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Welcome to TriKC's TriKids
Welcome to TRiKC’s “TRiKiIDS” web page. We are excited that you are interested in the sport of triathlon and we hope you check back often for information and tips concerning the sport. We invite you to become an official member of TRiKC and to join our elite youth team. Our web page will give you access to all the valuable information and many other benefits. We also invite you to participate in TRiKC’s Longview Jr. Triathlon and the JCC Youth Triathlon which are held every summer. Each of these events provides a fun and healthy opportunity to help children stay active. By combining swimming, biking and running in one sport, participants benefit from a well-rounded fitness activity while enhancing their endurance and strength, all while having fun. Click on the titles below to find out more information about how you can excel in the sport of triathlon. Tri Hard!

TRiKC's TRiKIDS Program

The TriKC Longview Jr. Triathlon will be held in the traditional triathlon format of swim, bike and run. Children will complete each event in that order. Age-based waves (heats) will determine the starting time for each child. He/she will swim in the Longview Recreation Center pool and then head immediately to the Transition Area.

The Transition Area is kind of like home base in the sport of triathlon. Here, each child will select a bike rack in the morning for his/her bike, and also put his/her helmet, shoes, towel, and any clothes next to his/her bike. After completing the swim, each child will go to the Transition Area and retrieve his/her bike, bike helmet, shoes and then proceed to the bike course. Plenty of volunteers will be available in the Transition Area to assist the participants. After the race starts, parents are not allowed in Transition Area or on the race course.

After a child finishes the bike leg, he/she will return to the Transition Area, find his/her bike rack and re-rack their bike in its appropriate place. Then, they will take off on the run course. The race finishes when they cross the finish line.

Just as in an adult triathlon, each child will be assigned a race number, and he/she will wear that on the front of their body during the run portion of the event. Your child will also be bodymarked a triathlon tradition of writing each participants race number on his/her arms and legs. Children should be encouraged to pace themselves through this endurance event.


1. What is the Distance for the Longview Jr. Tri? For ages 10 and under: 100 yard pool swim, 3 mile bike, and 1 mile run. For ages 11-14: 200 yard pool swim, 6 mile bike, and 2 mile run.

2. What are the age groups? Individual 8 and under (short course), 9-10 (short course), 11-12 (long course), 13-14 (long course). Relay (team members ages totaled) 24 and under (short course), 25-35 (long course), 35+ (long course).

3. My child is really excited about the triathlon but is a little hesitant about the swim portion. Can he/she wear floaties on his/her arms or a flotation vest? Yes, we permit children to use the above items during the swim. Fins and other devices may not be used. Any child using a flotation device will not be eligible for an award. However, it is perfectly legal to hold onto the side or lane rope at any time.

4. Do you offer a relay division? Yes. Relay teams are permissible and can consist of both boys and girls.


General Equipment

SWIM: Bathing suit, goggles, swim cap
BIKE:   Bicycle (racing, touring, mountain or BMX), Helmet (ANSI or Snell approved bike helmets are required during the bicycle portion of the race)
RUN:    Running shoes, T-shirt (or singlet) and shorts

General Training Tips

Work out with your friends or parents. - Watch out for cars or other obstacles when riding your bike. Remember to always wear your helmet. - Don't go too hard too fast. Save your energy. - Don't train hard every day. - Warm up those cold muscles. - Practice your transitions. You should practice your transitions from swim to bike and bike to run. - Train with a smile. Most importantly you should have fun. Race hard, try your best and have a great time! Everyone who finishes is a winner!!!


The choice of clothing will depend on the individual. Triathletes sometimes pull on cycling shorts over their bathing suit following the swim, rather than change completely. Many wear their swimsuit the entire event. Singlets are also often worn during competition. A hat and sun-bloc are important for protection from the sun during the run. On very hot and humid days, it is important that a child is not overdressed so that they can sweat efficiently and not overheat.

Setting Goals

Once an athlete has all the equipment required to train safely, it is advisable to set up some realistic objectives and then develop a training plan to achieve them. If a particular race has been chosen, write down the date of the event, the distances involved and a realistic goal. This gives the child a measurable target. Parents should ensure that the child is ready to compete in the event and monitor their training progress accordingly. If the goal is too ambitious, it should be adjusted. Remember and stress to the child, that the objective is always to have fun in the event, regardless of their particular result.

Training Frequency

It is recommended that training begin at least four to six weeks before an upcoming event. The distances chosen for youth triathlons are long enough to provide a challenge for the healthy youngster, but short enough to be safe for a small and still-growing body. For the first four weeks, a child should train one sport per day with at least one day off. If an athlete were particularly weak in a sport, it would be advisable to take some lessons from a qualified individual (for example a coach or an experienced triathlete). Once or twice a week, combine two events in a training day.

Two weeks prior to the race, training should be increased to two events per day. This teaches the body to adjust to the transition from one event to the next. It is still important to incorporate a day off. Cross training will result in a cumulative benefit to the athlete, and improvement will seem more rapid as a result.

Resting for two days before the event is very important. Make sure the participant is well-rested two nights before the event as pre-race "jitters" may cause disrupted sleep the night before.

Training Specifics

If training has been started in the off-season, then a considerable amount of time can be spent on technique and the building up of strength and endurance.

A child will find the triathlon to be easier if they train in each sport by 50% more that the distance for that event. For example, a seven-year-old will probably be required to swim 100m, bike 5km and run another 1.5km. The child should be comfortable in individual training sessions swimming 200m swim, and/or cycling 10km bike and/or running 3.0km. If the child is unaccustomed to such distances, then he/she should build up to them gradually.

Fatigue can be a problem so it's important that a child does not become excessively tired. When combining events in training, try to encourage the child to complete the distances described in race order.

Proper nutrition is extremely important. Children should eat a healthy diet, and consume fluids while exercising, particularly on hot days. Everyone should drink fluids throughout their exercised period. Thirst is an indication of dehydration and at the point when you feel thirsty, it is very difficult to re hydrate properly.

Train with someone.

It makes training more enjoyable and safer for inexperienced athletes. Parents should consult books, magazines, or experts in the field, as they will provide much valuable information. Membership in TriKC may be encouraged as athletes will receive valuable information on training and racing as well as learning more about the people in the sport.


1. Swimsuit: Any swimsuit will work. For comfort and speed, guys should consider those tight, Speedo-type briefs. Gals, a one or two-piece T-back will ensure you won’t have to worry about straps falling down.
2. Goggles: Any, as long as they fit.
3. Swim cap: If you wish to wear one.
4. Towels: You need something to wipe the sand or dirt off your feet before you jump on the bike.
5. Bike: Mountain or road bike, whatever is in your garage. If you’re riding a mountain bike, replace your knobby tires with slicks for a little extra speed.
6. Helmet: You won't be allowed to race without a "skid lid." If your helmet is more than 5 years old or has been knocked around, it’s time for a new one.
7. Water bottles: Even in a short race, you’ll appreciate having something to drink on the bike.
8. Shirt: For comfort and speed, a close-fitting, synthetic shirt beats cotton.
9. Running shoes: Don’t skimp on quality. Make sure your shoes fit your feet and your style of running.
10. Suntan lotion: Don’t leave home without it.
11. Sunglasses and a hat or visor: It is nice to have something to shade your eyes and head.            

1. Clipless pedals and bike shoes: An easy upgrade that translates to more efficiency and speed on the bike.
2. Shorts: Whether for comfort or modesty, many people prefer having bike shorts or running shorts for the segments after the swim.
3. Socks: Some people save a few seconds in the transition by going without socks. If you’re more concerned about blisters, take some time to put on socks for the bike and run. Whatever you do, don’t wear cotton!
4. Aerobars: Only use these if you have a lot of prior practice riding in the aero position.


The Day Before: Eat right the night before competition. Keep your dinner simple and easy to digest (high in carbohydrates and low in fat) and stay away from high-fiber foods. Avoid soda. Drink a sports drink like Gatorade (no more than 16 ounces). Pasta dinners with light sauces are a good meal. If you must eat fast food, skip to McDonalds and go to Fazoli’s. The following is an example of a power-packed dinner guaranteed to top off your glycogen stores for maximum racing performance:

1 large baked potato topped with 1/3 cup low-fat grated cheese
1 large square of corn bread topped with 3 tablespoons of fruit spread
1 large glass of skim or 1 percent milk
½ cup frozen yogurt topped with fruit

Try not to skip meals race week, and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate throughout the week, especially one and two days before the race. Don’t eat a late-night meal the night before the race, or you’ll feel too heavy and possibly have an upset stomach race day.

Race Day - “Eat Early, Eat Light”: Get a jump start on race day with a well-planned precompetition meal. Your body will have depleted some of its glycogen stores during the night. So eating a high-carbohydrate breakfast will top off your tanks and fend off the hunger pangs that are bound to hit later in the day. 3 hours before your first event, munch on 1-1/2 cups of cereal and a slice of toast topped with fruit spread. And quench your thirst with a cup of fruit juice. Drink water. Avoid fat and protein (they would remain in your intestines during the race and could make you nauseous)and high fiber foods. Another good breakfast meal is oatmeal.

Race day nutrition can pose problems for athletes. Too large a pre-race meal may leave you feeling sluggish, too small a meal may leave you short of fuel. A nervous stomach may leave you not wanting to eat anything at all. Do not overeat on race day morning.

You need to stay hydrated especially on a hot day. Drink at least 16 ounces of water 2 hours before the race, then another 8 ounces up to 15 minutes before the start. Don't rely on thirst.

Ironkids Lawrence 2013
ironkids lawrence 2013
Great racing by the SBR Elite Team. Fast times and Fun. That is what it is all about.

Junior World Champion Lukas Verzbicas Commits to Triathlon Full Time

Triathlon's reigning Junior World Champion Lukas Verzbicas today announced that he will dedicate himself full time to the sport of triathlon in order to pursue his Olympic dream.  

Lukas Verzbicas Beijing
Lukas Verzbicas won the 2011 ITU Junior World Championships in Beijing.
(USA Triathlon)

Verzbicas, who was victorious at September's International Triathlon Union (ITU) Junior World Championships in Beijing, will relocate to Colorado Springs, Colo., this fall and join the newly established Elite Triathlon Academy. He also will gain resident status at the U.S. Olympic Training Center.


Verzbicas will enroll as a student-athlete at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs in January 2012 after formally withdrawing from the University of Oregon, where he was a freshman member of the cross country team. 


Prior to joining the legendary running program at Oregon, Verzbicas fashioned one of the greatest careers in the history of high school distance running. He was named the National High School Cross Country Athlete of the Year as a sophomore and junior (he graduated early and bypassed his senior year) and set national high school records for the outdoor two-mile and the indoor 5,000 meters. He was just the fifth high school runner ever to break the four-minute mile mark.


"This choice was extremely difficult, but after careful thought and consideration I have elected to follow my heart and commit full time to the sport of triathlon. I look forward to pursuing my dream of one day representing the United States in the Summer Olympic Games," Verzbicas said. "I would like to thank my coaches and teammates at Oregon for welcoming me with open arms this fall. The program has a rich tradition and, with so many talented young runners on its roster, I believe is well positioned to compete for a national championship in the very near future. I wish them nothing but the best."  


Verzbicas, who also won the 2011 USA Triathlon Junior Elite National Championship title, made national headlines this summer when he postponed his running career in order to train for the ITU Junior World Championships and ultimately claim the gold medal in honor of his triathlon club teammate and best friend, Kevin McDowell. McDowell, who placed third at the 2010 event in Budapest, was the returning favorite but had his season cut short after being diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma in March 2011. With his treatments behind him, McDowell is now a student at UCCS and training as a part of the Elite Triathlon Academy. "We are certainly excited to see Lukas return to the sport of triathlon. He has a very bright future as a member of USA Triathlon's athlete development program and we will support his career to the fullest," said USA Triathlon CEO Rob Urbach. "The establishment of the Elite Triathlon Academy makes it possible for our best young athletes - including Lukas - to continue on the path of their chosen sport while attaining a college degree. Lukas' decision speaks volumes about how far triathlon has advanced."


The Elite Triathlon Academy, a landmark program that provides the United States' top up-and-coming triathletes the opportunity to receive a premier college education while benefitting from a full-time coach and the nation's best training resources at the U.S. Olympic Training Center, debuted in August 2011 at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs with national-level support from USA Triathlon and the United States Olympic Committee. Prior to the formation of this program, the top junior triathletes in the U.S. often chose to pursue running and swimming at the collegiate level due to the availability of scholarships. The Elite Triathlon Academy will identify potential Olympians and allow them to continue their multisport development throughout their college years with the potential to earn a collegiate scholarship.

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