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Tuesday, February 25
Frequently Asked Questions
This list of frequently asked questions and answers was compiled to provide interested parties more information about the Tomahawks Girls Fastpitch Softball Organization. Feel free to contact us if you have additional questions.
1. How long have the Tomahawks been in existence?
We held our first tryouts in the fall of 2007.
2. How many teams are in the organization?
It varies from year to year. We try to field teams in each age group; at times, we may elect to field two teams in selected age groups.
3. Where are the Tomahawks located?
The Tomahawks play out of O'Fallon Illinois, about 20 miles east of St Louis just off Interstate 64.
4. Is the program intended for O'Fallon residents only?
No, even though there are O'Fallon girls on every team, each team has girls from other surrounding communities.
5. When and where do the teams play?
Teams will play in either the Belleville or Collinsville leagues (option to play on both) plus tournaments. The older teams usually travel more than the younger ones. Girls are afforded an opportunity to participate in softball year round (we are sensitive to school sports and activities). Our primary focus (and majority of games) is during the summer with the 10U/12U teams actually starting the earliest (Spring) and finishing the earliest (usually before Jul 4th). The older teams usually play until the end of July.
6. How competitive and what goals do the teams have?
Usually one of the 12U teams is very competitive with the other comprised mostly of girls making the transition from Recreation Ball to Select. The 14U and 16U teams have experienced a great deal of success playing against some of the better teams in the area. We've had several teams qualify and play in Nationals over the years. Decisions about those goals are made by the coaching staffs and parents.
7. What does it cost to play?
The cost for year round participation is determined by the number of games played. For example, the 16U team traditionally plays 60-75 games a year with an annual fee of $650. They also travel to out of town tournaments which drives the cost up for parents (lodging, gas, food). The 14U teams usually play closer to 45-50 games over the course of year plus out of town tournaments with an annual fee in the $550 range. The 12U teams play almost all of their games locally and may play as many as 30 games (which includes tournaments). Their annual cost is closer to the $400-$500 range. The 10U team usually plays no more than 25 games with fees around $350. NOTE: These fees are subject to change from year to year.
8. How are players selected for the various teams?
The Tomahawks hold annual tryouts in August. Notices are run in several local newspapers and posted in locations where players go for hitting and pitching lessons. We'd be happy to contact you. Send all inquiries to or call 618-407-5061
9. My daughter turns 13 in the March after Aug tryouts but before the teams begin to play the following year. What age group would she be in?
Based on her age and birth date she would still qualify for 12U. The cutoff date is Jan 1st. Given the age and birth date of the example just provided, your daughter would attend age group tryouts in August based on how old she will be on Jan 1st of the NEXT year. Should her birth date be in the fall after tryouts and before Jan 1st, she would have to try out for 14U.