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Friday, January 6

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* 2007  Over 30 7v7 Summer League Champs

* 2007 Over 25 Summer League Champs

* 2007 Over 25 Fall league Champs

* 2008 Over 30 7v7 Spring League Champs

* 2009 Over 30 7v7 Summer League Champs

* 2010 Over 25 Winter League Champs

* 2010 Over 25 Summer League Champs

Winter Season 2012

Okay we start the Winter 2012 Season with a fresh roster and from finishing a successful Fall 2011 seaons.  Let's keep the momentum from the fall season going and make the winter 2012 season one of our greatest.

First game is Sunday, January 8 at 9:00am at Sierra Vista and we are scheduled to play the Olde Ship Santa Ana. All players should be at the field by 8:30am so we can sort the team and organize. Cheers.

Finally we have a pretty slick system letting players know about the game, both by phone and email, so the least we can expect is for you to let us know if you can make the game, then if you are, let's get there in time - meeting time not kick-off time or after!! Oh and thanks to those that turn up...regularly and often!!


Some important items to take note of for the Winter 2012 Season:
1. If a player receives a yellow card, they must leave the field for 5 minutes. The team can substitute for this player. The team does not play short a man.
2. Players are not to use the fields as restrooms. Anyone violating this rule will be subject to a fine of $1,000 and removal from the league. Don't let this happen.
3. Red cards - Player must leave the field and will not be able to play in the next game. No exceptions.
4. Pick up your trash before you leave the field.
5. All players must be in uniform. For us that means you need to have black shorts and black socks. I will supply the jerseys at game time.

Code of Conduct:

1.) All will play
2.) We should give 150% while on the field and if that is done we will all look for substitutions during the game.
3.)There are no superstars.
4.)We play as a Team and succeed as a Team!!!
5.)Have a good time and remember the beer taste better when we play harder!!

* * I M P O R T A N T * *

Keep in mind it is mandatory for all players to have a valid I.D. present before playing in the game. If a player fails to bring his I.D. at the start of the game he will not be able to play the game until he presents one. Let's don't let this happen to any of us. PLUS....WE NEED TO KEEP IN CONTROL THIS YEAR, AS THE REFEREES ARE NOT GOING TO TAKE ANY NEGATIVE FEEDBACK FROM US ON THE FIELD.  THEY WILL NOT HESITATE TO GIVE A CAUTION (MAYBE EVEN A RED CARD) FOR FOUL LANGUAGE OR DIS-RESPECT!

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