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Last updated
09-20-17 09:25 AM
Get Directions to TRADITIONWallingford Local Weather
Coach Ron Piazza
46 Hillsview Ave
Wallingford, Connecticut


41st Year

Scroll down for TRADITION Showcase Info

States and Regionals results, below 

Showcase weather update

It has not stopped raining.............we have made the decision to cancel all Friday games in an attempt to get Pragemann and Gaylord Fields dried out for the 74 games on the slate for Saturday.......we will be at Gaylord Fields later today if anyone is looking for me since they will take a lot of work for Saturday. We will do our best and post any updates here.



No mailings will be sent out due to the lack on contact info from the PONY website.

Refer to this page for all tournament scheduling info. for any questions. 


Tournaments will be played at Pragemann Park, 31 Oak St., Yalesville, CT

Six lighted fields, our usual site for tournaments

The PONY website is experiencing difficulties. Contact Ron Piazza at 


June 24,25 - CT State Championships 14u and 18u

18 U results - Champions, CT Bombers - Runnerup, Team CT   

14u results - Champions, Dynamites - Runnerup, Shoreline Sting 

July 1,2 - New England/New York  Regional Championships

14u,16u and 18u

  18u results - Champions, CT Green Devils - Runnerup, MA Drifters

16u results - Champions, Breakers Blue - Runnerup, CT Bombers Black


July 7.8.9 - TRADITION College Showcase

revised, June 26...........please recheck your schedule  

74 TEAMS FULL - waiting list  16u Fairfield Fury 

Everyone plays one game, Friday, and two Saturday.....18u Sunday, 4th and 5th place have one game Sunday, 1st through 3rd place play in single elimination tournament.....16u Sunday, fifth place have one game Sunday....all others play in single elimination tournament. 


POOL A- 1. Cheshire Wildcats, 2. Ulster Fillies, Rick, 3. Firecracker Red Hots, Lehigh Valley Pats

POOL B- 1. Green Devils, 2. NE Diamond Gems, 3. Lady STing 1, 4. So. County Sea Devils

POOL C- 1. Team CT, 2. RI Fire & ICE Red, 3. Rangers Elite, 4. SE MA Xtreme, Dibiasio

POOL D- 1. Rapids, George, 2. TCI Eagles, 3. ECD Showcase, 4. Lady Knights

POOL E- 1. Breakers, 2. Ulster Fillies 2, 3, MA Drifters 2, 4. E Coast Force

POOL F- 1. Bombers, 2. Edge, 3. Lady Mavs Gold,4. MA Raiders. 5.Jersey Flames

POOL G- 1. The Eagles, 2. NE Hurricanes, 3. RI Fire & Ice Blue, 4. E MA Panthers Gold,5.Bullets

POOL H-1.CT Seahawks, 2.SE MA Xtreme Gately, 3.NJ Sparks, G0,4. Lady Sting 2,5.RI Inferno

POOL I- 1. Rapids-Laura, 2. Lady Mavs Reg, 3. Team LI, 4. NE Xtreme, 5. Eliminators Red

POOL J- 1. Eliminators Black, 2.MA Drifters 1, 3.Lady Sting3, 4.RI Rebels Gold, 5.Dutchess Debs

POOL K- 1.Ct Panthers, 2.TCI Eagles Gold, 3. RI Aftershock, 4 C MA Thunder, 5.Ct Diamond Club

POOL L- 1. Ct Outlaws, 2. NJ Sparks, 3. E MA Panthers Elite, 4. MA Rapids, 5. Ct Raiders


POOL M- 1. Rapids, 2. CT Diamond Club, 3. Ct Shock, 4. MA Drifters, 5. NJ Sparks

POOL N- 1. Breakers Blue, 2. Eliminators, 3. NJ Rangers, 4. MA Raiders, 5. Ulster Fillies

POOL O-1. Sting, 2. Stealth, 3. Firecracker Red Hots, 4. South Scream Red,

POOL P- 1. Bombers Black, 2. Team CT, 3. CT Tides, 4. South Scream White, 5. Total Kaos

  Friday, July 7

TIME           PRAG1           PRAG2            PRAG3           PRAG4           PRAG5           PRAG6

 8:30am                                                                                                                    G5vH5

10am             M1vM2         M3vM4           N1vN2            N3vN4          O1vO2           O3vO4

1130am         M5vN5         P3vP4              P1vP2             F5vP5           G1vG2            G3vG4

1pm              A1vA2          A3vA4            C1vC2              C3vC4           H1vH2           H3vH4

230p            J5vI5          I1vI2              I3vI4              K1vK2           L3vL4            L1vL2

4pm             J3vJ4          E1vE2             E3vE4              D3vD4         B1vB2            K3vK4

5:30pm        J1vJ2          F1vF2             F3vF4              D1vD2          B3vB4            K5vL5 

 Saturday, July 8 - Pragemann Park

8am             A1vA3         D1vD3            D2vD4              E2vE4          A2vA4           F2vF4

930am         B2vB4        C2vC4            C1vC3                 F1vF3         B1vB3            E1vE3

11am           A1vA4         D1vD4             D2vD3              F4vF5          A2vA3          F2vF3

1230pm      B2vB3         C2vC3             C1vC4                E2vE3         B1vB4           E1vE4

2pm           I1vI3           J1vJ3            J2vJ4               K1vK3           F1vF5           K2vK4

330pm       G1vG3          H1vH3           H2vH4               L1vL3          G2vG4          L2vL4

5pm           I1vI5           J1vJ5           J2vJ3                K1vK5          I2vI3           K2vK3

630pm       I4vI5          J4vJ5          H4vH5                K4vK5         G4vG5          L4vL5                   

8pm          G2vG3          H2vH3          H1vH5              L2vL3         G1vG5           L1vL5

Saturday, July 8 - Gaylord Fields

TIME                 GAYLORD 1             GAYLORD 2               GAYLORD 4

8am                    M1vM3                    M2vM4                       N2vN3

930am                M1vM5                    M2vM3                      N1vN5

11am                   M4vM5                   N2vN4                       N1vN3

1230pm              O1vO3                    N4vN5                       O2vO4

2pm                   O1vO4                     P4vP5                       I2vI4

330pm               O2vO3                    P2vP4                        P1vsP3

5pm                                                  P2vP3                         P1vP5


74 teams - full 



It is now finally time for the old Coach to retire. I have met some great young ladies, super assistant coaches and some helpful parents. It has been a thrill to be part of it from the beginning. But it's time for young people to get involved in coaching........My hope is that I left you all with some good life lessons.......I'll miss the competition but I'll see you all at the summer tournaments....Recent years have been difficult emotional times off the field and it's time for me to recharge in a different way. My garage will still be open for people who want to learn through lessons. I still enjoy teaching. I appreciate what all of you have contributed to this journey.


"Thanks for the Memories"

Ron Piazza, TRADITION Softball 





CURRENT TRADITION Players and college choices so far......Taryn Braz, Providence College, Mikaela Daddio, Mercy College, Lauren Pascoe, Tampa, Ariel Virgulto, UCONN, Rebecca Souza, Mercy College, Fallon Bevino, Sacred Heart University, Cam Dias, WPI, Ileish Burney, VA Weseleyan, Missy Pereira, University of Hartford

  Thank you Jackie Couillard

Individual Tryouts, contact

Thank you to all the participants, parents, umpires and fans for another successful Showcase Tournament. This tournament was dedicated to my Dad and I am so appreciative to everyone who helped make it great.  


The TRADITION Family lost a great man.

Rosie Piazza, Aug 12, 1921 to Feb 23, 2013

God Bless You, Dad!!!!

TRADITION Partners with Nike, Anaconda Sports 

Looking for a travel program that has the largest Showcase in the Northeast, an organization known for placing players in college, top quality coaching and a 38 year reputation.


FACT: TRADITION Softball is the most respected program in the Northeast beginning its 38th year in 2014

FACT: TRADITION Softball has placed more scholarship college players than any team in the East over its history

Tradition players headed for college in 2012-2014 Kelly Licursi, Sacred Heart University, Katie Gill, Springfield, Allie Souza, Yale University, Allison Macari, Ithaca, Katie Schmidt, Central CT State University, Britt Labbadia, Yale University, Laura Davis, Univ of Michigan, Erica Quinones, Trinity, Lauren Zambrano, WNEC, Makaila Kowalsky, Univ of Maine, Vicki Cabral, Hofstra, Taylor Smythe, ECSU, Kelly Conners, Univ of South Florida, Alicia White and Alyssa Hancock, ECSU, Sam Rentz, Springfield, Kelsey McCarthy, SCSU, and Taylor Dansereau, Castleton State, Taryn Braz, Providence College, Sam Waskowitz, Merrimack College, Jordyn Moquin, Springfield College, Jill Bedard, AIC. 

FACT: TRADITION Softball has the finest coaching staff with non parent coaches for many years

FACT: TRADITION Softball has won more tournament championships and National Championships than any team in the Northeast



"If you want your daughter to learn the skills and become the best player she can be then TRADITION is the place to come. For 39 years we have provided honesty, integrity and knowlegeable coaching. Your daughter has to provide hard work, unselfish play and a love for the game." 

Ron Piazza - beginning "Our 40th Year of Travel Softball"

Coach Piazza's High School Record 648-84

TRAVEL and HIGH SCHOOL 1,981-310      


LAST 11 Years at Nationals: 90-12 record

Four National Titles, one runnerup, one third place, four 5th place    

Interested in playing for TRADITION. scroll down to bottom for the form. Fill out and email to

"Are we always the winningest team? No...but for 39 straight years we've been right there every year."

Nobody by rp

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