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Thursday, August 20
Bike Walk Tennessee Goes to Work

Keeping Tennesseeans Alive
Nashville, TN - August 18, 2009 


Leaders from bicycling and pedestrian groups from across Tennessee today announced the incorporation of a new organization dedicated to making Tennessee a safer and healthier place for all by "advocating for safety, facilities, and increased government and public relations."


Bike Walk Tennessee's charter also states they will "promote cycling and walking in Tennessee for the benefit of health, recreation, tourism, and a cleaner environment for all."  "With Tennessee consistently on the lower end of health and environment measures in the United States, we hope to do our part to make our state a healthier place to live," said Pat Clements, pro temp chairman of the founding executive committee.


Clements, who is from Nashville, along with Tom Evans and Bruce Day of Hendersonville, officially incorporated Bike Walk Tennessee with the Secretary of State of Tennessee on August 18.  "We rank 46th in health outcomes and sixth in obesity," Clements added.  "Bicycling and walking are healthy and environmentally friendly forms of transportation and recreation, and should be encouraged."


Bike Walk Tennessee grew out of an August 8 meeting of Tennessee bicycling and pedestrian advocates. Since that meeting, working groups have completed the pieces needed to make the organization official.


The group believes that the impact of this effort can even go beyond making Tennessee more healthy and a safer place to walk and bike -- it is good for business.  "Places that citizens can bicycle and walk safely are generally good places for people to visit, shop, live, raise families, and bring business," Clements said.


Bike Walk Tennessee
White Oak Drive
Nashville, TN 37215

For more information, contact Pat Clements at (615) 519-0467