Team Velocity 97: Welcome

(Not pictured #24 Mercedes)


**Team Velocity 97**      

Team Velocity 97 is a 12 & under girls fastpitch softball team and member of the Amateur Softball Association (AZ ASA).  Team Velocity has a history of developing young players into skilled and successful athletes who fully understand the meaning of family and friendship.  We will always be grateful to them for the love they have shown and the integrity and sportsmanship they have demonstrated.  Each player, coach and parent hopes to continue the Team Velocity tradition of competition and class.  

**Team Velocity Mission**

Team Velocity is a softball organization established in 2002 by Eric Tatham that provides young players with a structured, team-centered place to develop their softball and life skills. It is important to us that family values are respected. Healthy competiton at practice is encouraged so that we can maintain excellence in tournament play. We want our organiztion to be a rewarding place to compete for our athletes and their families. 

 **Team Velocity Vision**

By providing a successfull softball organization in Southern Arizona, a number of young women will come to realize their athletic potential. Practice will be rigorous and effective. We will have a practical concern for the health and well being of our softball family. A program that stresses fundamental softball skills alongside a concern for friends and family will lead our players into a team experience they will remember for the rest of their lives.



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Let's give a warm welcome to our newest players:

Hayley, V, Vanessa, Ciera, and Shannen!






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