The Fire Softball: Fundraising Opportunities

Friday, September 19
Below are some great EASY ways to help our teams raise funds!


Save your used ink and laser printer cartridges and old cell phones! Instead of throwing them away, give them to Ginger to send in to Funding Factory. They will be turned into cash for our teams!
Click on the BoosterPlus link above, print out the form, and take it with you the next time you shop at Bi-Lo. Have your cashier scan the enrollment form and your BONUSCARD® in order to link the organization to your BONUSCARD®. You only need to do this ONCE every program year. This will enroll you for your group(s) until May 31. Print one for family, friends, and neighbors and ask them to support The Fire, too! Participating members help support The Fire every time you shop at Bi-Lo using your BONUSCARD. Each time you use your BONUSCARD, 1% of your purchases will go to The Fire. Twice per year, our teams will receive a check from Bi-Lo. If you are already supporting another organization with BoosterPlus, don't worry... you can support up to THREE organizations at one time!
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Use GoodSearch to search the internet. Each time you search using Goodsearch, you support The Fire.

Please read below for more information.


Click on the link above to support The Fire! No purchase necessary.


GoodSearch logo Raise money for The Fire just by searching the internet using GoodSearch — it doesn't get any easier than this!

Use GoodSearch like any other search engine. But here's the difference...every time you use GoodSearch, money is generated for The Fire — each completed search raises approximately $0.01 for us! And since GoodSearch is powered by Yahoo, you will get proven, high-quality search results.

For example, if 1,000 The Fire supporters searched twice a day, we would receive an estimated $7,300 per year to help fund our teams.

You can keep track of our estimated earnings by clicking on “Amount Raised” once you designate The Fire Girls Fastpitch Softball as your organization of choice. The more people who use the site, the more money we’ll earn, so please spread the word!

Start using GoodSearch today for all of your internet searches, and help raise much needed funds for The Fire!

GoodSearch is an Internet search engine with a simple concept and unique social mission. GoodSearch enables you to help fund any of hundreds of thousands of charities or schools (including The Fire!) through the simple act of searching the Internet.

The company was founded by a brother and sister team who lost their mom to cancer and wanted to find an easy way for people to support their favorite causes.

It's simple. You use like any other search engine (they've partnered with a leading search engine, Yahoo, to ensure the best results), but each time you do, money is generated for your favorite cause.

Last year search engines generated close to $6 billion in revenue from advertisers. Think about what your favorite cause could do with even a fraction of that money!

The company's goal is to direct as much money to the organizations as possible, so they ’re not spending a lot on advertising. That’s why they need your help in spreading the word!

It's hoped that not only will you use GoodSearch as your main search engine from here on out, but will also pass this message on to your friends and family. The more people who use this site, the more money will go to your favorite cause.