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…and discover how one of the most individual athletic challenges can also be one of the greatest camaraderie experiences.

Ever thought about doing a triathlon or a duathlon? Been racing for years? Join TRiKC and meet others like you who make the sport of triathlon part of their lives.  TRiKC is one of the oldest and most respected triathlon clubs in the United States, providing services and support for all levels of multisports athletes in and around the Kansas City area as well as throughout Missouri and Kansas. Our membership spans the spectrum of first-timers to veterans of Ironman competition and everything in between. An independent, not-for-profit organization sanctioned by USA Triathlon, TRiKC is led by members who volunteer their time to organize activities such as clinics and workshops, group workouts and social gatherings.  Our credo is simple. Leaner, meaner, faster, and smarter.

TRiKC helps sponsor local triathlons and triathlon-related activities. Our membership fees support these causes as well as a variety of benefits for TR
iKC members only. And TRiKC’s membership fee is one of the lowest triathlon club membership fees in the country.

- - ALL IN - -

For a nominal fee, you can enjoy a full year of membership benefits including:
•A connecting point for athletes to meet, share and plan workouts
•Discounts to local retailers, races, camps, clinics, USAT membership, and other athlete-related products and services
•Opportunities to attend clinics and seminars concerning training, technical information, product information, injury prevention, nutrition, and much more
•Ongoing communications with e-newsletters, discussion groups and a comprehensive race calendar at
•Great-looking team apparel at discount prices
•Club insurance

Why Join TRIKC?

Kansas City's Oldest Triathlon Club - Be Part 0f the Tradition 

The  Single Source For Your Triathlon Needs. Stay Connected, Have Fun, Train Smart

TRiKC  Big Spin Sessions – Nationally Recognized and the Longest Running Winter Spin Program In The Area   

Women's Triathlon Workshop: Introduces Women to the Sport of Triathlon 

Training Opportunities In Which Everyone Is Welcome. Meet Members with Similar Athletic Levels

Multisports Clinics - An Opportunity for You to Learn From the Pros  

Social Opportunities Including Our Annual Kickoff The Season Party,  Summer Barbecue, Ironman Party, Wine Tastings, and After Hours Dinners. We’re Not Just About Training. We Know How To Have Fun!  

TRiKC Funds Go To Sponsor Local Triathlons  

Full Access to the Best Club Web Page ( in the Sport with a Complete Multisports Calendar to Keep You Connected With News You Can Use        

Informative Email Broadcasts  

Club Jersey’s and a Full Line of Optional Discounted Club Clothing and Accessories

Window Decals

Free TRiKC “Schwag” 

A Club for All Levels, All Distances, and All Speeds 

We Work Hard Together, We Play Hard Together, and We Tri Hard Together 

The Difference is…   

We are an USA Triathlon Sanctioned Club

Our mission is to be a true not-for-profit organization of which you are a member, not a customer. Our goal is to save you money  

We are a club that believes in the power of volunteering to enrich our lives and the community around us. Our efforts have raised thousands of dollars for local youth fitness programs.  In the words of James Doolittle, "there is nothing stronger than the heart of a volunteer." Do you have what it takes to make a real difference? If so, join the club that puts the tri in the word triathlon.

Tri’s for Kids. TRiKC directs, sponsors, and promotes two youth triathlons, the TRiKC Longview Jr. Triathlon and the JCC Youth Triathlon. We have events for our families and our community 

We bring the top professionals in the sport to compete in our local triathlons. TRiKC has hosted such pros as Paula Newby-Fraser, Dave Scott, Wendy Ingraham, Heather Fuhr, Paul Huddle, Roch Frey, Chris Legh, Scott Tinley, Chris McCormack, Karen Smyers, Nicole DeBoom, Lisa Bentley,  Sheila Taorimina, Sean Welch, Sarah Reinersten, Tim DeBoom, Heather Gollnick, Michellie Jones, Trish Downing, and Becky Lavelle 

Club discounts. We have more and better discounts from both local and national retailers and race directors. Experience the benefits right away and get an instant return of your membership fee

Free Coaching by iTRi KC Triathlon Coaching for novice triathletes 

Club Meetings with guest speakers

Our Coaching Network hooks you up with the best coaches at the best prices 

Race and earn prizes with TRiKC's Rewards Program

Around the corner and around the world, we are an innovator in promoting the sport of triathlon

You get more and pay less to be a club member of TRiKC. We have low membership fees and we offer family and youth memberships 

Triathlon is our passion, not our obsession. We are multidimensional, not just multisport  

Club Liability Insurance. We are socially responsible. When it matters most, you need more than a t-shirt for coverage 

Our Training Network serves as a connecting point for athletes and workouts throughout the entire Kansas City area  

We take special pride in joining the mission of advocating and promoting the lifetime value of sports and fitness for women  

We don't look like everyone else, because we are not like everyone else It is your club, your journey. We challenge you to be a star in all aspects of life and to get fitter and faster, one transition at a time







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