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Thank you for your time and for visiting our home.  We assume your son or daughter has expressed an interest in one of our academic or athletic programs or perhaps you are seeking information on our mentor and job skills programs.  Whatever the reason for your visit we welcome you and hope you will take time to become familiar with our program, this website, and all that we have to offer.

Our 2016 team had a ton of success in route to a league championship in the summer middle school basketball division.  We finished with a 6-3 league record and dominated the league with our defense and transition play.  We also played in a tournament championship earlier this season raising our championship game appearance number to 2 for the year. Many of these players have already committed to next year's team as we move to 8th/9th grade competition in 2017.  We have a few roster spaces available and we are looking for the best players to join us. If you have what it takes then we hope to see you at the evaluations in December.

Signups are open now for the 2017 season.  If interested please contact me at disciplesyouthsports@yahoo.com 

We also offer 1-on-1 individual workouts with our staff to prepare for the upcoming season. 

 For information on any of these programs please email Coach Smith at disciplesyouthsports@yahoo.com


Why choose the Disciples program???

We are a small privately owned and funded program that has been based here in Louisville Kentucky  more than 15 years.  We are one of the state's only year round youth programs which means we offer something for everyone and every age.  From recreational basketball, AAU style of play, to private lessons and team camps our teams will be seen in every aspect of the game.

Outside of basketball, we offer bowling, softball, and self defense programs that are sure to keep our members busy throughout the year.  But this is not all we are about. 

We are a family.... With our youngest members (age 6) to our adult members (18 and over) we truly look out for one another.  Our older members are required to spend time with the up and comers helping them not just in athletics but also academics.  We read, mentor, and tutor within our group to ensure that we all are contibuting members to our society. 

We are successful....  Many of the teens that leave this program find that we have learned a way of life that can not be taken from us.  Many of our members have had some rough experiences in life but this program is about second chances.  We set goals and work until we reach them no matter how long this may take.

We care about your kids....  I have a 24hr open line policy for all our members which means they can contact me at any time for any reason.  I have also worked closely with the school system to promote education over athletics, this is a program we use to keep our members on track and on the court.  We have dealt with family issues, peer pressure, teen pregnancy, and other issues that many programs wouldnt dare touch all because the success of your kids matters to me far beyond the playing fields.  Each year I seek out new ways to stay involved and push the envelope even further to ensure that our members have every resource they need.


2016 league champions
Wednesday, August 31

Our goals were simple when we started the season....... make it to the championship game!!! This year we made it to 2 of them and on Monday August 29th we won the Optimum Sports 7th/8th grade middle school league championship 

It was an amazing game and we have to give our opponents a ton of credit.  For 3 quarters they led the game taking every shot we took at them until we finally pushed past in the 4th quarter.  They are a great team and earned the respect of every coach, player, fan and referee on that day.

As for our team, it was another gutsy performance from every player.  So much so that naming a game MVP would be impossible because they all deserve so much credit. (2 players not available for the photo above)  It was a great way to end the season and an even greater preview of what's to come.