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Thursday, June 30

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Swim Year 2010-2011

Our Lady of Lourdes High School

* NY State Section 1- 2005 Div III and 2006 Div II Champions

* Lourdes High School swims in New York Section 1

* Millbrook is a member of Empire State Swim League
* 6 month Rec League Ages 8-18
Lourdes 2010 Schedule and Results :

W -9 L-1

September 15th 2010

Lourdes 92 - Walter Panas 70

Wegescheide 50 Free and 100 Back

Boyko 200 Med and 100 Fly

September 24th 2010

Lourdes 54 - John Jay Cross River 41

September 27th 2010

Lourdes 94, Peekskill 68

At Peekskill Middle School

200-yard medley relay — 1. Lourdes (M. DiCocco, K. Pitz, B. Nioski, K. Orourke), 1:10.0; 2. Lourdes; 3. Peekskill. 200 freestyle — 1. B. Wegescheide (L) 2:17.1; 2. J. Muenkel (L); 3. B. Nikoski (L). 200 individual medley — 1. K. Levine (L) 2:29.8; 2. K. Pitz (L); 3. H. Coffin (L). 50 freestyle — 1. K. Freed (Pk) 27.8; 2. K. Orourke (L); 3. M. DiCocco (L). 100 butterfly — 1. E. Boyko (L) 1:06.4; 2. J. Muenkel (L); 3. Nikki Brady (Pk). 100 freestyle — 1. M. Armater (L) 1:02.7; 2. J.Orourke (L); 3. Katie Freed (Pk). 500 freestyle — 1. E. Boyko (L) 5:49.8; 2. J. Muenkel (L); 3. J. Camilleri (L). 200 freestyle relay — 1. Lourdes (K. Levin, E. Boyko, M. Armater, B. Wegescheide), 1:58.7; 2. Lourdes; 3. Peekskill. 100 backstroke — 1. Bella Wood (Pk) 1:26.4; 2. Kiki Soto (Pk); 3. Rebecca Tuteur (Pk). 100 breaststroke — 1. Martina Barrionuevo (Pk) 1:27.1; 2. Molly Balow (Pk); 3. Dyani Sanchez (Pk). 400 freestyle relay — 1. Peekskill (Nikki Brady, Camila Barrionuevo, Martina Barrionuevo, Katie Freed), 5:01.3; 2. Peekskill.

October 4th 2010

Lourdes 84, Yorktown 78
At Copper Beech Middle School
200-yard medley relay — 1. Lourdes (B. Wegescheide, E. Boyko,

K. Levine, M. Armater); 2. Yorktown; 3. Lourdes. 200 freestyle —

1. J. Muenkel (Lourdes) 2:20.35; 2. K. O'Rourke (Lourdes); 3. B.

Nikoiski (Lourdes). 200 individual medley — 1. J. Mclaughlin

(Yorktown) 2:23.03; 2. K. Levine (Lourdes); 3. J. Yuan (Yorktown).

50 freestyle — 1. B. Wegescheide (Lourdes) 27.26; 2. D. Legrof

(Yorktown); 3. B. Nikoiski (Lourdes). 100 butterfly — 1. E. Baykar

(Lourdes) 1:05.32; 2. K. Levine (Lourdes); 3. D. Legrof (Yorktown).

100 freestyle — 1. J. Mclaughlin (Yorktown) 58.68; 2. M. Armater

(Lourdes); 3. K. O'Rourke (Lourdes). 500 freestyle — 1. E. Boyko

(Lourdes) 5:51.38; 2. J. Muenkel (Lourdes); 3. J. Muenkel

(Lourdes). 200 freestyle relay — 1. Lourdes (M. Dicocco, K.

O'Rourke, B. Nikoiski, K. Pitz) 1:57.54; 2. Lourdes; 3. Lourdes. 100

backstroke — 1. B. Wegescheide (Lourdes) 1:03.27; 2. J. Yuan

(Yorktown); 3. M. Dicocco (Lourdes). 100 breaststroke — 1. K. Pitz

(Lourdes) 1:18.42; 2. M. Armater (Lourdes); 3. D. Pucci (Lourdes).

400 freestyle relay — 1. Yorktown (C. Wilt, D. Legrof, J.

Mclaughlin, J. Yuan); 2. Lourdes; 3. Lourdes.


October 6th 2010

Lourdes vs John Jay @ St Mary's 

Final score: 61 (JJ) 109 (OLL)

200-yard medley relay: 1-OLL (Blair Wegescheide, Emily Boyko, Kelly Levine, Maddy Armater); 2 -JJ (Lindsey Blackman, Audrey Harper, Olivia Rodas, Emelia Carlino); 3- OLL (Sara Pucylowski, Dara Pucci, Katherine Pitz, Katie O'Rourke); 2:02.47.
200 freestyle: 1-Katherine Buyes (JJ); 2- Kelly Levine (OLL); 3- Jessica Muenkel (OLL); 2:08:64
200 individual medley: 1- Emily Boyko (OLL); 2- Katherine Pitz (OLL) 3- Betsy Portch (JJ); 2:22.38
50 freestyle: 1-Emelia Carlino (JJ); 2- Blair Wegescheide (OLL); 3-  Lindsey Blackman (JJ); 26.51
100 butterfly: 1- Emily Boyko (OLL); 2- Olivia Rodas (JJ); 3-Hannah Coffin (OLL); 1:05.50
100 freestyle: 1-Emelia Carlino (JJ); 2-Katherine Buyes (JJ); 3-Audrey Harper (JJ); 58.99
500 freestyle: 1-Kelly Levine (OLL);2-Jessica Muenkel (OLL); 3-Jennifer Camilleri (OLL); 5:52.63
200 freestyle relay: 1- (OLL) (Marina DiCocco, Katie O'Rourke, Jessica Muenkel, Katherine Pitz), 2- (OLL) (Hannah Coffin, Caeleigh Heavey, Sara Pucylowski, Bridget Nikolski); 3- (OLL) (Kendall Burke, Kalin Chenarides, Dara Pucci, Sabrina Kardas); 1:56.78
100 backstroke: 1- Blair Wegescheide (OLL); 2- Lindsey Blackman (JJ); 3- Marina DiCocco (OLL); 1:05.60
100 breaststroke: 1- Katherine Pitz (OLL); 2- Audrey Harper (JJ); 3-Maddy Armater (OLL) 1:17.69
400 freestyle relay: 1- (OLL) (Kelly Levine, Emily Boyko, Maddy Armater, Blair Wedescheide); 2- (OLL) (Bridget Nikolski, Sarah Kelleher, Jessica Muenkel, Marina DiCocco); 3-(JJ) (Katherine Buyes, Rhiannon Brown, Michelle Humbert, Ryann Kimball); 4:13.94
Lourdes 51, Brewster 38
At Green Chimneys, Brewster
200-yard medley relay — 1. Lourdes (B. Wegesheide, E. Boyko, K.
Levine, M. Armater) 2:05.17; 2. Brewster; 3. Lourdes. 200 freestyle
— 1. K. Levine (OLL) 2:15.58; 2. J. muenkel (OLL); 3. E. Sakowicz
(Bw). 200 individual medley — 1. A. Valedon (Bw) 2:17.82; 2. E.
Boyko (OLL); 3. K. Pitz (OLL). 50 freestyle — 1. B. Wegesheide
(OLL) 28.59; 2. K. Safford (Bw); 3. K. O'Rourke (OLL). 100 butterfly
— 1. E. Boyko (OLL) 1:04.81; 2. K. Valedon (Bw); 3. K. Levine
(OLL). 100 freestyle — 1. M. Armater (OLL) 1:03.36; 2. B. Nikkolski
(OLL); 3. L. Gargano (Bw). 500 freestyle —1. E. Sakowicz (Bw)
6:15.44; 2. J. Muenkel (OLL); 3. M. DiCocod (OLL). 200 freestyle
relay — 1. Lourdes (B. Nikolski, K. O'Rourke, K. Pitz, M. Armatare)
1:56.00; 2. Brewster; 3. Lourdes. 100 backstroke — 1. B.
Wegescheide (OLL) 1:05.02; 2. K. Valdeon (Bw); 3. M. DiCuero
(OLL). 100 breaststroke — 1. A. Valdeon (Bw) 1:12.59; 2. A. Garcia
(Bw). 400 freestyle relay — 1. Brewster (L. Safford, M. Lawlor, E.
Sakowicz, L. Gargano) 4:49.89.
Lourdes 108- Beacon 62
Arlington 96- Lourdes 74 
Lourdes @ Poughkeepsie - Win
Our Lady of Lourdes 103, Roy C. Ketcham 67 — Blair Wegescheide finished first in the 100 freestyle and 100 backstroke and also swam on the winning 200 medley and 400 freestyle relay teams to lead the Warriors.
Divisionals @ Beacon Saturday October 23rd  2010
Conference I Championships
At Beacon
Team scores and key — 1. Arlington (Arl) 350.5; 2.
John Jay (JJ) 304; 3. Lourdes (OLL) 293; 4. Ketcham (
RCK) 262; 5. John Jay-EF (JJEF) 196.5; 6. Brewster
(Bw) 189; 7. Beacon (Be) 163; 8. Kennedy (JFK) 110;
9. Putnam Valley (PV) 79; 10. Peekskill (Pe) 77.5; 11.
Lakeland/Panas (LP) 76.5; 12. Yorktown (Yk) 54; 13.
Poughkeepsie (Po) 43.
200-yard medley relay — 1. Lourdes (Blair
Wegeschide, Emily Boyko, Kelly Levine, Madeline
Armater) 1:59.42; 2. John Jay-EF; 3. Arlington; 4.
Beacon; 5. Ketcham; 6. John Jay. 200 freestyle — 1.
Katherine Buyes (JJEF) 2:06.10; 2. Emily Mance (Arl);
3. Ameera Bhanji (RCK); 4. Kelly Ruf (RCK); 5. Ellen
McTigue (JFK); 6. Levine (OLL). 200 individual
medley — 1. Alexis Valedon (Bw) 2:15.39; 2. Boyklo
(OLL); 3. Shieri Suzuka (Yk); 4. Katie Grant (JJ); 5. S
hannon Walsh (Arl); 6. Jennifer Aiello (RCK). 50
freestyle — 1. Paige Rutkoske (Be) 24.85; 2. Emelia
Carlino (JJEF); 3. Cassano (Arl); 4. Audrey Harper
(JJEF); 5. Gigi Antonell (JJ); 6. Alessandra Angelino
(JJ). 100 butterfly — 1. Boyko (OLL) 1:03.04; 2.
Bhanji (RCK); 3. KelliAnn Valdeon (Bw); 4. Ruf (RCK);
5. Daniele Thone (RCK); 6. Corey Levine (JJ). 100
freestyle — 1. Rutkoske (Be) 54.45; 2. Cassano (Arl);
3. Wegescheide (OLL); 4. Antonelle (JJ); 5. Buyes
(JJEF); 6. Carlino (JJEF). 500 freestyle —1. Grant (JJ)
5:24.13; 2. Grace-Housman (JJ); 3. Emily Mance
(Arl); 4. Mullaney (Arl); 5. McTigue (JFK); 6. Kara
Mance (Arl). 200 freestyle relay — 1. John Jay-EF 1:
47.21; 2. Beacon; 3. Lourdes; 4. Arlington; 5. K
etcham; 6. Brewster. 100 backstroke — 1.
Wegescheide (OLL) 1:02.79; 2. Grace Housman (JJ);
3. Aiello (RCK); 4. K. Valdeon (Bw); 5. Holzinger
(JFK); 6. Angelino (JJ). 100 breaststroke — 1. A.
Valedon (Bw) 1:09.61; 2. Walsh (Arl); 3. Allison
Indyk (Arl); 4. Alexa Baione (Arl); 5. Katherine Pitz
(OLL); 6. Amanda Fung (Be). 400 freestyle relay — 1.
John Jay (Antonelle, Grace-Housman, Angelino,
Grant) 3:54.41; 2. Arlington; 3. Ketcham; 4.
Lourdes; 5. Putnam Valley; 6. Peekskill.



September 12,2009

Lourdes topples Ketcham in pool

NEWBURGH - Our Lady of Lourdes High School won the 200 medley relay and the 400 freestyle relay along with six individual events en route to beating Roy C. Ketcham, 119-51, at Mount Saint Mary College on Friday.

Blair Wegescheide finished first in the 200 freestyle and the 100 backstoke for the Warriors (1-0). Teammates Maddie Armater won the 100 freesyle and Kelly Levine won the 100 butterfly.

Jennifer Aiello finished first in the 200 individual medley for the Indians (0-1), while Kelly Ruf won the 500 freestyle.

September 27, 2009

Shannon Walsh gave Arlington High School its only win Saturday at the Wappingers Swimming Invitational at Poughkeepsie Middle School, but the Admirals used their depth to capture the meet.
Arlington won with a score of 425 points. Franklin D. Roosevelt came in second (320). Our Lady of Lourdes, the defending champion, was third with 312 points, followed by John Jay, Ossining, Roy C. Ketcham and Beacon.
The Admirals finished first in only one of 11 total events, but had four second-place finishes and three thirds.

Lourdes coach Christine Honig said the Admirals' numbers were a deciding factor.

September 30th,2009

Brewster 94, Our Lady of Lourdes 76 - Katherine Pitz took first in the 100 breaststroke for host Lourdes in the meet held at Poughkeepsie MIddle School.
October 6th, 2009

Blair Wegescheide won Monday's 100-yard freestyle and 100 backstroke for the girls swimming team from Our Lady of Lourdes High School in the Warriors' 89-81 victory over Yorktown at Poughkeepsie Middle Scool.

Emily Boyko captured the 200 individual medley, Kelly Levine finished first in the 500 freestyle, and Katherine Pitz took the 100 breaststroke for the Warriors, who improved to 3-1 overall, 2-1 league play. Wegescheide, Boyko, Levine and Maddy Armater won the 200 medley and the 400 freestyle relay races.
October 8th, 2009

Lady of Lourdes 84, Poughkeepsie 71 - Emily Boyko (100 breaststroke) and Kelly Levine (100 butterfly) were individual winners for Lourdes at Poughkeepsie Middle School. Natia Gorgen was a double winner for Poughkeepsie, finishing first in the 200 individual medley and 100 freestyle.

October 14th ,2009

Arlington 101, Our Lady of Lourdes 64 - Brenna Munz swam to wins in the 200 and 500 freestyles to pace Arlington at Poughkeepsie Middle School.

Blair Wegescheide took first place in the 50 freestyle and 100 backstroke for Lourdes (3-2). Emily Boyko won the 100 butterfly.

High school roundup: Wegescheide takes two, but Lourdes loses

October 15th, 2009

Blair Wegescheide was a double-winner, placing first in the 50-yard freestyle and 100 backstroke, but the Our Lady of Lourdes High School girls swimming team lost to North Rockland, 104-68, on Thursday.

Wegescheide's time in the 50 freestyle was 27.47 seconds and she completed the 100 backstroke in 1:04.19.

Emily Boyko won the 200 individual medley for Lourdes (4-3) in 2:23.98. Maddy Armater captured the 100 breaststroke in 1:19.83. Katie Riley won the 1-meter diving event with a score of 251 points.

September 2009
Lourdes swim team helps coach, honors friend

Phil Strum
Poughkeepsie Journal

WAPPINGERS?FALLS - It was pretty easy to spot the girls swimming and diving team from Our Lady of Lourdes High School on Sunday at the Dutchess County Classic.
They were the ones near the finish line of the annual 5-kilometer race, clad in blue and gold, cheering on every runner who passed by and sending words of encouragement to even the last few people who made it to the end.
And for good reason.

The Warriors, under the direction of new head coach Christine Honig, decided to run the race as a team - because Honig was running it - and to honor someone they knew. Twenty-five of the team's 27 members competed.
"As a team, we did it in memory of our friend," said Jessica Seckler of Wappingers Falls, the team captain of Lourdes, who completed her first 5K in the DC?Classic.

Elizabeth Miller, better known to friends, teammates and the community as Lizzie, died on June 21 of unknown causes. Miller graduated from Lourdes in 2008 and was a member of the swimming team. She swam for Loyola (Md.) last year.

"At a young age, these girls have learned kind of a unique lesson," said Honig, 40, of LaGrange. "Life is really too short, and they should enjoy every minute of it and do the most that they can."

"It kind of got to be contagious," Honig said. "I was just so amazed. It's my first year coaching with them. I've coached at many different levels for years. It's been an absolute perfect mesh and click. For swimmers, to run is a big deal because they're not usually strong runners."

"Optimism is the greatest tool to living a great life," the message on the back of the Lourdes T-shirts read.It was a quote from a college essay Miller wrote.

"Her family is an amazing family," Honig said. "I coached Lizzie when she was 5. To have a person taken away at such a young age ... and she was just a vibrant, beautiful young woman ... these girls have decided that even though it's early in the morning, they wanted to get up and be here because life is really precious and they should enjoy it."

"She was such a nice person," Seckler said of her friend, Miller. "She always motivated us. She always had a smile on. She was a very happy person.

"It means a lot to be doing it in her memory."


December 7, 2008

2008 Girls' Swimming All-Stars

RENEE ROSENKRANZ: Swimmer of the Year

School: Dover (swims for Our Lady of Lourdes)

Grade: 12

Vital stats: The Poughkeepsie Journal Swimmer of the Year reached the final of the 50 freestyle at the state meet, finishing eighth with a time of 24.82. ... Was 15th in the 100 freestyle at the state meet.

Quotable: "I had no idea how well she swam when she first joined the team. She had leadership qualities and is a good kid to be around. She intergrated with the team well and quickly,'' Lourdes coach Bill Brown said.


Saturday Nov. 22nd , 2008

Swimmer captures 8th at state meet:

BUFFALO - Dover High School student Renee Rosenkranz placed eighth in the 50-yard freestyle finals in 24.82 seconds, competing for Our Lady of Lourdes High School at the New York State Swimming Championships at Burt Flickenger Aquatic Center on the campus of Erie Community College.

While Lourdes coach Bill Brown said Rosenkranz's time was "a little off," his swimmer was still pleased with the performance.

"We were hoping for top five, but overall if was a very good swim," Brown said. "It's kind of hard to argue with being eighth in the state."

Rosenkranz placed 15th in the consolation finals of the 100 freestyle in 54.52.

In the 200 freestyle relay consolation, Rosenkranz teamed with Lourdes' Blair Wegescheide, Madeline Armater and Sarah Kolosky to place ninth in 1:41.25, one place higher than the team was seeded.

"It was outstanding," Brown said of the meet. "For the first time, we sent five girls up, and all of the had great swims all weekend. For me as a coach, it was very successful and I walk aways very proud."


November 11, 2008

Lourdes swimmers take 6th at sectionals

WEST NYACK - The Our Lady of Lourdes High School Warriors placed sixth at the Section One girls' swimming and diving championships at Felix Festa Middle School on Monday.

The Warriors were led by Renee Rosenkranz's second- place finishes in the 50-yard and 100 freestyles.

Rosenkranz finished with a time of 24.74 seconds in the 50 freestyle and a time of 53.92 seconds in the 100 freestyle, both school records.

The Warriors' relay team of Blair Wegescheide, Madeline Armater, Sarah Kolosky and Rosenkranz placed second in the 200 freestyle relay, recording a time of 1:40.64, and seventh in the 400 yard freestyle relay with a time of 3:47.87.


At North Rockland Saturday Oct 25th 2008 - Div. Meet Lourdes 5th place

Team standings and key - 1. Ursuline (U) 400; 2. Rye/Blind Brook (R/BB) 312.33; 3. North Rockland (NRk) 252.83; 4. Brewster (Bw) 191.50; 5. Our Lady of Lorudes (OLL) 184; 6. Fox Lane (FL) 182; 7. Bronxville (Bx) 144; 8. Suffern (Sf) 135; 9. John Jay (JJ) 135; 10. Arlington (Arl) 130; 11. Pearl River (PR) 103; 12. Tappan Zee (TZ) 68; 13. Horace Greeley (HG) 52; 14. Briarcliff/Westlake/Plesantville (BWP) 6.

200-yard medley relay - 1. Ursuline, 1:52.08, 2. Fox Lane; 3. Rye; 4. North Rockland; 5. John Jay; 6. Bronxville; 7. Suffern; 8. Pearl River. 200 freestyle - 1. Courtney Ciradiello (R) 1:57.09, 2. Kristi Edleson (Bw), 3. Maggie D'Arcy (U); 4. Ali Polhill (Bw); 5. Katie Hughes (R); 6. Giiovanna Patafio (Bx); 7. Adreinne Groccia (U); 8. Betsy Weston (JJ). 200 individual medley - 1. Meaghan Fenn (U) 2:11.07, 2. Katie Arnott (Sf), 3. Alexis Valedon (Bw); 4. Allison Fulenwider (R); 5. Kelly O'Neill (R); 6. Caroline Weston (JJ); 7. Paige Raccioppi (NRk); 8. Emily Boyko (OLL). 50 freestyle - 1. M. Fulenwider (R) 25.00, 2. Maggie Tracy (U), 3. Renee Rosencranz (OLL); 4. Sarah Kolosky (OLL); 5. Jenna Hirsch (NRk); 6t. Courtney Monsees (Bw); 6t. Olga Krestyaninova (NRk); 8. Deirdre Myers (NRk). 100 butterfly -1. Polhill (Bw) 57.23, 2. Kim Holden (FL), 3. Ciradiello (R); 4. Melissa Trail (FL); 5. Michelle Hogan (U); 6. Lauren Flower (U); 7. J. Hirsch (NRk); 8. Amanda Owens (R). 100 freestyle -1. M. Fulenwider (R) 53.87, 2. B. Weston (JJ), 3. Rosencranz (OLL); 4. Gina Mannix (U); 5. Tracy (U); 6. Tara DeVerna (U); 7. Shannon Armstrong (NRk); 8. Jessica Indyk (Arl). 500 freestyle -1. Edleson (Bw) 5:10.16, 2. Groccia (U), 3. Hogan (U); 4. Patafio (Bx); 5. Raccioppi (NRk); 6. Nicole Sears (Bx); 7. Ashley Kunow (Sf); 8. Mollie Smith (U). 200 freestyle relay -1. Ursuline, 1:43.62, 2. Brewster, 3. North Rockland; 4. Our Lady of Lourdes; 5. Rye; 6. Arlington; 7. Bronxville; 8. Pearl River. 100 backstroke - 1. Holden (Bx) 58.78; 2. Hughes (R), 3. Trail (FL); 4. D'Arcy (U); 5. Owens (R); 6. Blair Wegescheide (OLL); 7. Heather Peruffo (Arl); 8. Lindsie Holmes (NRk). 100 breaststroke - 1. Fenn (U) 1:09.35, 2. Flower (U); 3. Samantha Coyle (PR); 4. Valedon (Bw); 5. C. Weston (JJ); 6. DeVerna (U); 7. Alyssa Armstrong (NRk); 8. Theresa McKallen (PR). 400 freestyle relay - 1. Ursuline, 3:44.51, 2. Rye; 3. North Rockland; 4. Our Lady of Lourdes; 5. Fox Lane; 6. Suffern; 7. John Jay; 8. Bronxville.


Tappan Zee 95, Our Lady of Lourdes 88

At Rockland Community College

200-yard medley relay - 1. Tappan Zee (K. Unger, B. Bailey, K. Morales, A. Fischer) 2:07.08, 2. Our Lady of Lourdes, 3. Tappan Zee. 200 freestyle - 1. M. Burke (TZ) 2:04.02, 2. R. Mesibov (TZ), 3. J. Bissonette (OLL). 200 individual medley -1. K. Unger (TZ) 2:20.79, 2. E. Boyko (OLL), 3. B. Bailey. 50 freestyle - 1. R. Rosenkranz (OLL) 25.61, 2. S. Kolosky (OLL), 3. K. Morales (TZ). Diving - 1. M. Butler (TZ) 231, 2. K. Riley (OLL), 3. C. Young (TZ). 100 butterfly -1. E. Boyko (OLL) 1:07, 2. K. Morales (TZ), 3. T. McNichol (TZ). 100 freestyle - 1. S. Kolosky (OLL) 56.09, 2. K. Unger (TZ), 3. R. Rosenkranz (OLL). 500 freestyle -1. M. Burke (TZ) 5:29, 2. R. Mesibov (TZ), 3. J. Muenkel (OLL). 200 freestyle relay -1. Our Lady of Lourdes (B. Wegescheive, M. Armater, R. Rosenkranz, S. Kolosky) 1:49, 2. Tappan Zee, 3. Tappan Zee. 100 backstroke - 1. B. Bailey (TZ) 1:04.30, 2. B. Wegescheive (OLL), 3. S. Ryan (OLL). 100 breaststroke - 1. S. Kelleher (OLL) 1:19.03, 2. M. Gaffney (TZ), 3. V. Catano (TZ). 400 freestyle relay - 1. Our Lady of Lourdes (M. Armater, B. Wegescheive, S. Kolosky, R. Rosenkranz) 3:58.04, 2. Our Lady of Lourdes, 3. Our Lady of Lourdes.


Monday October 20th , 2008
Lourdes 85 - Fox Lane 85

Girls' swimming
The Our Lady of Lourdes Warriors improved to 2-3 overall with an 89-81 victory over Pearl River.

Kelly Levine (200-yard freestyle, 500 freestyle) and Renee Rosenkranz (100 freestyle, 50 freestyle) also swam to two individual victories apiece for the Warriors.

Additionally, Lourdes got personal-best time from Blair Wegescheide (200 individual medley), Madeline Armater (200 individual medley), Jessicai Munkel (500 freestyle) and Sarak Kolosky (100 breaststroke).


October 2nd , 2008 @ PMS

Arlington 97, Our Lady of Lourdes 73 - Heather Peruffo finished first in the 100 butterfly and 100 backstroke, leading the Admirals to a win over the Warriors.

Arlington moved to 2-2 overall on the season; Lourdes moved to 1-3.


September 27th, 2008
Wappingers Invitational at Poughkeepsie Middle School

The overall winner of the meet was Our Lady of Lourdes with 362.5 points. Roosevelt was second, Arlington third, John Jay sixth, Ketcham seventh and Beacon eighth.

Renee Rosenkranz of Lourdes won the 100 breaststroke in 1:11.63. She teamed with Sarah Kolosky, Maddy Armeter and Blair Wegeschelde to win the 400 freestyle relay in 3:52.99.

September 26, 2008

Lourdes swimmers triumph

Kelly Levine and Renee Rosenkranz both won two individual events on Thursday in the Our Lady of Lourdes High School girls' swimming team's 100-68 victory over John Jay-Cross River at Poughkeepsie Middle School.

Levine won the 200-yard freestyle and the 500 freestyle. Rosenkranz won the 200 individual medley and the 100 breaststroke.

Rosenkranz also teamed with Blair Wegescheide, Sarah Kolosky and Emily Boyko for a first-place finish in the 200 medley relay.

Wegescheide took first in the 100 backstroke as well for Lourdes (1-2 overall), which will swim in the Wappingers Invitational on Saturday

September 23rd 2008
Brewster 53, Lourdes 40
At Green Chimney, Brewster

200-yard medley relay - 1. Brewster (Erin Markert, Alexis Valedon, Ali Polhill, Courtney Monsees) 2:02, 2. Our Lady of Lourdes, 3. Brewster. 200 freestyle - 1. Kristi Edleson (Bw) 2:07.00, 2. Kelly Levine (OLL), 3. Jessica Muenkel (OLL). 200 individual medley -1. Lauren O'Kelly (Bw) 2:20.47, 2. Valedon (Bw), 3. Emily Boyko (OLL). 50 freestyle - 1. Renee Rosenkranz (OLL) 25.70, 2. Monsees (Bw), 3. Sarah Kolosky (OLL). 100 butterfly -1. Polhill (Bw) 1:01.20, 2. Monsees (Bw), 3. Boyko (OLL). 100 freestyle -1. Rosenkranz (OLL) 56.90, 2. O'Kelly (Bw), 3. Madeline Armoter (OLL). 500 freestyle -1. Edleson (Bw) 5:42.29, 2. Levine (OLL), 3. Joanna Tchobanova (Bw). 200 freestyle relay -1. Brewster (Valedon, Markert, O'Kelly, Edleson) 1:51.98, 2. Our Lady of Lourdes, 3. Brewster. 100 backstroke - 1. Brianna Wezescheide (OLL) 1:08.25, 2. KelliAnn Valedon (Bw), 3. Sarah Ryan (OLL). 100 breaststroke - 1. Pohill (Bw) 1:14.29, 2. A. Valedon (Bw), 3. Kolosky (OLL). 400 freestyle relay - 1. Our Lady of Lourdes (Levine, Armoter, Wezescheide, Rosenkranz) 4:05.00, 2. Our Lady of Lourdes 4:02.22.

September 18, 2008
Horace Greeley 87, Our Lady of Lourdes 83 - Kelly Levine and Renee Rosenkranz placed first in their events for the Warriors, who fell short to the visiting Quakers.

Lourdes' 400 freestyle relay team of Kelly Levine, Emily Boyko, Blair Wegescheide and Sara Kolosky finished first with a time of 4:09.

Lourdes fell to 0-1 overall on the year with the loss.


September 12th 2008

Swimmers enjoy Carnival

Roosevelt takes first place in fun opener to new season

By Sean T. McMann
Poughkeepsie Journal

Caitlin Zinsley swam every stroke Friday almost as if the season depended on it.

It didn't.

But the fourth annual Dutchess County Relay Carnival at Poughkeepsie Middle School did jump-start the 2008 campaign for six of the seven squads taking part, giving them a chance to display their love of the sport, if not their versatility.

"It's a lot of fun. It's a good kickoff to the season," said Zinsley, a senior with the Arlington High School girls' swimming team. "It works on our teamwork; we get to do things together, not just ourselves.

"Swimming, a lot of times, is about your time, and not always so much about the whole team."

Friday's gathering, though, emphasized the group dynamic, consisting of seven varsity and seven JV relays not commonly contested during the regular season.

"It's fun, and it's something different," said Roosevelt coach Chris Berg, whose Hyde Park-based Presidents topped the team standings at the event for the third straight year. "We can mix and match our teams. I'm seeing them in other circumstances that they don't regularly do."

Different types of events

The Relay Carnival had a number of unique events in which coaches and teams could test themselves.

Take the 200-yard butterfly relay, for example, or the 200 backstroke relay.

Then there's the 400 individual medley, in which four swimmers each swim 25 yards of the butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle.

Try the crescendo freestyle relay: Five competitors swim 50, 100, 200, 100 and 50 yards, respectively.

"There's not as much pressure, as you would (feel) singularly, because I felt that we were all a team and all worked together," said eighth-grader Madeline Dondero, who swam the 200 yards for Beacon's crescendo relay quintet. "Just the whole experience was great.

"We're here to have fun. There's no competitiveness."

Don't tell that to Blair Wegescheide.

A freshman at Our Lady of Lourdes, Wegescheide swam three events for the Warriors in the non-sanctioned meet, preparing for the regular season and looking to make a good impression in her varsity debut.

"You want to do well for your team," Wegescheide said after helping Lourdes win the aforementioned 400 individual medley in 4 minutes, 32.84 seconds. "I've looked forward to swimming in high school, so I was looking forward to this meet."

That was the goal Ron Terwilliger had in mind.

Arlington's coach, he's helped organize the Relay Carnival since its inception, with the idea of providing local swimmers a fun atmosphere filled with events they won't find in regular competition.

"It's something where it's out of the ordinary," Terwilliger said. "We just took the normal schedule of events, and I just devised relays for each of those."

Instead of focusing on personal goals and times, the Relay Carnival instills the team mentality in swimmers as they begin the year, Terwilliger said.

"Because it's the kickoff," he said, "it starts to build that team camaraderie; it starts to bond the kids together; and it gives them something to look forward to.

"It's a big social event, and the girls have a lot of fun at it."

Following the front-running Presidents and their 88 points, Terwilliger's Admirals collected 84 points. Lourdes (82 points) came in third, followed by John Jay (52), Roy C. Ketcham (46), Beacon (32) and Poughkeepsie (10).

"It's always exciting because we don't get the chance to swim in Dutchess County often," said Berg, whose Presidents, a Section Nine team, came into the Relay Carnival having already competed in three events. "It's a lot of fun. The girls come here to have a good time, and always seem to get their adrenaline pumping."

The latter was true Friday, as the Presidents were victorious in the 200 medley relay (1:57.37), the 500 crescendo relay (5:00.22) and the 200 butterfly relay (2:05.08).

In addition to the 400 individual medley relay, Lourdes took first in the 200 breaststroke relay (2:19.98). Arlington beat the field in the 200 backstroke relay (2:04.59); and John Jay was triumphant in the 400 freestyle relay (3:51.02).

"It's good to see all the girls together, and it's a very festive atmosphere," said John Jay coach Mark Piggott, who will host the Wappingers Invitational here on Sept. 27. "You've got two divisions -JV and varsity -and they give out medals for both, so there are going to be a lot of girls coming home with some hardware; and I think the girls like that aspect to it."


Girls swimming Nov. 7th, 2007

Section 1 Swimming Championships

At Felix Festa Middle School

Top 16 advance to finals

200 yard medley relay - 1. Fox Lane (Kim Holden, Sandra Moreno, Melissa Trail, Lizzy Balter) 1:52.00, 2. Briarcliff/Westlake/Pleasantville, 3. Horace Greeley, 4t. Bronxville, 4t. Ursuline, 6. Rye, 7. Suffern, 8. John Jay Cross River, 9. Byram Hills, 10. Pearl River, 11. Brewster, 12. Ardsley/Hastings, 13. John Jay East Fishkill, 14. Arlington, 15. Yorktown, 16. Eastchester. 200 freestyle relay -1. Brewster (Steffi Niessl, Kristi Edelson, Courtney Monsees, Ali Polhill) 1:40.84, 2. Ursuline, 3. Briarcliff/Westlake/Pleasantville, 4. Tappan Zee, 5. Bronxville, 6. Rye, 7. Fox Lane, 8. John Jay Cross River, 9. Our Lady of Lourdes, 10. Arlington, 11. North Rockland, 12. Sufferm, 13. Mamaroneck, 14. Yorktown, 15. Scarsdale, 16. Pearl River. 400 freestyle relay - 1. Brewster (Polhill, Lauren O'Kelly, Edelson, Niessl) 3:38.35, 2. Ursuline, 3. Byram Hills, 4. Suffern, 5. Tappan Zee, 6. Fox Lane, 7. Horace Greeley, 8. Our Lady of Lourdes, 9. North Rockland, 10. Bronxville, 11. Arlington, 12. Pearl River, 13. Yorktown, 14. Scarsdale, 15. Rye, 16. John Jay East Fishkill.


Briarcliff/Pleasantville/Westlake 99, Our Lady of Lourdes 84

At Pace University

200-yard medley relay - 1. Bc/Pv/Ws (Riley-Berkman-Bailey-Anastasiou), 1.59.12; 2. Bc/Pv/Ws; 3. Lourdes. 200 freestyle 1. Maher (L) 2:06.08; 2. Miller (L); 3. Levine (L) 200 individual medley -1. Berkman (Bc/Pv/Ws) 2.16.60; 2. Larino (L); 3. Pucylowski (L) 50 freestyle - 1. Bailey (Bc/Pv/Ws) 26.04; 2. Kolosky (L); 3. Anastasiou (Bc/Pv/Ws) Diving - 1. Jeffay (Bc/Pv/Ws) 170.85; 2. Riley (L); 3. Bramson (Bc/Pv/Ws) 100 butterfly - 1. Latino (L) 1.03.00; 2. Anastassiou (Bc/Pv/Ws); 3. Baum (L) 100 freestyle -1. Bailey (Bc/Pv/Ws) 58.51; 2. Kolosky (L); 3. Maher (L) 500 freestyle -1. Miller (L) 5.44.00; 2. Riley (Bc/Pv/Ws); 3. Levine (L) 200 freestyle relay -1. Lourdes (Kolosky-Reer-Maher-Latino) 1.53.01; 2. Bc/Pv/Ws; 3. Lourdes 100 backstroke - 1. Riley (Bc/Pv/Ws) 1.08.14; 2. Uehara (Bc/Pv/Ws) 3. Elkes (Bc/Pv/Ws) 100 breaststroke - 1. Berkman (Bc/Pv/Ws) 1.10.63; 2. Rhoden (Bc/Pv/Ws); 3. Pitz (L) 400 freestyle relay - 1. Bc/Pv/Ws (Riley-Berkman-Anastasiou-Bailey) 3.58.45; 2. Lourdes; 3. Lourdes.

Records - Our Lady of Lourdes 1-5, Briarcliff/Pleasantville/Westlake 2-5.


Our Lady of Lourdes 97, Mamaroneck 88

At Hommocks Middle School, Mamaroneck

200-yard medley relay - 1. Mamaroneck (Sara Everhart, Elise McNally, Julia Caro, Molly Scudder); 2. Our Lady of Lourdes; 3. Mamaroneck. 200 freestyle - 1. Bridget Latino (OLL) 2:07.80; 2. Kelly Levine (OLL); 3. McNally (Mk). 200 individual medley - 1. Kelly Johanson (Mk) 2:24.61; 2. Lizzie Miller (OLL); 3. Teresa Pucylowski (OLL). 50 freestyle - 1. Sarah Kolosky (OLL) 26.40; 2. Melissa Maher (OLL); 3. Megan McGuire (Mk). Diving - 1. Katie Riley (OLL) 205.40; 2. Alison Commender (Mk); 3. Emily Donovan (Mk). 100 butterfly - 1. Latino (OLL) 1:03.00; 2. Caro (Mk); 3. Tanita Leary (Mk). 100 freestyle - 1. Kolosky (OLL) 59.30; 2. McGuire (Mk); 3. Madeline Armater (OLL). 500 freestyle - 1. Johanson (Mk) 5:23.73; 2. Miller (OLL); 3. Levine (OLL). 200 freestyle relay - 1. Our Lady of Lourdes (Kolosky, Armater, Maher, Latino) 1:50.40; 2. Mamaroneck; 3. Our Lady of Lourdes. 100 backstroke - 1. Sarah Ryan (OLL) 1:13.40; 2. Danielle Puleo (Mk); 3. Stacy Morris (OLL). 100 breaststroke - 1. McNally (Mk) 1:16.38; 2. Scudder (Mk); 3. Kimmie Abrams (Mk). 400 freestyle relay - 1. Our Lady of Lourdes (Kolosky, Levine, Maher, Latino) 4:02.20; 2. Mamaroneck; 3. Our Lady of Lourdes.


FDR takes meet crown By Nancy Haggerty
For the Poughkeepsie Journal

September 16, 2007
   There are probably bigger ways to celebrate a 50th birthday. But don't try telling Christine Berg there are better ways.
   After two years of finishing as the runner-up, the Franklin D. Roosevelt High School girls' swimming team gift-wrapped the eight-team Wappingers Central School Girls' Swimming Invitational title for their coach Saturday at Poughkeepsie Middle School.
   Roosevelt, which started Saturday with a 2-0 dual-meet record, opened strongly and finished strongly, recording seven first-place finishes in 11 events, to outdistance second-place Arlington, 354-316. Our Lady of Lourdes, which won the invitational in 2005 and 2006, was third with 299.
   After successive championships, Our Lady of Lourdes could have been disappointed walking away in third place. But this is a rebuilding year of sorts for coach Bill Brown's team.

   His squad, which features eight freshmen, was minus a couple of swimmers who hadn't attended the minimum number of practices toparticipate.

   But Brown couldn't be disappointed, especially since this was Lourdes'first meet of the year.

"Our freshmen are swimming beyond where we thought they'd be," he said at one point. "We told them the only thing to pay attention to is the timesand the score will work itself out."

And that almost happened.

With three events left, his team led with 241 points to FDR's 224 and Arlington's 212 after its 200-yard freestyle relay team of Sarah Kolosky, Bridget Latino, Madeline Armeter and Melissa Maher finished first in 1:48.14.

But Lourdes lost ground after the next event, the backstroke, in which its top finisher, Sarah Ryan, was 11th, and then it was outdistanced by both Roosevelt and Arlington in the breaststroke and 400 free relay.

Latino, a senior from Wappingers who hopes to swim for Division I Binghamton University next year, had the best individual day for Lourdes, finishing second in the 100 butterfly and third in the 200 IM.

"I love doing well for our team," she said. "We knew, obviously, that FDR is a very good team. What it was all about for us was going and doing our personal best today."

October 28th , 2006

WHITE PLAINS — In a meet held Saturday, Lourdes won the Section One, Division II title, in spite of not having any divers.

Lourdes finished first in the nine-team field with 347 points; North Rockland was second with 324. It was the second straight divisional title for Lourdes.

Chloe Farrar won the 200-yard individual medley and the 100 breaststroke, breaking the school record in the 200-individual medley by .01 seconds. Season and personal best times were recorded by Lexi Farrar, Michelle Grimaldi, Stacey Morris, Sara Schmader, Melissa Maher and Rachel Baum.

Kim Levine was second the 100 freestyle and fourth in the 200-IM; Bridget Latino was second in the 100 butterfly and sixth in the 200-IM.

Lourdes won two of the three relays, taking the 200-free relay (Sarah Kolosky, Olivia Armater, Chloe Farrar, Levine) and the 400-free relay (Latino, Armater, Chloe Farrar, Levine).


Lourdes grabs swim triumph October 26, 2006

Kim Levine and Bridget Latino set school records for the girls swimming team from Our Lady of Lourdes High School on Wednesday, leading to their Warriors' 99-71 victory over visiting Tappan Zee at Poughkeepsie Middle School.

Chloe Farrar won two individual events as the Warriors closed out their perfect season with their 17th straight dual meet victory, dating back to last season.

Levine broke her own record from last season by .46 seconds, winning the 100-yard freestyle in 56 seconds flat, and Latino surpassed the mark Farrar set last year in the 200 individual medley by .01 seconds, with a victory in 2:20.08.

Farrar won the 50 freestyle in 26.41 seconds and the 100 breaststroke in 1:13.70. Her sister, Lexi, won the 100 backstroke in 1:10.5, and Lizzie Miller won the 500 freestyle in 5:37.84.

Lourdes (8-0 overall) also swept the top spot in all three relays.

The Warriors, who were promoted after winning the Division Three title last year, head to White Plains on Saturday for the Division Two championships.


Our Lady Lourdes 2006 Record ( 8-0 )


Sept. 15th - Dutchess Relays - Lourdes takes 1st Place
Sept. 20th - Lourdes 105 - New Rochelle 65
Sept. 30th - Lourdes 101 - North Rockland 75
Oct. 4th - Lourdes 58 - Rye 36
Oct. 11th - Lourdes 107 - White Plains 61
Oct. 13th - Lourdes 94 - East Ramapo 71
Oct. 14th - Wappingers Invitational - Lourdes takes 1st place
Oct. 18th - Lourdes win over Clarkstown
Oct. 20th - Lourdes 94 - Pearl River 76
Oct. 25th - Lourdes 99 - Tappan Zee
Oct. 28th - Divisionals @ White Plains - Lourdes takes 1st place

Home meets @ Poughkeepsie Middle School


Lourdes seizes Wappingers Invitational
Warriors barely edge Roosevelt
By Tara Krieger
Poughkeepsie Journal

October 15, 2006

The Our Lady of Lourdes and Franklin D. Roosevelt high school girls swim teams showed on Saturday that you don't have to have too much team history to be successful.

On a day when four meet records fell, both programs, in their third year of existence, dominated the competition at the 13th annual Wappingers Invitational. The Warriors garnered the highest team score and Roosevelt taking eight of 11 events at Poughkeepsie Middle School.

Lourdes, with 423 points, outswam Roosevelt by a mere seven points, after pulling ahead from a slim 317-316 margin with two events to go. Four-time champion Cornwall was third, with 333 points, followed by Arlington (321), Ketcham (281), John Jay (266), and Beacon (150).

"It was more exciting for the kids to have such a close meet," said John Jay coach Mark Piggott, whose daughter Elizabeth won the 100 freestyle, and anchored two successful relay teams, for Roosevelt. "It was a lot of fun."

One of those relay teams, the 400 free, which also consisted of Olivia Baczek, Brenna O'Keefe, and Shea Berg, set a meet record in 3 minutes, 50.40 seconds, shattering the old record of 3:52.26 set by Cornwall in 2002 by almost two seconds.

Records take a tumble

O'Keefe and Berg, both sophomores, also set individual meet records. O'Keefe won the 100 freestyle in 1:02.17 to surpass a mark from 1996. Berg won two individual events, breaking her own record from last year in the 100 backstroke in 1:03.74, and taking the 200 individual medley in 2:21.06.

Cornwall's Brie Ryan also set a record, finishing the 50 freestyle in 24.44 seconds.

"Everyone from every team, because we're all local, the adrenaline flows for this meet, so I think everyone swims really well at this meet," Roosevelt coach Chris Berg said.

Baczek also brought home an individual gold medal in the 200 yard freestyle, and finished second to Berg in the 100 backstroke. Roosevelt's Corrin Sternberg won 100 breaststroke, edging out Ketcham's Becky Baker, previously undefeated in the event this season, by half a second.

The Presidents, who don't have their own pool and practice 20 minutes away at Marlboro High School, also won the opening 200-yard medley relay with Berg, Sternberg, O'Keefe, and Piggott.

"We're looking very good for states," Chris Berg said. "We're young. We have one senior [Piggott] that's scoring for states, and the rest are juniors and younger, so we're very excited."

Lourdes won one event, but placed in the top five in every race, and had three or more swimmers scoring — in the top 16 — in six of the eight individual races. The Warriors' team of Chloe Farrar, Sarah Kolosky, Melissa Maher, and Elizabeth Reer won the 200 freestyle relay in 1:47.47.

Lourdes won one event, but placed in the top five in every race, and had three or more swimmers scoring — in the top 16 — in six of the eight individual races. The Warriors' team of Chloe Farrar, Sarah Kolosky, Melissa Maher, and Elizabeth Reer won the 200 freestyle relay in 1:47.47.

Seventeen Lourdes times were season-bests, and seven were personal-bests.

"By far they exceeded what I was expecting them to do today," an ecstatic Lourdes coach Bill Brown said. "Two of our top swimmers, Kim Levine and Lizzie Miller, weren't here today, and Kim was the girl we sent to states last year, so we had big numbers from her last year in this meet, and without the two of them, everybody stepped up. I had girls doing things that they've never done before and they swam phenomenal. I have nothing bad to say. They did great."

The Lourdes girls, undefeated in dual meets this year, swam on the boys team until three years ago. But since then, according to Brown, "there isn't a school record that's more than two years old right now. They've broken them all. They're just eliminating them left and right."

Arlington's Brenna Munz rounded out the individual victors, with a personal and freshman school best 5:27.86 in the 500 freestyle, an event in which O'Keefe finished less than a half-second behind.


Poughkeepsie Journal Articles 2005:

Lourdes seizes division championship
Warriors end season perfect with triumph
By Mike Ferraro
For the Poughkeepsie Journal

October 30, 2005

The Our Lady of Lourdes High School girls swimming team capped a perfect season with a memorable day — one which ended by giving its coach an impromptu bath.

Bill Brown was not about to complain. Not after his Warriors won the Division III Championships at Poughkeepsie Middle School on Saturday.

"The girls did great," said Brown, as he dried himself off after being thrown in the pool by his swimmers following the official announcement of the Warriors' championship.

Lourdes hovered near the lead throughout the meet, and captured it for good following the 500-yard freestyle. Bridget Latino, Lizzie Miller and Alison Charlebois finished fourth, fifth and sixth respectively as the Warriors surged past Byram Hills into first place.

Charlebois' performance was particularly important because her finishing time of five minutes, 56.23 seconds was over 11 seconds better than her seeded time.

"Going out on top is the best feeling," said Charlebois, a senior. "I'm so happy to be a part of this team.

Lourdes capped off the afternoon with a victory in the 400-yard freestyle relay, as the team of Olivia Armater, Latino, Kim Levine and Chloe Farrar completed the race in a time of 3:53.02.

Levine added individual second-place finishes for the Warriors in the 200 freestyle and 100 butterfly. Farrar finished third and fifth in the 100 breaststroke and 200 individual medley, respectively.

"We really wanted to go undefeated," said Lourdes senior Amanda Zullo, who placed fifth in the 100 butterfly. "We knew we had a shot. We gave it 100 percent every time."


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