Tomahawks 16U: Tryout Information

Tryout Information

16U Tomahawk Tryout Attendees and Families,

Thank you for attending our tryouts. I know some of you drove a long way to get here. Some of you also took advantage of our pre-tryout practices this week which enabled us to take an extended look at you. For some of you, we met for the first time today.

Playing for a select softball team can be a big commitment. Playing for the Tomahawks IS a huge one-year commitment in both time and money. This is an overview of how our year usually plays out.

First of all, I know everyone is probably tired from playing high school ball and then jumping right into a summer season that may have just ended for many of you. It is very important that you take time off to let your body rest. For that reason, we won’t do anything as a team for the remainder of August.   Please take advantage of this break – you need it worse than you think.

We will most likely play in the Belleville high school league (anyone still in high school is eligible meaning we will be facing many older players). Those games are Sunday doubleheaders beginning on 8th of September. Aside from the games, we will offer volunteer Saturday practices. The more of those you attend, you quicker you will see your softball skills and your roles on the team develop.

We will most likely play in one or two fall tournaments, one of which may be out of town and generate overnight expenses (hotel, food, gas).

I am a firm believer that your school work must be one of your top priorities. Your education will take you much farther in life than softball. Both school work and school sports will take priority over anything we do with the Tomahawks during the school year.

We will take about a month off during the Thanksgiving/Christmas time frame to again allow the girls to rest. Those dates will be firmed up later.

We will probably play two indoor tournaments in Pekin, IL during the winter. Sprinkled around those tournaments will be indoor practices (most likely on Sundays).   They work best for any girls playing volleyball or basketball or both.

After the winter tournaments and practices, we try to give the girls another month off to rest up for school softball.

During the school softball season, I spend my time attending your games. There will be little to no interaction as a team during that time. There will definitely not be any practices.

Each girl selected for the team is chosen because of the skills she brings that we believe will help us field a winning team. I’m a firm believer that a team will play better and be more successful if everyone is there. Once the school softball season is over, I expect a total commitment to attend every game and practice during the summer (Jun and Jul). There are always exceptions to this and they will need to be addressed as early as possible and could be a determining factor in your selection to the team.

During the summer, we will play in five tournaments and the Belleville 16U/18U League.

The cost for playing on the team this year will be $600, $500 for returning players unless they need new uniform items. Most families elect to take advantage of the installment plan we offer. If selected for the team, we would require a $100 non-refundable payment be made within 1 week to hold your spot on the team. A second $100 payment would be due before our first fall league game (8 Sep). This fee includes the cost of your uniform and other incidentals (hoodies, t-shirts, etc)

Speaking of roster spots, if we call to offer you one, we would hope for an affirmative answer right way but would need one within 48 hours. Anyone not accepting our offer may check back with us at a later date if they change their mind. However, you must understand that we may elect to offer that spot to someone else in the interim.

If you have any questions about any of this, feel free to call me. Our web site will provide additional information to include the community activity work we did and how our team fared this past summer:


Wayne Bendall
Tomahawks 16U

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