 players attend the ODP Europe Fall Camp at Bitburg, Germany.

11 were selected for their age appropriate ODP Europe State teams. (one player was selected at the Soccerfest)

So we have 12 players representing ODP Europe now from our District.

7 of these attended State training on 14th Dec, and all did a great job, of not only representing themselves. but us as a District.

For us to keep our standards so high, we need to keep our kids training. Please help your child attend training whenever you can.

Thanks for your continuing support.

Wednesday, October 1
Soccerfest UPDATE

8 of our high school age players attended the Soccerfest in Germany on 28th September. All did a really great job. Ethan Puryear was selected for the Team USA squad for the Spring. ODP Europes High school boys team will be entering a tournament in Dallas over Spring break. There are still spots available on the squad, and we are hoping that after the Fall camp we will have news of more players being selected.

Wednesday, October 1
Dates are set for the ODP Europe Fall Camp. Saturday 8th Nov thru Monday 10th Nov.

Wednesday, September 10
Fundraising help needed and Soccer Fest

Please all remember we are trying to recycle old mobile phones to raise money for our program. Please ask all your friends and work collegues if they have one laying around. Phones can be handed in at any training session.

TATTOO MANIA, we need more sellers....Thanks to those of you who have already bought fundraising packs. Please make sure to pick up a pack at our next training session.

SOCCER FEST It looks as though several of our high school age players will be attending the soccer fest in Germany on the 28th September. We wish them good luck...and look forward to good news from them as they return home..

Tuesday, December 9
Welcome to all UK Select players and families.....(moved for the holidays)

USYS EUROPE UK DISTRICT SELECT is a feeder program for the US Olympic Development program(YOUTH SOCCER)

Open to boys and girls born 1990-1999(season 08/09)

As many of you already know, UK Select has always been a family affair. With Brian and I coaching…And, my daughter Rose, being one of our very few girl players within the program...and thankfully from Sept'07 my husband Michael has also been a resident helper with paperwork and heavy lifting..since returning home to England.

As the program is growing and developing we have recently received more and more help from member families. Thank you.

We are finally registered as a Private organization. We will need to start thinking of ways to make the program bigger and better. This means lots of FUN fundraising.

The program needs to be more accessible to all. With training/camps/tournaments being a regular part of the program with as little financial stress put on our families as possible.

To be continued......