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A New Dimension in Multisport Training

If you have not heard of SUP or the likes of Laird Hamilton, you will.
What has taken shape in Hawaii, California, New Zealand and Australia  is the advent of another way to train and have fun with a very practical surf board design.
If you have seen Ironman Hawaii or Arizona in the past couple of years you might have noticed stand up paddle boards have being used in water safety and to lead out the swim.
The fitness benefits for the person using a SUP include:•Great core workout•Upper body strength shoulders, back and arms•It is like standing on a balance board – great for micro/macro leg muscles, creating improved balance•It is different and fun to see open water environments from this perspective. Improved comfort level in open water•This is simply another smart way to cross train in multisport.

Paddleboarding and SUP are great cross training in general. Not only good for your core & upper & lower body, but perhaps more importantly, a great mental break from the swim/bike/run routine. 


Stand up paddling has even been featured in the New York Times.


Stand up paddle boards come in different lengths, such as 10 foot, 11 foot or 12 foot, with paddle length based on the person’s height. The cost of a paddle board can very. We suggest that you consider to boards made by Surftech ( or if you prefer to spend less money, Costco often sells boards (5.16.10: Beginner soft top paddle boards are currently available at local Costco stores for $450).

So get out of the gym and join us for a great alternate work out. Discover adventure in your own back yard.

Be part of TRiKC's next multisports revolution!

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Destination 3 Degrees: Oahu to Kauai from Soul Surf Media on Vimeo.

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