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Monday, August 16
Meet Ron Smith ....

My name is Ron Smith and I am a social services major that has spent more than 10yrs working with youth in the Kentucky area.  I am the founder of the Disciples Youth Sports program and I am proud to say that every event is planned and instructed by myself and those close to my program.  Our goal is to ensure that every individual leaves this program not only a better athlete but also a better person. 

My educational background comes from some of the best schools around.  I have attended the University of Kentucky, Jefferson Community College, Murray State University, and the University of Phoenix.  I have attended many coaching and youth development workshops and have even led classroom instruction.  My influence on these children is great but their influence on me has been even greater. 

As a counselor I have worked with companies like Brooklawn youth and family services.  For those unfamiliar with the work of this organization they are the states leading treatment center for youth.  It functions as a residential facility and a major part of my job was to plan activities and encourage positive interactions between the children.  As part of their on-site school program I assisted JCPS teachers who came into the establishment to work with the children on the academic progress.  Many of the youth were unable to join the public school system due to their treatment plans but this was a major step in their rehabilitation.

As a youth coordinator I worked for the Presbyterian Community Center in Louisville.  My duties there were to plan and lead after school and summer programs for youth of all ages.  I would serve lunch, read books, help with homework, or just be an active listener in my spare time.  My greatest achievement was seeing students who did not have college aspirations before I arrived go off to college and become successful.   Seeing them come back and return good deeds to the community made that moment priceless. 

As a coach and mentor I have enjoyed teaching the fundamentals of the game and seeing players improve and progress to the next level of competition.  I have worked with children who could not even dribble a basketball to see them become some of the most exciting players in the state.  My strength is teaching the game and the life lessons that accompany it.  We dont play a sport to just become a better player.... we play to become a better person!!! 

In 2010 I was named the head coach of the freshman and JV Lady Eagles of Louisville Eastern High School.  This was a dream come true as I had followed this program for several seasons.  Our freshman team closed out 2010-11 season with only 1 loss and a championship in the Presentation holiday tournament. 

In 2011 I returned as the head coach of the freshman and JV teams at Eastern High School. This season featured a much improved JV team that made every game exciting for both the coaches and fans.  5 of the freshman players from the previous year had earned a spot on our varsity team for this season and the players continue to improve in every aspect of the game.  Great things are on the horizon for Lady Eagles basketball.

In 2012 I was blessed to make a coaching move and join the staff at Kentucky Country Day school in Louisville KY.  Upon my arrival I was placed in both the middle and high school girls basketball programs which was a great honor and testiment to the work I have done.  I look forward to a great season and career with this program as I continue with my coaching journey.  Lady Bearcats are on the move for the 2012-13 season!!!

After a great season at KCD, I am happy to announce I am returning for the 2013-14 basketball season.  This time I have been promoted to Lead Varsity Assistant and the head JV basketball coach.  In addition to these roles I will also get to return as the elementary and middle school girls coach for the AAU season. Its been a wonderful ride and I am so happy to have landed at KCD!!!

2014-2015 season I returned to KCD as the middle school girls basketball coach.  I took a lighter role in the varsity program this year because I wanted to further prepare our middle school group for the transition to high school basketball.  We have a very talented group this year but the demands of a new coach will push these girls to achieve higher levels of success.  It not going to be about wins/losses as much as their progress as players.  Lets go send a record number to the varsity program this year!!!!!

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