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Registration for the 2014 2015 Season

 Thousand Islands Youth Hockey will hold its final registration on Saturday October 4th from 9:00-10:00 at the Clayton Fire Hall . If cannot make this time it is imperative that you let our registrar know so we can plan accordingly.  Payment plans and Scholarships are available. The association anticipates fielding teams at all levels including Learn to Skate, Red/White/Blue Mites, Squirts, Pee-Wees, Bantams, 16U Midgets, and 18U Midgets. For registration rates and additional information see below.



1st Year Skater Free Learn to Skate Half Season $75.00 Full Season $150.00

RWB Mites DOB 2006-2008 $200.00

Squirts DOB 2004 to 2005 $300.00

Pee-Wees DOB 2002 to 2003 $300.00

Bantams DOB 2000 to 2001 $300.00

Midgets 16U DOB 1998-1999 Pre and Post $200.00

(If numbers dictate a full season team the registration cost will be $300.00) 

Midgets 18U DOB 1996-1997 $200.00  

Registration questions contact: Wanda Getman 771-6181 or Darci Kittle at 486-9828

Association questions contact:  Mike Gray at 778-6962

Interested in coaching contact: Tom Turgeon at 778-1037

Used Equipment Donations: contact Scott Johnson at 783-4626 

Before beginning the registration process we ask that you read the items below:

~  Free Hockey for First Year Players  As we did for the last two years TIYH will be offering free hockey to all our first year players.  Note... First year players still have to be registered with USA Hockey and will have to complete their concession obligation... see below. 

~  Pre-Registration  Before registering with TIYH each player will have to: 

  • Register with USA Hockey.  The cost of this registration is $43.00. ($40.00 to USA Hockey and $3.00 to NYSAHA) The money collected is used to fund a variety of resources throughout the nation one of which are grants which TIYH had been fortunate to benefit from in the past.  Note... the fee for those children 6 years old and below is waived but they still must register with USA Hockey
  • If your child had played for another organization last year TIYH will need a player release form from that organization.  It is the parent's responsibility to download the release and send it to the president of their former organization.  That document is then returned to the parent or sent directly to TIYH.
  • Call our Registrar(s) Wanda Getman at 315-771-6181 or Darci Kittle at 315-486-9828 and explain what level you are interested in participating in.

 ~  Scholarships and Payment Options  Scholarships and payment options are available for the upcoming season.  If you have questions about our scholarship program call Mike Gray @ 315-778-6962 or Wanda Getman @ 315-771-6181.  To take part in our payment options we ask that you pay a down payment of 25% to begin the season.  The remaining balance can be paid in installments but must be paid in full by December 31st.  If you have questions about our payment options contact Wanda Getman @ 315-771-6181 or Darci Kittle @ 315-486-9828.  Note... payment options are not available if you choose to use our on-line registration.

~  Concession Requirement  In an effort to make concession stand more equitable and efficient the board has come of with the following plan for the 2012 2013 season.   Each registered player is responsible for 20 hours in our concession stand during the season. If you have a second child you will be responsible for 10 additional hours. Families can also choose to buy out of this requirement by paying $250.00 for one player and an additional $125.00 for a second player. Families with two children may also split their requirement by working 20 hours in our concession and paying $125.00 for the second child. If you have more than 2 registered players the concession requirement is waived for all but the first 2 skaters.) Not fulfilling your concession obligation will result in a pro-rated fine.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact any of our board members.


~  Registration Options

  After completing the pre-registration steps above you to should download a registration packet and have it fill it out prior to registration if possible 


On-Line-  This is not available for the early registration.


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