Tomahawks 16U: Team Volunteers

Thursday, September 27
Tomahawk 16U Team Volunteers

The following Tomahawk Parents have volunteered for the following duties.  Please contact them if you have suggestions, comments, or just want to say "HI".


APPAREL                                Christy Cameron      618 780 9445            

Obtain sizes, etc. for ordering uniforms and all team/familyapparrel and collect any money involved. Place orders and coordinate getting items picked up.

AWARDS BANQUET              Nicole Perkins         VACANT - AVAILABLE

Serve on committee to plan and manage post season awards banquet. Coach Bendall will serve as advisor. Did or would anyone else volunteer for this?

COACHES                               Don Perkins             618 975 2462            

                                              Bucky Buchanan        618 327 6633                   

      Jerry Hedger           618

Positive parents motivated to helping all the girls improve. Various duties include instruction, keeping notes during games, base coaching, hitting balls in practice and pre-game.


Oversee team efforts in community projects. The past two years we've raised money to support Susn G. Kohmen Breast cancer research and the Make-A-Wish foundation.

FIRST AID KIT                     VACANT - AVAILABLE

Inventory team first aid kit and purchase needed items. Expenses will be taken from funds collected for team fees.


Oversee fundraising efforts for those parents interested in fundraising (not required of anyone). This is NOT intended to supplement the team budget. Rather to help parents with paying team fees and/or travel expenses.


Collect cell numbers of all parents and publish on a wallet-sized card which will be shared with all parents.    

RESERVATIONS               Tracie Fieg                 618 322 0085                

Contact hotels and make reservations for out of town tournaments.

ROSTERS/Birth Certificates  Rosie Buchanan       618 327 6633          

Ensure rosters are completed for all league and tournament play. Collect player birth certificates and provide to head coach.  

SCOREKEEPING               Various Coaches

                                              Backups are Candy Buettner and Don Perkins

 STATS                                          Candy  Buettner          618 550 9182          

Prepare stats from games. Note: Stats will only be released to players, parents, and other parties through the head coach. Will not be posted on the web site or shared with other team families.  

TAKE LOTS OF PHOTOS     Nicole Perkins            Daimon Russell           Anyone

Something everyone with a camera can do. From past experience, many pictures don't turn out as we'd like. Cannot over emphsize the importance of LOTS of pictures in order to have good quaility ones for the post season awards banquet. Did or would anyone else volunteer for this?  

TEAM PARENT                              Nicole Perkins             618 975 2463         

Arrange social itinery as needed i.e. team bonding events, team picnics, schedule meetings, etc. Can delegate.

WEBSITE MANAGER          Daimon Russell             618 407 1711          

Manage and update our portion of organizational web site.


LeAnn Smith                618 974 9480         

Daimon Russell             618 407 1711           

Manage college recruiting efforts to include encouraging girls to contact colleges, share college skills clinic info, help with individual profiles, etc. Coach Bendall will assist.