Thursday, June 30
2017 6'5 Big Guard Jay Feliz 16pts 7rebs (2 nice dunks????) #tuboyz #stayrelevant #trusttheprocess #mtgbasketballsummer2016

TUBOYZ PAST AND PRESENT  @__zayyyy @newyork_mademe thanks for showing your support?????? #tuboyz???? #mtgsummer2016 #iamwyandanch


Thursday, June 9

Thursday, June 9

Wednesday, May 25
The ground will shake in Las Vegas as the second half of the July recruiting season opens for college coaches in Las Vegas. The place to be in Las Vegas is Las Vegas LIVE in July. Bring your team to Las Vegas and compete against the best in the country. We will be playing at all the major high schools throughout the city, making it easy to get around and be seen. Once again, we will be the only event in Las Vegas to schedule your first game according to your arrival time. Yes – that's right – we will ask for your arrival information before finalizing the tournament schedule. In addition, we know many of you coach two teams, and we will work the schedule so there is no conflict between your teams during pool play. We are dedicated to providing excellent customer service, and we will be highly organized, to make this basketball tournament a positive experience for your players, coaches, and parents. Come out and be seen by college coaches and top recruiting services from around the country. The competition awaits at Las Vegas LIVE.
  • Open to Boys’ 9U/3rd grade-17U/11th grade and Girls’ 14U/8th grade-Varsity teams
  • Unsigned seniors are welcome!
  • Live period for Division I men’s coaches (15U-17U boys' divisions)
  • 4-game guarantee
  • Pool play, with all teams advancing to the championship round
  • Normal high school rules with stop clock on dead balls
  • Excellent facilities

Yes – this is truly a Classic. Our management has been producing this tournament for the past 20 years. This is the place to be for all age groups to end the July recruiting and tournament season. Come to Las Vegas to finish the season with a first-class event. In 2015, nearly 950 teams, including most of the top teams in the country, descended on Las Vegas to end their travel season at the Las Vegas Classic. In addition, many played in our Las Vegas LIVE and stayed to play in the Classic too.  We will schedule your first game according to your arrival time and if you coach two teams, we will schedule them so that you can see all their pool play games. Webster's Dictionary equates a "Classic" to "a standard in quality." We plan on living up to that name and will make the Las Vegas Classic the standard of quality that you, your parents, coaches, and team have come to expect.

Tuesday, April 26
TU BOYS WINS THE BIG SHOT SLAM SILVER BRACKET AFTER LOSING 1  GAME?????? #tuboyz #collegboundathletes  #diamondsintheruff #latebloomers

Tuesday, April 26
TU Edwards just lost a great game 82-80 to an unsigned senior team from Maryland. Great play all weekend from all my guys and few were specially highlighted for their great play. 13yrs of Team Underrated and no sponsorship and we still get it done. Thanks for all that tuned into our live broadcast #getyourdataup?? #tuboyz #tuest2003 #results #collegeboundathletes


Tuesday, April 5


Team Underrated/St. John the Baptist unsigned senior showcase was a huge success. The student-athletes were put through a series of strength and conditioning drills along with fast-break and half court drills. The games were very competitive with alot of good defense being played as well as some great offense.  Everyone worked extremely hard in front of the college coaches that were in attendance. The college coaches walked away from the event with many prospects to recruit. I appreciate all the support from my great staff for helping to put on a great event with many more to come.. Big shout to my boy Jerry Powell for getting the boys mentally ready for the day, and Tobias Harris for showing his support of his former teammate and TU....

It was difficult to pick an all-star team, we actually had some juniors picked in the game but we managed to choose 20 senior student-athlete to represent the 1st Team Underrated/St. Johnn the Baptist Top 20:

  • Alexasandar Krsteski- Euoropean Player
  • Dantre Langhorne- Greenport High School
  • Jordan Parks- Campus Magnet High School
  • Paris Parks- Longwood High School
  • Vaja Janeshia-
  • Justin Stanton- Freeport High School
  • Kris Owens- Edison High School
  • Will Fortune- St. John The Baptist
  • Rishawd Hendricks- Mount Zion Christian
  • Danny Thompson- South Shore
  • Andre Danny- Freeport High School
  • Sean Doman-
  • Vincent Jackson- Springfield Gardens High School
  • Phillip Page- Copiague High School
  • Terrell Rose- Port Jefferson High School
  • Cavon Baker- Edison High School
  • Tim Pandolphi- The Stony Brook School
  • Ishmel Pierre- Hempstead High School
  • Chris Cox- Half Hollow Hills West High School


Tuesday, March 22












Monday, March 21

The Middle School Elite One Day Exposure & Ranking Showcase in New York City


MSE Middle School Elite Flyer 2016The Middle School Elite New York City Camp transpired in the Co-op City, Baychester area at Truman high school in the Bronx, New York on Saturday, March 12, 2016. From the commence of check- in (9:00 a.m.) to the event’s conclusion (5:00 p.m.), the MSE NYC Camp was well-organized.  

Hundreds of people filled the gymnasuim including frisky grammar and middle school hoopers who commuted from California, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and throughout New York. 

An astonished Coach Barry who was one of the camp facilitators said, “I’m shocked these many people from outside the city traveled to Truman in the Bronx.”

Guns Down Life Up, a NYC based peace organization had a handful of jubilant staff distribute GDLU brand adjustable hats, colorful tee shirts, slogan wristbands and educational literature to everyone. 

The introduction was led by coach Andre Edwards from Long Island, New York, who anxiously told campers, “If you don’t have good grades, you have to start working now to make yourself available to high school and college coaches looking for good student athletes.”

He then popped an indirect question to them, “Do you know that seventh and eighth graders are recruitable.” 


C/o 2020 MVP Jeremiah Mobley at the MSE NYC Camp

The talented players in class of 2020 and 2021, without interest or offers, realized they had to ramp up their recruitment. And class of 2022, ’23 , ’24 & ’25 athletes understood they, too, would soon be prospects.

MSE witnessed young ballers gradually elevate their game within a six hour time span. Oftentimes, instructors stopped campers during workouts to demonstrate proper execution. “Dig your shoulder into the defender’s chest and explode for the layup,” advised coach Edwards who changed from business attire into a sweatsuit midway through camp.

Another passionate MSE coach even halted a five-on-five game to make campers run suicide-laps after they failed to play favorable team ball. 

Adults comprehended the meaning of the MSE Camp as well. Some parents congratulated the function’s director on his son being voted Freshman of the Year in college, while others focused on equipping their prodigy with knowledge and exposure for significant leverage. 

“I appreciate you guys camp and having my son there to perform..I hope that he played well and he can get some love on you guys page..thanks,” said the father of Kalik Sharpe, who won MVP in the 6th grade division.  


C/o 2020 Tayshawn Anderson at the MSE NYC Camp

With the world’s media watching, we were diligent to not overlook campers who might otherwise be successful later. So we considered each player’s ability and rated based on subsequent potential.  

Here is a breakdown on some of the top performers and MVP’s at the MSE NYC Camp last weekend:


Jeremiah Mobley (NY) is a shifty point guard who kept defenders on skates with his ball wizardry. He hypnotized opponents, and then blew by them with catlike quickness. Mobley finished difficult shots through hard body contact. Despite his diminutive size, he earned MVP in 8th grade.  

Tayshawn Anderson (NY) is a 6-1 point guard who put in major work all day. He was competitive in his match up against a physically smaller Mobley. Anderson repeatedly launched deep treys and whizzed passes to cutting teammates. He played with the heart of a lion. 


C/o 2020 Rashaun Malloy at the MSE NYC Camp

Jadan McNaughton (NY) ran the floor on fast breaks looking for the middle or outlet. He posted for a entry step around or overhead lob pass. Once the pill touched his paws, he drop stepped or hook shot. McNaughton is a developing true center. 

Dajuan Legros (NY) is a wiry, scrappy player who relished tenacious man-to-man defense. He used his long arms to protect passing lanes, to get steals and to recover loose balls. He’s ambitious to compete with and against the best. 

Rashaun Malloy (NY) is a chiseled combo guard who was active on both ends of the court. He can score from anywhere within shooting range on the floor. Malloy is steadily learning the nuances of basketball. 

TJ Scaffidi (NY) is a newcomer who caught our eye late at camp by making tough buckets appear ABC. He outmuscled aggressive players while desperately boxing out to clean glass. 


C/o 2020 Jaden McNaughton at the MSE NYC Camp

Teywan Hailey (NY) was a bully in camp mowing down opponents without fouling. If he dedicates added hours inside the gym and classroom refining his skills, sky is the limit. 


Javier Contreras (NY) is a big-body athlete proficient at reading and dissecting defenses. The MVP made acrobatic put-backs while punishing opponents with pure physicality. Contreras stock increased after breaking a trap with a “bowling ball” bounce. 

Takel Jackson (NY) played rather sluggish historical  first outing, but improved the second and third game. Following several shot attempts, Jackson resorted to a fade away jumper as MJ.


C/o 2020 Teywan Hailey at the MSE NYC Camp

Daniel Simms (CT) showed signs of greatness in front of onlooking scouts. He’s tall, long, athletic and mobile. Simms held the goose neck form on his jumper to illustrate perfect technique. 

Joseph Harrison (NY) constantly spun in the lane finishing with a bank-shot or underhand layup. He ball faked to create space, and broke a double team when he dribbled through his legs and behind back. 

Keith Fraser (NJ) swished threes after his quick double jab step. He finished off-balance lay ups,  and scored with floaters over bigs closing out. Moreover, he went straight at defenses instead of dodging.

Travian Montanez (CT) is an unselfish point guard who distributed to open teammates. Moving without the ball, he screened away and set picks. When handling the ball, Montanez kept his dribble low with his weak-side forearm shielding or protecting it.


Kalik Sharpe (NY) grabbed MVP because he translated workstation skills into organized games. He pound dribbled the ball for good reaction time to either shoot, pass or go. He didn’t shy away from body contact either. Sharpe will be a player to watch now and forever. 


C/o 2022, MVP Kilik Sharpe at the MSE NYC Camp

Justin Ferman (NY) landed a quick first step on his guardsman with a half-spin hesitation. He incorporated a stop-and-go dribble which had defenders staggering. He competed with plenty swag and mojo. 

Will Groot (NY) was peerless at the MSE NYC Camp. He overwhelmed lessor opponents with height and strength. Groot can be a future phenom in the making.

Mycah Lambert (CA) has a good feel for the game as though he was a coaches son. Has a quick in-and-out dribble for continued motion. Lambert’s knee aggrivated him earlier in camp, but he mentally sustained the pain to foster a warrior reputation.


C/o 2022 Justin Ferman at the MSE NYC Camp

Ryan Bisano (NY) found the open man in transition and half-court set. The ambidextrous athlete made left and right hand finger roll layups. His stop & pop at both elbows was fundamentally sound. 

Cameron DePetris (NY) is somewhat flashy, but gets the job done. He played the game Monkey In The Middle to catch flying balls over his head. DePetris fired shots subsequent to luring defenders asleep. 

Efrain Davila (NY) left the defense behind him as he penetrated territory. His scoring prowess is a one-bounce-pull-up. On secondary breaks, Davila used smarts and skill to beat the play.


Isaiah Bown (NJ) was ultimately picked for MVP in the 5th grade group. He’s a deceptive playmaker who released jumpers after opponents thought he was going to pass the ball. He dazzled the crowd with an overall good game.  Expect Brown to ring bells in the near future.

Lamiek Cullum (NY) battled amongst trees down-low where he finished strong at the hoop. He used his whole body to finish shots. He also has a high IQ. 


MVP Isaiah Brown at the MSE NYC Camp

AJ Miles (MA) is an impact athlete who left his blood, sweat and tears on the hardwood. He made the extra passed in order to get teammates involved, though able to find his shot. Miles crossed over defenders into hard screens for him to exploit the gaps in zones.

Michael Anderson (2024/NY) earned MVP honors in the stacked 4th grade unit. He got ten-dollar bill for honors, whereas fellow award recipients were given a trophy. Anderson violently snatched the basketball out the hands of dribblers, and verbally communicated on defense. He was equally attractive on offense. 

TeShawn Bumpers (2024/NY) was good at two-ball cone drills. He used his index finger to direct teammates in congested traffic. He either had defenders ride his hip or on their heels when choosing to score the ball. 

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Thursday, February 11
MIDDLE SCHOOL ELITE hosts youth basketball camp across America, where we discover some of the elite talent for our camp recap and camp rankings. Also, the top performers at the MSE Camps are considered for the MSE national players rankings in their grade. Lastly, MSE camps boast competitive five-on-five games and challenging drill stations.
Bronx, NY

*Date: March 12, 2016 (Saturday)

Location: Harry S. Truman High School 750 Baychester Ave, Bronx, NY 10475

Grades: 3rd (2025), 4th (2024), 5th (2023), 6th (2022), 7th (2021), 8th (2020)

Cost: $99 (Includes MSE T-shirt, free lunch/water and MSE award)

Host Hotel: 160 Corporate Blvd, Yonkers, NY 10701 Tel. 914-377-1144 Discount code: MSE NYC Camp

To make a payment, click on Buy Now at the top of this page or Mail and make check payable to: Middle School Elite P.O Box 12443 Durham, NC 27709.


9;00am-10:30am Check in @ the Gym/Registration

10:30 – 11am Motivation

11am-12pm Intense Drill Stations

Noon-12:30pm Lunch served to campers

12:30pm-1pm Shoot Around

1pm-2pm Drill Stations

2pm-5pm 5-on-5 Showcase Games

Contact Info: 1 973-440-5555 or e-mail

Thursday, October 1

Thursday, October 1



Boot Camp is a high intensity workout where the athlete is put through skills and drills of basketball fundamentals.  These basketball fundamentals include shooting, defense, footwork, speed & agility, player's conditioning, to name a few.  The talented staff of coaches will teach and reinforce a wide range of skill development and in-depth analysis of each athlete's basketball IQ through a "classroom" style session of off-court activities to benefit on-court game skills.

Boot Camp is not for the faint of heart.












October 3, October 17, October 24, October 31, November 7





McGann-Mercy High School





4:30 - 6pm












Spots are limited so register quickly!

Tuesday, September 29
Fall League action is kicking in around the region, we made our first stops at Tru Ballaz Pre High School Classic 2015 action being held at the Gauchos Gym in the Bronx. Here's what we saw:


Saturday 9/27

Location: Frederick Douglass Academy III, Bronx
Iona Prep vs Evander Childs
Our Savior Lutheran vs DeWitt Clinton
Spellman vs Lab Museum

Precious Achiuwa class 2019 6'5 forward Our Savior Lutheran HS - Bronx (Coach Adam Maldonado) - Can step up and shot 3pt shots. Good offensive mindset. Good wingspan. Needs to develop strength over his high school career.

Ricky Hicks class 2016 5'11 point guard Our Savior Lutheran HS  - Good ball handle. Decent passer. Needs to look more for his shot.

Seydou Magassouba class 2016 6'0 guard Dewitt Clinton HS - Bronx (Coach Chris Ballerini) - Good energy and roll player. Slasher type of player. Will play defend. Good team player.

Demetrius Bell class 2016 5'11 guard Dewitt Clinton HS - Can score the ball on the dribble and in transition. Average defender. Streaky outside shooter.

Jordan Cintron class 2016 6'6 forward Dewitt Clinton HS (Coach Chris Ballerini) - Good player. Can shoot and be effective with his passes. Needs to be stronger with his dribble and being a consistent rebounder.

Jeremy Heron class 2016 6'2 guard Evander Childs HS - Bronx (Coach Dave Fonfa) - 3pt shooting ability. Moves well without the ball. Can be good in transition.

Shamar Anderson class 2017 5'9 point guard Evander Childs HS  - Quick player with the ball. Can penetrate. Needs to make quicker decisions. Can be turnover prone.


Thursday  9/25

Location: Frederick Douglass Academy III, Bronx

TMA vs Eagle Academy
Saunders vs Lab Museum
FDA III vs Wheels
Deer Park vs Truman

Marquis Dubose class 2017 6'1 point guard Eagle Academy-Bronx (Coach Ryan Queen) - Solid player. Aggressive with his play.  Sees the floor well. More than capable of making good passes. Good handle. Good shooter.

Teshaun Beckles class 2016 6'2 swing Eagle Academy Plays hard. - Can shoot the ball. Has the potential to take over the game when he is focused. Can score.

Malcolm Martinez class 2016 6'1 guard Eagle Academy - Can hit open shots. Average with ball handle. Needs to become aggressive

Curtis Gordon 2018 6'0 guard Truman HS-Bronx (Coach Ricardo Furriel) - Has some point guard potential. Strong body allows him to be strong with his dribble. Good court vision. Needs to become consistent with his play and scoring against top level competition.

Kevin Dennis class 2016 6'3 swing Truman HS - Very strong left handed player. A guard who is playing way out position at the center and forward. Good rebounder. Can finish thru contact. Needs to develop more with his right hand and develop more perimeter skills for next level play.

Darrien Jenkins class 2017 6'1 point guard Deer Park HS (Coach John McCaffrey) - Very good with his dribble. Quick and creative moves with his dribble. Good first step. Needs to become patient with the offense and consistently make better passes.

Andre Edwards II class 2016 guard Deer Park HS - Good basketball IQ. Knows how to think the game. Knows how to find the right spots on the floor for his shot and to make passes. Can be a good shooter with more shot attempts

Sunday, September 20

NORTHPORT, NY - With the sudden cancellation of the Beacon 158 Tournament, Sunday at the NorthSport Varsity Fall League marked the unofficial start of the high school basketball season. The league features teams from Long Island.

M. Wingate

Darien Jenkins was on hand to catch one of the more interesting match-ups between the Deer Park Falcons and St. John the Baptist Cougars. It would take a triple overtime thriller to help decide which team had the least amount of work to do.

"If we went to a fourth overtime we were going to play, rock, paper scissors," said Deer Park Head Coach John McCaffrey with a smile. Fortunately that extreme measure would not be necessary as 6'0" junior guard Darien Jenkins nailed critical perimeter shots to seal the victory, 69-67 triple overtime win.

St. John the Baptist led early on as the tandem of seniors Brendan McGovern and big man Nick DeMeo along with 6'1" up n' coming junior guard Kyle LoCastro proved to be effective.

With dominance on the boards by 6'3" senior Princeton Louis, the Falcons closed the gap to three points as Jenkins began to heat-up offensively. The Cougars began to counter and held on to a 32-28 halftime advantage.

With the help of junior guard Keanu Brewster, St. John's the Baptist bounced back and extended its lead back to 13 points with 9:44 left to play. Jenkins, who was Deer Park's primary offensive juggernaut, began to push the pace. A trey by the junior soon cut SJB's lead to a mere two points as the Cougars began seemed to be back-peddling.

St. John's the Baptist began to show chinks in its armor, especially from the foul line and with a bit too much one-on-one play. With Deer Park charging, McGovern missed a critical free-throw. That and a defensive lapse allowed Jenkins to go coast-to-coast and take the game into its first overtime tied at 57.

Deer Park surged ahead but the Cougars would come from behind to send the game into its second overtime, deadlocked at 61. This time, Deer Park seemed to falter initially when they missed an opportunity to score after grabbing four offensive rebounds in a row.

St. John the Baptist would pull out in front as McGovern scored on a slashing drive to the hole. Trailing by three, it appeared to be the end for Deer Park but a NBA range three-ball by Jenkins sent the contest into a third overtime all even at 65 apiece.

In an ironic twist, it would be the son and namesake of the former St. John the Baptist head coach that would put the final nail into the Cougar's coffin. Andre Edwards, Jr., a senior transfer from the Catholic school, would hit a clutch perimeter shot to give Deer Park the win, avoiding a fourth overtime.

"We were fortunate, missing three starters," McCaffrey said after the game.

Jenkins paced Deer Park with a game high 26 points. McGovern was high man for St. John the Baptist with 22 points.

Wednesday, September 9


































Friday, May 16

Long Island Big Man Makes The Call
Mike Libert Staff Writer

Talk about it in the nychoops Message Boards

6'9" Kyle Williams (St. John the Baptist '14) has been one of the best big men on Long Island over the past 4 years. 

M. Wingate

Kyle Williams
His development on the court has been impressive, and off of this past season where he averaged 15 points, 11 rebounds, and 4 blocks a game, he had multiple college options, but during a visit on Wednesday night, Williams decided he knew where he wanted to be and made his commitment.

While Williams had an offer on the table from Delaware State, and strong interest from Southern University, he went down to visit Grambling State this week and loved what he saw and decided that playing for the Tigers was what he wanted to do.

There were many reasons in Williams' eyes why he felt Grambling State was the place for him, but a main factor was the coaching staff, whom he immediately fell in love with.

"The experienced coaching staff," Williams stated. "Coach Joseph Price, the head coach, played over 10 years overseas, and coached many other places before he came to Grambling, and coach Ray Martin, one of the assistants, helped put 10 players in the NBA as an assistant at other places, and that meant a lot."

Another big factor was the fact that the staff believed enough in Williams to feel as if he can come in right away and make a big difference.

"They said I could come in and make an impact and get a lot of playing time as a freshman," Williams explained. "Coach Price says I'm the final piece."

Williams expressed a great happiness over his decision, but he also knows there is one man who has helped him get to where he is today.

"Coach Andre Edwards, my coach at St. John the Baptist and with Team Underrated, what can I say about him," Williams said. "I won my first championship with him, and we've had a great player/coach chemistry ever since. He has put a lot of time into helping me improve my game, and he is a big part of why I am here today."

And while Williams says he is excited to get started down in Louisiana next year, he is even more excited to change the culture of the Tigers basketball program.

"What I'm expecting, and what the coaching staff is expecting as well, is to turn the program around, and that's what I'm believing we will do."

- See more at:

Tuesday, October 29

Devonte Green wouldn't mind playing in the NBA someday, just like his older brother Danny.

"But," he said defiantly, "I want to create my own path. I don't want to just be Danny Green's little brother."

For now, Devonte's path is a meandering one. The 6-2 combo guard played varsity basketball at North Babylon as a seventh and eighth-grader, transferred to St. Mary's in Manhasset, where he starred last season as a freshman, and earlier this month, transferred again, this time to independent powerhouse Long Island Lutheran.

Myriad places, myriad skills.

At Sunday's Metro Classic, Green, a sophomore, scored 23 points to help the Long Island team rally for a thrilling 119-118 victory over New York City in a game played at one of the city's most hallowed high school gymnasiums, Archbishop Molloy in Queens.

"It definitely got intense out there. Bragging rights are at stake," said Green. "It was fun and it was very competitive. You're playing against the best kids in New York."

Green mimicked his brother's style in the first half, sinking three from downtown. But in the fourth quarter, when Long Island rallied from a 94-81 deficit with 8:21 left with a 20-2 spurt that produced a 101-96 lead with 4:44 to play, Green drove to the hoop and played ball-hawking defense. "I don't really emulate Danny's game that much," Green said. "He's more of a spot-up shooter. I'm more of an attack guard."

Danny's spot-up shooting was spot-on through the first five games of last spring's NBA Finals when he set the league record for three-pointers in a Finals as his San Antonio Spurs took a 3-2 lead against the Miami Heat. Then Danny, who starred in high school at St. Mary's and college at North Carolina, went cold in the last two games, shooting just 2-for-19. Still, he finished with a record 27 treys, but the Spurs lost the Heat in seven games.

One particularly interested spectator in Miami for Games 6 and 7 was Devonte Green. And even though he saw his brother have poor shooting games and is determined to carve out his own basketball niche, the kid's eyes went wide as did his smile when he said, "I was really proud of Danny."

Danny would return the favor if he could see Devonte's ever-improving game. He has added three-point range to go along with his quick hands on defense, and his drive-and-dish skills on offense. It was Green's steal and lefty layup that gave Long Island a 97-96 lead with 5:07 left. He scored 10 fourth-quarter points.

But Devonte acknowledged his brother would be all over him for shooting just 6-for-13 from the foul-line. (Danny is a career 81 percent free-throw shooter.)

"I jammed my thumb playing ball earlier in the week and it bothered me a little. I'm usually a good free-throw shooter," Devonte said.

Green had help in Long Island's comeback victory in the annual "Boros vs. Burbs" all-star game. Aaren Edmead of Deer Park scored 11 of his 13 points in the fourth quarter. Mike Nzei, a 6-7 forward from Our Savior New American, earned MVP honors with 19 points. The NYC team was led by Seton Hall-bound Isaiah Whitehead of Lincoln who scored 21 points and C.J. Davis of Molloy who added 18.

"The first three quarters was all about offense. The fourth quarter was about locking up your man," said Edmead, one of Long Island's top returning seniors who accurately summed up the plot of most all-star games.

It's Showtime for both teams - with fancy, low-percentage passes and acrobatic shots designed to please the crowd - until it turns into Crunch Time in the fourth quarter. Then both coaches forget the rotations and playing-time promises and go with the hot hands.

That put Green, a starter, and Edmead, a sub, together in the backcourt for most of the rally. "In the beginning of the game, guys were cruising," Edmead said. "Then in the fourth it got to be a competitive game. I had to be the point guard who got us the ball, got to the lane and created."

Edmead nailed two three-pointers early in the fourth and, when the City squad twice surged to within two in the final minute, sank 4-of-4 free throws.

"I knew what we had in Devonte and Aaren because I coached them both in summer ball," said Long Island head coach Andre Edwards of St. John the Baptist. "When it's the fourth quarter, it's time to go."

So Edwards went with his go-to guys.


Wednesday, October 2
  Team City Record Pvs. Next Game Prev Game
1 Lutheran Glen Head 0 - 0 1 vs vs
  • Key Players: Chris Atkinson, Marvin Prochet, Robin Missa
  • 2 St. Mary's Manhasset 0 - 0 9 vs vs
  • Key Players: Devonte Green, Jessie Govan & Patrick Jackson
  • 3 Amityville Mem Amityville 0 - 0 2 vs vs
  • Key Players: Travis Dickerson, Mike Smith, Mike Alston
  • 4 Deer Park Deer Park 0 - 0 7 vs vs
  • Key Players: Aaren Edmead, Karon Blackwell, Kawahn Nipper
  • 5 Brentwood Brentwood 0 - 0 NR @ @
      Key Players: Olufemi Olujobi, Mike Almonacy, Jamel Allen
    6 St John the Baptist West Islip 0 - 0 7 @ @
  • Key Players: Kyle Williams , Tavon Ginyard, Bryan Sinclair
  • 7 Uniondale Uniondale 0 - 0 8 @ @
      Key Players: Imran Ritchie, Alan McDonald, Nick Danns
    8 Half Hollow Hills West Dix Hills 0 - 0 9 @ @
  • Key Players: Terry Harris, Ross Greenfield, Jon Faraci
  • 9 St. Anthony's Melville 0 - 0 8 @ @
      Key Players: Trey Kinard, C.J. Bachmann
    10 Lawrence Senior Cedarhurst 0 - 0 NR @ @
      Key Players: Dwayne Daniel, Hamed Shamseldin, Jymeek Jenkins

    On The Bubble: Valley Stream Central, Baldwin, Holy Trinity, Central Islip, Elmont

    Wednesday, October 2

    With the season nearly upon us, and us having had a chance to see and evaluate the teams, here is our Preseason Top 10 Long Island teams for the 2013-2014 season.

    1- Long Island Lutheran- The Crusaders head into this season having lost big man Kentan Facey, who is now off at UConn, but they still looks to be the team to beat on the Island. Chris Atkinson is back to lead the way as the junior point guard, who is getting mid major D1 looks, seems to be poised for a breakout season. Marvin Prochet, a junior wing who transferred in from Boys and Girls in Brooklyn, seems to be a great fit as an inside/outside weapon, and don't forget Tim Quahsie and Elijah Bailey who are excellent defenders on the perimeter, and are good shot makers when needed. Robin Missa is another transfer in, from Montverde Academy in Florida, and the 6'8" big man should be an imposing presence in the paint for LuHi as they look once again get to another Federation championship game.

    2- St. Mary's-- The Gaels have quite a bit of talent this year, and look to be the favorites in the NSCHSAA. Jessie Govan had a fantastic summer with the NY Lightning on the Nike EYBL circuit, and he looks to dominate this year. Devonte Green, who last season was asked to basically learn to play the point guard spot on the fly, has a year of play under his belt, and he looks to take the next step and become a true leader of the squad. Stephen Milhaven is a rugged and tough undersized 4 man who can do lots of little things to hurt a team, and don't forget about the duo of Patrick Jackson and Javin Barton. They can both light it up from the perimeter. St. Mary's also brings in a pair of freshmen in Chris Coalman and Nick Watkins who certainly could have an impact this year as well.

    3- Amityville-- The Warriors had a fantastic season last year taking the Long Island "A" crown, can't they return a good amount of that squad as they look to repeat. Travis Dickerson is a really athletic 6'5" wing who can play the inside some, and may be asked to this season. He is extremely bouncy, and a great finisher slashing to the rim. They have a great air of guards as well in Mike Smith, who as the 2 this season should be one to watch with his perimeter skills as he looks to be one of the more advanced shooters on LI, and Mike Alston looks fully recovered from an injury a couple years ago that had slowed him down. Amityville, who has always been a program on Long Island to watch, look to be back amongst the best this season.

    4- Deer Park-- You cannot deny that Deer Park does lose a lot from last season, but they do return a good amount as well, and new players who didn't get a ton of time last year look poised to break out with big seasons. When you do mentions the Falcons you have to start out with the floor general Aaren Edmead, whose game has taken a major step forward as now is considered one of the top talents not just on Long Island, but in the state. With Edmead leading the way, things are already in the right direction. Karon Blackwell is a perfect compliment at the two spot as he can knock down shots, and be someone who can keep the heat off of Edmead as his skills off the dribble are very good as well. Two pieces inside who are looking to fill the roles in the paint at Kawahn Nipper and Angelo Riley. Nipper is a work horse who could be a double digit a game rebounder this year, and Riley is long and athletic and should help Deer Park this year try and win the elusive Suffolk "AA" title.

    5- Brentwood-- Brentwood's season is very much dependent on the health of 6'6" forward Olufemi Olujobi. If the one they call "Femi" is healthy, a challenge for the Suffolk "AA" title is not out of the question, but if the knee, which he injured in April, is not 100%, then it could be a tough year for the Indians. They do have a pair of very talented sophomores who look to be future stars in point guard Mike Almonacy and forward Jamel Allen. Almonacy is a slick and shifty lead guard whose shooting is lights out when given space, and Allen is a lanky 6'5" player with a lot of upside. If they are all on the court together, Brentwood will be up near the top all season long.

    6- St. John the Baptist-- SJB is another team who has an injury question right now. Big 6'9" Kyle Williams hasn't played since July with a back injury, and his health will really dictate just exactly how far the Cougars can go this year. He is a big, strong, and physical player in the paint, who has expanded his game, and can be one of the more dominant bigs in the area. Tavon Ginyard is going to run the show from the point guard spot, and his quickness is going to cause problems for opponents all year. If St. John the Baptist can get added offense from others, and not be overly dependent on those two, they can open some eyes on Long Island for sure.

    7- Uniondale-- For a team who lost 11 seniors to graduation after last season, don't expect the Knights to go away. They are a team that always manages to reload, and this year is no different. They do return some key cogs that should help them remain at the top of the Nassau "AA" as well. Imran Ritchie is a dynamic 5'11" point guard who does a little bit of everything, including rebound, and fight for every loose ball. He is a coach's dream and a very important part of the team this season. Alan McDonald will do the brunt of the work inside. An undersized power forward, he will not back down based off of his play last season, and shooter Nick Danns will keep defenses honest on the outside. A solid team that will be there come seasons end.

    8- Half Hollow Hills West-- The Colts lose 3 of their top 4 leading scorers, but do return their leader, 6'5" wing Terry Harris, who looks to take another step forward in his game and lead his squad to a Suffolk "AA" title. He loses most of his supporting cast, but that just means others have to step up. One who looks to rise up is 6'4" guard Ross Greenfield who had spurts of good play on the perimeter, and another is 6'6" big man Jon Faraci, who will need to be an impact rebounder and finisher on the inside if HHHW wants to compete with the best on Long Island.

    9- St. Anthony's- With the departures of Nigel Carter and Leland Williams, the Friars took a shot, but they still have a nice group coming back led by point guard Trey Kinard, who will need to step up his game and become a well rounded player, distributing like he always has, and picking up his scoring looks, which he looks capable of doing based off a solid summer. C.J. Bachmann is a 6'8" big man who was a bit player on the team last year, but who has looked great and much improved this summer, and will be called upon as a skilled and versatile player who can dominate the paint with his length. It may be a bit trying early on to overcome the losses, but the Friars certainly have enough to compete in the NSCHSAA this season.

    10 - Lawrence- The Golden Tornadoes lose a couple of big pieces from last year's very solid team, but they return Iona bound point guard Dwayne Daniel, who looks to be one of the best players on the Island. His shiftiness and ability to stop and pop on a dime is impressive, and he sees the floor extremely well and always seems to make the right pass, finding teammates on just the right spots. He should have very good shooters alongside him this season with Hamed Shamseldin and Jymeek Jenkins being guards who can really stroke it from the outside. They don't have much size, but what they lack in size they make up for on toughness. They will scrap and fight for every rebound and loose ball, and with their perimeter threats, you will never be able to count them out of a game.


    Bubble Teams:
    Valley Stream Central
    Holy Trinity
    Central Islip

    The Top Ten Pre-Season Rankings was compiled by polling some of our writers as well as trusted professionals in high school basketball and then by putting teams in the order of how they averaged out. The rankings will remain stagnant until the regular seasons begin. They will then be adjusted weekly depending on wins and loss and against whom.



    Wednesday, October 2

    view full size
    Wednesday, October 2

    Wednesday, October 2

    Wednesday, October 2

    Monday, September 2
    SJB CAMP 2013


    TU 17U SQUAD
    Monday, September 2


    14U BLACK 2013 YBE.jpg
    Sunday, August 18


    Sunday, August 18
    SJB CAMP 2013 II


    SPRING IS8 2013
    Tuesday, April 23

    TU 16U CHAMPS 2013

    Sunday, March 24

    2013 USSS COLAGE
    3rd Annual Unsigned Senior Showcase was a huge success today. Special thanks to my TU Family for their always hardwork, dedication, and commitment to my Program. Thanks to my boy Jerry Powell for coming in and dropping some jewels on the youngin and Jason Fraser for sharing a moment in his playing career. Big up to my Harlem fam Tim Timothy Simon for MC the event and giving the event life. I appreciate all the coaches that came out to watch some very good talent from all over North East and hope that they walked away knowing and showing interest in a player they never seen. Thanks to all the participants for coming out and working extremely hard. The games were very competitive and we saw alot of bodies all over the place :) Thanks to my ref crew for a job well done. Lastly, thanks to SJB Administration for allowing me the opportunity to put on an event in this magnitude and I appreciate the support. 4th Annual 2014 will be epic stay tuned. A short movie will be made from all of the action that was shot today and will be ready soon.
    I didn't want to make too much fan-fare about returning to coach AAU this spring. But after spending Saturday getting an opportunity to do what I love most about coaching, helping young men change their lives. I had to share that after careful consideration I will be coach for Team Underrated under the direction of Andre Underrated Applewhite-Edwards. This week in conjunction with SJB HS the program held a showcase for unsigned Seniors. And as I expected it was a highly organized and Professionally run event the coaches and parents who assit in the running of the organization are dedicated and committed to 1st priority of geeting these young men an opportunity to play a sport they've loved from a very yound age and most important to change a youngs life by emphasing the importance of an education. I met some young men who all the need is an opportunity. Being someone who came from an environment where success was not always an option, I fully understand the position of needing an opportunity and getting it and making the best of it. At 50 I'm still doing the same, going to graduate school is an opportunity, to be an example to all the young men whose path I crosss. To let them see that no matter what age education is the tool that opens all the doors to your future. Also if the see me making sacrafices to manage my schedule which includes work, family and coaching them and still making time to study and maintaing a 3.70 GPA; they'll understand they can do it too. Wishing all those young from this weekend and success in their future endeavors.

    In Love and Basketballl

    Coach Fisher
    Shout out to my man Andre Applewhite-Edwards AKA State Property LOL for letting me host his event for the KIDS much love my BROTHER JOB well done SIR (my Mic sound nice check ONE)!!
    Ref grind over. Had a great time at SJB/TU "Unsigned Sr. Showcase" Thanks Andre Applewhite-Edwards for having me out there. Will be there when u need me!!!
    Thanks Dre for everything u do for the kids. People talk the talk you walk it. Keep up the good work. May GOD bless u in all things.


    Tuesday, March 12

    TU 2013 PRACTICE
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    Sunday, February 24

    Long Island basketball players tend to get a bit overshadowed by their NYC neighbors, but the amount of talent coming out of Nassau and Suffolk is quite impressive. You can make a case that the talent level on the Island has never been higher.

    J. Mumford
    Jessie Govan
    A lot of players put up big numbers, but numbers don't necessarily mean stardom. Sometimes you need to look past numbers and project a player to determine just how good they will be. With that here is a list of Top 12 prospects on Long Island. NY State Basketball Federation Players we believe that when they enter college, will make a big time impact.

    1) Jessie Govan, 6'9" Sophomore, C (St. Mary's)- When you think of prospects, and not just Long Island prospects, one of the first names you think of is Govan. His body is big and strong, developed well beyond his age at this point. He is an excellent post up player who has an array of post moves in his arsenal. He can finish at the rim seemingly so easily and is a fantastic post defender limited all of the Long Island big men he faced to below average numbers this season. If you are going to find a flaw in his game right now it's that you sometimes wish he would be more physical offensively and dominate with his strength, but at his age that will come. He runs the floor well and projects to be an elite college big man a few years down the line.

    2) Devonte Green, 6'2" Freshman, PG/SG (St. Mary's)- Another Gaels player at number 2, Green has all the physical gifts and tools to be an elite college player down the road. The youngest brother of San Antonio Spurs swingman Danny Green, this Green got acclimated to the PG spot this year, building on an already solid foundation to his game. His mindset isn't that of a PG at this point in time, but he does show flashes of being a player with excellent court vision who can thread the needle in the paint. He has as deep of range as any player you will find and does a great job on penetration into the lane and finishing at the rim. Will need to temper his aggression and understand that creating for others is goal #1 if he truly does want to shift to the PG spot in college, but if not, he will be an elite SG with excellent range.

    M. Wingate
    Kentan Facey

    3) Kentan Facey, 6'9" Senior, C (Long Island Lutheran)- The UConn commit is a major reason why the Crusaders are considered by many to be the best team in the state. He is the best interior defender on the Island, proving tone a true shotblocking master who can block a shot from all angles because of his wingspan and his ability to set himself in good positions and not jump on the initial move. His offensive skills are probably not where you would want them at this point, but you have to remember he hasn't been playing basketball that long, and is still learning and improving. Has gotten better posting up and has gotten stronger and isn't as easily pushed off the block as he used to be. His hands are soft, and he has become much more consistent around the rim. Huge upside and should only get better.

    4) Mike Almonacy, 6'1" Freshman, PG (Brentwood)- Only a freshman, but he has all the tools to be a superstar PG. He has the height that you want in a lead guard, plus he has the instincts that all PG's are seemingly born with. He showed to be an incredibly skilled passer on the floor, creating off the dribble and making things happen for teammates, proving to have a basketball mind beyond his years. His long range shot has improved drastically and he is now a weapon from behind the arc causing defenders to step out and play on him, but when you do that he has the speed to put the ball on the floor and blow by with one dribble. Very athletic and one of the top young PG's around.

    5) Chris Atkinson, 6'0" Sophomore, PG (Long Island Lutheran)- A spot below Almonacy strictly because Atkinson hasn't shown the consistent ability to finish going towards the rim the way Almonacy has. Almonacy also has a slightly bigger body frame, but that's nitpicking. Atkinson is a heady pass first guard who sees the floor well, can get up and down the court well and reads situations on the court like a mature senior. His post entry passes were spot on, hitting Facey in the right spot on almost every pass I saw to the post. Has gotten better from long range, and also showed a very good pull up jumper in transition causing defenses to be aware of him at all times with the ball in his hands.

    M. Libert
    Luke Petrasek

    6) Luke Petrasek, 6'9" Senior, PF/SF (Northport)- Petrasek, one of only 3 seniors on the list was not really a household name before this season, but after a strong is8 performance, his name was on people's radars, and after a tremendous season for Northport, he is a well known and desired commodity. He will probably be a face up 4 in college because of his lack of strength at the moment, but he plays that role well. He can spot up and nail the long range shot, he puts the ball on the floor and controls his dribble like a swingman, and even though he doesn't have the desired strength yet, he can finish inside when needed. Defensively his reach and long arms make him a ferocious shot blocker, and his intimidation in the paint defensive is obvious. A few D1 offers have now come, and some lucky school will be getting a very nice player with a very high upside .

    7) Terry Harris, 6'5" Junior, SF (Half Hollow Hills West)- Another brother of an NBA player, Harris' brother is Tobias Harris of the Orlando Magic, and Terry's body type is similar to that of Tobias' just a few inches smaller. He has good range and is a deadly set shot shooter. If you let him get free off of screens, he will perch himself in the right spot and nail the long jumper. He has improved on his footwork and has gotten quicker getting up and down the court than he was in the past. He is also a very good rebounder, using his good size and strength in the paint to be a tough presence inside, especially on the defensive end. He has added a nice runner floater and seems to be confident putting the ball on the floor and creating for others as all. His shot, and his ability to stretch defenses make him an intriguing and unique prospect.

    M. Libert
    Femi Olujobi

    8) Femi Olujobi, 6'5" Junior, SF/PF (Brentwood)- Tough to truly judge how good Olujobi can be on the next level because he plays out of position so often with Brentwood at the 4 spot. He is strong enough on the inside to play extremely well, and he has great footwork and gets himself into great scoring positions in the paint because of that, but he projects more as a 3 on the college level. He slides out and does show wing abilities in being able to shoot from deep and fight threw screens to get around defenders on the perimeter, plus he has good ball control and doesn't shy away from facing up and putting the ball on the floor and getting to the rim showing a nice quick burst. It will be important this summer to show he can full handle quick 3's defensively, but he had the upside and potential to be a D1 player.

    9) Tavon Ginyard, 5'9" Sophomore, PG (St. John the Baptist)- To be a smaller PG you have to do things really good to make up for it, and while Ginyard has great touch from range, uses both hands extremely well, and pushes the tempo well, his elite speed is what separates himself from the pack. He has maybe the quickest first step of anyone on the Island. He is so shifty that staying in front of him is a very difficult thing to do. He has turned his size into his advantage defensively always getting very low and using his quickness to be able to play higher up knowing he has great makeup speed. Sometimes can get over aggressive offensively but he is young and that can be tempered, but his quick release, his high athleticism, and instinctive playmaking make him an intriguing recruit. Size should not hold him back.

    10) Dana King, 5'8" Freshman, PG (Valley Stream South)- Another smaller PG, but as a freshman this year King served notice letting everyone in his path know that he is the real deal. He played varsity as an 8th grader and averaged almost 15 points a game then, but now he is more complete and not just seemingly looking to push the pace and score in transition. He has developed his perimeter game more, looking more confident in his ability to get off good shots off the dribble, and he is playmaking for teammates more now, seeing the floor as a floor leader and really becoming a true distributor. As he matures and keeps improving, expect him to be an elite level scorer with good quickness and an ability to take anyone off the dribble at any time.

    M. Libert
    Kyle Williams

    11) Kyle Williams, 6'9" Junior, C (St. John the Baptist)- An interesting case of will he develop a more sound offensive game or not. If he does get more comfortable I the midrange game and proves he can step out and consistently hit the 8 footer then watch out. His hands have improved from where they were even a year ago at this time, but his offensive game is still raw and he needs to use his size to dominate the offensive glass more. Defensively he is a beast right up there with Facey as the best. He is in great positions and is a fantastic shotblocker and controls the defensive glass as good as anyone you will find. Doesn't run the floor extremely well, but better footwork has gotten him better going up and down. If he develops a more sound offensive skills set though, with that defensive game he has, he can be special.

    12) Frederick Millar, 6'2" Senior, SG (Copiague)- Last spot in the 12 for a sleeper prospect. Millar is a transfer from a H.S. in Florida who quickly made an impression in Suffolk County for his ability to get off his shot as quick as anyone around. He scored in bunches and was one of the more prolific and athletic scoring guards on the Island. He played against some of LI's best teams and held his own scoring 20+ in them all and doing so with great range, and a good handle enabling him to get to the rim where he was never afraid of contact, finishing inside with regularity. His only flaw may be his size for the 2, but he showed good enough handle to be able to slide over and play the point at spots, and the fact that he just wasn't seen much. He has the athletic ability and pure shot needed to be an impact player immediately on the D2 level, but can also be someone with a year of Prep school who could make a strong name for himself among D1 coaches.

    Thursday, January 31

    It was raining threes in Cougarland Tuesday night as St. John the Baptist defeated the St. Mary’s Gaels 90-65 for its fourth consecutive win.

    The Cougars were on fire, controlling both sides of the floor tonight making it tough for the Gaels to maintain their unbeatable record this season.

    SJB’s Vincent Abbondola only added fuel to the fire knocking down seven out of 11 three’s, five of which he hit in the first half, and put a total of 25 points on the board.

    The Cougars, who were down 15 points to St. Anthony’s the other night, exploded on the court offensively this evening and Abbandola says it’s all about moving without the ball on offense.

    “Sometimes we hold the ball for too long and then we get turnovers,” the senior said.

    Starting freshman for the Gaels, Devonte Green, who scored 16 points tonight and had eight rebounds, knew he was up against a tough team when he saw how aggressive the Cougars came out on offense.

    “We have to get out on the shooter [on defense] because we know they can shoot from outside,” Green said at halftime.

    Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough.

    The Gaels, who were only down by five at halftime, just couldn’t keep up with the red and white in the second half.

    SJB senior C.J. Joyner came out with a three-pointer in the beginning of the third quarter putting the Cougars ahead by 10, making the score 47-37. Joyner scored 16 points and had four rebounds.

    With 3:45 to go in the third quarter Kyle Williams put two up for the Cougars but St. Mary’s came back with vengeance taking it to the hole and scoring just moments after.

    Leading scorer for the Gaels tonight was 6-9 sophomore Jessie Govan who had 21 points and also had seven rebounds and three blocks.

    St. John the Baptist won the 2012 League Championship and Abbondola says they plan on keeping that title.

    “We’re still here, last year wasn’t a fluke and we’re going to get it again hopefully because that’s our main goal,” Addandola said with a smile. “We’re just going to play our hearts out.”


    Photos: St. John the Baptist vs. St. Mary's boys basketball
    • Photos: St. John the Baptist vs. St. Mary's boys basketball














    Photos: St. John the Baptist vs. St. Mary's boys basketball
    45 of 59
    45 of 59
    • Photos: St. John the Baptist vs. St. Mary's boys basketball




    53 of 59

    • Photos: St. John the Baptist vs. St. Mary's boys basketball



    Monday, January 14


    St. Johns The Baptist matched one of the highest scoring teams in New Jersey shot for shot and pulled away with a 84-61 win over Wood Ridge! Sophomore guard Tavon Ginyard made 5″triples” and scored 31 points on an assortment of shots! Senior guard Charles Joyner Jr. scored 17 points and 5 steals to help his backcourt mate create havoc for Wood Ridge!6’9 Junior Kyle Williams scored 13 points with 4 blocked shots and Senior Charles Lloyd scored 11 with 11 rebounds for St. Johns! The Blue Devils are usually a very good shooting team but could not consistently knock down shots in the contest as St. johns ended up taking a 45-25 halftime lead and although Wood Ridge cut it to 13 a few times could never get totally back in it! Senior Mike Gibney scored 15 points, Senior Gary Whritenour finished with 14 and Senior C.J Madalena scored 11 with 7 rebounds! Ginyard and Gibney were players of the game for their respective teams!

    Thursday, December 25

    Ryan Creighton    (Greenport)

    Jonathan Moore   (Brentwood)

    John Nielsen       (Port Jefferson)

    Chris Mauldin      (Baldwin)

    Justin Williams   (Malverne)

    Bryan Van Cott    (Oyster Bay)

    Brett Restrepo    (Oyster Bay)

    Miles Prendergast (Bayport)

    Reid Drzal           (Bayport)

    Azfar Khan          (East Meadow)

    Joe Gibbons         (St. Johns the Baptist)

    Khaleev Ginyard    (St. Johns the Baptist)

    John and Jordan Ward-Adams (Center Moriches)

    Saheam King        (Wyandanch)

    Andre St. Vistal  (Wyandanch)

    David Cochran     (Wyandanch)

    Rashaud McQueen (Wyandanch)

    Preshod McCoy     (North Babylon)



    Sunday, December 21









    7th Grade All stars

    1. Tyrone Johnson (BK Ballers-B)

    2. Daquan Irving (BK Patriots)

    3. Chris Robinson (Gauchos)

    4. Taquan Givens (Gauchos)

    5. Malachi Richardson (Gauchos)

    6. Dashaun Washington (NY Patriots)

    7. Chancellor Ellis (Starrett City)

    8. Timothy Quashie (Starrett City)

    9. Thomas Holley (Starrett City)

    10. Michael Williams (Starrett City)

    11. Shavar Newkirk (Starrett City)

    12. Isaiah Whitehead (Assassins)

    13. Lamont Peebles (C-3 Elite)

    14. Chris Davis (Underrated)

    15. Stefan Pitts (Underrated)

    16. John Cromartie (Wildcats)

    17. Tristan Rosa (Almighty Force)

    18. Mikequan Campbell (Bk Ballers-B)

    19. Charles Washington (Bk USA-2)

    20. Jerry Meija (MetroHawks)

    21. Jemal Smith (NY Patriots)

    22. Jeron Love (Raising Champions)

    8th Grade Allstars

    19. Ethan Telfair (Assassins)

    20. Isaiah Lewis (Assassins)

    21. Shaquille Davis (Assassins)

    22. Terrance Samuels (BK Ballers-A)

    23. Alick Ashley (BK Ballers-A)

    24. Ishmael Knight (BK Patriots)

    25. Quincy Miller (BK Rams)

    26. Lamel Faison (BK USA)

    27. Iran Duncan (BK USA)

    28. Chris Regus (C-3 Elite)

    29. Kenneth Alford (C-3 Elite)

    30. Austin Williams (C-3 Elite)

    31. Tyler Wilson (Gauchos)

    32. Jonathan Severe (Lightning)

    33. Jason Boswell (Lighning)

    34. Joel Hernandez (MetroHawks)

    35. Dewayne Foreman (MetroHawks)

    36. Kindell Kinloch (New Hts Blue)

    37. Mahlik Sims (New Hts Blue)

    8th Grade Allstars

    20. Malik Harmon (New Hts Blue)

    1. Andrew Wilson (New Hts Red)

    2. David Henry (New Hts Red)

    3. Jaquan Lynch (New Hts Red)

    4. Jerel Robinson (New Hts Red)

    5. Rakwan Kelly (NJ Pirates)

    6. Will Joyce (NJ Pirates)

    7. Stephen McNair (NJ Pirates)

    8. Davonne Ragin (NY Patriots)

    9. John Dewey (NY Patriots)

    10. Jordan Washington (Panthers)

    11. Chijoki Ajuka (Panthers)

    12. Kenny Lee (Panthers)

    13. Maynard Grant (Panthers)

    14. Akil Spruill (Underrated)

    15. Tighe Oberg (Underrated)

    15. Demetrius Daniels (Team Xcel)

    16. Terrell Williams (Team Xcel)

    17. Jermaine Lawrence (Wildcats)

    18. Travis Flagg (Wildcats)

    Friday, December 19

    Focus pays off for UAlbany's McRae

    Forward improved his game by spending time in Wyoming
          By MARK SINGELAIS, Staff writer
    First published in print: Thursday, December 18, 2008


      ALBANY — University at Albany junior forward Scotty McRae didn't find much to do in Torrington, Wyoming.

    The city of fewer than 6,000 near the Nebraska border had a movie theater with two screens and a bowling alley, "but I don't really like to bowl,' McRae said.

    To go clothes shopping, McRae traveled to a Wal-Mart about 45 minutes away.

    "Not a whole lot of distractions," recalled McRae, a Queens native. "Just cows and horses.'

    That's exactly why McRae was there last year at Eastern Wyoming College, where he put his free time to good use in the gymnasium.

    "I think that it helped me concentrate more on basketball,' McRae said. "I did well in school, and it helped me concentrate on what I really needed to do.'

    He parlayed a productive season of junior college into a scholarship with the Great Danes, who are using the 6-foot-8, 210-pound McRae as a valuable contributor off the bench heading into Friday's game at Sacred Heart.

    The long-limbed, athletic McRae is averaging 5.1 points and 3.9 rebounds in only 14.4 minutes of playing time. He's also tied for the team lead with 33 free-throw attempts.

    "He might have the most talent, or he's right there with Timmy (Ambrose), of anybody in our program,' UAlbany coach Will Brown said. "He runs like a deer. He should probably run track. He's just got to continue ... to understand what it takes to pay attention to detail consistently.'

    McRae had a career-high 13 points in 74-46 rout of Canisius on Saturday and was effective at the front of UAlbany's press.

    "I've had a few good defensive games here, but in junior college you didn't have to play defense too much,' he said. "Here defense is probably the most important thing.'

    McRae tends to settle for jump shots — he's only 12-for-42 from the field — which has Brown imploring him to attack the basket more with drives and post-up moves.

    Brown has used McRae only at power forward so far, but promises he'll see action at small forward.

    "I've got that trick up my sleeve for (America East) conference play,' Brown said.

    Brown pointed out McRae is a young junior who turns 20 in January, a result of his mother enrolling him in kindgergarten a year early.

    "He's like our team,' Brown said. "He's a giant piece of clay that needs some molding. He has a huge ceiling.'

    McRae began his college career in 2006 at Saint Peter's, but left after one semester when he didn't fit into new coach John Dunne's plans. McRae had originally signed with Bob Leckie, who retired before the season.

    Then McRae went to Eastern Wyoming through the efforts of his AAU coach, Andre Edwards, who runs Team Underrated.

    McRae led Eastern Wyoming to a regional title and the national tournament in Kansas, which drew the attention of UAlbany.

    His father, Ed, said McRae is a different person than the kid who left for Wyoming.

    "That year really gave him a chance to grow as a young man and as a basketball player,' Ed McRae said. "That was a turnaround year.'

    Tuesday, September 24
    DREW PRAFIT 2013

    Friday, December 19
     Often times, players from Long Island, NY get overlooked but JJ Moore has a philosophy that might be paying dividends as well as providing an exception to the rule.

    At 6-foot-5 and 195lbs, Moore is a power forward/center for the Brentwood High School Indians and is poised and ready to continue where he left off this summer.

    Moore's philosophy and approach to the game is simple. "I want everyone to know that I am on the court." Over the summer, Moore put his philosophy into action.

    During the summer, Moore played his AAU ball with Team Underrated as well with his high school in Brentwood, NY. NYC Hoops first noticed Moore playing in Queens, NY. First at the St. John's University Camp, then again during the iS8/Nike Tip-Off Fall Classic where in each case he was extremely productive. Recently he was one of the top performers during the Nassau-Suffolk All-star Games.

    According to Andre' Edwards, Moore's AAU Coach, "JJ has a tremendous upside. He can hit the mid-range and is starting to hit the long ball, post-up and kicks the ball out when he's double teamed. He's been getting double-doubles (20+ points and 10 rebounds) with us over the summer. Once he get his ball handling right he will be the complete player."

    An aggressive player and defender, Moore was definitely getting noticed. Armed with a good feel for the game and an impressive stat sheet, Moore has moved into the elite class of player especially in Long Island. Moore, however, says he's stepping up his already stellar game up even more. "I've been working on my jump shot and my ball handling, I've also been working on my strength."

    Anthony Jimenez, Moore's high school coach, says "JJ is a phenomenal player with exceptional athleticism. This year he will need to embrace being the teams leader."

    Moore has shown himself to be a team player who excepts whatever role his coach and team needs him to be to be successful. "For us, JJ plays either the 3 or the 4," says Coach Jimenez.

    On Long Island, Moore dominates. When asked about the competition in L.I., Moore says, "There's alright competition out here but I really like playing teams in the city to show what I can do."

    Moore, at 6-foot-5, see himself ultimately as a shooting guard at the college level, which is why he's very focused on improving the necessary skill sets to excel in that role. Colleges are starting to see Moore's potential, as he's already received interest from Stonybrook, Hofstra, St. John's and North Carolina A&T.

    The Brentwood Indians have some games during the course of the upcoming season that should prove to be a barometer for the talented junior and his team. The Indians begin their season playing against two of the top ranked teams on the Island. On December 6th, they have a game against Chaminade High School from Mineola, NY and on December 9th they play against L.I. Lutheran, from Brookville, NY with the highly recruited Tobias Harris and Achraf Yacoubou.

    Friday, December 5

    WEEK 2-4

    Team Underrated 10U (Andrew) defeated Team Underrated 10u (Matt) 20-19

    • Team Underrated (Andrew) was led by Isiah with 8pts., and 10 rebounds, Ron chipped in 4pts., and 4 rebounds.
    • Team Underrated (Matt) was led by Josh with 5pts., and 4 steals, Camron 6pts., Mike 6pts., and 6 rebounds, Matt 2pts., 7 rebounds, and 2 assist


    Team Underrated 13u (Edwards) defeated Team Underrated 13u (Penny) 58-52

    • Team Underrated (Edwards) was led by Kevin 21pts., and 8 assist, Jack 6pts., and 8 rebounds, Dave 8pts., and 4 rebounds, Shakim 14pts., 4 rebounds, 4 steals, Aaren P. 9pts., and 8 rebounds, Donte 2pts., and 4 rebounds
    • Team Underrated (Penny) was led by Marcus Hall 8pts., and 10 rebounds, Nahjeik 11pts., and 4 rebounds, Devin 9pts., and "Ham" 23pts., and 7 rebounds


    Team Shamrock 11u defeated Team Underrated 10u (Andrew) 23-17

    • Team Shamrock was led by James 13pts and 13 rebounds, Oliver chipped in 4 rebounds, Mason 4pts., and 2 rebounds
    • Team Underrated (Andrew) was led by Isaih 6pts., and 5 rebounds, Jayson 6pts., and 2rebounds, Ron 5pts.,


    Team Underrated 10u (Matt) defeated St. Joes 11u 31-8

    • Team Underrated (Matt) was led by Korey 2pts., and 9 rebounds, Josh 10pts, Camron 6pts., 2 rebounds, and 2 steals, Mike 2pts., 3 rebounds, and 3 steals, Jordan 4pts., Jason 7pts., and 2 steals
    • St. Joes was led by Cooper 6pts.


     Crush 12u defeated Brentwood's Finest 35-30

    • Crush was led by Asaiah 9pts., and 20 rebounds, Malik 4pts., 3 rebounds, and 3 steals, Erik 8pts
    • Brentwood Finest was led by Juan 11pts., and 3 rebounds, Tyley 7pts., Brandon 6pts., and 3 steals, Jovan 6pts., and 3 rebounds


    Team Underrated 13u (Penny) defeated Crush 52-14

    • Team Underrated (Penny) was led by Marcus 10pts., 7rebounds, and 2 steals, Nahjeik 10pts., and 8 rebounds, "Ham" 16pts., and 2 rebounds, Naiche 6pts.,
    • Crush was led by Sean 6pts., and 3 rebounds, and Matt 4pts., and 2 rebounds


    Team Underrated 11u (Mark) defeated St. Joes 11u 35-2

    • Team Underrated (Mark) was led by CJ 8pts., and 10 rebounds, Darrius Chester 8pts., Johndee 4pts., and 2 rebounds, Andre II 5pts., Julian 6pts., and 2 rebounds


    Team Underrated 14u (Edwards) defeated Brentwood Bulldogs 14u 37-24

    • Team Underrated was led by CJ 8pts., 3 rebounds, and 2 assist, Akil Spruill 10pts., Stefan Pitts 8pts., and 2 rebounds
    • Brentwood Bulldogs was led by Eric 8pts., Aaren 3pts., and 7rebounds, Aafernee 6pts., and 2 assist


    Team Underrated 13u (Edwards) defeated Team Martin 13u 54-39

    • Team Underrated was led by Jack 8pts., 2rebounds, Aaron P. 16pts., 4rebounds, Connor 10pts., 2rebounds, and 2 steals, Malik 9pts., 2rebounds, and 2 steals
    • Team Martin was led by Mike 14pts., and 4 rebounds, Keith 8pts., Mark 7pts


    Team Underrated 13u (Edwards) defeated Long Island Roadrunners 13u  44-35

    • Team Underrated was led by Aaron P. 15pts, and 6rebounds, David 8pts., Connor 11pts., and 2steals, Aaren E.4pts., and 9assist, Pat 2pts., and 4assist
    • Long Island Roadrunners was led by Anthony 22pts., and 8 rebounds, Carlos 13pts., and 16rebounds


    Long Island Roadrunners 13u defeated Team Martin 13u 33-27

    • Long Island Roadrunners was led by Anthony 18pts., and 4rebounds, Carlos 10pts., and 7 rebounds
    • Team Martin was led by Craig 10pts; and 6rebounds, Jake 7pts


    Team Underrated 10u (Matt) defeated St. Patricks 13u 24-12

    • Team Underrated (Matt) was led by Isaih 8pts., and 7rebounds, Camren 4pts., and 2 rebounds, Josh 7pts., 2assist and 3steals, Jayson 5pts., 3rebounds, 3assist, Evan 4rebounds
    • St. Patrick was led by  James 5pts.,and 3 rebounds


    Long Island Roadrunners 13u defeated Crush 13u 28-12

    • LIRR was led by Anthony 19pts., 10 rebounds, 4 steals, 3blocks, Brandon 5pts., 3rebounds
    • Crush was led by Chase 8pts., Justin 2pts, and 7rebounds


    Team Underrated 10u (Andrew) defeated St. Joes 30-18

    • Team Underrated was led by Malik 7pts., 4 rebounds, Corey 5pts., and 6rebounds, Quanel 6pts., 3rebounds, and 2steals, Eric 5pts., and 3rebounds
    • St. Joes was led by Will 6pts., 3rebounds, Joe grabbed 7rebounds


    Team Underrated 14u (Edwards) defeated Malik All-Stars 57-21

    • Team Underrated was led by Malik 16pts., Laquan 8pts., 3rebounds, 6steals, and 4assist, Devin 4pts., 7rebounds,
    • Malik All-Stars was led by Tyler 5pts., and 7rebounds, Tray chipped in 6pts.


    Team Underrated 13u (Edwards) defeated Malik All-Stars 50-20

    • Team Underrated was led by Kevin 3pts., and 7 assist, Jack 7pts., and 4 rebounds, Connor 8pts., and 2 assist, Aaren and Shakim chipped in 6pts., Aaren Edmead contributed 4pts., and 4 assist
    • Malik All-Stars was led by Justine 8pts. 


    HHH Fury 14u defeated Crush Athletics 40-28

    • HHH Fury was led by Cortland 12pts., Bryson 8pts., 5assist, and 3steals, Ty 6pts., 6rebounds,and 2 blocks.
    • Crush Athletics was led by Lawrence 9pts., 8rebounds, 3steals, and 4blocks, Lynch 7pts.,


    HHH Fury 14u defeated Team Sonny 66-35

    • HHH Fury was led by Jamar 24pts., Cortland 13pts., and Kieran 9pts.
    • Team Sonny was led by Robert 13pts., and Jose 8pts., Cheika 6pts., and 7rebounds


    Long Island Roadrunners 13u defeated Malik All-Stars 13u 35-28

    • LIRR was led by Anthony 17pts., 8 rebounds, and 3 blocks, Carlos 14pts., 3rebounds and 2assist
    • Malik was led by Justine 7pts., and Andrew 4pts., 3rebounds, and 2blocks


    Malik All-Stars 14u  defeated Team Sonny 14u 35-26

    • Malik was led by Tyler 12pts., Tray 14pts., and 5assist, Isaiah 6pts., 5rebounds, and 2blocks
    • Team Sonny was led by Cliff 11pts., Cheika 4pts., and 9rebounds


    Team Underrated 11U (Mark) defeated Team Shamrock 11U 32-10

    • TU was led by Darrius 9pts., Andre II 3pts., 8rebounds, 5steals, Malcolm 6pts., 5steals, Wayne 4pts., 3rebounds and 2steals,
    • Team Shamrock was led by James 3pts., and 5rebounds, Marion 4pts., and 2rebounds


    Team Shamrock 11U defeated St. Joes 11U 33-8

    • Team Shamrock was led by Rapp 10pts., and Phillips 10pts.,
    • St.Joes was led by Hogan 4pts.


    Brentwood Bulldogs 14U defeated Team Underrated 14U (Penny) 53-43

    • Brentwood was led by Aaron 20pts., and 22rebounds, Eric 12pts, and 8assist
    • TU was led by Lawrence 10pts., 3steals, and 2assist, Nahjeik 15pts., 4rebounds, and 2steals


    Brentwood Bulldogs 14U defeated Team Sonny 14U 38-35

    • Brentwood was led by Darnell 10pts., Eric 8pts., Petty & Nimmons chipped in 6pts.,
    • Team Sonny was led by Cheika 10pts., Josh 7pts., and Jose 13pts.,


    Team Underrated 11U (Mark) defeated NY Panthers 11U 26-22

    • TU was led by Chris 6pts., Rich 6pts., Andre & Johndee chipped in 4pts.,
    • NY Panthers was led by Elijah 7pts., Justin 6pts., and Issac 6pts.,


    Team Underrated 14U (Edwards) defeated Team Sonny 14u 64-38

    • TU was led by CJ Ajoku 18pts., 12rebounds, and 3steals,Devin 9pts., and 8rebounds, Akil 9pts., and 2rebounds, Sam 10pts., 2rebounds, and 5steals, Malik chipped in 8pts., and 3steals
    • Team Sonny was led by Cheik 8pts., and 7rebounds, Rober 5pts., 5steals, and 1rebound


    Brentwood Bulldogs 14u defeated Crush 54-43

    • Brentwood was led by Aaron 14pts., 7rebounds, Pernell 6pts., 8rebounds, Anfernee 13pts. Troy chipped in 8pts.
    • Crush was led by Matt 13pts., 3rebounds, and 2steals, Alex 10pts., pat 8pts., and Troy 6pts., 6rebounds


    Team Shamrock defeated St. Joes 23-6

    • Team Shamrock was led by James 6pts., and 5rebounds, Dan 6pts., 2rebounds
    • St. Joes was led by Cooper 6pts.,



    Tuesday, December 9

    Mike Melton: (Basketball Spotlight) It’s time to take it to the hardwood at the Basketball Spotlight Elite 80 Expo the teams are listed below.
    Team 1 (Villanova) Coach- Karl Townes
    Trevis Wyche
    Darrian Collins
    Evan Hubbard
    Jahad Harris
    George Lambert
    Drew Corsi
    Bryan Rivers
    Karl Townes
    Jared Nickens
    Chad Mordechai

    Team 2 (North Carolina) Coach- Eddie Torres
    Will Joyce
    Stephen McNair
    Eligah Torres
    Rakwan Kelly
    Marquis Watson
    Quasan Lindsey
    Gary Writenour
    Travis Procida
    Maynard Grant
    Dalique Mingo

    Team 3 (Duke) Coach- Troy Long
    Kody Jenkins
    Jaren Sina
    Keon Osbourne
    Jordan Forehand
    Robert Zeller
    Brandon Spears
    Jalen Henriquez
    John Dargan
    Ian Rohde
    Joel Hernandez

    Team 4 (Kansas) Coach Vince Jackson
    Ryan Bland
    Sammy Johnson
    Lewis Hayes
    Dylan Daniluk
    Amir Middred
    John Azzanairo
    Wade Baldwin
    Christian Morton
    Jerron Love
    Tony Patterson

    Team 5 (Georgetown) Coach Hassan Muhammad
    Jaquan Johnson
    Rondea Jefferon
    Jakai Rowe
    Conrad Chambers
    Darius Robinson
    Isiah Warren
    Yosef Yacob
    Dajuan Drennon
    Vinay Reddy
    Chris Low

    Team 6 (Arizona)- Coach Rodney Sabree Mathis
    Britton Lee
    John Davis
    Hannibal Mathis
    Wayne Brunson
    Shafiek Taylor
    Kamari Peel
    Howard Sellers
    Floyd Preito
    Joey Feinberg
    Brad Michaels

    Team 7 (Syracuse) Coach –Jamal Slappy
    Kavon Stewart
    Reggie Cameron
    Jorge Marquez
    Chris Regis
    Shacore Edwards
    Raymond Dover
    Jordan Washington
    Kyle Queiro
    Corey Edwards
    Ben Batash

    Team 8 (Memphis)- Coach
    Ethan Telfair
    Isiah Louis
    Shaquille Davis
    Trevonn Morton
    Isiah Whitehead
    Aaren Edmead (Team Underrated)
    Chris Davis (Team Underrated)
    Akil Spruil (Team Underrated)
    Dwayne Foreman
    Lamel Faison

    A few weeks ago we decided to invite 7th Graders to the Elite 80 Expo. The initial response was excellent but only a few ballers decided to take the plunge. Here’s a breakdown of the Class of 2014 participants coming this weekend.

    7th Grade Ballers

    Jerron Love Guard (Bronx, NY)- The point guard wanted come and show that age is nothing but a number. This kid has tremendous swagger and his passing ability is a joy to watch. He sets the tempo and usually plays in attack mode. I’ve seen him in several setting and think he will be good here. He might give another Adidas Jr. Phenom showing.

    Jalen Henriquez Guard (Hackensack, NJ)- His play at the NJ Adidas Jr. Phenom Camp earned him an invite on the spot. The combo guard likes to score in transition and in a variety of ways. Don’t be surprised if he turns a few heads at this event.

    Raymond Dover Guard (West Orange, NJ)- Dover also impressed me in Wayne, NJ a couple weeks ago. The heady floor general plays the game at his pace and tries to stay away from turnovers. He’s a coaches’ son and you can see that with his basketball IQ.

    Kamari Peel Forward (Philadelphia, PA)- The MVP at the Gym Rat Midnight Madness signed up just in time and this youngster will bring some great length to this event. He’s still developing his post game but in a few years he might be the name to know.

    Wade Baldwin Guard (South Jersey, NJ)- We gave him the nickname “Buckets” because he fills up the score sheet quickly. Baldwin has a pure stroke and plays with great intensity. This event will give a chance to really test his skills. It should be interesting.

    Karl Towns Forward (Piscataway, NJ)- Towns is back on the scene and should be ready for the comp. He’s been getting it in heavy on the baseball diamond but he’s ready to show that nothing has changed on the hardwood. He played up all last season so this should be right up his alley.

    Chris Davis Guard (Far Rockaway, NY)- Mr. MDC will bring his game and try to make a huge name at this event. He scores the rock with the best of them and will do it in bunches if given the chance. It’s only right that the MVP of the MDC represent the 7th Grade class in this event.









    Day 2 Top Performers Pool A

    Howard Sellars Guard (Coatesville, PA)- Rip Hamilton is from this city thus I can see where Sellars has his mean shooting touch from but what explains how he attacks defenders with a swift crossover and is willing to then stick a jumper in their mouth. He was a pure scorer in his first game. More on him later.

    Britton Lee Guard (Philadelphia, PA)- Lee started out his day with a bang in terms of his play. He gets low and goes hard on defense and explodes on the other end of the floor. His jump shot needs some work but it drops more often than not. In his final pool game he stood up big and finished the day off strong.

    Gabriel Chandler Forward (Atlantic City, NJ)- The luck of the draw got him Elton Brand uniform number but his play resembled the 76er in his younger mobile days. Chandler has very soft hands and is able to step out behind the arc with confidence. That’s not all; he also gets busy on the post like a true big man with quick moves and feathery touch.

    Yosef Yacob Guard (Chester, PA)- No matter the comp Yacobs quickness makes him into an instant factor. Today he was able to turn the corner and drive into the teeth of the defense with outstretched finishes. He complimented this group well. I also liked how he go after it on defense.

    Jaquan Johnson Guard (Chester, PA)- It was another solid day for the southpaw floor general. In isolation he rocks defenders the sleep with his slow dribble then attacks the tin with a crisp bounce. He’s thick enough that it’s very hard to strip which allows him challenge shot blockers.

    Conrad Chambers Guard (Chester, PA)- Someone yelled out “He can’t shoot” as Chambers nailed a NBA range trey. No one dared questioned his handle as Conrad made defenders disappear all afternoon. He was another player I haven’t seen a lot of but I promise I will this season.

    Jakai Rowe Guard (Chester, PA)- Rowe is not a known scorer in this bunch but I need to point out what he brings to the table. He’s a glue player that plays bigger than his size by banging with centers and power forwards every game out. He does possess guard skills but realizes it is not needed much with this group.

    Jordan Washington Forward (Queens, NY)- I really enjoyed his company because even though his teammates from Brooklyn didn’t return today he still brought his game and held it down. Jordan played a significant amount of minutes and pushed himself to succeed. He ran the floor like a deer and threw down a few dunks.

    Chris Davis Guard- Team Underrated (Far Rockway, NY)- Davis played like one of the top PG’s in the building today. His team’s depletion gave him the opportunity to rock and he took full advantage. The former Mr. MDC forced his will on the game and made brilliant play after brilliant play.

    Travis Procida Guard (Paramus, NJ)- I glanced over and saw Procida playing very aggressive and doing some good things. He pushed the rock with a purpose and either scored or dished the pill to moving comrades. He used the second day to make his name known.

    Tuesday, December 9

    Mike Melton: (Basketball Spotlight) It’s time to take it to the hardwood at the Basketball Spotlight Elite 80 Expo the teams are listed below.
    Team 1 (Villanova) Coach- Karl Townes
    Trevis Wyche
    Darrian Collins
    Evan Hubbard
    Jahad Harris
    George Lambert
    Drew Corsi
    Bryan Rivers
    Karl Townes
    Jared Nickens
    Chad Mordechai

    Team 2 (North Carolina) Coach- Eddie Torres
    Will Joyce
    Stephen McNair
    Eligah Torres
    Rakwan Kelly
    Marquis Watson
    Quasan Lindsey
    Gary Writenour
    Travis Procida
    Maynard Grant
    Dalique Mingo

    Team 3 (Duke) Coach- Troy Long
    Kody Jenkins
    Jaren Sina
    Keon Osbourne
    Jordan Forehand
    Robert Zeller
    Brandon Spears
    Jalen Henriquez
    John Dargan
    Ian Rohde
    Joel Hernandez

    Team 4 (Kansas) Coach Vince Jackson
    Ryan Bland
    Sammy Johnson
    Lewis Hayes
    Dylan Daniluk
    Amir Middred
    John Azzanairo
    Wade Baldwin
    Christian Morton
    Jerron Love
    Tony Patterson

    Team 5 (Georgetown) Coach Hassan Muhammad
    Jaquan Johnson
    Rondea Jefferon
    Jakai Rowe
    Conrad Chambers
    Darius Robinson
    Isiah Warren
    Yosef Yacob
    Dajuan Drennon
    Vinay Reddy
    Chris Low

    Team 6 (Arizona)- Coach Rodney Sabree Mathis
    Britton Lee
    John Davis
    Hannibal Mathis
    Wayne Brunson
    Shafiek Taylor
    Kamari Peel
    Howard Sellers
    Floyd Preito
    Joey Feinberg
    Brad Michaels

    Team 7 (Syracuse) Coach –Jamal Slappy
    Kavon Stewart
    Reggie Cameron
    Jorge Marquez
    Chris Regis
    Shacore Edwards
    Raymond Dover
    Jordan Washington
    Kyle Queiro
    Corey Edwards
    Ben Batash

    Team 8 (Memphis)- Coach
    Ethan Telfair
    Isiah Louis
    Shaquille Davis
    Trevonn Morton
    Isiah Whitehead
    Aaren Edmead (Team Underrated)
    Chris Davis (Team Underrated)
    Akil Spruil (Team Underrated)
    Dwayne Foreman
    Lamel Faison

    A few weeks ago we decided to invite 7th Graders to the Elite 80 Expo. The initial response was excellent but only a few ballers decided to take the plunge. Here’s a breakdown of the Class of 2014 participants coming this weekend.

    7th Grade Ballers

    Jerron Love Guard (Bronx, NY)- The point guard wanted come and show that age is nothing but a number. This kid has tremendous swagger and his passing ability is a joy to watch. He sets the tempo and usually plays in attack mode. I’ve seen him in several setting and think he will be good here. He might give another Adidas Jr. Phenom showing.

    Jalen Henriquez Guard (Hackensack, NJ)- His play at the NJ Adidas Jr. Phenom Camp earned him an invite on the spot. The combo guard likes to score in transition and in a variety of ways. Don’t be surprised if he turns a few heads at this event.

    Raymond Dover Guard (West Orange, NJ)- Dover also impressed me in Wayne, NJ a couple weeks ago. The heady floor general plays the game at his pace and tries to stay away from turnovers. He’s a coaches’ son and you can see that with his basketball IQ.

    Kamari Peel Forward (Philadelphia, PA)- The MVP at the Gym Rat Midnight Madness signed up just in time and this youngster will bring some great length to this event. He’s still developing his post game but in a few years he might be the name to know.

    Wade Baldwin Guard (South Jersey, NJ)- We gave him the nickname “Buckets” because he fills up the score sheet quickly. Baldwin has a pure stroke and plays with great intensity. This event will give a chance to really test his skills. It should be interesting.

    Karl Towns Forward (Piscataway, NJ)- Towns is back on the scene and should be ready for the comp. He’s been getting it in heavy on the baseball diamond but he’s ready to show that nothing has changed on the hardwood. He played up all last season so this should be right up his alley.

    Chris Davis Guard (Far Rockaway, NY)- Mr. MDC will bring his game and try to make a huge name at this event. He scores the rock with the best of them and will do it in bunches if given the chance. It’s only right that the MVP of the MDC represent the 7th Grade class in this event.

    Tuesday, November 18

    Both New Heights squads were knocked from the unbeaten ranks during Week 3
    action of the Funsport Junior Pros at Jefferson HS, leaving seven teams
    still undefeated with just two weeks remaining in the regular season.

    New Heights-Blue led most of the way against the Brooklyn Ballers-A but
    faltered down the stretch, enabling the Ballers to pull out a 36-32
    decision. After taking a 14-11 halftime lead on a short pullup jumper by
    Malik Harmon, New Heights expanded their margin throughout the third
    quarter. Consecutive three's by Chris Myers and Harmon gave New Heights its
    biggest lead at 24-15.

    The Ballers finally got untracked in the last quarter, scoring 19 points
    after having managed just 17 through the first three quarters. Alrick Ashley
    (14 points, 8 rebounds) and Terrance Samuels (11 points, 8 rebounds) led the
    Ballers' rally - Ashley giving the Ballers (3-0) the lead by hitting two
    throws with 48 seconds left, and Samuels scoring on a driving layup on their
    next possession to clinch it. Kindrell Kinloch topped New Heights (2-1) with
    12 points and 13 rebounds while Harmon finished with 10 points.

    New Heights-Red (2-1) received 21 points from Jaq-uan Lynch but couldn't
    match Jordan Washington (24 points, 14 rebounds) and the Panthers, who
    remained undefeated at 3-0 with a 51-40 triumph.

    Elsewhere in week 3: The Assassins reached 3-0 with solid performances from
    their "big three" in a 66-55 win over Team Excel. Isaiah Louis led the way
    with 27 points while Shaquille Davis added 13 points and 13 rebounds, and
    Ethan Telfair had 11 points with 6 assists. Terrell Williams (14 points) and
    Tylic Clarke (13 points) reached double figures for Excel (1-2

    Gauchos (3-0) downed Team Underrated 47-34 with Taquan Givens (10 points)
    and Tyler Wilson (9 points, 7 rebounds, 4 assists) leading a balanced
    attack. Tighe Oberg recorded a game-high 14 rebounds for Underrated (1-2). .

    . C-3 Elite (3-0) placed four scorers in double figures in their 60-28 romp
    over the Wildcats (0-3): Kyle Menard (14), Chris Redus (14), Kenneth Alford
    (13) and Rachard Moody (10). Menard also tallied team-highs of 7 rebounds
    and 6 assists. . .

    Thomas Holley and Chancellor Ellis scored 13 points
    apiece as Starrett City (3-0) coasted over the NY Patriots (1-2) 54-20. . .
    Will Joyce dropped 22 points and grabbed 10 boards, and Rakwan Kelly added
    15 points and 9 rebounds, to power the NJ Pirates (2-1) past the Brooklyn
    Ballers-B (0-3) 61-28. . .

    The Metro Hawks improved to 2-1 by edging the
    Brooklyn Patriots (1-2) 35-33. Chris McCullough scored 8 of his 9 points in
    the second half, as the Hawks held off a Patriot comeback led by Nixon
    Garcias (10 of his 12 points in the second half) and Ishmael Wright (all 11
    of his points after halftime). . .

    The LI Lightning (2-1) received
    team-highs of 12 points from Emoilio Sifa and 16 rebounds with 5 assists
    from Johnathan Severe in a 55-20 defeat of Brooklyn USA-B (0-3). . .

    Cohen scored 12 points and Jevor Savage had 10 points and grabbed 15
    rebounds to lead the Brooklyn Rams (2-1) over Next Level 53-37. Joseph Ojo
    netted a game-high 13 points for Next Level (0-3).

    Wednesday, November 12

    Team Sonny 14u opened up the Future League II with a win over Crush Athletics 24-19. 

    Team Sonny:Chike Egbuna 11pts., and 5rebounds, Josh Branch 7pts., 4assist, and 5steals

    Crush Athletics: Alphonso Lawrence 7pts., 3steals, and 5rebounds, Luke Petrasck 3pts., 5rebounds, and 3steals


    Team Underrated 12u started off slow while Brentwood Finest started off fast. Team Underrated awoke and squeeked out a 7pt win 32-25.

    Team Underrated: Patrick Jackson 8pts, and 8steals, 3assist, Mel-Shawn McPherson 11pts., 9rebounds, and 3steals, Zach Locker 4pts., 3steals, and 3assist

    Brentwood Finest: Tyler Jaques 10pts., and 2rebounds, Steven Tynes 5pts., and 1 steal


    Team Underrated 13u (Penny) won their 1st match-up vs. L I Roadrunners 36-23.

    Team Underrated: Tashawn Quinitchette 15pts., and 5steals, Nahjeir Epps 11pts., 4steals, and 1assist, Marcus Hall 4pts., 11rebounds, 3blocks, and 5assist.

    L I Roadrunners: Anthony Puccio 12pts., and 6rebounds, Robert Whitehorn 6pts., and 3rebounds.


    HHH Fury 14u defeated Team Martin

    HHH Fury: Bryson Lassiter 14pts., and 3steals, Cortland Speight 11pts., Tighe Oberg 8pts., 4rebounds, and 2 blocks, Kierran 6pts., 3rebounds and 2steals.


    Team Underrated 13u (Edwards) defeated Crush Athletics 45-13.

    Team Underrated: Kevin Little 3pts., and 6 assist, Donte Williams 4pts., 3rebounds, Charlie Joyner 8pts., and 3assist, Shakim Flippen 9pts., and 4rebounds, Aaren Pulver 7pts., and 5rebounds, And David Barlow 10pts.

    Crush Athletics: Alex Rubin 4pts., and 2rebounds, Sam F. 4pts., and 2rebounds.







    Tuesday, November 11

    November 9, 2008

    A battle of unbeatens in Week 2 of the Funsport Junior Pros saw the Gauchos use 10-0 runs near the end of each half en route to a 38-31 decision over Team Excel.
    Excel had taken an 8-3 lead after the first quarter but then fell behind during the Gauchos' surge in the second quarter, which ended with a Steven Bush three-pointer and a 16-14 halftime lead for the Gauchos. The score remained close until the second Gaucho run midway through the final period put the game out of reach as Tyler Wilson converted a three-point play that made it 38-26 with 1:21 remaining. Bush finished with 10 points and Wilson had 9 for the Gauchos (2-0); Excel (1-1) recorded the game-highs by Terrell Williams (11 points) and Tyler Clarke (12 rebounds).
    In the only other contest pitting undefeated squads, the Panthers (2-0) coasted past the Brooklyn Rams 45-25. The Panthers' Jordan Washington outscored and outrebounded the Rams by himself while recording a double-double of 26 points and 17 rebounds. Quincy Miller topped the Rams (1-1)with 12 points.
    In other Week 2 action: Brooklyn Ballers-A received game-highs of 21 rebounds and 8 assists from Terrance Samuels but it was his two free throws with 1:06 left that broke a 38-38 tie and lifted the Ballers (2-0) to a 46-40 decision over the Wildcats. Matthew Sampson added 12 points for the winners while Travis Flagg led the Wildcats (0-2) with 12 points and 10 rebounds. . . Chris Davis sank two free throws with 26.5 seconds left to lift Team Underrated (1-1) to a 29-26 win over the Metrohawks (0-2). Tighe Oberg had a game-high 12 rebounds for Underrated, which overcame a 12-9 halftime deficit. . . New Heights-Red raced to a 34-1 lead and received 30 points and 12 rebounds from Jhami Jefferson in a 77-28 romp over Brooklyn USA-2. David Henry also doubled with 15 points and 15 rebounds for New Heights (2-0) while Charles Washington (0-2) recorded 19 points and 14 boards for USA. . . Lamel Faison netted 17 points and Gabriel Calderon added 14 to carry Brooklyn USA-1 (2-0) to a 52-26 triumph over Brooklyn Ballers-B (0-2). . . The Lightning (1-1) got 18 points from Jonathan Severe and 10 rebounds from Linzell Vaughn in their 50-24 triumph over Next Level (0-2), which was led by Peter Townsend with 14 points. . . The Assassins remained unbeaten (2-0), getting 11 points from Ethan Telfair and 10 points from Isaiah Louis in their 42-23 win over the Brooklyn Patriots (0-2). . . New Heights-Blue also improved to 2-0, placing all nine players in the scoring column and receiving double-digit rebounding from Andrew Utate (11 boards) and Kindell Kinloch (12) while coasting past Kings of the Court (0-2) 52-21. . . After leading just 22-20 entering the final quarter C-3 Elite exploded for 25 points in the final quarter to pull away from Almighty Force (0-2) 47-29. Chris Redus led the way with 13 points for the Elite (2-0). . . The NJ Pirates built a 16-3 first-qurter lead and held off a late rally by the NY Patriots to earn a 52-43 victory. Rakwan Kelly scored 15 points and Denzel Wilcher added 10 points and 9 boards for the Pirates (1-1). Davonne Ragin tallied game-highs of 21 points and 14 rebounds in the loss for the Patriots (1-1).


     1. NEW HEIGHTS RED     2       0
     2. PANTHERS     2       0
     3. BROOKLYN RAMS     1       1
     4. LI LIGHTNING     1       1
     5. NEXT LEVEL     0       2
     6. BROOKLYN USA -2      0       2


     1. ASSASSINS     2       0
     2. GAUCHOS     2       0
     3. TEAM XCEL     1       1
     4. TEAM UNDERRATED     1       1
     5. METROHAWKS   0       2
     6. BROOKLYN PATRIOTS      0       2


     1. BKLYN BALLERS- A     2       0
     2. C-3 ELITE     2       0
     3. NEW HEIGHTS BLUE     2       0
     4. ALMIGHTY FORCE      0       2
     5. KING OF THE COURT      0       2
     6. WILDCATS     0       2


     1. BROOKLYN USA -1      2       0
     2. STARRETT CITY     2       0
     3. NJ PIRATES     1       1
     4. NY PATRIOTS      1       1
     5. BKLYN BALLERS -B     0       2
     6. RAISING CHAMPIONS      0       2




     AUX GYM:      
     9:00am BROOKLYN USA -2
     10:00am BROOKLYN RAMS  -vs-  NEXT LEVEL 
     MAIN GYM:      
     9:00am BKLYN BALLERS -B -vs-  NJ PIRATES
     10:00am NY PATRIOTS -vs-  STARRETT CITY 
     11:00am GAUCHOS -vs-  TEAM UNDERRATED
     2:00pm NEW HEIGHTS RED -vs-  PANTHERS 
     3:00pm ASSASSINS -vs-  TEAM XCEL
     4:00pm C-3 ELITE -vs-  WILDCATS

     Please arrive 15 mins prior to game schedule!

    Thursday, November 6

    With local Division I schools in the Metro-area struggling in their respective conferences in the last few years, college basketball fans may want to consider heading East to Nassau County in Long Island to check out a pair of strong NCAA Division II programs. 


    C.W. Post University, located in Brookville, was recently ranked #10 in the country by The Sporting News' preseason Division II poll.  Coming off an East Coast Conference championship, Post was also selected to defend last year's ECC Championship in the conference's preseason poll.  Post, led by former St. Mary's (Manhasset) High School, Tim Cluess, returns all five starters from last year's championship squad, including preseason All America pick, Jonathan Schmidt.  The 6-foot Schmidt, hailing from Centereach, N.Y., averaged 20.2 points and 5.6 rebounds per game in 2007-08 for the Pioneers and was selected as the preseason conference Player of the Year in the ECC.  Post tips-off their season on November 15th in a home game against Lock Haven.


    Trailing right behind Post in the ECC preseason poll is Adelphi University, located in Garden City.  The Panthers, picked second in the poll, also return all five starters from a team that went 20-10 in 2007-08.  Adelphi will be led by 2008 third team All-ECC guard Alvin Vivican III from Brentwood, N.Y., and will be given an added boost by newcomer and Quinnipiac-transfer, Casey Cosgrove.


    Post and Adelphi face-off twice during the regular season, with their first meeting coming on January 28th at Post, and then February 28th at Adelphi.  

    Tuesday, October 7
    Team Hersh, comprised of Jefferson players playing on their home court, had three blowout wins in Navy pool play. But this one was anything but easy, as Team Underrated took them into overtime before Hersh pulled out a 100-97 decision.

    David Coley allowed Hersh to live for another day by drilling two threes in the final 13 seconds of regulation, the second coming just before the final buzzer to make it 89-89 and force the extra session. Coley then had the game-winner in OT, making two free throws to break a 97-97 deadlock with 5.1 seconds left.

    Hersh led for most of the game and went up 63-52 midway through the third quarter. But Underrated began taking over and seemed on the verge of an upset when Cameron Barber broke free on a full court inbounds play and slammed home a dunk for an 87-83 lead with 21 seconds left.

    But Coley had other plans with his two clutch shots and 8 points in overtime, giving him a team-high 29 points. Joel Wright added 23 points and 14 rebounds, and Davontay Gracedropped 18 points for the winners. Barber led all scorers with 33 points and had 11 rebounds for Underrated while teammate Jonathan Moore also reached the 30-point mark and grabbed 16 boards.

    Defending champion Usual Suspects received 40 points from Sean Johnson and another dominating inside game from Derrick Williams in a 105-85 triumph over Bayonne Mean Machine. Williams recorded 29 points and a tournament-record 33 rebounds while Mike Taylor chipped in with 25 points for the Black pool winners. Bayonne, which pulled within 77-68 after three quarters before faltering in the final quarter, was paced by Ahmir Bailey with 23 points and Tarique Holmes with 17 points.

    In the first quarterfinal, C-3 Elite overcame a poor start with a strong finish, ending the game with a 12-2 run, to down the B-Ballers 55-45. The Green pool winners failed to score for almost seven minutes after the tip-off. By then, the Ballers had a 12-0 advantage after a three by Ross Vizcaino.

    Although the momentum had shifted, C-3 was not able to put together a sustained run until the final minutes. After another three by Vizcaino (16 points) knotted the score at 43-43 with 2:13 left on the clock, the Elite began its decisive run with Devon Davis feeding Kenneth Holley for a lay-up and then scoring himself on two straight drives to put the game out of reach. Davis ended with 16 points and 6 assists while Jamel Noel added 14 points for the Elite. The Ballers got game-highs of 14 rebounds from Shea Spence and 9 assists from Naquan Pierce.

    The Brooklyn Ballers ran up a 29-4 first quarter margin and easily downed the Brooklyn Express 91-50. Jo Jo Swift led the Royal pool winners with 20 points and 7 assists, followed by Daniel Thompson with 5 threes and 19 points, and James Padgett and Dion Waiters with 12 points apiece. Justin Omogun recorded 14 points and 18 boards for the Express.

    Wednesday, October 29
    Written by Theo Rabinowitz   

    With less than 10 seconds left in regulation at the 5th Annual Metro Classic on Sunday, the Burb’s team needed one more pick-me-up.  It came as no surprise that it would be the forward that shined the brightest for the Burb’s, throughout the afternoon that would tie the game with a baseline jump shot with three seconds left to send the game into overtime.


    For J.J. Moore, it was just two of his team-high 26 points that afternoon at Island Garden in West Hempstead, but it proved to be the two biggest of the game for the junior out of Brentwood, Long Island.


    Although the Burb’s fell to a much more talent-laden Boro’s team in overtime, Moore gained confidence for the upcoming season from his breakout performance on Sunday.  “This is definitely the best game that I’ve played on such a big stage like this,” said Moore following the game.  “I’ve definitely gained confidence from this because it shows that I can play with some of the older guys and play really well.”


    Moore excelled both on the perimeter and in transition, as the 6-foot-3 guard threw down a couple of impressive jams early in the game and showed his ability to step out on the perimeter a number of times as well. 


    “I played well cutting to the basket, my teammates did a great job looking for me,” added the 6'6 inch forward. 


    While this might have been Moore’s most notable performance, the junior also had a impressive showings at the acclaimed iS8/Nike Fall Tip-Off Classic earlier this fall while playing for Team Underrated, including scoring 27 points in a playoff game against the prominent Juice All-Stars.  Moore believes that the work he has put in during the summer is beginning to pay off.  “I worked on my jump shot and my handle all summer,” said Moore, who added that Team Underrated coach Andre Edwards has trained him for the last few months.

     College programs are beginning to recognize the talent that Moore brings to the table, as the junior boasts an offer from the Suffolk County school, Stony Brook, and he is receiving interest from local schools Hofstra and St. John’s.  However, the up-and-comer would like to leave the area after he graduates from high school.  “I kind of want to go away from home and have the college experience,” said Moore, who views himself as a high-major Division I caliber player.

    Often times, players from Long Island, NY get overlooked but JJ Moore has a philosophy that might be paying dividends as well as providing an exception to the rule.

    At 6-foot-5 and 195lbs, Moore is a power forward/center for the Brentwood High School Indians and is poised and ready to continue where he left off this summer.

    Moore's philosophy and approach to the game is simple. "I want everyone to know that I am on the court." Over the summer, Moore put his philosophy into action.

    During the summer, Moore played his AAU ball with Team Underrated as well with his high school in Brentwood, NY. NYC Hoops first noticed Moore playing in Queens, NY. First at the St. John's University Camp, then again during the iS8/Nike Tip-Off Fall Classic where in each case he was extremely productive. Recently he was one of the top performers during the Nassau-Suffolk All-star Games.

    According to Andre' Edwards, Moore's AAU Coach, "JJ has a tremendous upside. He can hit the mid-range and is starting to hit the long ball, post-up and kicks the ball out when he's double teamed. He's been getting double-doubles (20+ points and 10 rebounds) with us over the summer. Once he get his ball handling right he will be the complete player."

    An aggressive player and defender, Moore was definitely getting noticed. Armed with a good feel for the game and an impressive stat sheet, Moore has moved into the elite class of player especially in Long Island. Moore, however, says he's stepping up his already stellar game up even more. "I've been working on my jump shot and my ball handling, I've also been working on my strength."

    Anthony Jimenez, Moore's high school coach, says "JJ is a phenomenal player with exceptional athleticism. This year he will need to embrace being the teams leader."

    Moore has shown himself to be a team player who excepts whatever role his coach and team needs him to be to be successful. "For us, JJ plays either the 3 or the 4," says Coach Jimenez.

    On Long Island, Moore dominates. When asked about the competition in L.I., Moore says, "There's alright competition out here but I really like playing teams in the city to show what I can do."

    Moore, at 6-foot-5, see himself ultimately as a shooting guard at the college level, which is why he's very focused on improving the necessary skill sets to excel in that role. Colleges are starting to see Moore's potential, as he's already received interest from Stonybrook, Hofstra, St. John's and North Carolina A&T.

    The Brentwood Indians have some games during the course of the upcoming season that should prove to be a barometer for the talented junior and his team. The Indians begin their season playing against two of the top ranked teams on the Island. On December 6th, they have a game against Chaminade High School from Mineola, NY and on December 9th they play against L.I. Lutheran, from Brookville, NY with the highly recruited Tobias Harris and Achraf Yacoubou.

    Thursday, October 23

    Team Underrated Junior High team is competing in this Fall Funsport Junior Pro's League. This league consist of 24 teams vying to win the championship. There are teams from all boroughs and out of state in the event. Team Underrated combined 7th graders with some 8th graders to compete. This is a 14u tournament (1994 Birthdays), the roster is only 10 players.

    Team Underrated is currently 2-0 by defeating Brooklyn Rams 33-22 and Panthers 40-28 in the pre-season. The pre-season afford every team 3 games before the 5 game regular season starts. The league has a fantastic site to view, stats, pics, and highlights.

    The Funsport League runs every Sunday until December, stay tuned for more updates.

    Monday, October 20

    Team Underrated 15u and 16u Teams captured the shootout.

    Team Underrated 16u practiced hard for 2 weeks to capture their 1st title of the

    2008-09 AAU season.  The team is comprised of 10 players who all were a part of this undefeated team success.

    The 1st game was vs. Half Hollow Hills in which TU recorded a 53-25 victory.

    • Matt 9pts. 1 assist, 2 rebounds, and 2 assist
    • Jeff 9pts., (3-3pters)
    • Steve 7pts., 2 rebounds
    • Jordan 10pts., 3 assist, and 2 steals
    • Mike 8pts., 6 rebounds, and 1 block
    • Nick 8pts., 5 rebounds

    The 2nd game was vs. St. Johns in which TU recorded a 53-41 victory.

    • Michael 12pts., 2 assist, 9 rebounds, and 1 block
    • Steve 7pts., 3 rebounds
    • Chris 6pts., 2 rebounds
    • Jordan 4pts., 3 assist, and 2 rebounds
    • Josh 8pts.
    • Nick 6pts., and 2 rebounds
    • Matt 10 pts., and 2 rebounds

    The 3rd game was vs. a good LI Elite team in which TU recorded a 53-45 victory

    • Chris 6pts.
    • Matt 17pts., 2 assist, and 3 rebounds
    • Jordan 8pts., and 2 assist
    • Mike 4pts., and 3 rebounds
    • Nick 14pts., and 4 rebounds

    Congratulations to all 10 players and to Coach Moe for a job well done.

    Chris (Half-Hollow West), Matt (Harborfields), Josh (St. Johns the Baptist), Shakeel (Brentwood), Jeff (Mepham), Steve (McClancy), Jordan (McClancy), Mike (Brentwood), Jack (Oceanside), and Nick (Harborfields)

    Sunday, October 12

     Written by Rob White


    In the opening game Friday night in the first round of the playoffs at IS8, The Juice All Stars were confronted with a worthy foe in Team Underrated, a team from Suffolk county on the Island. But key plays down the stretch from All American Lance Stephenson and his teammate sophomore guard Shaquille Stokes gave Juice the edge they needed for the 101-96 win.

    This game which turned out to be the best contest of the first round began with Juice opening up a 7-2 lead behind the senior trio from Lincoln High School, Stephenson, Maryland commit James Padgett, and guard Darwin Ellis. The Long Island squad countered with a run of their own to behind a pair of 3 pointers and a fast break 3 point play from Cameron Barber to take their first lead of the game at 17-13. As Juice noticed the intensity that Underrated came with the matched it and spurted ahead with a 15-4 run led by Ellis and Karron Johnson, a Virginia native who is now at Mt. Zion Academy in NC to lead 28-21 in the final minute of the period. A tip in form the 5'8 Ellis put Juice ahead 30-25 after 1 quarter.

    Stephenson and Padgett took turns scoring inside against the smaller Team Underrated squad as they opened up a double digit lead at 43-33 in the first 3 minutes of the 2nd quarter. But the Suffolk squad rode the back of forward J.J. Moore, a junior at Brentwood who scored 14 points in the rest of the quarter including 12 straight to give them the lead at 51-49 in the final minute of the half. Moore showed an ability to finish inside and a deadly 3 pointer from the corner in his personal run which caught the attention of Juice who was focused on Barber as the main scoring option. a quick pair of buckets from guards Stokes and Ellis gave Juice the lead back but a tip in from Moore and a drive from guard Andre St. Vistal sent Underrated in the locker room with a 57-55 lead. 

    Underrated came out strong in the 3rd quarter behind Barber's ability to drive the lane which was made easier by the 6'7 Johnson on the bench with 4 fouls to lead 67-63 at the 4 minute mark. Stephen then scored and was fouled on back to back plays in which one was a spectacular move which ended in the dunk. He missed both his free throws and a chance to take the lead but Stokes scored on a pair of nice drives to the rim to lead 73-69 with a minute and a half left. Barber and Moore struck right back with 3 balls which was countered from Stephenson with a inside bucket and a 3 pointer of his own to keep Juice ahead at the end of the quarter 82-79.

    The 4th quarter opened like a 12 round of a title fight with each team feeling each other out and trying to catch their breath for the first 3 minutes as both teams traded turnovers. Barber was able to give his squad a 86-84 lead at the 5 minute mark which was tied by Stephenson . a Moore jumper tied the game for the final time at 88 as Johnson scored inside and then split a pair of free throws to forge a 91-88 lead for Juice with around 2:30 left. Underrated started to feel the heat of the playoff game by missing 4 of 5 free throws in the period and after a missed 3 pointer from Ryan Creighton a fast break lay in from Stokes put Juice up 5. A pair of free throws from St. Vistal brought them o 98-96 with 13 seconds on the clock but a free throw from Stokes and then a missed rebound from Underrated when he missed the second sealed the win for Juice who moves on the meet NYABC Saturday at 1pm, 101-96.

    Lance Stephenson led all scorers with 29 points and was supported by guards Darwin Ellis who scored 23 and Shaquille Stokes who scored 15 of his 21 in the 2nd half.

    Cameron Barber led the way for his squad with 28 points and JJ Moore scored 27 for Team Underrated

    Tuesday, September 30
    #1 seeded Team Underrated 9U team faced the #2 Showtyme for the Almighty League Championship Game. The game was an exciting game throughout. Both teams came out to play on both ends of the courts. There were several lead changes during the game. TU was down by 2pts at the half but came out of the gate and went on a 6-0 run. Showtyme came back to tie the game back. In the 4th Quarter Josh (Jaguar) Serrano came up with a big steal to put TU up by 4 pts. Showtyme came back to tie the game once again. Isaiah hit a 3pt shot to put TU up by 5 and then Quanel hit a 2pt shot to seal the game. The final score was 43-38 in a tough win. We had great defensive efforts by Ron (RonBolt) Fell, Matthew (Smooth M) Asenjo, Eddie(Fast Eddie) Calderon, Mike(Hot Rod) Pavinelli. The team was lead in scoring by Isaiah (Zeke) Mucius - 21pts (5 - 3pt),  Josh (Jaguar) Serrano - 9pts, Jayson (The Glove) Robinson - 5pts, Camren (Agent 0) Wynter - 4pts, Ron (RonBolt)- 2pts and Quanel (Q) Robinson -2pts. Congrats to Isaiah Mucius for winning Almighty MVP as well as Joshua Serrano. The team finished the tourney 13-0. Congratulations goes out to Coach Matt and Coach Moe for a job well done.

    Monday, September 22
    The Suffolk Top 40 All-Stars have been chosen from the over 160 players that were nominated by their coaches to attend the Coaches Academy.  They are:
    In Game 1 / Thursday, October 2nd @ 6:00 pm
    Black Team
    Coached by William "Doc" Farrell, Bayport Blue Point
    #1 Kamil Parzych, 6'3 Junior, Guard, Lindenhurst
    #2 Chris Ammann, 6'3 Senior, Forward, Smithtown W.
    #3 Connor Fedge, 6'2 Junior, Forward, Bellport
    #4 Andrew Morales, 6'0 Senior, Guard, Lindenhurst
    #5 Stephen Jackman, 6'6 Senior, Center, Northport
    #6 Greg Kelm, 6'8 Senior, Center, Lindenhurst
    #7 Jean Cherry, 5'10 Junior, Guard, Brentwood
    #8 Tevin Thomas, 6'4 Senior, Forward, North Babylon
    #9 Rob Hughes, 6'2 Senior, Guard, Riverhead
    #10 Nick Sergio, 6'8 Junior, Center, Patchogue Med
    White Team
    Coached by Jack Agostino, Amityville
    #1 Darien Croft, 5'11 Junior Guard, Amityville
    #2 Elijiah Gonzalez, 6'3 Soph Forward, William Floyd
    #3 Vitchel Toussaint, 6'0 Junior Guard, North Babylon
    #4 Richard Hall, 6'0 Senior Guard, Bay Shore
    #5 Antonio Scott, 5'9 Senior Guard, Bellport
    #6 Trevor Jackson, 6'5 Senior Forward, Bay Shore
    #7 Saheem King, 6'4 Junior Forward, Wyandanch
    #8 JJ Moore, 6'5 Junior Forward, Brentwood
    #9 Phil Izevbehai, 6'3 Senior Guard, John Glenn
    #10 Marquis Frazier, 6'0 Junior Guard, Central Islip

    Game 2 / Thursday, October 2nd @ 7:45 pm
    Black Team
    Coached by Steve Rebholz, Copiague
    #1 Rob Carroll, 6'3 Senior Guard, Connetquot
    #2 LeQuan Fulford, 6'3 Junior Forward, Riverhead
    #3 Mervin Springer, 6'1 Senior Guard, Copiague
    #4 Nasha Smith, 5'10 Junior Guard, Copiague
    #5 Reginald Smith, 6'1 Senior Guard, Copiague
    #6 Dantre Longshorne, 6'3 Junior Guard, Greenport
    #7 Jordan Allen, 6'6 Sophomore Forward, Bay Shore
    #8 Ben Resner, 6'2 Senior Point Guard, Harborfields
    #9 Barry Ingram, 5'11 Senior Point Guard, Bay Shore
    #10 Patrick Pasiescki, 6'7 Junior Center, Longwood
    White Team
    Coached by Jon Ward Adams, Center Moriches
    #1 Marques Charlton, 6'2 Junior Guard, Deer Park
    #2 Josh Malone, 6'5 Senior Guard, Deer Park
    #3 Eddie Smith, 6'0 Senior Guard, Center Moriches
    #4 Jordan Ward Adams, 6'1 Senior Guard, C. Moriches
    #5 Reid Drzal, 6'6, Junior Forward, Bayport Blue Point
    #6 Ryan Creighton, 6'4 Senior Forward, Greenport
    #7 Curtis Williams, 6'6 Junior Center, Ward Melville
    #8 John Nielsen, 6'2 Senior Guard, Port Jefferson
    #9 Jon Ward Adams, 5'11 Junior Guard, C. Moriches
    #10 Phil Mondesir, 5'11 Senior Guard, John Glenn
    Nassau All-Stars Selected
    Players for the Nassau Top 40 All-Star Doubleheader have been selected. They are:
    6:00 Game Thursday, Molloy College in Rockville Ctr
    White Team: Coach Tom Kinsella, Herricks HS
    Dean Walker- 11 - Elmont
    Bobby Thomas- 12 - MacArthur
    Isaiah Watson - 11 - Elmont
    Gregg Buckley - 12 - Oceanside
    Justin Brown - 12 - Uniondale
    Justin Wilson - 10 - Floral Park
    Ryan Tolan - 12 - Island Trees
    Marc Augustin - 11 - Valley Stream Central
    Tim Krutzler - 12 - Southside
    Brett Restrepo - 12 - Oyster Bay
    Black Team:  Coach Jim Hegmann, Mineola HS
    Idris Alfrod - 12- Southside
    Jamal Newman- 12- Elmont
    Chris Malldin - 12 -Baldwin
    Bobby Nagelberg - 12 - Division
    Umar Saimpara - 12 - Uniondale
    Daniel Lipp - 12 - Roslyn
    Hashim Mitchell - 12 - Valley Stream Central
    Terrence Murchie - 11 - Carey
    George Beamon - 12 -Roslyn
    Andrew Lichtenstein - 12 - Wheatley
    8:00 Game
    White Team: Coach Bobby Kopp, Syosset HS
    Jonathan Hakimian - 12- Herricks
    Jesse Winter- 12 - Southside
    Andrew Flores - 11 - Floral Park
    Leon Taylor - 11 - Southside
    Azfar Khan -12- East Meadow
    Kyle Schneider - 12 -Jericho
    Ryan Kenny - 11 - Valley Stream North
    Bryan Van Cott - 12 - Oyster Bay
    Shaun Rani - 11 - Herricks
    Devin Karch - 12 - Locust Valley
    Black Team: Coach Sean Dooley, Pt Washington HS
    Sean Canning - 12 - Massapequa
    Adam Epstein - 11 - Port Washington
    TJ Winters - 12 - Mineola
    Ryan Goldstein - 12 - Port Washington
    Everard Bisnauth - 12 - Valley Stream Central
    Brendan Meehan - 12 - Southside
    Hursel Forbes - 12 - East Meadow
    Harrison Hefele - 12 - Friends Academy
    David Fogel - 12 - Hewlett
    Tom Hart - 12 - Island Trees

    Monday, September 22

    Team Underrated played Next Level in a semi-final game this past weekend.  TU struggled from the field the 1st half and had a turnover every other possession. At the end of the 1st half TU only managed to score 4pts., to Next Level 9pts., During the 4th quater TU took the lead 10-9 holding down Next Level.  Then Next Level hit a 3pt shot with 30 seconds left.  They then took a 12-10 lead.  With 1 second on the clock Korey Lee passed the ball to Isaiah Mucius where he shot the ball and hit a 3pt. shot to win the game and send TU the finals.  TU managed to stay in the game with tough defense from Josh Serrano, Mike Pavanelli, Ron Fell, Camren Wynter, Eddie Calderon, Jayson Robinson, and Quanel Robinson.  Congratulations goes out to Coach Matt and Coach Moe for a job well done. 

    Championship game is vs. Showtime, everyone come and support and wear your TU gear.

    Sunday, September 28

    Team Underrated from Long Island played N.Y.A.B.C. on Thursday at the iS8/Nike Tip-Off Fall Classic, It was in the word of iS8 Commissioner Pete Edwards, "A smacking at iS8," as N.Y.A.B.C. would go on to win, 86-75.

    M. Wingate
    Sean Johnson scored 32pts.
    N.Y.A.B.C., whose players were primarily from Christ the King HS in Middle Village, NY, totally dominated Team Underrated from start to finish.

    In the first quarter, Sean Johnson carried his team from inside, midrange and out, giving N.Y.A.B.C. an early lead. They would extend the lead to ten points with 3:18 left, ending it up by 14 points with foul shots by Newtown HS senior Isiah Lee

    Tony Munnerlyn, a senior at Bayside HS, started the second quarter with a three pointer from the corner to extend N.Y.A.B.C.'s lead to 17 points before Wyandanch junior, Andre St. Vital broke the drought offensively if only for a moment.

    J.J. Moore from Brentwood HS and Cam Barber tried to spark it up for Team Underrated, dropping N.Y.A.B.C.'s lead to 9 points but Johnson kept driving and scoring. Team Underrated did make a slight dent in the lead as the half ended, with N.Y.A.B.C. up by 13 points. Johnson scored half of N.Y.A.B.C.'s 50 first half points.

    Team Underrated came out in the second half trying to fire on all cylinders as Barber would go hard to the hole but N.Y.A.B.C would step it up as well. 6-foot-6 sophomore Chris Ortiz and Munnerlyn would play big on the inside for N.Y.A.B.C. as Johnson cooled off a bit and the Queens team's lead grew to 17 points with 3:05 left in the third quarter. A Munnerlyn three pointer would extend N.Y.A.B.C.'s lead to 22 points to end the quarter

    In the final quarter, Team Underrated would never be able to fully rebound from their deficit, as they would go down fighting but would nonetheless go down to N.Y.A.B.C..

    Johnson would lead all scores with 32 points while Barber led Team Underrated with 20 points.

    Monday, September 15
    Team Underrated 19u Team improved its record to 3-0 over this past weekend, by defeating the 2 time defending champs (Shooting Stars) who havent lost in game in 2 years. The game started off with Shooting stars going up by 9 to start off the 1st quater.  After Team Underrated got their poise back it was all about business.  The game see-sawed back and forth until the 4th quarter when Team Underrated gained control and mometum of the game.  Shooting Stars had an opportunity to send the game into overtime but the shot fell short.  Team Underrated received contributions from the entire roster but notably: John Ward-Adams (Center Moriches) 17pts., 2assist, and 2 steals, Andre St. Vistal (Wyandanch) 17pts., 3assist, and 4 rebs, Jonathan Moore (Brentwood) 16pts., 7 rebounds, and 3 steals, Cameron Barber (Wyandanch) chipped in 12pts., 12rebs., and 5steals.  We than travelled to Brooklyn to play a 9am game vs. B'Ballers (Kennedy High School) who was a scrappy relentless team that pretty much had the same identity as Team Underrated.  Team Underrated would command an early 16pt lead until B'Ballers stormed back to get within 1.  Team Underrated took the challenge and went on a run of their own to take a commanding 10pt lead and win by the score of 79-71.  Jonathan Moore (Brentwood) led the way with 20pts., 7rebs., and 5blocks, Cameron Barber (Wyandanch) 19pts., 2assist, 8rebs., and 4steals, Jordan Ward-Adams(Center Moriches) chipped in 12pts., and 4steals, John Ward-Adams (Center Moriches) paced us with a solid 10pts. and 5 assist. Pat Paisecki (Longwood) 6pts., 6rebounds, and 2blocks.

    Tuesday, September 9

    Team Underrated 19u played its 1st game at the infamous IS8 tournament and defeated L.T.M.R. (New Jersey) 91-71.  Team Underrated entered the tourney with a young group but a lot of fire power.  Several players led their teams in their high school play-offs last year.  This team is comprised of team players and players that play defense.  We had 3 players Senior Chris Mauldin (Baldwin), Senior Mike Kelley (St. Anthony's) and Junior Curtis Williams (Ward Melville) who didnt play well in their 1st IS8 experience but are looking to bounce back in our next game.

    Cameron Barber (Wyandanch 2008) gave us some needed leadership, aggressiveness and strength.  Cameron finished the game with 12pts., 7rebounds, and 3assist.  Junior John Ward-Adams (Center Moriches) led us in scoring with 21pts.(5-3pters), 3assist,and 4steals.  John set the tempo in the 3rd quarter by hitting back to back 3pters which built Team Underrated lead which we never relinquished. Older brother Senior Jordan Ward-Adams (Center Moriches) scored 10pts., and 5assist, Junior Andre' St. Vital (Wyandanch) played stellar in the back-court with John scored 17pts., and dished out 3assist.  Junior phenom Jonathan "JJ" Moore played very well also, contributing 17pts., 3assist, 9rebounds, and 2 blocks.  Junior Pat Paisecki (Longwood) came on strong in the second half by chipping in 6pts., 6rebounds, and 2 blocks.  Senior Justin Williams (Malverne) caught an emphatic 2 hand dunk off a pass to electrify the huge crowd.  Justin coasted and chipped in 6pts., 3assist, 6rebounds, and 2 steals. 

     Our next game is against Shooting Stars 9/13 at 2pm @ IS8

    Saturday, August 16


    Basketball Spotlight 12U AAU Regional Report

    Delaware Hawks

    The time has come where we rank the Top 10 teams in our region. Our ranking criterion includes state and regional finishes, top tournaments attended, head to head competition and AAU national play. All facets of this criterion will be looked at when ranking the teams. We also will be listing the MVP of the summer and other awards. Here’s a look at 12U Division.

    Basketball Spotlight Tri-State Top 10

    1. Delaware Hawks- The Hawks finished #6 in the nation and had a terrific run this year. They won their regional crown for the 4th time and took home the championship in the Spring Fling, DC Assault Classic and Charm City Classic. They faced many of the top teams in the region and came out on top in many of the encounters. The earned this number 1 spot.

    2. Gauchos- The Gauchos stormed through their region again and also won the Blow Up Tourney and MLK Classic among others. Down at the 12U Nationals they made a deep run advancing to the Elite 8 before falling. They finished #13 in the country when it was said and done. They were fun to watch.

    3. Team Underrated- The MDC Champs also won the Metropolitan Districts D2 title.They also won te Game Over Classic and the IS8. They have some key pieces and will be making some noise for years to come. They played a few D1 teams and gave them the business, so don’t be mistaken by them playing D2. I like their style.

    4. King Street Kings- KSK had an impressive resume this season. They won numerous tournaments including the NJ State Title, Hoop Group Round Ball Classic, Delaware Super Regional and Team Kobe Classic. They also finished runner-up at the Basketball Spotlight MDC, DC Assault Classic and Game Over Classic.

    5. Youth Interlock (Team Nelson)- Youth Interlock finished 2nd in their regional and made it to the semifinals at the MDC. I was really impressed with them at the 12U Nationals. The boys from Chester knuckled up and made it to the Sweet 16. They showed tremendous heart. It will be interesting to see them next year.

    6. Team Kobe- Team Kobe showed flashes early in the season at the Feb. Maryland Invitational. They have one of the top players in the region in Brandon Austin and they also made some serious noise at the Nationals. The finished 12th in the country.

    7. Riverside Hawks- The Hawks finished runner up in their regional tourney and made advanced out of pool play at the nationals. The fought hard in many tournaments and were always a team to be reckoned with.

    8. Long Island Trotters- The Trotters were a tough team to beat and carry one of the top players in the region in Thomas Holley. They represented themselves well at the MDC and advanced out of pool play at the 12U Nationals.

    9. Westchester Hawks- The Westchester Hawks probably would have been higher on our ranking if their squad would have stayed together longer. They lost some key players mid way through the season which hurt their chances at the nationals.

    10. NJ Pirates- The Pirates rugged style helped them finish 2nd in New Jersey. They also played well and made it to the semifinals at the Blow Up Tourney. If they can keep their squad together they can continue to grow for years to come.

    Player Of The Year

    Wa’mere Murphy (Delaware Hawks)- The Hawks flew past competitors all year and Murphy was the main catalyst getting it done. His athletic play along the baseline and in the lane proved to be too much for the opposition. He scores with ease and can be relentless on the boards at times. He also seemed when the games got bigger Wa’mere performed bigger on the stage.

    Newcomer Of The Year
    Brandon Austin (Team Kobe)- This Austin’s first year playing and he attracted much attention. The 6’2 guard had to play the post position because of the lack of size Team Kobe possessed inside. But when he got a chance to take defenders on the perimeter it was curtains. Next season he should be even better with a year of experience under his belt.

    Basketball Spotlight All Summer Teams

    ALL Mid Atlantic Region

    Wa’mere Murphy (Delaware Hawks)
    Austin Tilgman (Delaware Hawks)
    Jorge Rodriquez (Delaware hawks)
    Brandon Austin (Team Kobe)
    CJ Wolfe (Team Kobe)
    Malik Smith (Team Kobe)
    Sheppard Gardner (Youth Interlock)
    Mahir Johnson (Youth Interlock)
    Andre Merrell (Chester Pride)
    Trevion Anderson (Chester Pride)
    Lewis Todd (God’s Property)

    ALL New Jersey

    Mike Silverthorn (King Street Kings)
    Dylan Elliot (King Street Kings)
    Austin White (King Street Kings)

    Mike Runcie (King Street Kings)
    Nassir Barrino (NJ Pirates)
    Isiah Briscoe (NJ Pirates)
    Al Jahaad Bradford (NJ Pirates)

    Chance Ellis (NJ Pirates)
    Kyle Carrington (JSL Hoops)
    Maurice Diawara (JSL Hoops)
    Deante Cole (Trenton B&G)
    Wade Baldwin (Trenton B&G)
    Tarin Smith (Team Boss)
    Matt Forst (Team Boss)
    Jake Dadika (CJ Jammers)

    All Metropolitan Region

    Malachai Richardson (Gauchos)
    Tiquan Givens (Gauchos)
    Dakari Johnson (Gauchos)
    Steven Bush (Gauchos)
    Joshua James (Gauchos)

    Chris Davis (Team Underrated)
    Timmie Quashie (Team Underrated)
    Stephen Pitts (Team Uderrated)
    Thomas Holley (LI Trotters)
    James Richardson (Westchester Hawks)
    Cheddi Mosley (Westchester Hawks)
    Matt Blackwell (Westchester Hawks)
    Jerron Love (New Heights)

    Shavar Newkirk (Riverside Hawks)
    Koree Hargraves (Riverside Hawks)

    9U & 11U L I 1ST AND 2ND PLACE
    Thursday, August 28

    Team Underrated 9u Team and our 11u Team matched up in the Championship of the Long Island Lightning Summer League, with the 11u Team coming out victorious. Both teams displayed some good basketball over the summer and showed the Metro area that we are a program to be reckoned with in the near future. Congratulations goes out to Coach Matt and Coach Moe for a fantastic summer, this team is comprised of 9u players who played against 5th and 6th graders. This group defeated alot of older teams in their quest to make it the Championship. In the semi's they beat St. Pats Heagherty 49-36. In the Championship game the 9u team didnt back down and stepped up to the challenge of playing our 11u team. Our 9u Team managed to score 27 points and was led in scoring by Joshua with 14pts. Isiah 5pts., Camren 2pts., Quanel 2pts., Korey 2pts., Jayson 2pts., and Ron chipped in 1pt.

    Coach Kareem travelled outside of the country and couldnt finish up the summer. Coach Dre took over the last 3 games for the 11u and came away with a comparison to Team Underrated 11u team of last year. In the championship game the 11u Team received strong contributions from everyone with Darrius and Adam making good steals and good passes. The team was led in scoring by Mel 12pts., Christian 9pts., Brendan 8pts., Zach 6pts., Pat 6pts., Tavon 6pts., and Justin chipped in 6pts. Congratulations goes out to this team for a fantastic summer. This team travelled to the Nationals with only 6 players and played very well. A special thanks to Coach Kareem for coming in taking over the team. This team along with our 9u and 10u teams are the future of the program and look to be some of the top teams in the Metro area.

    Congratulations to our 9u Team: Joshua Serrano, Eddie Calderon, Isiah Mucius, Jayson Robinson, Ronald Fell, Camren Wynter, Quanel Robinson, Matt Asenjo, and Corey Lee.

    Congratulations to our 11u Team: Zachary Locker, Patrick Jackson, Mel-Shawn McPherson, Christian St. Vital, Darius Chester, Brendan Erhart, Adam Abreu, Tavon Ghinyard, and Justin Leornard.


    Wednesday, August 27

    Team Underrated 1st Skills Clinic was a huge success.  We would like to thank St. Johns the Baptist for their continued support to make this event happen.  Special thanks to the Team Underrated Staff for making the transition of the event go smooth. 

    Team Underrated invited guest speaker Eric Smiles (Head Coach- Farmingdale State University) for the 1st day  and Brian Huber of (Fundamental Sports Training) was the invited guest for the second day. 

    There was great competition at all levels and the kids worked real hard in all stations. 

    Tyler Collins winner pair of NIKE sneakers

    Michael Alston winner pair of NIKE sneakers

    Michael DeJesus winner of Team Underrated hoody

    Juan DeJesus winner of Team Underrated hoody

    and several other campers won Team Underrated bags.

    Good job to all participants...

    Qiyam Wiliams
    Elijah McNeil
    AJ Alleyne
    Robert Harris
    Clifton Jean Louis 
    Tyler Collins
    Shakim Flippen
    Michael Moates
    Michael DeJesus
    Michael DeJesus
    Matt Sutton
    Keith Williams
    Keith Robinson
    Jovanni Moreno
    Joel Fernandez
    Charles Joyner
    Akil Spruill
    Thomas Bonelli
    Ray Wardell
    Michael Barry
    Michael Alston
    Mel-shawn McPherson
    Luke Perlowski
    Kieran O'shea
    Josh Ringen
    Jack Campo
    Dante Williams
    Connor Panzner
    CJ Davis
    Breund Murphy
    Austin Walters
    Aaron Pulver
    Ruben Allen
    Patrick Jackson
    Matthew Ryan
    Juan DeJesus
    Jonathan Link
    Christian Vital
    Brendan Erhart
    Brandon Hodge
    Taylor Huyghue
    Quanel Robinson
    Malcolm Wynter
    Julian Jones
    Daeon Marshall
    Andre Edwards II
    Shawn Iglesias
    Ronald Fell
    Camren Wynter
    Timothy Krantz
    Joe Gewolb

    Tuesday, August 26

    Team Underrated was  invited to share a day of basketball with T.K. All-Stars in honor of Tyshawn Bierria, a former player of TK All-Stars who was murdered while attending college at Delhi C.C. in upstate NY. 

    Our 17u team won its first game and loss the second

    Our 15u team made it to the championship and beat the host TK All-Stars. 


    Thursday, August 21


    Grand Prize Winner- Mrs. Chambers (4 Mets Tickets, w/Parking and 1 night stay at Hotel Affinia Dumont)

    2nd Prize Winner- Brenda Bowen (4 Mets Tickets, w/Parking)

    3rd Prize Winner- Renee Locker ($100.00 Pace Steakhouse)

    4th Prize Winner- Scott O'Brien ($100.00 Pace Steakhouse)

    5th Prize Winner- Joe Hopkins ($50.00 Pace Steakhouse)

    6th Prize Winner- Lynn Patrick ($50.00 Pace Steakhouse)

    7th Prize Winner- Rhonda Henry ($50.00 Ruvo Restaurant)

    8th Prize Winner- Mickey McKeithan ($50.00 Ruvo Restaurant)

    9th Prize Winner- Ike-Barbershop II ($25.00 Billies Saloon)

    Thursday, August 21









    Tuesday, August 12

    A special congratulations goes out to Elijah Swinton. Elijah will be attending Morehouse College on a full academic scholarship.

    Scotty McCrae who attended Lawrence Woodmere and finished his season at Carodzo spent last year at Eastern Wyoming CC will be attending University at Albany on a full scholarship. Scotty McCrae is a 6'8 wing that received many honors while attending Eastern Wyoming CC.

    Shavar Burch who attended Upper Room Christian High School and most recently San Jacinto CC will attend Divsion II San Angelo State on a full scholarship. Shavar had a good career while at San Jacinto CC is expected to do very well at his new home.

    Kenny Jones who attended Wyandanch High School and most recently graduated from Kentucky State just received a call to play overseas for this upcoming year. Kenny left Kentucky State breaking many records and will be honored in the school Hall of Fame.

     Billy Butler who attended Floral Park High School will be attending Eastern Wyoming CC on a full scholarship  as a true freshman. Billy Butler was one of the best guards on Long Island over the past 2 years.  

    Thursday, August 7

    On the first day of competition the 11u Team Underrated boys walked away with an impressive win over IYB Ballers from New Jersey with a score of 60 to 35 with contributions from all six players with Patrick Jackson leading the way with 18.

    Day 2 of the nationals Team Underrated fell to a very aggressive and talented Louisiana Celtics team 46-32.

    Day 3 with the team needing a win they bounced back and beat the spirit filled Ballers from Georgia by score of 51-47  Christian Vital lead the way with 27 points next was Tayvon Ginyard with 10 points Melshawn Mcpherson with 8 points Patrick Jackson with 4 points and Adam Abrue with 2 points Drew Mancusi was a force on the boards pulling down 12 rebounds, with this win we placed 2nd in our pool.

    Day 4 played the Charlotte Aces in the first round of playoffs. With only six players we were wearing down but showed no signs of fatigue in the first half of the playoff game jumping out to an early 18 point lead before Team Underrated allowed the team back in the game but ended up winning 42-33 to advance to the sweet sixteen. 

    Day 5  the kids were just worn out and still gutted out some good games only to end up on the losing end Team Underrated 41  to  52 merriting attention (finished 5th) .

    Day 6 Team Underrated 6O  to 73  Newbern Tarheel (finished 9th) from  North Carolina. 

    Coach Kareem 

    "Team Underrated 11u team of 6 players should be highly commended along with Coach Kareem and assisted by Coach Jackson.  The team is on the move and is currently in the Long Island Lightning Summer League with chances of making it to the championship game".

    Coach Dre'


    Thursday, August 7

    Team Underrated 10under making big strides under Coach Mark Hubbard.  The 10-under team are now undefeated in summer league play at Africa Park, Go Hard Go Home and NBAC.  (since this written the team suffered its 1st 2 losses in NBAC and Go Hard Go Home).  The team is led by a group of hardworking young student-athletes Darius Chester, Johndee Baptiste, Chris Kelly, Devonte Dixon, Adonis Walthall, Andre Edwards II, Blake Thompson, Rickey Lewis, Malcom Winter, and Julian Jones.  After wins over the Panthers in Go Hard Go Home, a tough win over Positive Direction in Africa Park Tourney, the team looks to be poised to make a run in the play-offs. 

    Team Underrated 10-under advances to semi-finals in Africa Park with a strong outing vs. Positive Direction.  Rickey Lewis came up big off of the bench.  CJ Kelly, Andre "Cookie" Edwards and Malcolm Winter gave Team Underrated a much needed boost early in the second half to put Team Underrated ahead for good.

    Team Underrated 10-under takes 1st loss in Go Hard Go Home to the Panthers by 3.  This was the second meeting with the Panthers.  In their 1st meeting Team Underrated won by 18.  Stay tuned for play-off updates....

    Saturday, July 12
    Congratulations to Nigel Carter for winning the MVP at the St. Johns University Basketball Camp.

    Saturday, July 12

    Team Underrated Day was a success on Sunday 29th, 2008. Team Underrated would like to thank St. John the Bapsist staff for allowing us to make this event a reality. We would also like to thank the parents, families, and guest who came out to support our event. Most importantly a great job goes out to all the Team Underrated players and opponents that participated on this day.

    Team Underrated 10u was defeated by New Heights (Coach Greg Tejeda)

    Team Underrated 11u was defeated by New Heights (Coach Greg Tejeda)

    Team Underraed 12u defeated Unique All-Stars (Coach Torell Harris)

    Team Underrated 13u defeated Suffolk Breakers (Coach Arthur Henry)

    Team Underrated 14u was defeated by Buckets (Hank Williams)

    Team Underrated 15u defeated L I Kings (Omar Kingston)

    Team Underrated 16u was defeated by L I Kings (Omar Kingston)

    view full size
    Thursday, June 26

    Team Underrated 9u travelled to Manhattan and competed against some of the best teams in the country at the Riverside Hawks Tourney.  The team finished 2-2 and lost in the semi's to Team Fast Break.  This team has been together for only 4 months and have come together so well.  The future is very bright for this upcoming phenom team.  Coach Matt has done a great job with this group in his 1st year of coaching them.  The 9u qaulified for the AAU Nationals this past May.  The team has many years to come and will stay home this summer and compete in 3 summer leagues.  (Island Garden Summer League, Almighty Force Summer League,  Go Hard Go Home Summer League).

    Team Underrated 10u travelled to the Bronx and competed in the Game Over Classic against some more of the top teams in the country in their respective age group.  The team has been through some changes this year and is starting to come around as a team.  This team is young too and has lots of potential.  The hard work is definately paying off.  Coach Hubbard is doing a great job in allowing the kids to find their identities as  basketball players. The team will also be competing in  3 summer leagues  (Island Garden Summer League, Africa Park Summer League, Go Hard Go Home Summer League)

    Team Underrated 12u also travelled to the Bronx and competed in the Game Over Classic and captured their 6th title of the year.  The team defeated Team Artest/NYC Jaguars, Connecticut Bombers, King Street Kings in pool play.  In pool play Team Underrated scored 143pts while surrendering 80pts.  In the play-offs we defeated TMT Express 47-12 and King Street Kings in the Championship 57-51.  Team Underrated 12u will be travelling to the Nationals in Lexington, Kentucky as the #1 ranked Division II team in the country.  Our goal is to come back with a National title and move into the Division Nationals next year.  The team will be competing in several summer leagues as well: Elmcor, UDC, Lincoln Park, Almighty Force, Africa Park, and Go Hard Go Home.

    Tuesday, June 17

    Team Underrated 12u team finished the Almighty Force Tourney with a 7-0 record and 1st place seeding in the play-offs. They finished the regular season vs. Long Island Trotters with several players missing.  We had Jack Campo, Breund Murphy, Jovanni Mareno, Keith Ruiz, CJ Davis, Stefan Pitts, and Billy      .  We won 39-26 with a good defensive effort. 

    CJ Davis 18pts., 4 assist, and 6 rebounds

    Breund Murphy 2pts., 11 rebounds, and 2 blocks

    Stefan Pitts 5pts., 3 steals, and 6 rebounds

    Keith Ruiz 5pts.

    Jovanni Mareno 4 rebounds

    Jack Campo 1pt., 5 rebounds, and 2 steals

    Billy       8pts., 2 steals and 2 assist

    Our 14u squad finished the regular season at 4-4.  This team is comprised mainly of 6th graders. 


    Monday, June 9

    Hello Parents and Kids,
    I wanted to say congrats to the 9U and 10U team for a great weekend of basketball. The 10's team made great stride this weekend and really showed what talent they have and how they can play. There is no reason to keep your head down after loss like that. LIL Cleuss actually won the NY District last month. So this goes to show you how this team has come along. Coach Mark and Coach Wayne did a great job this weekend. I will be trying to get a new tournament on the schedule ASAP. I will let you know hopefully by Tuesday on the next tournament so that the 10's can carry the momentum they have.
     Also Congrats to the 9U team for winning the LIL Invitational in a hair raiser type of game. A lot of parents on the sides were trembling during a great game against a team that matches up well with us. It was a great win for a special group of boys. Keep it going boys.
    Coach Matt

    Monday, June 9

    Inside The MDC: 12 and Under Part 1 (We Get Buckets) by Mike Melton

    Chris Davis Fighting For A Bucket At The MDC

    After analyzing the 12 and Under Division one thing is apparent many teams in the field had at least one player that knew how to score. These guys brought their game and filled up the score book with 2’s and 3’s. Here’s a list of the top performers in the bracket from the scoring stand point.

    Chris Davis Guard (Team Underrated)- Mr. Memorial Day averaged about 17 points per game in the MDC. He tore up pool play and chucked in 16 markers in the finals. He was very consistent in the scoring column.

    Timmy Quashie Guard (Team Underrated)- Quashie was also hitting the books for TU. He too pumped in about 16 markers per game and made many of them from the foul line. His aggressive play caused many free throw attempts.

    Marcus Townes Forward (NJ Pirates)- Townes dropped a game high 30 points in his teams loss to the Chester Pride. The versatile wing player dropped in his points from different angles on the floor.

    Thomas Holley Forward (LI Trotters)- Holley was a total monster inside going for 28 points in the Trotters loss to the CJ Jammers . He was too much to handle on the interior.

    Dahrae Ford Forward (CJ Jammers)- Speaking of the Jammers they have a good one Dahrae Ford. He finished 15 points a contest at the MDC while leading the Jammers to a 2-1 finish.

    Jerron Love Guard (New Heights)- Love garnered a lot of attention because of his internet buzz but he showed his worth in the contest against Youth Interlock going for 20 points and draining 5 treys.

    Maurice Diawara Forward (JSL Hoops)- In the pool contest against the Long Island Lightning Diawara blacked out for a tournament high 35 points. He was in a total zone and everything he threw up dropped in the basket.

    Nassir Barrino Guard (Playaz)- We featured Barrino with the NJ Pirates in the previews but he should up at the MDC with the Playaz (Yankees). Still Barrino continued his high scoring ways while leading his new team to semifinal grounds.

    11U & 12U STUDY HALL
    Saturday, May 31
    Coach Andre Edwards, Team Underrated.  Team Underrated  12U captured the Basketball Spotlight Memorial Day Tourney in dramatic fashion.  The boys went 3-0 in pool play, beating the likes of NJ Pirates, Chester Pride, and GOD'S Property.  In those 3 games TU averaged 53 points while surrendering only 30 points per game. In the play-offs our 1st round match-up was against Youth Interlock (Jameer Nelson) a very long and athletic team that finished 2nd in the Division 2 Nationals last year and is the #1 12u team in Pennsylvania. Youth Interlock went up in the 1st half by as much as 12 pts., TU managed to close the gap to 2 by the half. In the second half both teams traded baskets and tried to take advantage of  each other's  match-up problems.  With 15 secondson the clock and time running down Stefan Pitts scored a basket from the short corner with 4 seconds remaining which ended up being the winning basket.  In the game Chris Davis 14pts, and Timmy Quashie 15pts, paced the scoring while Mike Barry, Stefan Pitts, Aaren Edmead, and Akil Spruill played locked down defense and recorded some key rebounds and blocks. In the Championship game we had a match-up with NJ #1 team (King Street Kings) this team was big at the forward spots and altered a lot of shots and rebounded well against TU before we made adjustments and ran away with a 15pt. championship win.  Christopher Davis received Mr. Memorial Day while Timmy Quashie and Stefan Pitts received all-tournament honors. All of this couldn't have been possible without the supporting cast of Nigel Carter, Akil Spruill, Kevin Little, Breund Murphy, Mike Barry, Aaren Edmead, Isiah McFadden, Connor Panzner, Jack Campo, and Shakim Flippen.

    After the long weekend TU had to wake up Memorial Day to play a 9am game @ Island Garden for the semi's of the Regionals.  TU came out sluggish and only 5 players to start the game and basically gutted out a close win after the rest of the team arrived.  TU defeated NY Empire 45-35 behind Chris Davis 19pts., and Mike Barry 8pts.  In the finals we defeated a very scrappy Rising Stars team that would not go away as they clawed and clawed before we ended the game with a 48-35 win. Team Underrated 12u is now 52-0 this AAU season which dates back to September of 2007 and we have 5 championships this year.  Next up is Maryland Invitational in June.  When we are on the road at out-of-state tourney's we are trying to represent NY to the fullest.

    Our 11u finished the Basketbal Spotlight 2-1, the 13u were 1-2 and our 14u were 1-2. 

    Wednesday, June 4

    MDC 12 and Under Recap: Team Underrated Reign Supreme! BY Mike Melton

    Chris Davis scored 16 points and Timmy Quashie chipped in 14 markers as Team Underrated defeated King Street Kings 62-47 to win the MDC 12 and Under title. Mike Silverthon scored 13 points for KSK in the loss.

    Spotlight Players

    Mr. Memorial Day- Chris Davis Guard (Team Underrated)- Davis was a scoring machine the entire tourney. His body mass allows him to get to the cup when he wants. In the finals he got bucket from the perimeter, in transition and in the paint.

    Timmy Quashie Guard (Team Underrated)- Quashie showed an array of moves in the final. He has a burst of speed going to the hole and knows how to create separation from defenders. He has some razzle dazzle in his game.

    Mike Silverthon Forward (KSK)- Mike brings his lunch pail every game. After a quiet first half he picked up the slacked in the second stanza. He fought to the end.

    Austin White Guard (KSK)- White doesn’t garner a lot of attention because his play is not fancy but I like the steady and heady point guard. He knows how to set the tempo.

    MDC 12 and Under All Tournament Team

    Chris Davis (Team Underrated)- Mr. Memorial Day
    Timmy Quashie (Team Underrated)
    Stephen Pitts (Team Underrated)
    Nassir Barrino (Playaz)
    Shet Gardner (Youth Interlock)
    Mahir Johnson (Youth Interlock)
    Anthony Mosely (God’s Property)
    Lewis Todd (God’s Property)
    Najee Lucky (NJ Pirates)
    Al Jahaad Bradford (NJ Pirates)
    Andre Merrell (Chester Pride)
    Trevion Anderson (Chester Pride)
     William Taylor (Chester Pride)
    Kyle Carrington (JSL Hoops)
    Maurice Diawara (JSL Hoops)
    Jerron Love (New Heights)
    Thomas Holley (LI Trotters)
    Shaquan Worthy (Trenton B&G)
    Kayson Rudulph (Trenton B&G)
    Wade Baldwin (Trenton B&G)
    Tarin Smith (Team Boss)

    Tuesday, May 27

    Team Underrated (Kareem) 11U Team Champions at the

    Spring Shoot-Out in Brewster New York

    Aaren Lee, Valaughn Creekmore, Brendan Ehrhart, Justin Leonard, Tim Darby, Mel-Shawn McPherson, Patrick Jackson, Christian Vital, Adam Abreu, Zachary Locker, and Coach Morris Thomas


    Miles Prendergast, Matt Milk, Coach Andre Edwards, Jamel Flash, Reid Drzal, Kiman Murray, Brian Van Cott, Ben Resner, David Cochran, Andre St. Vistal, Joe Gibbons Team Underrated (Edwards) 16U

    NYCHoops caught up with Coach Petrie to find out how the controversial guard is progressing.

    At season's end, Russell was voted by Newsday as Long Island's Player of the Year to the dismay of many. After serving an 8 game suspension, Russell did manage to lead his NYCHoops #2 ranked L.I. team to the Federation tournament in Glen Falls where they lost to Brandon Triche's Jamesville-DeWitt team.

    Russell, a 5'11 senior point guard is blessed with a great handle, blistering speed, a long range jumper and natural leadership skills

    Petrie says that due to problems with grades and the negative images of him, offers from D1 or D2 colleges have been lacking. Russell, however, is seeing strong interest from Junior Colleges such as Eastern Utah, Monroe, New Hampshire Tech as well as prep schools like Lee Academy. Many of them are looking to make sure the Russell is now on the straight and narrow.

    Russell's basketball career was tainted in his junior and senior year. According to Petrie, the first incident occurred in the summer of his junior year where Russell was guilty by association. "There was a scuffle and he was in the vicinity," Petrie would say. Nonetheless the police were involved.

    The second incident occured in his senior year at a school dance where a friend of his girl friend pushed him and according to Petrie, he retaliated by spitting at the person. That action resulted in an eight game suspension during the season. "That really hurt him," Petrie would go on to say.

    Petrie says that the eight game suspension might have been a blessing in disguise. "Right now Russell is working on getting his grades and financials in order and looking to move forward and get his future back on track."

    Tuesday, May 27

    The 12 and Under Division will give Basketball Spotlight a chance to watch some new and upcoming talent. This is a wide open division and it will be our first time checking out most of the squads. This bracket should have the building rocking. Here’s a breakdown of the teams and players to look out for this weekend.

    MDC 12 and Under Preview

    King Street Kings: KSK comes into the MDC as the reigning NJ State Champs. They have all the swagger and some got coaching to go along with it. Right now they should be looked at like one of the favorites.

    Team Underrated: I haven’t seen this squad but early reports indicate that they are heavily loaded. My sources say they have some serious size and made a lot of noise during Div. 2 Nationals.

    Trenton Boys and Girls Club: The hungry bunch from the Capital City look to smack around a bunch of foes. They have a excellent backcourt in Isiah Powell an Davonte Coles. They are on a collision course with KSK.

    JSL Hoops: JSL 12 and Under group are ready to get over the hump. Kyle Carrington is a serious force and will be ready for a coming out party

    CJ Jammers: Jake Dadika and Amir Bell should help make things interesting for the Jammers. Dadika is an outside threat and Bell can do just about everything.

    God’s Property: Formerly Delaware’s Finest, God’s Property made to the final four in their region and looks to bring some Delaware flavor to the MDC.

    NJ Pirates: The squad from the Brick City brings a lot of flash and substance to the field. Nassir Barrino is a high scoring guard and might be capable of putting the squad on his back. Also keep an eye on point guard Al Jahaad Bradford.

    Youth Interlock: YI represents the Chester area well. They have a Mid Atlantic Region Final Four date in two weeks but first want to take care of business at the MDC.

    New Heights: New Heights NYC has joined up with Harlem Kings and has point guard Jerron Love. This should be an interesting to watch. They always pack a punch.

    LI Lightning: This squad made it to the MDC finals last year and should be back for some revenge. They keep some capable guards and love applying pressure.

    Team Boss: Tarin Smith is one of the top guards in this bracket. He will be counted on heavy if Team Boss is to make a serious run.

    Other Teams Include: Playaz, Mid Jersey Heat, LI Trotters, New Heights and SJ Blitz.

    Thursday, May 29
    MVP: Tim Quashie 2014Team Underrated
    Nate Balcolm RI Hawks
    Kahari Beaufort 5'7 2013 CT Knights
    Tyler Booth SJ Rockets
    Jackson Donahue RI Hawks
    Akil Spruill 2013 Team Underrated
    Joey Wilderik 2014 Bay State Magic

    Monday, May 19

    Team Underrated 12u moved its record to 5-0 in the Almighty Force Spring Legue Tourney with a 35-18 win over Springfield Rifles. The team was undermanned but still managed to play good defense while giving up only 4 pts. in the second half. 

    Breund Murphy 4pts., 1 assist, 9rebounds, and 2 blocks

    Chris Davis 13pts., 2 assist, 4rebounds, and 2 steals

    Connor Panzner 9pts., and 3 rebounds

    Shakim Flippen 4pts

    Stefan Pitts 5 rebounds, 2 assist, and 2 steals

    Mike Barry 5pts., 5 rebounds. 

    Team Underrated 12u team which is playing up in the Almighty Force 14u division improved its record to 3-2 with a 37-35 win over LI Panthers. 

    CJ Davis 8pts., Stefan Pitts 6pts., Keith Robinson 6pts., and Preshod McCoy chipped in 9pts.


    Team Underrated 17u finished the regionals at 3-1 and bid to attend the Division II AAU Nationals.

    Team Underrated 10u team finished the regionals with a 1-2 record. 


    Thursday, May 15

    TU 10u team travelled to Dobbs Ferry, NY for the Riverside Hawks basketball tourney and faced some very good competition. They finished pool play 0-3 and had a great experience playing against the #1 team in the country and several other top level teams. The team will continue to build and grow while they enter the Regionals this upcoming weekend.

    TU 11U competed in the AAU Division II regionals this past weekend and finished pool play at 2-1. They lost a 1st round play-off game to the Gauchos. The team played well in pool play and received its only loss to a very scrappy, guard oriented West Chester Hawks team. The team averaged 41pts and gave up 40pts. per game. By coming in 2nd place the team received a bid to attend the Division II Nationals to be held in Orlando, Florida. Congratulations to Coach Moe, Isiah Malone, Zachary Locker, Brendan Erhart, Mel-Shawn McPherson, Valaughn Creekmore, Aaren Lee, Patrick Jackson, Adam Abreu, Justin Leonard, and Christian Vital.

    Our 12U team advanced to the semi-finals of the Division II regionals to be held at Island Garden Memorial Day, May 26th. Our 12U team finished pool play 3-0. We averaged 67pts., and only gave up an average of 26pts. This past weekend wins moves Team Underrated to and impressive 41-0 and 4 Championships (Future League Fall League, I.S.8, Winter League, UNAYO Winter League, Rhode Island-Jamfest) for this 2007-2008 AAU season.

    vs. Rising Stars- Mike Barry 9pts. and 8rebs., Chris Davis 7pts. and 4 assist, Timmy Quashie 7pts. and 4 assist, Shakim Flippen 7pts., Aaren Edmead 6pts., Breund Murphy 12 rebounds and 4 blocks, Stefan Pitts 2 steals.

    vs. Lightning (Wagner)- Chris Davis 16pts., Shakim Flippen 10pts., Chancellor Ellis 8pts., Jack Campo 4assist, Mike Barry 6pts., and 8rebounds, Breund Murphy 6pts., and 9rebounds, Aaren Edmead 6pts., and 4 steals.

    vs. Baldwin Blue Devils- Aaren Edmead 10pts., 4assist, and 2steals, Connor Panzner 11pts., Chancellor Ellis 17pts., 8rebounds, and 3assist.

    vs. Minutemen- Aaren Edmead 10pts., 3assist,and 4steals, Connor Panzner 11pts., 3assist,and 2steals, Breund Murphy 4pts., 13rebounds, and 3blocks, Chris Davis 7pts., 7rebounds, and 3 steals, Timmy Quashie 9pts., 5assist, 8rebounds, and 4steals, Jack Campo 4pts., 2assist, 5rebounds, and 2steals, Nigel Carter 4pts., 3assist, 4rebounds, and 2steals, Shakim Flippen 4pts., and 2steals, Chancellor Ellis 6pts., 2assist, 5 rebounds, Isiah McFadden 6pts., 4assist, and 2 steals, Keith Ruiz 2pts.

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    Thursday, May 8
     APRIL 25TH-27TH

    The Team Underrated 9U team had a very successful NY District tournament this past weekend. The 9U team went 3-1 this past weekend and we will playing for the right to be ranked #1 in the NY Metro area for 9U teams on May 26, 2008.


    The weekend started off on Friday playing a tough LIL –Milella team. Team Underrated let most of the game but LIL made serious comeback towards the end and tied it up with less then a minute to go. Joshua Serrano made a pass down low to Corey Lee in the box and he was fouled. He sank both free throws to seal the 37-35 win. Josh Serrano led TU with 12points and Camren Wynter and Corey Lee each had 8 – 6 respectively. The rebounding was led by Isaiah Mucius, Mike Darby, and Corey Lee dominated the boards. Ronald Fell, Quanel Robinson, Jaden Blackwood, Jayson Robinson and Eddie Lee played excellent defense which led to some easy baskets during the game.


    On Saturday we played one of the top teams in the country, the Riverside Hawks. The game was a tough battle in the first half with 7 min to go TU was down 7-11. Riverside went on 22-3 run to end the half. TU was plagued by turnovers in the game but came back and gave a better effort in the second half. The final score was Riverside 54 – TU -26.


    On Sunday we played in the playoff bracket. We ended placing 2nd in our pool behind Riverside. We faced a gritty Rising Star team. TU jumped out in front 14-0. The defense was excellent led by Eddie Calderon and Josh Serrano who each had 4 steals a piece. Eddie Calderon led TU with 10pts. Camren Wynter led the team with 4 assist. Mike Darby, Corey Lee and Isaiah Mucius led the team in rebounding with 4 a piece. Ron, Jaden , Jayson, and Quanel came up with many big defensive stops to seal the victory. The final score was 37-8 Team Underrated.


    This win qualified us to play in the semifinals Sunday Afternoon against Poo1 #1 ranked Fast Break out of Staten Island. In a very entertaining game Fast Break jumped out to an 8-0 lead over TU. TU stormed back to make the deficit 16-26 at halftime. With 5:30 remaining in the game we cut the lead to 27-33. With 2 minutes  to go the score was tied at 33-33. The final score was 39-35 TU. Isaiah led TU with 22pts, Camren, 5pts, and Corey 4 pts to lead TU. Josh, Jayson, Eddie, Quanel, Devin and Ron led the team in steals for the game coming up with numerous defensive stops in the game. Mike, Jaden, Corey and Isaiah Led the team in rebounding.


    We will be facing the Riverside Hawks on May 26, 2008 for the right to be ranked #1 in NY District. Team Underrated 9U qualified to be one of the top 9U teams out of the regions and qualified for the right to compete in the NATIONALS. Congratulations to all the kids for a great accomplishment but we have more work to do. LET’S GO TU.

    Team Underrated 9Under team Coached by Matt Mucius had another successful weekend playing in the Staten Island Stingray tournament this past weekend (May 3 & 4th). This was the team first tournament traveling out of the Long Island area together. The teams first games was against the OC Crusaders. Team Underrated jumped out to an early 14-0 lead and never looked back. The final score was 36-13 TU. TU was lead In scoring by Josh Serrano 13pts, Camren Wynter 8pts and Eddie Calderon 5pts. Corey, Isaiah and Mike dominated the boards as usual with 5 rebs a piece. On the defensive end and coming up with big steals was Ron Fell, Jayson (The Glove) Robinson, Quanel Robinson and Devin Henry.

    TU faced a really good Team Battle team out of NJ for the night cap. Most of this team’s players come from the 10U team that won the NJ 10U District Championship. It was a tough battle at the beginning of the game with both teams trapping each other but Team Battle pulled out to an 18pt lead at the half. TU battled back to get the game back down to 12pts but it was not enough at the end. Team Battle defeated Team Underrated 44-26. TU was lead in scoring by Isaiah Mucius and Quanel Robinson with 6 pts each, and Josh Serrano and Camren Wynter chipped in 5pts and 4pts respectively.

    On Sunday, TU 9U team was ready to play. They came up against a Westchester Hawks team that came off an impressive win against OC Crusaders. TU opened up a 14-2 lead in the first few minutes of the game. Defensively, this was the best team performance to date. TU won the game 43-9 in an impressive display of Defense. Ron Fell, Jayson Robinson, Eddie Calderon and Isaiah Mucius were superb on the defensive end. Coming up with numerous steals and block shots. TU was lead in scoring by Camren Wynter 18pts, Josh Serrano 8pts, Corey Lee 5pts and Jayson Robinson and Quanel Robinson 4pts each.

    Sunday Afternoon, the TU 9U Defense continued against a Fastbreak team we faced in the NY District Semifinal. Jayson Robinson, Quanel Robinson, Ron Fell, Eddie (Fast) Calderon and Josh (Jaguar) Serrano led the way with superb defense and coming up with Big steals in the game. TU won the game 26-14 in a meat grinder game. Isaiah Mucius, Corey Lee, Josh Serrano 6pts, and Camren Wynter chipped in 4pts to lead to TU to a victory.

    I want to congratulate the kids on a great weekend. We went 3-1 over the weekend and we are 7-2 overall. Let’s continue the good work on the court and in the classroom.

    Wednesday, May 7

    Recently Coach Andre Edwards was honored for Black History Month by the Town of Babylon for all the work that he has done for the youth. The kids and parents of yesterday and today made it possible for Coach Dre' to receive these most prestigious awards and Team Underrated Thank You All..

    Awards received from:

    County Legislator Elie Mystal (Proclamtion)

    Supervisor Steve Bellone (Certificate of Appreciation)

    Congressman Steve Israel (Certificate of Special Recognition)

    County Legislator Wayne Horsley (Proclamation)

    County Executive Steve Levy (Proclamation)

    Member of Assembly Robert K. Sweeney (Citation)

    Town of Babylon (Special Recognition Award)

    Wednesday, April 23

    Maurice Wingate Staff Writer 

    On Tuesday at the iS8/Nike Spring High School Classic, it came down to one team having more firepower than the other. That plus an offensive barrage by Long Island's player of year to seal the deal as Team Underrated defeated NYC Finest, 86-84.

    Mikey Russell scores 8 three pointers
    A sloppy beginning finally settled down as Team Underrated's Mikey Russell knocked down a three ball but Allan Thomas would counter for NYC Finest as the score was tied early.

    The game became increasing physical as NYC Finest became more aggressive on defense. Stephon Hodges nailed a bucket and snagged a steal which resulted in another bucket by big man Presano Bell and an early 11-5 lead resulting in a Team Underrated timeout.

    Cameron Barber would push back for Team Underrated driving to the hole hard on multiple trips down the floor ending the first quarter only being down by two.

    In the second quarter Team Underrated pushed the ball fast and hard and took a three point lead early off of back-to-back buckets by Ryan Creighton.

    With Russell running the point Team Underrated established tempo control over NYC Finest until Mennon Chavis stepped up his game, driving to the basket for the team from Queens to once again tie the score.

    Russell and Chavis would go tit-for-tat with jumpers but Barber would split the difference, putting Team Underrated up by 4.

    With under a minute left on the clock, Chavis drove to the hole and then stopped and popped on the next possession to briefly give NYC Finest a four point lead but Russell would swish and NBA range three ball at the buzzer to end the half 41-40.

    In the second half, Russell would lead Team Underrated's offensive effort as he would heat up from the perimeter but Thomas would provide both offense intensity as well timely assists to his big man Bell to give NYC Finest a six point lead early.

    Other than Russell, Team Underrated seemed to begin to struggle on the offensive end as the NYC Finest would swell to 10 points with 2:30 left in the third quarter.

    Team Underrated, however, would continue fight as Matt Milk would begin to dominate the boards followed by a quick put back on the inside to bring Team Underrated to within 2 points. A Kendall Harris floater off a NYC Finest turnover would end the third quarter tied a 59.

    Thomas would break the tie to start the final quarter and Chavis would extend the lead on a feed to Roya Blair.

    Team Underrated would quickly regain the lead off yet another Russell three ball from the top of the key but Sheldon Jones would once again tie the game off a floater.

    Knotted at 67, with 4:32 left to play, it would be anybodies game. Mikey Russell seemed up to the challenge as his stroke was pure.

    Presano Bell would be a problem inside for Team Underrated as NYC Finest would go up by 3. Russell would then miss a heat checker jump shot which would turn the ball over to NYC Finest with just over 3 minutes left to play.

    As Team Underrated made their final push, Nicolae McIntosh would score a key bucket to keep NYC Finest briefly ahead but Russell and Barber would begin to press and attack on offense end eventually giving Team Underrated a four point lead with 2 minutes left to play.

    Harris would contribute to Team Underrated offense arsenal as NYC Finest started to feel a sense of urgency even though they were only down by one.

    Barber would hit a bank shot to increase Team Underrated's lead but Bell would power in to try to keep it close.

    Russell would all but seal the deal with another three from beyond the arc.

    Down by four with 20 seconds NYC Finest was reduced to fouling the ball handler.

    Hodges would miss a prayer and Team Underrated would go on to defeat the team from Queens, NY 86-84.

    Cam Barber would lead all scores with 28 points but L.I. Player of the year, Mikey Russell's powered Team Underrated's engine with 26 points with eight three pointers. Allan Thomas led NYC Finest with 20 points.

    Thursday, April 17

    Team Underrated would like to congratulate several of our players who were Top Perfomers at the NY Phenom Camp that was held at Fordham University.  Players from all over the East Coast and as far as Atlanta attended the event.  These players have invitations to the Big Showcase in California to be held in California.

    Aaren Edmead            6th Grader

    Breund Murphy           6th Grader

    Christopher Davis       6th Grader

    Dante Williams           6th Grader

    Connor Panzner           6th Grader

    Patrick Jackson          5th Grader

    Miles Prendergast      10th Grader

    John Nielsen               11th Grader

    Kendall Harris            11th Grader

    Monday, April 14
    TEAM UNDERRATED PROGRAM IS ONE OF THE 5 "BUBBLING UNDER" TEAMS (powered by ranks the top 10 AAU and/or Grassroots 17U basketball teams in the New York City area based competitive national & local strength of schedule, taking into account, wins & loses, how many games were played and competitive level of teams played. Relative weight, in order, is given to wins or losses against nationally ranked out of state teams, other teams in The NYC Hoops Top 10 and against the 5 "bubbling under" teams. Less weight is given to teams that are not ranked and teams whose schedule is primarily in the NY Metro area.

    Monday, April 14

    Team Underrated captured both the 13u Division and the 16u Division at the UNAYO Winter League Tourney.

    Our 13u Team went through the entire tourney with out a loss and we pushed to the limit by BYA in the championship game. At the half the score was 19-14 with BYA coming strong. The second half Team Underrated showed why they are one of the best defensive teams in the metro area by applying a full court pressure defense which forced BYA into multiple turnovers. The final score Team Underrated 47 BYA 31.

    Congratulations to the team: Aaren Edmead, Breund Murphy, Akil Spruill, Chris Davis, Stefan Pitts, Shakim Flippen, Jack Campo, Mike Barry, Anthony Puccio, Patrick Jackson, Keith Ruiz, Connor Panzner, and Nigel Carter.

    Special congratulations on the return of Connor Panzner after fracturing his foot 2 months ago.

    Aaren Edmead contributed 9pts., Chris Davis 10pts., Akil Spruill 8pts., Stefan Pitts 6pts., several players scored, rebounded, and did the other intangiblers for the overall victory.

    Team Underrated 12u is now 32-0 this September 07-August 08 AAU season.


    Our 15u/16u team went through the tourney with 2 losses and one of them by the Push The Rock who we beat in the championship game by 15.

    Congratulations to the team: Marquese King, Joshua Pinero, Preshod McCoy, Mike, Moe Thomas, Matt Milk, Jamel Flash, Miles Prendergast, Jeff Swanson, Tyler Panzner, James Thompson and Milan Cheeks.

    This team never practiced together and really played well overall. These young men came together as a team and managed to learn things on the fly.

    Jeff Swanson was on the injured list and couldnt participate in the last 4 games. His presence at all the games is true testament to his loyalty and commitment to the team.

    Marquese King led us with 20pts., Preshod McCoy chipped in 16 and Matt Milk, Miles Prendergast, and Jamel Flash combined for 44 rebounds and 25 blocks.



    Monday, April 7

    Team Underrated 16u qualified for the Division I AAU Nationals to be held at Disney Wide World of Sports in Lake Buena Vista, Florida July 24th-July 30th. Congratulations goes out to the team for a job well done.

    Miles Prendergast (Bayport), Reid Drzal (Bayport), Brandon Mincher (Bayport), Joe Gibbons (Bayport), Saheim King (Wyandanch), Bryan Van Cott (Oyster Bay), Andre St. Vistal (Edison), Jordan Tripp (McClancy), and Matt Milk (Upper Room).

    On Saturday and Sunday, Team Underrated 15u/16u Defeated UNAYO Black & Gold to advance to the Championship game vs. Push The Rock (Central Islip) on Friday at 8:30pm @ UNAYO Center.

    On Friday and Sunday, Team Underrated 12u/13u Defeated Deer Park & Bayshore to advance to the Championship game vs. BYA (Brentwood) on Friday at 7:00pm @ UNAYO Center.

    On Saturday Team Underrated 12u defeated Almighty (Orange) in the Almighty Force Winter League to increase its record to 4-0.

    On Saturday Team Underrated 14u (primarily 12u players) defeated ENY Warriors (Brooklyn) to better its record to 2-1.


    Wednesday, April 2
    The Team Underrated Open team (Unsigned Seniors) traveled to Germantown, Maryland this past weekend for the DC Metro Showcase. The showcase featured a number of good   teams from as far away as Canada and placed strong emphasis on unsigned seniors in the 17/u-open division. Overall we played well finishing 4-1 but ran out of gas in the end losing to a tough primetime team in the semifinals. Charles “Snax” Joseph (South Shore) played extremely well grabbing 70 rebounds in the 5 games and punishing people on the low block. Fred Jeter (Amityville) was active inside blocking and altering shots.  Billy and Brandin Butler (Floral Park) did a great job running the show, getting everyone involved and forcing turnovers on defense .Ben Asher (Oyster Bay) also locked up on defense and Chauncey Gilliam (Brewster Academy), and Hanif Molloy (Walt Whitman) did an excellent job getting to the rim and making things happen as we mostly ran a 4 guard offense which was a successful formula for us all weekend. I thank Andre Edwards for his continued support as well as Coach Nima Omidvar for running a great tournament. There were many colleges as well as scouting services in attendance which is always very helpful.  This was our second year attending and I strongly recommend for coaches to add this tournament to your schedule next year as it is well run, has very good competition from 11/u up to 17/u and is a great way to start off your travel season as it is the first big east coast event of the spring.  You can check it out at  As the Spring travel season begins it is our goal for all of our young men who are currently or formerly involved with the team to be able to play college basketball somewhere next season. With continued work in the classroom and the attendance of a few more exposure events we believe we will achieve our goal.

    Sunday, March 23

    Team Underrated remained undefeated in the 12u Almighty Force winter league.  Our 12u defeated Positive Direction 51-18.

    • Aaren Edmead 3pts., 5assist, 4steals, and 4 rebounds
    • Shakim Flippen 1 pt., 3 assist, 2steals and 4 rebounds
    • Mike Barry 15pts., 7 rebounds, and 5 blocks
    • Keith Ruiz 2 pts., 2 steals, and 2 assist
    • Dante Williams 3pts., 5 rebounds, and 2 blocks
    • Patrick Jackson 3pts., 2 steals, and 4 assist
    • Nigel Carter 2pts., 2 steals, and 4 rebounds
    • CJ Davis 12pts., 3 steals, 5 rebounds, and 4 assist
    • Breund Murphy 11 rebounds, and 6 blocks
    • Jack Campo 5 rebounds, 2 steals, and 2 assist

    Team Underrated 14u Team (Mostly 12 year olds) defeated Positive Direction

    •  Mike Barry 3pts., and 2 rebounds
    • Timmy Quashie 8pts., 4 rebounds, and 3 assist
    • CJ Davis 1 pt.
    • Stephon Pitts 4pts., 2 steals, and 2 rebounds
    • Stewart Warren 11pts., 12 rebounds, and 5 blocks
    • Aaren Edmead 2 pts., and 1 steal

    Team Underrated 13u Team (Mostly 12 year olds) defeated Deer Park 43-14 in the UNAYO League to remain undefeated.

    • Breund Murphy 2pts., 6 rebounds, and 2 blocks
    • Aaren Edmead 7pts., 2 rebounds, and 2 steals, and 3 assist
    • Stefan Pitts 5pts., 3 rebounds, 1 block, and 2 steals
    • CJ Davis 8pts., 6 rebounds, 4 steals, and 2 assist
    • Anthony Puccio 3pts., 4 rebounds, 1 block, and 1 steal
    • Keith Ruiz 2 rebounds, 2 steals,
    • Nigel 2 pts., 2 rebounds
    • Connor Panzner 4pts., 1assist, 1 block, and 1 steal
    • Akil Spruill 10pts., 3 rebounds, and 2 steals

    Team Underrated 15/16u Team suffered its first loss to a very quick scrappy Push The Rock team

    • Miles  4pts., 6 rebounds, and 3 blocks
    •  Pershod  4pts., 3 rebounds, 2 assit, and 1 steal
    • Jamel  2pts., 6rebounds, and 3 blocks
    • Jeff 2pts., 2 rebounds
    • Duke 6pts. 3 rebounds, and 2 assist
    • Mike 2pts., 3 rebounds
    • Josh 2pts., and 4rebounds
    • Akil 3pts

    Wednesday, March 19

    Team Underrated 16u team defeated Bayshore PAL in the UNAYO Winter League to lift their record to 4-0. 


    Team Underrated 13u team (comprised mainly of 12u players and an 11u player) improved its record to 6-0 in the UNAYO Winter League by defeating Push The Rock

    • Breund Murphy: 2Blocks,  and 5rebounds
    • Stephon Pitts:      1pt, 3 rebounds, and 1 steal
    • Shakim Flippen: 6pts., and 3 steals
    • Sha:  4pts;, 4rebounds
    • Nigel Carter: 3pts.,
    • Jack Campo:    4pts., 4rebounds
    • Patrick Jackson:  2pts.,2steals, and assist
    • Aaron Edmead:  4pts., 3assist, and 2 steals
    • Anthony Puccio:  11points, 2 rebounds
    • Akil Spruil:11points,2steals
    • Mike Barry: 3points, 4rebounds, and 2steals



    Monday, March 17

    I would like to inform everyone that, based on Timothy Quashie academic achievement and leadership potential, has been nominated to attend the Junior National Young Leaders Conference (JrNYLC) to be held in Washington, D.C. this summer 2008. 

    Timothy was nominated by his teacher, Ms. Joanna Ramirez, who recognized him as one of a select group of students with the scholastic merit, maturity and strength of character to represent Westbury Middle School at this unique leadership program for exceptional 5th and 6th graders.  Team Underrated congratulates Timothy and this huge accomplishment.  It's not all about basketball, you have to have that strong foundation of being academically sound and analytically astute.


    Friday, March 14

    Team Underrated 12u Team defeated L I Trotters 41-10 in the Almighty Force Tourney on March 8th in Brooklyn. 

    • CJ Davis 11pts., 3assist, 7rebounds, and 4steals
    • Jack Campo 2pts., 5rebounds, and 2steals
    • Nigel Carter 2pts., and 4rebounds
    • Patrick Jackson 6pts., and 2assist
    • Stephan Pitts 6pts., and 2rebounds
    • Aaren Edmead 2pts., 2assist, and 2steals
    • Keith Ruiz 2steals
    • Shakim Flippen 2pts., and 2steals
    • Mike Barry 6pts., and 5rebounds
    • Dante Williams 2pts., 3rebounds, and 1assist

    Our Record moves to 2-0..........

    Wednesday, March 5

    On March 1st, 2008 Our Team Underrated 12u Team kicked off Almighty Force Tourney with a huge win over Bunky Reid All-Stars 46-17.

    Shakim Flippen    5 points, 3 assist, 4 rebounds and 3 steals

    Breund Murphy   2 points, 8 rebounds, 3 blocks, and 2 steals

    CJ Davis            10 points, 7 rebounds, and 3 assist

    Aaren Edmead     4 points, and 4 assist

    Stephon Pitts      8 points, 2 assist, 3rebounds, and 2 steals

    Keith Ruiz          Strong contribution on defense

    Patrick Jackson  13 points, and 2 assist

    Nigel Carter       4 points and 3 rebounds


    Team Underrated improved their record to 4-0 in the UNAYO Winter League held in Amityville by beating the house team 38-18.

    Breund Murphy       4 points, 6 rebounds, and 2 blocks

    Stefan Pitts            2 points, 5 rebounds, 1 steal, and 1 block 

    Patrick Jackson       2 assist

    Shakim Flippen        10 points, 1 assist, 2 rebounds, and 2 steals

    Aaren Edmead          1 point, 1 assist

    CJ Davis                 3 points, 5 rebounds, 1 block, and 1 steal

    Akil Spruill            10 points, 2 assist, and 3 steals

    Anthony Puccio        6 points, and 3 rebounds

    Mike Barry             2 points, 6 rebounds, and 4 blocks


    Wednesday, March 5




    12U I.S 8 CHAMPS
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    Monday, February 25
    Team Underrated 12u Coached by Andre Edwards ( Head Coach-Wyandanch High School) beat Riverside 12u 54-41 to win the Infamous I.S. 8 Winter League in front of a packed gym. So many past players played in this event and went on to Major colleges. Such names as: AJ Price, Jason Fraser, Tim Ambrose, Nick Carter, Clarence Alonzo, Kenny Jones, Shavar Burch, Terrell Holloway, Shahee Martin, Andrew Beinert, Danny Green, too name a few. Team Underrated came into the semi’s with an undermanned team with several players on vacation and had to use a few younger players. Team Underrated still maintained to go through the weekend undefeated and capturing the crown. Team Underrated defeated NY Patriots 50-28 in the semi’s. Final Four and Championship Stats:· Breund Murphy 9 points, 21 rebounds, 10 blocks, and 3 steals· Stefan Pitts 4 points, 8 rebounds, 4 steals, and 3 assist· CJ Davis 13 points, 5 assist, 8 rebounds, and 4 steals· Shakim Flippen 18 points, and 9 steals· Timmy Quashie 36 points, 6 assist, 16 rebounds, 4 steals, and 4 blocks· Nigel Carter 6 points, 2 assist, and 6 rebounds · Keith Ruiz 10 points· Patrick Jackson 3 steals, 3 assist, and 4 reboundsTimmy Quashie was named Tournament MVP. On Saturday evening Team Underrated 12u defeated St. Rose 73-26 to move their record to 4-0 in the UNAYO winter league. All Team Underrated players scored in this game. Breund Murphy 2 points, CJ Davis 2 points, Akil Spruill 14 points, Anthony Puccio 12 points, Keith Ruiz 2 points, Shakim Flippen 4 points, Stefan Pitts 7 points, Mel McPherson 8 points, Timmy Quashie 10 points, Chancellor Ellis 4 points, and Pat Jackson 4 points. Team Underrated 12u has a roster of 13 kids and have 10 on High Honor Roll and 3 kids are on the Honor Roll list. This group of student-athletes are some of your next great players. Team Underrated 12u is going into their second year as a team and since then they have been together the record is 56-9 with a 19-0 record so far this 2007-2008 AAU season. Stay tuned for more…..

    Friday, February 22


    Ryan Creighton 4th (26.7) Greenport           (Suffolk Class D Champs)

    John Nielsen    12th (22.3) Port Jefferson  (Suffolk Class C Champs)

    Brian Van Cott 13th  (22.1) Oyster Bay         (Nassau Class B Finalist)

    Billy Butler      18th  (20.7) Floral Park         (Nassau Class A Finalist)




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    Friday, February 22


     John Nielsen said he likes to be the main man when the game is on the line. Whether his team is trailing or leading, crunch time is his favorite part of the game.

    Nielsen proved his value Thursday as he scored 29 points, including five in the final 1:17, to lift Port Jefferson past Greenport, 67-63, in the Suffolk Class C-D final at Floyd.

    "I like having the ball in my hands late," said Nielsen, who hit a three off a feed from Sam Davis with 1:17 left to give his team a 65-63 lead. "I feel secure with it."

    Friday, February 22

    Team Underrated 12u Team defeated BYA in the UNAYO Tournament 35-30. Team Underrated was led by Anthony Puccio 9pts., Mike Barry 8pts., Shakim Flippen 6pts., Stephon Pitts 4pts., Aaren Edmead 5pts., and 3 steals, Breund Murphy chipped in 3pts., 7rebounds, and 3blocks.


    Team Underrated defeated Positive Direction 55-12 in the Elite 8 of the infamous I.S. 8 Tourney. Team Underrated was led by CJ Davis 16pts., and 6 steals, Breund Murphy 3pts., and 7rebounds, Aaren Edmead-Keith Ruiz-Pat Jackson-Nigel Carter combined for 9pts., 5steals, 6assist, Stephon Pitts 10pts., 2steals, and 4rebounds, Timmy Quashie 9pts., 4assist, and 6steals, and Shakim Flippen chipped in 8pts., and 3steals.

    Tuesday, February 12

    That's right Team Underrated 35+ team is in the Final Four.  This league with ex-NBA players, Ex-Overseas players, Ex-Playground legends, Ex-Division 1 players, and Ex-And 1 players. (Boo Harvey, Jeff Artiss, Kevin Young, Seth Marshall, Master Rob, Sean Eastwick, Don Chung, "Speedy" Williams, Corey "Showtime"Williams, Hammer, and Biz "1/2 man 1/2 amazing" too name a few.)


    Team Underrated defeated Diamonds 76-66, and  Head Cases 84-80, to reach the  Final Four.  Coach Dre scored 23 pts., dished out 8 assist , grabbed 7 boards, and 4 steals, vs. Diamonds.  in the Elite 8 Coach Dre scored a whopping 45 pts., 2/5 3-pters, 13/15 F/T's , and 13/17 F/G's.  including 5 assist, 3 steals, and 8 rebounds.

    Next up is New York Life (Wednesday 2/20 @7pm) @ Gerswhin (Linden and Van Siclen)

    Friday, February 8

    Team Underrated

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    The Team Underrated Staff of would like to thank all involved that helped make the 1st "Future League" a success.  Coaches, Officials,, parents, and most importantly the kids.  Everyone had a good time and we can't thank you enough for all of your kind words.  

    The Officiating crew:

    1. JOE OWENS

    The Teams:

    Positive Direction, Team Underrated, Brentwood USA, Half Hollow Hills Fury, St. James-Setauket, Deer Park Saints, Team Shamrock, L I Trotters, Gateway Sports, Push-The-Rock, Riverside, Coast 2 Coast, Lawmen, Bunky Reid All-Stars, and L I Road Runners.

    In the 10u Division, Brentwood USA Coached by Tim Parker defeated Half Hollow Hills Fury  Coach by David Kaston 49-31.  Brentwood USA just avenged an earlier season loss to Half Hollow Hills Fury.  Both sides had some good talent.  Brentwood USA pressure defense was too much for Half Hollow Hills Fury this time.  Brentwood USA caused many turn-overs which led to easy lay-ups.  Half Hollow Hills Fury shot 11/26 from the line, Brentwood USA shot 8/26 from the line. 

    • Steven Tynes (Brentwood USA) was named game MVP
    • J. Jordan led Brentwood USA with 12pts., and T. Jacque chipped in 10pts....
    • B. Kastin led Half Hollow Hills Fury with 12pts., Ron Woodhull chipped in 9pts...

    In the 11u Divison, Team Underrated Coached by Moe Thomas defeated Positive Direction Coached by Wes Nelson 52-49.  In the best game of the day, several players fouling out on both sides, many lead changes, many oooos and aaahs was worth the watch.  These two teams never gave up and left everything on the court.  I had witness both teams get better and better as the tournament went on.  Several players could have been awarded most improve, because they really put the hard time into their games.  The Positive Direction vs. Team Underrated match-ups has been going on for about 6years and we will continue that rivalry.  Team Underrated 12/28 Free-Throw, Positive Direction 6/23 Free-Throw. 

    • Donte Williams (Team Underrated) was named game MVP
    • Mel led Team Underrated with 13pts., Pat Jackson had 13pts., And Valaughn Creekmore had 12pts., Isiah Malone and Zachary Locker played stellar defense.  Isiah Malone was in early foul trouble and never really got into the flow of the game. 
    • Positive Direction was led by W. Nelson 11pts., Derrick Joseph 9pts., R. Salnave 9pts., and Dimitri 7pts.,

    In the 12u Division, Team Underrated Coached by Andre Edwards defeated a very pesky L I Trotters  team Coached by Scott Benjamin 56-48.  The last time Team Underrated defeated L I Trotters during the regular season was a blow-out.  L I Trotters did their homework and played a very good game and led by 3 at the half.  Team Underrated had a sense of urgency and started chipping away at the lead the L I Trotters had.  The Trotters playmaker, Tristan came up with big play after big play and was definately the best-guard on the court on this day.  He distributed the ball judicially and scored when he had an opportunity.  Thomas (LI Trotters) struggled to find his rythym in the second-half as Breund Murphy (Team Underrated) contained him.  The win was an all out effort for Team Underrated and a great game by both teams. 

    • Timmy Quashie (Team Underrated) was named game MVP
    • Breund Murphy had 8pts., 12rebounds, and 3 blocks, Akil Spruil had 9pts., and 8rebounds, CJ Davis 9pts., Chancellor 12pts.,
    • L I Trottters was led by Thomas 19pts., and 15rebounds, 2 blocks, and Tristan 12pts., and 7 assist.

    Thanks to all the coaches:

    1. TEAM UNDERRATED       DRE               
    2. TEAM UNDERRATED       MOE              
    3. TEAM UNDERRATED       DOUG           
    4. POSITIVE DIRECTION      WES               
    5. POSITIVE DIRECTION      BILLY          
    6. TEAM SHAMROCK            JAMES          
    7. RIVERSIDE                          MARK          
    8. RIVERSIDE                          KEITH          
    9. L I TROTTERS                     SCOTT          
    10. LAWMEN                              JOHN            
    11. LAWMEN                              AAREN         
    12. PUSH-THE-ROCK                MIKE           
    13. GATEWAY SPORTS            WINSTON    
    14. DEER PARK SAINTS          KAREEM     
    15. COAST 2 COAST                  NICK             
    16. BUNKY REID                       MIKE            
    17. BUNKY REID                       JAMES         
    18. L I ROAD RUNNERS          DAVE            
    20. ST. JAMES-SETAUKET      PRINCE        
    21. HALF HOLLOW HILLS      DAVID          
    22. BRENTWOOD USA             TIM

    The League was formed to help every player improve in all areas of basketball.  We had several teams improve in current leagues that they are playing in because of the competition.  We are looking to put on another event, so stay tuned for details. 

    Wednesday, February 6

    2/2 Team Underrated 16u team won their opening game of the Unayo Winter League vs. Unayo B team 66-18. 

    Team Underrated had contributions from all players. 

    • Moe Thomas led us with 19pts.
    • Marquise King chipped in 12 pts, 8 assist, 7 rebounds and 6 steals
    • Prashod McCoy chipped in 10pts, 6 assist, and 4 steals
    • Josh Pineiro chipped in 5 pts., 5 rebounds, and 2 assist
    • Jeff Swanson chipped in 4pts., 3 steals, and 3 assist
    • James Thompson 2pts., and 12 rebounds
    • Matt Milk 4pts., 15 rebounds, and 8 blocks
    • Tyler Panzner 2pts., 4 rebounds, and 2 assist

    2/2 Team Underrated 16u team won their 2nd game in the the I.S. 8 Winter League to improve their record to 2-1.  They beat Next Level 58-43.

    • Marquise King led the way with 15pts., (3-3pters) and 4 assist
    • Moe Thomsas chipped in 7 pts., and 4 assist
    • Mike 6pts., 2 assist, 6 rebounds, and 2 blocks
    • Malcolm Cater 13pts. (3-3pters), 3 assist, and 8 rebounds
    • Jordan Tripp 3pts., and 3 assist
    • Stephon Gozo 14pts. (2-3pters)

    2/2 Team Underrated 12u team finished up 4-0 in the I.S. 8 Winter League by beating Impact 40-20 with a short staff:

    • Aaren Edmead 6pts., and 2 steals
    • Jack Campo 8pts. and 4 rebounds
    • Breund Murphy 4pts., 9 rebounds and 6 blocks
    • Keith Ruiz 4pts. and 1 assist
    • CJ Davis 13 pts, 2 assist, and 4 rebounds
    • Nigel 2 pts., 3 rebounds, and 1 assist
    • Pat Jackson 3pts 

    2/1 Team Underrated 12u team opened up the UNAYO Winter League with a 65-18 win over Nassau Ballerz.

    • Akil Spruill 10pts., 2 rebounds and 1 steal
    • Mike Barry 15pts., 3 rebounds and 4 blocks
    • Nigel Carter 2pts., 1 assist, and 1 steal
    • Pat Jackson 1 assist, and 1 steal
    • Keith Ruiz 2 pts.,
    • Breund Murphy 2pts., 7 rebounds, and 4 blocks
    • CJ Davis 13pts., 6 assist, 3 rebounds, and 7 steals
    • Jack Campo 2 assist, 4 rebounds, and 2 steals
    • Aaren Edmead 11pts., and 4steals
    • Shakim Flippen 10pts., 2 assist, and 2 steals

    Wednesday, January 30
    The Team Underrated 12U team defeated NY Tigers 42-26 in the Queens based IS 8 Winter League to improve their record to 3-0.  Team Underrated was led by Breund Murphy 8pts., 10 rebounds, and 5 blocks, CJ Davis 12 pts., and 3 steals, Aaren Edmead 4pts., 4 steals, and 3 assist.  Team Underrated 12u Team is 14-0 so far this 2007-2008 Season.
    We would like to welcome Keith Ruiz to our Team Underrated Family.

    Monday, January 14

    On January 6th, Team Underrated defeated Gauchos (A) 42-36 at the infamous I.S. 8 Tourney. 

    • Breund Murphy 8 rebounds 2 steals , and 2 blocks
    • Timmy Quashie 13 pts., 5 rebounds, and 1 block
    • Connor Panzner 8 pts., 2 rebounds
    • Aaren Edmead 2 steals, 2 rebounds
    • Chris Davis 10 pts., 1 steal
    • Shakim Flippen 10pts., 3 rebounds, and 3 steals
    • Mike Barry 3 rebounds
    • Jack Campo 2pts., and 1 block

    Monday, January 14

    Team Underrated travelled to Queens over the weekend to play against L I Trotters @ the I.S. 8 tourney.  Not even 24 hours we were back at it again playing the runner-up of the "Future League Tourney".  This game was like night and day.  Connor Panzner opened up the game with a jumper and then the defensive pressure was on.  Team Underrated 42 L I Trotters 15

    Mike Barry 2 rebounds, 1 steal, and 1 block

    Connor Panzner 8 points

    Breund Murphy 4 rebounds, 1 steal, 1 assist, and 4 points

    Aaren Edmead 8 points, 1 assist, and 2 steals

    Timmy Quashie 6 points, 1 assist, 3 rebounds, and 3 steals

    Jack Campo 2 points, and 1 steal

    Shakim Flippen 5 points, 2 steals, and 2 rebounds

    Nigel Carter 3 points,

    CJ Davis 6 points, 2 steals, 1 assist, and 1 rebound


    Thursday, December 27

    This is what it is all about:


    Tuesday, December 18

    As we wind down the "Future League", quite a few teams are making a push to receive a better seeding in the play-offs. 

    We will have an All-Star Team made up of a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Team for all Divisions, stay tuned for more.

    December 15, 2007 

    In the 1st game of the day Team Underrated (11u) defeated L I Trotters (11u) 40-15 to improve its record to 6-0 and a 1st place finish.  Valaughn Creekmore had a career high 24pts., while Isiah Malone contributed 5pts., 4steals, and 4assist, Donte Williams chipped in 4pts., and 14rebounds.  L I Trotters was led by Taiymel Thomas 9pts.....

    In the 2nd game of the day Riverside (12u) defeated Bunky Reid All-Stars (12u) 57-37.  Riverside was led by Michael Williams 14pts., Ty Jerome 10pts., Eric Pashcal 10pts., and Ellis Christmas chipped in 8pts.,  Bunky Reid was led by Raymond 9pts., Malik 8pts., and Shomari 7pts.,

    In the 3rd game of the day Team Underrated (12u) defeated Push-the-Rock (12u)          65-13. Team Underrated was led by Isiah 14pts., Breund Murphy 8pts., and 12rebounds, Nigel Carter 4pts., Jack Campo 8pts., Aaren Edmead 4pts., 4assist, and 3steals, Mike Barry 6pts., CJ Davis 6pts., 6rebounds, and 3assist, Connor Panzner 7pts., Shakim Flippen 6pts., 4steals, and 4rebounds and Kevin Little had 3steals and 3assist.  Push-the-Rock was led by Antoine with 5pts.,

    In the 4th game of the day Coast 2 Coast (12u) defeated Riverside (12u) 47-46.  Coast 2 Coast was led by Nick Thomas 10pts., Cannon 10pts., Riverside was led by Michael 8pts., Wolfie and Ellis chipped in 6pts.,

    In the 5th game of the day New Heights NYC (10u) defeated Positive Direction (11u) 23-20.  New Heights was led by Ronald 12pts., Positive Direction was led by Ray 9pts.,

    In the 6th game of the day Lawmen (12u) defeated Coast 2 Coast (12u) 44-42.  Lawmen was led by Khahiem 17pts., and Jarrod 14pts.,Coast 2 Coast was led by Nelson 11pts., King 9pts., and Cannon 10pts....

    In the 7th game of the day Team Underrated (11u) defeated Positive Direction (11u) 21-16.  Team Underrated was led by Mel 10pts., Positive Direction was led by Malik 5pts.,.


    December 16, 2007 

    In the 1st game of the day St. James-Setauket (10u) defeated Shamrocks (10u) 17-16.  St. James was led by Metzler 7pts., Shamrocks was led by Fox 6pts., and Marion 6pts.,

    In the 2nd game of the day Positive Direction (11u) defeated St. James (11u) 23-20.  Positive Direction was led by Derrick 7pts., and Rashard 5pts., St. James was led by Towle 7pts.,

    In the 3rd game of the day Shamrocks (10u) defeated Deer Park Saints (10u) 34-16.  Shamrocks was led by Pugliese 12pts., Wynter 6pts., Rapp 6pts., and Mediavilla 6pts., Deer Park Saints was led by Briggs 7pts.,

    In the 4th game of the day St. James (11u) defeated Gateway Sports (11u) 46-12.  St. James was led by Faraci 9pts., Flynn 10pts., Bucaro 9pts., Gateway was led by Andrew 9pts.,

    In the 5th game of the day is was the battle of the big men,  these two kids from the respective teams are the best offensive big-men in the league. L I Trotters (12u) defeated Positive Direction (12u) 58-48.  L I Trotters was led by their big-man Thomas 24rebounds and 18rebounds, Tristan 12pts, and 9assist, Keith 12pts., and Ray 7pts., Positive Direction was led by their big-man C. Hinton 29pts., and 15rebounds. 

    In the 6th and final game Lawmen who had made a tremondous turn-around since day 1 had a balanced effort.  Lawmen (12u) defeated Positive Direction (12u) 61-36.  Lawmen was led by Khahiem 20pts., Jarrod 15pts., Eric 11pts., and Matthew 8pts., Positive Direction was led by K. Oden 13pts., and C. Hinton 12pts.,


     December 17, 2007 

    In the 1st game of evening Half Hollow Hills Fury (10u) defeated Positive Direction (girls) 20-14.  HHHF was led by Ron Woodhull 10pts., and Casey Barone 4pts., Positive Direction was led by Sydney M. 5pts. and Danielle W. 4pts.,

    In the 2nd game HHHF (10u) defeated Deer Park Saints (10u) 31-2.  HHHF was led by R. Barone 8pts., Ron Woodhull 10pts., B. Kaston 6pts.,







    Wednesday, December 12


    1. Half Hollow Hills Fury (10u) defeated Brentwood USA (10u) 24-22.  Half Hollow was led by Ron Woodhull 11pts., Leff 4pts., and Malachi Henley 4pts., Brentwood USA was led by M. Hall 9pts., G. Lambre 8pts., and N. Cannon 5pts.,
    2. Bunky Reid All-Stars (12u) defeated Push-the-Rock (12u) 56-29.  Bunky Reid was led by Shomari 23pts (4-3pters)., Andre 18pts., and Raymond 8pts., Push-the-Rock was led by Devante 8pts., Antwon 6pts., and Brandon 6pts.
    3. New Heights (10u) defeated Deer Park Saints (10u) 57-6. New Heights was led by Terrel 12pts., Justin 10pts., Tyrese 10pts., Shaq 11pts., Ronald 8pts., and Chris 6pts., Briggs led Deer Park Saints with 5pts.,
    4. Team Underrated (12u) defeated Coast 2 Coast (12u) 81-15.  Team Underrated had effort from all players. Breund Murphy 8pts., 13rebounds, and 4blocks, Nigel Carter 3steals, and 4assist, Jack Campo 8pts.,Aaren Edmead 2pts., 6steals, and 5assist, Timmy Quashie 7pts., 8rebounds, and 7assist, Mike Barry 9pts., and 7rebounds, CJ Davis 13pts., Isiah 6pts., 3steals, and 4assist, Chancellor 9pts., Jovani Mareno 6pts., and Connor Panzner 12pts.,.  Coast 2 Coast was led by Nelson 6pts.
    5. L I Road-Runners (11u) defeated Bunky Reid All-Stars (12u) 59-35.  Anthony Puciano scored a League record 38pts., and Carlos chipped in 20pts., Bunky Reid Shomari scored a season high 30pts., and Andre scored 9pts., and 9assist.
    6. New Heights (10u) defeated Team Underrated (10u) 54-21.  New Heights was led by Shaq 17pts., Tyrese 9pts., and Terrell 14pts.,
    7. L I Road-Runners (12u) defeated Push the Rock (12u) 46-30.  L I Road Runners was led by Carlos 17pts., Anthony 17pts., and Robert 7pts.,   Push-the-Rock was led by Brandon 12pts., and Antwon 12pts.,
    8. L I Trotters (11u) defeated St. James-Setauket (11u) 35-31.  L I Trotters was led by Tymell Thomas 13pts., Chiazam Nwankwo 9pts., and Tosg Crossfield 7pts.,  St. James was led by Denise 9pts., Faraci 7pts., Towl chipped in 6pts., and Balzan contributed 5pts.,
    9. Team Underrated (10u) defeated St.James-Setauket (10u) 39-12.  Team Underrated was led by Chris Kelly 12pts., Corey Lee 10pts., Teshawn Farris 8pts., Quanel Robinson 6pts., and Doug Niblock 4pts.,.. St. James was le by Awe 5pts.,
    10. Half Hollow Hills Fury (10u) defeated St. James-Setauket (11u) 19-18.  Half Hollow Hills Fury was led by Ron Woodhull 7pts., Kaston 6pts., and Malchi Henley 4pts.,.. St. James was led by Denise 8pts., Buccro 4pts., and Jimmy 4pts.,
    11. St. James-Setauket (10u) defeated Deer Park Saints (10u) 20-8.   St. James was led by Awe with 8pts.,.  Deer Park Saints was led by Martinez 4pts.,
    12. Positive Direction (11u-girls) defeated Gateway Sports (11u) 17-11.  Positive Direction was led by D. Waithe 9pts..  Gateway Sports was led by Kenny 3pts., and Vincent 3pts.,
    13. Lawmen (12u) defeated Bunky Reid All-Stars (12u) 34-30.  Lawmen was led by Jarrod 13pts., Khahiem 9pts.,and Matthew 8pts.,  Bunky Reid was led by Shomari 12pts., and Malik 11pts.,
    14. L I Trotters (12u) defeated Coast 2 Coast (12u) 49-38.  L I Trotters was led by Thomas 24pts., Daquise 9pts., and Kieth 8pts.,.. Coast 2 Coast was led by King 10pts.and Hopson 9pts.
    15. L I Road-Runners (12u) defeated Lawmen (12u) 25-24.  L I Road-Runners was led by Carlos 13pts., and Robert 8pts....Lawmen was led by Khahiem 7pts., and Jordan 6pts
    16. Brentwood USA (10u) defeated Team Underrated (10u) 35-22.  Brentwood USA was led by S. Tynes 10pts., M. Hall 6pts., T. Jaques 6pts., and J.Jordan 6pts.,




    Friday, December 7
    1. Brentwood USA (10u)  defeatead Deer Park Saints (10u) 33-16 behind M. Hall 8 pts., B. Cruz 7pts., and N. Cannon 6pts..  Deer Park Saints was led by Briggs 10pts.,, and Sepulvada 5pts.
    2. Team Underrated (12u) defeated The Lawmen (12u) 75-23 with huge contributions from the entire roster.  Breund Murphy 12pts. and 12 rebounds, Aaren Edmead 7pts., and 6assist, Nigel Carter 2pts., Connor Panzner 20pts. (4-3pters), Akil Spruill 6pts., Shakim Flippen 19pts., Timmy Quashie 9pts, and 10 assist. Lawmen was led by Jordan 12pts.,.
    3. L I Trotters (12u) defeated Riverside (12u) 59-29.  L I Trotters was led by Thomas 34 pts., Daquan 11pts., Tristan 8pts., ..Riverside was led by Wolfie 9pts.,
    4. Riverside rebounded from their 1st loss of the day and defeated Bunky Reid All-Stars 62-40.  Riverside was led by Eric 14pts., Donovan 11pts., and Wolfie 7pts., Bunky Reid was led by Kristian 14pts.,
    5. Team Underrated (12u) defeated L I Trotters (12u) 89-53.  Team Underrated had positive support from everyone on the team.  Breund Murphy 3pts., and 13rebounds, Aaren Edmead 13pts., 5steals, and 5assist, Connor Panzner 16pts., 6-6FT, Akil Spruill 4pts., and 7rebounds, Shakim Flippen 10pts, and 4steals, Timmy Quashie 27pts., (5-3pters), 7rebounds and 6assist, Cj Davis 11pts., , and Jack Campo contributed 2pts., 3steals, 6rebounds and 2assist.  L I Trotters was led by Thomas 23pts., and Daquan 14pts.,
    6. Coast 2 Coast (12u) defeated Bunky Reid (12u) 59-23.  Coast 2 Coast was led by King 20pts., Hopson 15pts., and Thomas contibuted 7pts. Bunky Reid was led by Shomari 15pts., Andre & Kristian 7pts., a piece..
    7. Coast 2 Coast (12u) defeated Push The Rock (12u) 63-23 in a back to back game.  Coast 2 Coast was led by King 21pts., Hopson 8pts., Nelson 8pts., and Fishburne 8pts., Push the Rock was led by Brandon 9pts.,
    8. Half Hollow Hills Fury defeated St. James-Setauket 35-20.  HHHF was led by Bradley Weltman 10pts., Bailey Kaston 6pts., Malachi Henley 6pts., Ronald Woodhull 5pts., St. James-Setauket was led by Meyer 4pts., and Botelno 4pts.,.
    9. Brentwood USA (10u) defeated Team Shamrock (10u) 57-16.  Brentwood USA was led by J. Jordan 13pts., M. Hall 13pts., B.Hodge 8pts., G. Lambre 8pts.,. Team Shamrock was led by Doyle 6pts., and Walsh 6pts.,.
    10. Lawmen (12u) defeated L I Road-Runners (12u)55-39.  Lawmen was led by Khahiem 16pts., Kyle 13pts., Jarrod 11pts., L I Road Runners was led by Anthony Pucio 23pts., and Williams 11pts.,
    11. Team Underrated (12u) defeated Positive Direction (12u) 94-31.  Team Underrated was led by Aaren Edmead 2pts, 6assist, and 4steals, Breund Murphy 12rebounds and 4blocks, Timmy Quashie 7pts., 8rebounds, and 8assist, Shakim Flippen 18pts., Jack Campo 9pts., Mike Barry 11pts., CJ Davis 9pts., Isiah 13pts., and 5assist, Chancellor 8pts., Kevin Little 2pts., and 5assist, Jovani Mareno 4pts., and 7rebounds, Connor Panzner 6pts., and Nigel Carter 4steals, and 4assist.
    12. Positive Direction (11u-girls) beat Deer Park Saints (10u) 31-10.  Positive Direction T. Brisco had 8pts., D. Waithe had 6pts., K. Carter chipped in 5pts., Deer Park Saints was led by Briggs 6pts.,
    13. L I Trotters (11u) defeated Gateway Sports (11u) 50-7.  L I Trotters was led by Taiymel Thomas 12pts., Jalon Robertson 10pts., Travis Robinson 10pts., and Toga Croffield 8pts.,  Gateway Sports was led by Brandon 4pts.,
    14. Team Underrated (12u) defeated L I Road-Runners (12u)74-28 behind Breund Murphy 3pts., 12rebounds, and 3blocks, Aaren Edmead 6pts., and 4assist, Timmy Quashie 16pts., 7rebounds, and 6assist, Shakim Flippen 6pts., Jack Campo 10pts., Chancellor 15pts., Kevin Little 2pts., and 5assist, Jovani Mareno 2pts.,and 7rebounds, Connor Panzner 12pts., L I Road Runners was led by Denozio 10pts., Balmaceda 7pts., and Williams 6pts.
    15. Half Hollow Hills Fury (10u) defeated Team Underrated (10u) 34-28.  Half Hollow Hills Fury was led by Malachi 10pts., Ronald 9pts., C. Barone 4pts., Kaston 4pts., Weltman 4pts., Team Underrated was led by Adonis Walthall 9pts., Corey Lee 8pts., Chris Kelly 6pts., Doug Niblock had 3 steals, and 4assist.
    16. Team Underrated (11u) defeated St.James-Setauket (11u).   


    Friday, December 7

    November 10, 2007


    The First game of the "Future League" pitted Positive Direction (12U) vs. Push-The-Rock (12U).  Positive Direction prevailed in victory with numerous steals that led into fast-break points.  Positive Direction never trailed in the game and maintained a lot of poise in their 1st win.  Positive Direction was led by Michael Mohamed 20pts., Christopher Hinton 15pts., Nhoel Deverson 10pts., and Kareem Oden chipped in 8pts.,.  Push-The-Rock was led by Timothy Caldwell 6pts., and Jalen Jackson 6pts.,


    In the Second game of the day, Team Underrated (10U) defeated Deer Park Saints (10U) with tenacious defense.  Team Underrated was led by Doug Niblock 16pts., Andre Edwards II 16pt., and Quanel Robinson 7pts., Corey Lee chipped in 2 pts.and numerous rebounds in the win.  Deer Park Saints was led by Evan Barnes 4pts., and Ryan Sepleveon chipped in 3pts.,


    In the Third game of the day, Team Underrated (11U) defeated Positive Direction (11U).  The game was back and forth both halfs with Positive Direction going on a 7-0 run in the middle of the second-half.  Team Underrated maintained their focus and received some good outside shooting from Patrick Jackson 16pts., (4-3pters), Mel-Shawn McPherson chipped in 8 pts., Donte Williams recorded 6pts., while Isiah Malone and Zachary Locker scored a basket and played tough defense and recorded several assist.  Positive Direction was led by Noah Patterson 8pts., Derrick Joseph 4pts., Dimitri Joseph 4pts., and Malik Spellen chipped in 4pts.,


    In the Fourth game of the day, Team Underrated (11U) played a back-to-back game and defeated Long Island Trotters.  In this game Patrick Jackson once again continued his good shooting by recording 22pts., Andre Edwards II 7pts., Lavaugh Creekmore 6pts., and Donte Williams scored 4pts., Team Underrated received good defense from Isiah Malone and Zachary Locker.  L I Trotters was led by Chiazam Nwankwo 5pts.,


    In the 5th and Final game of the day, Team Underrated (12U) defeated Riverside.  Team Underrated entire roster scored in this game, with CJ Davis leading the way with 13pts., Timmy Quashie chipped in 9pts., Breund Murphy 7pts., Mike Barry 6pts., Aaren Edmead 5pts., Nigel Carter 4pts., Chancellor Ellis 4pts., Jack Campo 3pts., Giovanni Mareno 2pts., and Team Underrated best shooter Connor Panzner finished with 1pt in a bad shooting night.  Riverside was led by Wolfgang Novogratz 12pts., Ellis Christmas 8pts., and Eric Paschall chipped in 7pts…


    November 11, 2007

    Team Underrated (11U) defeated Gateway Sports in dramatic fashion.  Team Underrated recorded many steals which led into easy lay-ups.  Patrick Jackson led the way with 18pts., Mel-Shawn McPherson chipped in 14pts., Andre Edwards II 8pts., Lavaughn Creekmore 7pts., Zachary Locker 5pts., Isiah Malone and Donte Williams contributed 4 pts., each.




    November 18, 2007

    In our second week of action, Positive Direction 11u (girls) and Team Underrated 10u (boys) started the day off with a very tough up and down game.  Positive Direction could not be denied and fought all the way to the end before losing to Team Underraed 37-23.  Team Underrated was led by Chris Kelly 12pts, Andre Edwards II 7pts., and Doug Niblock 3pts with 5 assist, Corey Lee chipped in 3, Teshawn Prince 4pts., Blake Thompson 4pts., and Quanel Robinson finished with 4pts...  Positive Direction was led by D. Waithe 12 pts. and K. Robinson chipped in 5pts......


    In our second game Team Underraed 10u playing back-to-back defeated Team Shamrock 31-13 behind Corey Lee 9pts., Andre Edwards 9pts., Chris Kelly 7pts., and Doug Niblock 4pts. and 5 assist.  Team Shamrock was led by Eddie Fox 9pts., and Malcolm Wynter chipped in 3pts..


    Our 3rd game was a classic match-up that pitted Positive Direction 12u vs. Riverside 12u team.  This game had numerous lead changes with Riverside boosting there lead to 12 pts., before Positive Direction surged back.  Riverside could not contain Positive Direction's Christopher Hinton who recorded a tournament season high and tournament record with 37 points and if we were counting 20+ rebounds (this kid had 25 pts in the 2nd half).  Positive Direction could not contain Riverside guards who converted on numerous jumpshots.  Wolfgang Novogratz scored 20pts., Eric Pashall scored 21pts., Ty Jerome 14 pts., and Donovan Mitchell chipped in 7pts., ..Riverside 70 Positive Direction 68..


    Our 4th game pitted LI Trotters 11u vs. Positive Direction 11u.  Positive Direction prevailed in this game 30-14 behind Rashond Salnave 9pts., Malik Spellen 6pts., and Dimitri Joseph chipped in 4 pts.,  LI Trotters was led by Chiazam Nwankwo 6pts., and Taiymell Thomas 4pts.,


    The 5th game pitted Riverside 12u playing in their second game of the day vs. Lawmen 12u team.  Riverside overmatched by size overcame that and won 58-34.  Riverside received contributions from everyone on the roster highlighted by Eric Paschall 22pts., Wolfgang Novogratz 9pts. Charlie Stevens 6pts., and Ellis Christmas 6pts...  Lawmen was led by Kyaiem Chaplin 10pts., Kyle Williams 6pts., Jonathan Chester 6pts., and John Walker 6pts.,


    In the last and final game of the day, LI Trotters 12u team defeated Push-The-Rock 62-33 behind 23pts from Thomas Holley, Daquan Monroe 15pts., Marcus Deabreu 8pts., and Kemar Duplan 6pts..  Push-The-Rock was led by Brandon Brookl 15pts.,...


    November 19, 2007

    We opened the day with a barn-burner between Gateway Sports vs. Team Shamrock.  This game went to the wire with Team Shamrock having a chance to win the game in the closing seconds.  Gateway Sports was led by Andrew Muo 15pts., and Kenny Cheung 4pts.,  Team Shamrock was led by Eddie Fox 6pts., Mason Marion 4pts., and James Pugliese 3pts.,


    Our second game was another tight game in which Coast 2 Coast 12u was up 10+ points until LI Road-Runners wnet on a run behind Anthony Puccpio 29pts., and Dominic Danetti 11pts.,  Coast 2 Coast came to the game with 4 1/2 players because one of their players was hurt.  They played most of the 1st half with 4 players.  Down the stretch the same player Nelson Thomas who was hurt hit some key baskets to finish with 12pts..Nelson had some strong help from his teammates Thomas King 25pts., Tyrell Thomas 11pts., Shaundel Fishburne 9pts., and Todd Rowland chipped in 3pts., .  Coast 2 Coast 62 LI Road-Runners 53.  Stay tuned for more!!!!!





    Sunday, October 7



    BILLY BUTLER               FLORAL PARK








    REID DRZAL                  BAYPORT


    SAHEEM KING               WYANDANCH




    Sunday, October 7
    When Kemba Walker, Jordan Theodore, and Durand Scott took the floor together this past summer for the Gauchos, they did not lose very often. The trio continued their winning ways on Sunday, as the Gauchos coasted to an easy 106-86 victory over Team Underrated. From the opening tip it was evident who was in control. Within the first three minutes of the game, the Gauchos had jumped out to an 11-2 lead, and never looked back. The customary Gaucho pressure forced Team Underrated into many turnovers, allowing the Gauchos to get tons of fast break opportunities.

    Kemba Walker, Durant Scott & Charles "Snacks" Joseph (back row) of the NY Gauchos

    More times then not, it was Rice's 6'4" junior Durand Scott who would be the beneficiary of a Jordan Theodore (Patterson Catholic, NJ) or Kemba Walker (Rice, NY) assist on the break. The team and specifically the aforementioned trio ran a fast break clinic all game long. Theodore and Walker's slick passing allowed Scott to finish with a game-high 37 points, which included 23 in the first half.

    When Team Underrated turned the ball over, Walker and Theodore were both ready to run the break, and they split time doing so. Both Big East bound point guards showed the ability to direct the offense. Both guards set up their teammates masterfully, and created easy points for their team. The two played the point guard role so well; it is difficult to determine who had a better day. The duo is equally adept at playing either guard spot, and they both possess the uncanny ability to know whether its time to pass or shoot. All the qualities coaches seek in a point guard are abundant in both prospects, and that's what makes them such a hard combination to beat.

    This time next year, Walker (UConn) and Theodore (Seton Hall) will no longer be teammates. In fact, they will be rivals in one of the most competitive NCAA conferences in the country. Until then though, the two will attempt to lead the Gauchos deep into the I.S.8 playoffs before the high school season gets underway.

    As for Scott, the 2009 prospect has yet to commit. Despite being chased by the likes of Arizona, Miami (Fl), Seton Hall, and Rutgers, Scott seems committed to waiting until next year before making any decisions. Scott's wiry 6'4" frame was able to penetrate the Team Underrated zone all game long. He used his long arms and strong frame to finish around the rim off feeds from Theodore and Walker. Scott's size and athleticism created mismatch problems for Team Underrated. The Gauchos seemed to just have too much firepower for Team Underrated on this day.

    The lone bright spot for Team Underrated was West Hempstead's 6'4" senior Kevin Walsh, who finished with a team high 25 points. Walsh showed the ability to not only hit the outside jumper, but also showed he could finish strong at the rim. 6'8" Albany native Andre Futler added 20 points for the losers.

    The Gauchos were also missing a key player in 6'0 senior guard Chris Fouch, who decided to sit out the game with a sore ankle. Fouch expects to be back for the playoffs, and with his addition to Sunday's potent lineup, the Gauchos appear to be in excellent shape for the upcoming playoffs.

    Sunday, October 7

    Lance Stephenson is almost as big as Justin Greene. That’s good either way you look at it. Greene is about 6-7 and plays center on the Juice All-Stars. Stephenson is 6-5 and plays guard for Juice. What that means is Greene has slimmed down and looks to be in better shape than last season, and it also means that Stephenson is filling out and becoming a monster, too much for the average high school guard to handle. Stephenson scored 27 points and led Juice to an easy 96-71 victory over Team Underrated.

    The game was played at George Gershwin junior high school in Brooklyn and is the other site for the traditional IS8 tournament played every spring and fall. The tournament is so popular it’s necessary to have two sites to get all of the games played.

    Juice jumped out to a quick lead and controlled the game early on by going inside a lot to big man Justin Greene. Subsequently, other players on the team kept making good plays. Players like Darwin Ellis, Vincent Council, and Reggie Davis all contributed to the blowout. They ran up and down the court hard and made sure they got down and played defense. They looked like a well-oiled machine, almost like a high school team.

    Oh wait! Let’s look at this thing a little closer.

    Oh, that IS a high school team for the most part. As has been previously reported, Lincoln has new players on the team that transferred from Xaverian this school year. Council and Davis are now attending Lincoln and playing for the Railsplitters. James Padgett, a promising 6-7 junior center, also played at Gershwin yesterday, except he played for Starrett City. He is the other former Xaverian student that changed schools.

    Watching Juice run up and down the court, you couldn’t help but imagine what kind of team Lincoln will have this season. The same team that has won 4 of the last 5 championships looks like they have the inside track to another title. Council is one of those point guards that loves to pass the ball. With so many weapons, he is going to have an easy time doing it. Davis has always been able to score in bunches. There will be times this season when he is going to have big games. He will replace the scoring that graduated from Lincoln.

    All that talent on the court should make some noise in the IS8 playoffs. Juice usually does anyway and this fall tournament shouldn’t be any different. They definitely have undergone a transformation because some mainstays of the team are now in college or playing somewhere else. Now they have a few new youngsters who are looking to make a name for themselves.

    And the main reason that Lincoln looks so strong is that they have the best player in the city on their squad. Stephenson is more physically imposing this season. His court vision seems to have improved which means his teammates are going to have to keep their heads up, eyes open, and stay ready. Judging by Saturday’s smacking of Team Underrated, it looks like they will be ready.

    Sunday, September 2


    Sunday, September 2
    The Team Underrated18U team finished off the regular season 3-3 and qualified for the play-offs of the 1st annual Ny tourney.  All season we have been getting strong contributions from Brandon Butler, Billy Butler, Ring Ayuel, Leak Leak, Rundel Mauge, Kevin Walsh, Chris Harris, David Imes, Jameel Flash, Matt Milk, and Corey Underwood.  Check out for updates.   

    Friday, July 6

    FL- FLORIDA                TAMPA TERROR
    GA- GEORGIA                SMYRNA STARS
    IN- INDIANA                INDIANA ELITE
    IN- INDIANA                INDY REBELS
    MD- MARYLAND               HARUNDALE
    MD- MARYLAND               TEAM MELO
    MP- NEW YORK               TEAM UNDERRATED
    OH- OHIO                   HIP HOP CULTURE
    OH- OHIO                   OHIO TARHEELS
    OH- OHIO                   SPRINGBORO PANTHERS
    OH- OHIO                   TEAM DAYTON
    OZ- OZARK                  STL LAKERS
    OZ- OZARK                  TEAM REEBOK
    VA- VIRGINIA               TEAM RICHMOND
    VA- VIRGINIA               STAFFORD MAGIC 11U

    Thursday, June 28
    Head Coach Ken McCloud was promoted to the Director of Athletics for Wyandanch UFSD, after his appointment his first order of duty was rescinding his appointment as Head Boys Basketball Coach and appointed his Assistant Coach Andre Edwards as Head Coach so he can focus on the overall athletics in Wyandanch. McCloud had a short but successful tenure as Head Coach, McCloud and Edwards led the warriors to a 39-13 record with a total of eight championships and the schools first Suffolk County Championship. Coach Edwards has coached numerous student-athletes through-out the Island, while serving as Director of Team Underrated. This year the warriors will be without Long Island most explosive scorer Chris Barber but they have a host of young talent with some big shoes to fill. They are up for the challenge and will be very competitive in League 7 and Class B. Abdur Kareem will be the Assistant Varsity Coach and Barry Baker will take

    Thursday, June 28
    Team Underrated defeated a very good athletic Brooklyn Express team 71-64 at the Almighty Force 19u League. We were led by Cameron Barber 29pts, 11rebounds, and 4 assist, Brandon Butler 10pts, 8 assist and 5 steals, Billy Butler 11pts, 7 assist, and 3 steals, Ring Ayuel 8pts, 12 rebounds, and 8 blocks, Heru Woods 2 pts, 9 rebounds and 3 assist, Class of 2010 Jamel Flash chipped in 6 pts., 7 rebounds and 3 blocks.

    Wednesday, June 20
    Coach Andre' Edwards, Team Underrated:
    We started off our weekend with a 6 point loss in the Elmcor Classic Tournament (12u Division). We followed that up with huge win over NY Panthers 12u team in the Almighty Force tournament to advance to the Final Four. We were led by Breund Murphy 6 points and 11 rebounds, Shakim Flippen 7 points and 5 rebounds, Aaren Edmead 6 points and 5 assist, Connor Panzner 8 points and 2 assist, Brandon Odom 3 points and 3 steals. In the 4th quarter Brandon Odom hit a huge 3pter late to give us a 1 pt. lead. NY Panthers followed that up with a quick basket of their own, which gave them a 1 pt. lead. TU Connor Panzner gave us the go ahead lead with a driving lay-up over the outstretched arms of a NY Panther. Final Score 30-29.

    Team Underrated followed up that huge win with a 35+ win over Classic Center @ the Gunhill Classic 11u Tourney. We were led by Aaren Edmead 12 points, 8 assist, and 5 steals, Breund Murphy 8 points, 15 rebounds, and 5 blocks, Brandon Odom 8 points, 3 assist , and 3 steals, Akil Spruill 12 points, 8 rebounds, and 4 steals, Shakye Brown 11 points, and 3 steals, Shakim Flippen 15 points 5 steals, and 6 rebounds.

    To finish out the weekend we beat the best 12under team in the St. Patrick's Summer League (Long Island) by 20. That win give us a 6-0 record in that league.

    As we get ready to travel to the AAU Division II Nationals we are 20-3 since May regionals against 11u teams. Stay tuned for more!!!!

    Other news: Team Underrated-Capital District 16u went 2-2 over the weekend (Winning 2 @ Orchard Beach and losing 2 @ Nike Swoosh), Team Underrated-Capital District 19u opened up Gunhill with an overtime win over NY Predators Chris"Click Clack" Barber had 32 points in the win. Team Underrated-Capital District 18u was defeateed by Abyssian Church @ Rucker. Cameron Barber led TU with 22 points and 8 Rebounds, Ring Ayuel had 4 points, 8 Rebounds and 8 Blocks.

    view full size
    Wednesday, June 6
    Team Underrated 15u 16u 17u went up to Albany this past weekend and had a combined record of 16-0 in route to capturing every championship. We had stellar performances from all 3 teams. The 17u team featured 7'5 Ring Ayoule from Our Saviour New America.

    The 15u team won their pool by a margin of 25+ points, the 16u team won their pool by a margin of 35+ points, and the 17u team won their pool play by a margin of 30+ points. The championship game for the 15u was won by 1, the 16u won by 30, and the 17u won by 3 in overtime. For the 17u division Cameron Barber was named tournament MVP, with averages of 28pts., 15rebounds, and 6assist. Brandon and Billy Butler combined to average 20 assist per contest. Ring Ayoule averaged 9pts., 14rebounds, and 7blocks, Heru Woods, Orin O'Bryant, Corey Heywood, and Andre Fuller (Albany, NY), played very well and had well respected stats as well.

    Sunday, April 22

    1. LI TROTTERS       5-3
    2. NYC PANTHERS       7-1
    3. WARRIORS          3-2
    4. BUNKY REID         7-3
    5. MONTEBELLO         7-2
    6. L.P. FAM BANDITS   3-5
    7. TEAM UNDERRATED    4-6
    9. NO. BABYLON BDOGS 0-7
    10. HOOD SQUAD         3-3


    1. TEAM UNDERRATED      7-1
    2. NYC FINEST          6-1
    3. HOOD SQUAD(BKLYN)    6-0
    4. HOOD SQUAD(QUEENS)   2-3
    5. BIG WAYNE'S          5-2
    6. WARRIORS             3-5
    7. DSA                  7-4
    8. LONGSHOTS            2-6
    9. CAMBRIA HEIGHTS      2-6
    10.TMUNDR(BRENTWOOD)    0-9
    11.QNS. BLACKHAWKS      4-3
    12.G.V'S COUGARS       4-3
    13.LI TROTTERS          3-3
    14.SHOWTIME             0-1
    15.BKLYN EXPRESS       3-2
    16.KANSAS CITY          1-5
    17.NEXT LEVEL          0-0
    18.D'N'D                0-0

    Saturday, May 26
    In the Almighty Force league our 19u Team went 2-0 to improve its record to 7-1 this week. They beat DSA on Wednesday, and beat Hood Squad-Queens 68-63 behind Max Schiallies 7pts., 15rebounds, Chris Barber 18pts.,6assist,and 9rebounds, Cameron Barber 20pts.,18rebounds, and 7assist, Heru Woods 4pts.,8rebounds, Rashard Mcqueen 17pts.,and 4assit.

    Our 11u team beat North Bablon Bulldogs to improve their record to 4-6. This league is a 12u league and our kids are 11u, we are playing up to get better.

    Wednesday, May 23
    Congratulations goes out to Team Underrated student-athletes for their acceptance to attend various colleges.

    Prentice Smalls- St.Johns The Baptist -Lehigh University (DI) Max Schiallies- Lawrence Woodmere Academy- Hamilton College (DIII) Nick Epley- Southampton High School- Elmira College (DIII) Michael Stayne- Sachem East- Valley Forge Christian (DII) Anthony Parris- St.Johns The Baptist- CW Post (DII-Football)

    We also would like to congratulate Team Underrated student-athletes for being named to the New York Sports Writers Association All-State Team Richard Byrd- Copiague Prentice Small Mikey Russell- Easthampton Andrew Ayodoji- Amityville Pat Niblock- Bayport Chris Barber- Wyandanch Cameron Barber- Wyandanch Irving Fayman- Bridgehampton

    We Would like to congratulate Team Underrated student-athletes for being named to the all Suburban Team: 1st Team Prentice Smalls 1st Team Richard Byrd 2nd Team Christopher Barber

    Team Underrated 9u Team: Coach Matt Adonis Walthall Andre Edwards II Isiah Muccius Malachi Henley Blake Thompson Corey Lee Chris Kelly Ron Woodhall Quanel Robinson Payton Prendergast

    Team Underrated 11u Team: Coach Dre' Brandon Odom Kevin Little Akil Spruill Connor Lagrone Jordan Simmons Breund Murphy Connor Panzner Shakim Flippen Dalton Prendergast Aaren Edmead Nigel Carter Jiovanni Mareno David Barlow Jack Campo

    Team Underrated 15u Team: Coach Ramos Jameel Flash Matt Milk Brian Van Cott David Cochran Miles Prendergast Saheem King Brandon Mincher

    Team Underrated 16u Team: Coach Dewey Gerold Cardova John Nielsen Wayne Booker Jonathan Moore Stephen Jackman Rashard McQueen Maurice Thomas Malcolm Eugene David Ameer Brown Brett Restrepo Troy Hendrickson Antone Christian Quincy Watts

    Team Underrated 17u/open Teams: Coach Dre' Coach Moe Quamel Laurely Anthony Parris Matt Pritchett Mike Stayne Nick Epley Kavon Clayton Max Schiallies Prentice Smalls Richard Byrd Chris Barber Trevor Coston Ifeani Momah Matt Rooney Heru Woods Christopher Harris CJ Reid Mikey Russell Irving Fayman Billy Butler Brandon Butler Cameron Barber Kevin Walsh Jonathan Francois Corey Heywood Joey Zdanio

    Wednesday, May 23

    Tuesday, May 22

    Tuesday, May 15
    Team Underrated 16u Silver went 0-3 this past weekend at the Division II regionals.

    Team Underrated 19u Team qualified for the play-offs over the weekend at the infamous I.S.8 Tourney while going 3-1 in pool play.

    Team Underrated 11u Team qualified for the Division II Nationals in Lexington, Kentucky over the past weekend. Team Underrated went 5-0 beating:

    Brooklyn Patriots 45-22 Highlighted by: Breund Murphy 8pts, 10rebs, 2blks, Connor Lagrone 12pts, 2-3(3pters), Kevi Little 7 assist, Brandon Odom 7pts, 2stls, 3rebs.

    LI Lightning-Rose 49-16 Highlighted by: Connor Panzner 16pts., 7stls, Breund Murphy 11ptsl, 10rebs., Shakim Flippen 8pts., 4rebs, Giovanni Mareno 4pts., Jack Campo 6pts., 5rebs., Aaren Edmead 4 assist

    Matinecock 62-15 Highlighted by: Kevin Little 6assist, Aaren Edmead 4assist, Breund Murphy 9rebs., Giovanni Mareno 6rebs.,

    Play-offs: 1st round vs. Rockland Rockets 40-18 Highlighted by: Connor Panzner 13pts, Aaren Edmead 7pts., Connor Lagrone 6pts., Kevin Little 6pts., Breund Murphy 12rebs., Jack Campo 6rebs., Aaren Edmead 6assist, Kevin Little 4assist.

    In the semi-final game we played the Bronx Rebels in a barn burner. Bronx Rebels got off to a 16pt half-time lead scoring 41 pts. in the first-half. The Bronx Rebels repeatedly scored in transition and hit a lot of 3-pters and easy lay-ups. The second half belonged to Team Underrated with Brandon Odom hitting back to back 3-pters late in the game to bring us within 6. The Bronx Rebels would not relinquish the lead until Aaren Edmead hit Connor Panzner with assist after assist to convert on 3 (3-pters) in a row. With the score tied 49-49 with 20 seconds to go, Team Underrated worked the ball around and found Nigel Carter who put on an impressive move to put us up 2 for the lead and the deciding factor. We held Bronx Rebels to 8 points 2-half pts. to overcome that 16pt. lead. Congratulations goes out to the 11u roster: Breund Murphy, Connor Lagrone, Connor Panzner, Jack Campo. Brandon Odom, Aaren Edmead, Dalton Prendergast, Kevin Little, Shakim Little,Nigel Carter, and David Barlow. Special thanks to the family's for their strong support.

    This 11u Team are true Student-Athletes, they all have over a 2.5 GPA.

    Last Night Team Underrated 19u Black defeated Greg Vaughn's Cougars 74-41, with balance from all players involved: Irving Fayman 5pts., 4assist, 2stls, Chris Harris 12pts, 5assist, Max Schiallies 8pts, 11rebs., Richard Byrd 21pts., 2rebs,3assist, Cameron Barber 11pts., 8assist, 5steals, 5rebs., Quamel Laurely 11pts., 3rebs., Marcel Lattimore 4pts, 7rebs, 4blks, Heru Woods 2pts., 5rebs. We also played the Stingrays (Unlimited Team), and won 75-74.

    11U @ KING JAMES
    Tuesday, May 1
    Team Underrated traveled to the King James Tourney over the weekend, and all players and parents had a great experience. All of our teams played against some of the top programs and players through-out the country. Our 11u Team finished 1-2 with a loss to SAC (Indiana), beat EastLake (Ohio), and loss to Dayton Nets (Ohio). We had contributions from Aaren Edmead, Connor Panzner, Connor Lagrone, Brandon Odom, Jack Campo, David Barlow, Kevin Little, Breund Murphy, and Dalton Prendergast. Our 15u Team finished 1-3 with a loss to Ferrari (Illinois), and loss to Cinncinnati AAU (Ohio), they advanced to Silver bracket and beat Jersey Jayhawks in the 1st round, and loss in the 2nd round to Blessed INJ (Indiana). Highlighted performances was Brian Van Cott 30pts vs. Jersey Jayhawks. Other notables contributors were, Jameel Flash, Matt Milk, David Cochran, Miles Prendergast, Saheem King, Brandon Mincher. Our 16u Team won their pool with wins over NEO Lightning and Spiece Gym Rats, we lost to a very good Philly Sol Team in the 1st round of the Gold Bracket we had contributions from Malcolm Eugene, Azfar Khan, Gerold Cardova, Ameer Brown, Stephen Jackman, Wayne Booker, Brett Restrepo, Anton Christian, John Nielsen, David. Our 17u Team showed a lot of heart and guts and represented the Island well with 1 big and 5 guards, the night before the tourney we had 3 big-men cancel. We loss to Road Runners (Michigan) 91-81 and DC Blue Devils 66-62 (which produced Ty Lawson, and Kevin Durant). We won our 1st round game of the Bronze Bracket vs. Tulsa PWP (Oklohoma) highlighted by Mikey Russell's (East Hampton) 37points in front of about 25 Division 1 coaches. Cameron Barber (Wyandanch) had a steady performance with averges of 17pts, 9rebounds and 5 assist. Irving Fayman played stellar defense and ran the show for the team while distributing the ball and hitting the 3 ball. Quamel Laurely (Lawrence) very much undersized banged inside to average 8pts,and 6rebounds, and Matt Pritchett (Trinity Pawling) contributed 10pts., 4rebounds and 3 assist, Kavon Clayton our lone big-man averaged 14pts, and 11rebounds

    Thursday, April 19
    On Tuesday, Team Underrated 19u team improved to 4-0 in the Almighty Force Tourney. Team Underrated Black started off the game with a 21-0 lead before Kansas City scored their first basket. Kansas City boasted a young squad while key players were missing, It was evident in the outcome with Team Underrated Black winning 80-36. Team Underrated carried 10 players in which everyone scored and as a team we recorded 22 assist. Christopher Barber 17pts., Cameron Barber 11pts., Quayshawn Houston 9pts., Quamel Laurely 4pts., Irving Fayman 15pts., Max Schiallies 4pts., Kavon Clayton 8pts., CJ Reid 4pts., Chris Harris 5pts., and Jamarr Ross chipped in 3pts.,.

    Also, On Saturday Team Underrated played in the I.S. 8 tournament and recorded our first win over The Boys Club Of NY, behind 31pts from Kevin Walsh(West Hempstead), and Billy Butler 11pts.,.

    Tuesday, April 17

    Tuesday, April 17
    Team Underrated travelled to Rhode Island this past weekend and came away with some good wins and a great experience.

    Our 14u which was undermanned and undersized went 1-2, They lost to two strong teams and eventually won their last game. James Thompson, Jordan Parks, Derrick Franklin, Marquis King, Justin Mosely, Keenan Burton, Pershod McCoy, and Jameel Flash rounded out the roster and put out a great effort.

    Our 15u team went 1-2 also. The 15u team played well all weekend with only a couple of practices under their belt. This team will get better as we get further into the AAU season. We had strong performances by several players and we received contributions from others. The roster consisted of Mile Prendergast, Jameel Flash, Isiah Ramos, Brian Van Cott, Dave Cochran, Jamarr Ross, Saheem King, Jonathan Paul, Darrion Croft, and Dijon Alexander. Next up for this group is King James tourney in Ohio.

    Our 16u team put out the best performance of the program by going 3-2. The 16u team lost in the second round of the Gold Medal and lost in the semi's of the Bronze. The 16u team was loaded with talent: Azfar Khan-East Meadow, John Nielsen-Port Jefferson, Ryan Creighton-Greenport, Gerold Cardova-Brentwood, Malcolm Eugene-Walt Whitman, Stephen Jackman-Nortport, Wayne Booker-Central Islip, Quincy Watts-North Babylon, Troy Hendrickson-St.Anthony's, Brett Restrepo-Oyster Bay, Jonathan Moore-Brentwood, Rashard McQueen-Wyandanch, and Morris Thomas-Brentwood.

    Our 17u/open team also put out a good performance by winning their pool, the finished 2-1 while losing in the first round of the Gold Medal bracket. The most exciting game was being down 16 to the Conneticut Basketball Club and coming back to win by 1. Team Underrated was down 4 with 26 seconds on the clock and only 3 fouls charged against them, we had to commit 7 fouls to allow CBC to shoot free-throws. We were successful in that we were able to force them to miss a free-throw with 10 seconds on the clock. Kavon Clayton (South Shore) grab the rebound off the miss, he passed it to Mikey Russell-East Hampton who dribbled up the court and found Chris Barber cutting to the basket for a runner in the lane which went in and Chris was fouled, Chris went to the line with the score tied and sank the free-throw with 2.6 seconds left, we stole the inbounds pass and the game was over. The roster consisted of Quamel Laurely-Lawrence, Christopher Barber-Wyandanch, Irving Fayman-Bridgehampton, Mikey Russell-East Hampton, Kavon Clayton-South Shore, CJ Reid-Boys & Girls, Chris Harris Boys & Girls, Max Schiallies-Lawrence Woodmere, Cameron Barber-Wyandanch and Corey Heywood-Ramapo.

    Our 11u, 15u, 16u, and 17u team will be heading to the King James Tourney in Ohio on April 27th-29th.

    Friday, March 23
    Team Underrated brought on a new team to the program. This team comprised of players from Brentwood are playing up in the 19u Almighty Force Tourney. Brentwood played Cambria Heights this past week and lost 53-46 behind Morris Thomas (10pts.), and Jonathan Moore (16pts) for Cambria Heights Stephon had 16pts., and Justin contributed 9pts., Stay tuned for more games from this team Coached by Moe Thomas.

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    Tuesday, March 20
    Over the past weekend Team Underrated went an unprecedented 4-0 In the Almighty Force Tournament. Our defending champs of the 19-under Division opened up the day with a 1pt win over a very talented Big Wayne All-Stars (Trinity Fields-Cardozo, Edy Touissant-Cardozo, Darwin Lynch-Martin Van Buren, Quincy Hankins-Roosevelt, Fred Jeter-Amityville, and Kevin Walsh-West Hempstead) both teams were missing key players but still managed to be a great game. Team Underrated was up as much as 12 the 4th quarter when Big Wayne All-Stars came storming back to tie the game. With the score tied and Team Underrated had possession, Chris Barber drove the lane and passed to a cutting Kavon Clayton who was fouled with 2 seconds left on the clock. Kavon made 1 of 2 free-throws to win the game. Team Underrated were led by Qway Houston 23pts.(7-3pters), Christopher Barber 16pts., and 7assist, Mikey Russell 9pts., and 6assist, Cameron Barber 11pts., 8rebs, 4assist, Irving Fayman chipped in 5pts., Kavon Clayton 4pts,and 7rebounds, Max Schiallies contributed 6 rebounds. As a team we converted 16-3pters.

    In the second game our 11-under team who are playing up in the Almighty Force tournament played against a very big and talented Bulldog Athletics who was found to have 94 births on their roster. We won by forfeit. Aaren Edmead 9pts., and Brandon Odom has 4pts. In the 3rd game of the day our 11u team played Springfield Rifles in a game that wasnt decide until the 4th quarter, when we went on a great run. Aaren Edmead 8 pts, Connor Panzner 6pts, Breund Murphy chipped in 5pts., and 10 rebounds. Final score 31-26, we are now 2-1.

    The last game pit out Unlimited Team featuring several college players against the defending champs Traffic Jam. Well balanced attack from everyone help win the game. Jermaine Russell (Suffolk-CC), Keith Johson (Sullivan-CC), Nick Carter (Stony Brook), Solomon Bamiro (Stony Brook), David, Antwon, Lil Chris, Josh Smith (Suffolk-CC), Alvin Dennis (Suffolk-CC). 4 minutes to go in the game and up 18 the game was called because the other team gave up....

    Tuesday, March 13
    6'4 Ameer Brown SG (Blair Academy NJ) is a all everything guard. Brown can knock down the long shot, get to the basket, and handles the ball well for a guy his size. He scored a lot of points this weekend and is a very hardworking player. Brown can not only offensively play multiple positions. Defensively he can guard multiple positions. All this makes him a player most coaches need to check this summer on the circuit. Brown will be traveling with Coach Dre's Team Underrated.

    I.S. 8 11UNDER TEAM
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    Wednesday, February 28
    Our 11under Team traveled to Camden NJ February 24 and competed against 2 13-under teams and lost both games by 4 points, that day we lost our last and final game at I.S. 8 by 4. Our 11under team is showing great promise of being a team that will compete in the Metroploitan area at a very high level. As the season gets thicker we will bring more pictures and updates of the team progress.

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    Tuesday, February 27
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    Prentice Smalls has committed to Lehigh University (Division I) which plays in the Patriot League.

    Christopher Barber is receiving high interest from Brewster Academy which placed 23 players in Division I instutions over the past 3 yrs....

    Wyandanch captured the Suffolk Class B Championship for the second year in a row with a 73-59 win over Babylon. Chris Barber led the way with 29 pts and 10 assists and Cameron Barber had a double double with 18 rebounds and 12 assists. The role players also stepped up big in the game with Marquis Scott finishing with 10 points and 7 rebounds, James Freeman with

    10 points and 5 assists, and Earnest Fells 6 points, 5 Rebounds and 5 assits.                                       

    In two huge upsets, John Glenn defeated East Hampton 62-53 and Kings Park defeated Amityville 63-51 in the Suffolk County Class A Semifinals. Wow! The teams were meeting for the first time this season, and now Kings Park and John Glenn will meet for the first time in the finals! There's something to be said for that! Mystery is good! In the Amityville-Kings Park game, there was a good duel between the two big men. Jon Koop had 19 points for the Kingsmen and Fred Jeter 20 for the Warriors. Mike McSloy, Eddie Owsinski and Matt OLeary were the difference, combining for 36 pts for Kings Park. The team was especially clutch at the foul line, making 14 of their 23 shots down the stretch. In the East Hampton-Glenn game, the Bonackers had no answer for Glenn big man Ifeanyi Momah, who had 20 points while the Knights held Mike Russell to 16.   

    When poring over the Wyandanch boys basketball boxscores, the Barber brothers' statistics stand out. Chris and Cameron usually score more than 20 points each per game.

    While Chris had 29 points on Thursday, Cameron had four. Babylon coach Steve Edmonds would take that any game, but top-seeded Wyandanch got contributions from several other players to beat No.3 Babylon, 73-59, in the Suffolk Class B championship game at Bay Shore.

    Wyandanch (15-6) will play Greenport for the Class B-C-D championship at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday at Stony Brook University.

    Marquis Scott and James Freeman each had 10 points as seven Warriors scored in a 36-18 first half and 11 scored in the game. "Our role players stepped up," Chris Barber said. "That's what won the game."

    Said Edmonds: "Our goal was to hold the Barbers down. Their other guys did a great job. We left them alone and they beat us."

    Chris Barber plans on attending prep school next season, and Cameron has one year left, but before the two part ways, they want to win a state title.

    Wyandanch, which led by as many as 24, was helped by Babylon, which missed several layups and good looks in the first half. Babylon (11-10) also shot 3-for-13 from the free-throw line in the half.

    "You get some easy baskets and it's a confidence builder," Edmonds said. "Our free-throw shooting has been an Achilles' heel all season."

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    Tuesday, February 13
    Highlights: Amityville 66, Westhampton 59: Andrew Ayodeji had 11 of his 21points in a 21-11 third quarter that gave Amityville (13-1) a 54-37 lead in League VI. Fred Jeter had 18 points, eight rebounds and four blocks. Ray Jones had 11 points and six assists. Westhampton is 2-12.

    Highlights: Deer Park 65, Half Hollow Hills West 62: Stanley Calixte (30 points) hit two foul shots with 29 seconds left to give Deer Park (3-8) a 61-59 lead in League IV. Calixte, who had 11 points in a 17-14 fourth quarter, then hit a 15-foot jumper with 16 seconds left to make it 63-59. John Conneely hit a three-pointer with 4.8 seconds left to bring HHHW (7-4) within 63-62. Josh Malones layup at the buzzer provided the final margin. Malone, in his second back from a broken thumb, had 15 points and eight assists

    Highlights: Floral Park 61, West Hempstead 53: Billy (eight) and Brandon Butler scored all 16 points in the first quarter for Floral Park (7-6) in Conference A-I. Billy (four) and Brandon had seven of Floral Parks 11 three-pointers. West Hempstead is 4-9.

    Highlights: Wyandanch 82, Hampton Bays 54: Chris Barber had 30 points and eight assists for Wyandanch (11-0) in League VI. Cameron Barber had 21 points and 14 rebounds. Hampton Bays is 2-10.

    Highlights: Bayport-Blue Point 57, Harborfields 45: Pat Niblock had 28 points and 10 rebounds for Bayport-Blue Point (12-2) in League VI. Junior Mark Koelbel scored a career-high 13 points. Harborfields is 3-12.

    Highlights: Lawrence Woodmere 69, Kew Forest 47: Senior Max Shillalies had 23 points and a career-high 22 rebounds in an IPPSAL semifinal for No. 2 Lawrence Woodmere (19-5). Chris Williams had 19 points and seven rebounds. LWA plays the winner of No. 1 Upper Room and No. 4 Waldorf on 8 p.m. Wednesday at St. Anthonys.

    Highlights: West Babylon 55, Newfield 46: John Sullivan had 15 of his 17 points for West Babylon (6-7) in its 22-12 third quarter which gave it a 40-31 lead in League III. Eric Jarvis had 20 points and 12 rebounds. Newfield is 1-12.

    Highlights: Locust Valley 37, Oyster Bay 34: Bobby Taylor had 13 points for Locust Valley (9-5) in Conference BC. Elijah Lominy added six points, 12 rebounds and three blocks. Bryan VanCott had 17 points for Oyster Bay (4-10).

    Highlights: Sachem East 72, Ward Melville 55: Senior Mike Stayne scored 17 of his career-high 23 points in the first quarter, including five straight three-pointers for Sachem East (5-6). Trevor Thorstenson had seven of his 13 points in a 20-10 third quarter for a 60-44 lead for Sachem East. Dan Sherwood had 16 points. Jared Dent had 17 points for Ward Melville (3-9).

    Highlights: Copiague 64, Smithtown East 53: Junior Marcell Lattimore had career highs of 15 points and 19 rebounds to help Copiague (13-0) clinch the League III title. Richard Byrd 17 points, Robert Carpenter added 14 points and nine rebounds. Christian Colavito led Smithtown East (5-8) with 18 points.

    Highlights: Southampton 81, Center Moriches 56: Steven Andrews had 18 points, including four of Southamptons 15 three-pointers, which sets a Suffolk record for team three-pointers for this season. Lindenhurst had 14 on Jan. 30 in a 75-64 win over Longwood. Anthony Riddick had 15 points and eight assits for Southampton (9-2) Nick Epley 12 points . Center Moriches is 3-8.

    Tuesday, February 13
    Andrew Ayodeji said the turning point came not long after the Amityville boys basketball team's 1-4 start. Coach Jack Agostino met with the veteran shooting guard and senior teammate Ray Jones and challenged them to find a way. "He said, 'It's your senior year,''" Ayodeji recalled. "'What do you want to make of it?'" Ayodeji and Jones, a four-year player and point guard, exerted more leadership. And the relatively young cast around them began to mature. The results have been typical Amityville. The Warriors reeled off 13 straight wins and clinched their league championship for the 15th straight season. Suddenly, Amityville (14-4, 11-1 League VI) has the look of a serious challenger for the Suffolk Class A crown. (The Suffolk playoffs begin with Class AA outbracket games Saturday.) That shouldn't surprise anyone, considering the Warriors had won six straight Long Island championships -- and four state titles from 2000-03 -- before getting upset in the Suffolk semifinals by Huntington a year ago. "I don't think many people expected much of us," said Agostino, who has been named to two Halls of Fame this year -- the state Basketball Hall of Fame in Glens Falls and Suffolk Sports Hall of Fame in Patchogue. "We had a whole bunch of new kids. Early in the season, it wasn't about winning games as much as enforcing rules and getting them to play the right way." Agostino has only two seniors in the lineup, but they happen to form one of the most dangerous backcourts on Long Island. Ayodeji and Jones were key players on the Warriors' last state final four team in 2005. They were wide-eyed sophomores then. Now they are hungry seniors, eager to feel the thrill once more. "Even in league play, it was tough every night," Ayodeji said. "We realize the playoffs are going to be even tougher." The 6-2 Ayodeji has done his part, averaging 22 points with a deadly accurate three-point shot. Though he has Division I skills, Ayodeji likely will take a one-year detour to prep school. "He's improved his court awareness tremendously and turned himself into a Division I player," Agostino said. "His work ethic is unbelievable. He sees a personal trainer constantly. He cannot stay out of the gym. He reminds me of Mike James (fhe former Amityville player now with the Minnesota Timberwolves) ." The 6-foot Jones, averaging 12 points, has sacrificed his scoring to play the role of a traditional point guard and set up teammates. He'll likely play at Western Texas CC next season. Two young low-post players offer hope for another Amityville dynasty. Steve Medard, a 6-4 sophomore, has been playing well down the stretch. Junior Fred Jeter, a 6-7 transfer from Roosevelt, has become a defensive factor after starting the season on the bench. "Defense has been the key for us," Agostino said. "You have to earn your baskets. We aren't going to give up an easy one. "You have to play well, hit free throws and defend. This team has the potential to go far. We've got all the pieces to the puzzle. This team never wants a day off. They're always in the gym."

    Tuesday, February 13
    Courtesy of Long Island, and

    In a game they might have lost in December, Upper Room trounced a good Thurgood Marshall team on Saturday by a score of 74-43. The Royals took their lumps earlier in the season. They played a very demanding non-league schedule, as they always do, and got beat by some very good teams. Today though, they begin the IPPSAL playoffs undefeated in league play and as the heavy favorites to capture the league crown. They also have to be considered serious contenders for the private school State Title. What changed? Their strong core of upperclassmen has played well all season, led by star Corey Jackson, who had 33 against TMA, and point guard Roberto Lyons. In the mean time, their younger players have started to mature and make significant contributions as well - particularly sophomore Victor Holder, who had 11 points and 23 rebounds against TMA. In the previous two games, he had 14 points against defending league champ Lawrence Woodmere and 17 points and 18 rebounds against Kew Forest. Now the Royals come at you from all different directions. They're going to be tough to beat. William Floyd turned some heads by upsetting Lindenhurst at Lindenhurst in OT.....Uniondale and Jericho locked up their conference titles with road wins.....Bay Shore beat Northport for the first time in four tries....Dear Park gave their fans a glimpse of what might have been, upsetting Hills West....Huntington had been showing signs of life, but East Hampton removed any thoughts of an upset with a 40-21 second half........ Lawrence earned a playoff spot with a win over Sewanhaka and Garden City earned one with a win over North Shore....LWA and Upper Room will meet in the IPPSAL D1 finals again.....Sachem North upset Central Islip and dashed their league title hopes....... Lake Grove will meet Lexington in the IPPSAL D2 Finals.......Hicksville faltered on its way to a perfect league season, falling to Mepham...Mike Stayne had 5 three pointers in the first quarter in Sachem East's win over Ward Melville.... Southampton had 15 three pointers in their win over Center Moriches. ...

    It looked like it was finally going to happen. #2 St. John The Baptist had dominated the first half and although #1 St. Dominic had battled its way back into the game, the Cougars were poised to hand the Bayhawks their first league loss and first loss to a Long Island team this season. Prentice Small had just gone coast to coast to put SJB back on top by one, and then he followed that up by draining two free throws to put the Cougars up 3 with 17 seconds remaining. St. Doms then brought the ball up court and called time with 13 seconds left. The play they ran out of the time out unfolded perfectly, and as time wound down Brian Katz came off a screen and buried a three pointer to tie the game and send it into OT. But the Cougars were relentless. They struck again quickly in the extra period, with Small pulling up for a short jumper to start things off and Anthony Parris, who had been quiet most of the game, knocking down back to back 3 pointers from the left corner to give them a 66-60 lead. After the teams exchanged free throws, SJB had the ball with a chance to go up eight, but Katz intercepted a pass and went the distance to make it a four point game with 1:01 left in OT. Roland Davis then drove down the left side of the lane and cut it to 67-65 with 40 seconds remaining. With 15 seconds left and his team up by one, SJB's James Doran went to the line for two shots. He missed his first one, but a seemingly costly St. Doms violation gave him new life and he proceeded to knock both of them down for a 3 point lead. This time though there was no perfectly run play. The Bayhawks worked the ball to Roland Davis at the top of the key and with Cougars draped all over him, he double pumped in the air and launched a contorted looking shot that sailed through the hoop and sent the game double OT. In in the second OT, the teams exchanged the lead the whole way. Prentice Small's pull up jumper tied it up at 82 with 29 seconds left but Roland Davis released long against SJB pressure and scored to make it 84-82. With time running down, the Cougars had one last chance but an inbound pass was deflected by the Bayhawks. The Cougars retrieved it in the backcourt with virtually no time left, passed it ahead and launched a rushed shot under extreme pressure that bounded away. Final 84-82. An unforgettable game.

    In a see-saw game where the teams took turns making runs, Amityville outscored Wyandanch by 11 in the final quarter to pick up a 10 point win. The big guns were blazing for both teams as Andrew Ayodeji and Ray Jones combined for 44 points for Amityville and the Barber brothers for 56 for Wyandanch. It was the role players though, like Amityville big man Fred Jeter that made the difference. Jeter was a shot blocking machine and combined with teammates Dwayne Wright and Steve Medard for 29 points.

    Tuesday, February 13
    Team Underrated 11-u team lossed to the X-Men on Saturday at the I.S. 8 28-11, The I.S. 8 League is comprised of 12-under teams. This experience will be valuable to our team success as we embark on our long AAU season playing in 11-under tournaments.

    Team Underrated 14-u lossed its second game to Brownsville at the I.S. Tournament. This team was just formed and Coach Mosely will get them going in the right direction as we look to add quality players to the roster.

    Team Underrated 16-u beat Abyssian Church at the I.S. tournament to a 1-1 record.

    I will provide you with better updates as the AAU season comes in. Stay tuned for more.

    Tuesday, February 6
    Coach Dre', Team Underrated: On the AAU circuit all of these student-athletes provided modest numbers in scoring. These 8 players who represent Team Underrated are in the top 20 in scoring for Long Island; (1) Christopher Barber, Wyandanch (32.7),
    (2) Prentice Smalls, St. Johns The Baptist (25.6), (5) Richard Byrd, Copiague (24.3), (7) Corey Jackson, Upper Room (22.1), (11) Cameron Barber, Wyandanch (20.8), (12) Andrew Ayodeji, Amityville (20.7), (16) Pat Niblock, Bayport
    (20.0), and (18) Billy Butler, Floral Park (19.5). These student-athletes sacrificed their high scoring ability during AAU season for the betterment of the team and I am proud that they all took their games to another level during their high school seasons. Every player's High School team will be in contention in the play-offs to reach Glenns Falls, Good luck to all and congratulations from the Team Underrated Staff.

    Monday, February 5

          Team Underrated 16u team started off saturday with a loss to
          Elmcor at Gershwin Junior High. (update will follow).


          Team Underrated 11u team is a team that is playing up in the 12u
          Biddies Division. Team Underrated traveled to I.S. 8 and started
          off flat with missed opportunities at the basket. Brandon Odom
          broke the ice with a free-throw and Aaren Edmead scored the first
          basket for Team Underrated. At the half we only scored 5
          pts.. After half-time we came out and pressed C3 Elite and caused
          numerous turnovers that led to aggressive drives to the basket which
          resulted in free-throws. Even though we missed countless free-throws we
          still maintained to stick 12 points from the line. Aaren Edmead
          converted 7 free-throws and managed to score 9pts., 3 rebs, 2 assist,
          and 3 steals, Brandon Odom chipped in 6pts, and 4 rebs, Dalton
    scored 1 pt, 3 rebounds and played aggressive defense on
          the much taller opponents, Connor Panzner rounded off the scoring
          with 7 pts. , 1 rebound, 1 assist, and 4 steals, we had other
          contributions from other players besides scoring: Kevin 1
          rebound, 2 assist, Nigel played strong defense and recorded 4
          rebounds, Connor Lagrone 2 steals, Giovanni 1 rebound, David
    2 rebounds, and Jordan had 1 rebound. Overall it was a gut
          performance to have chance to win and manage to score 18 points in the
          2nd half, if we would have put together a first half like the 2nd who
          knows what could have happened. Final 26-23 Tyron Davis led C3
    with 8 pts, Saquan Quarter contributed 8 pts., also.
          Stay tuned for more.....




          Team Underrated 14u traveled to I.S. 5 and lost by 3 where Shaquille
          missed a tough 3pt shot with a hand in his face. The leading scorer for
          the game was Jareid Bryant 10pts., Pop 8pts., Keenan 7pts.,
          Shaquille Mosley 7pts, and James Thompson 4pts.,. The
          score was 39-36, it was a great team effort from all players.

    Wednesday, January 31
    Scoring: C: Snead 8-2-18, Jor. Ward-Adams 8-2-18, Jon. Ward-Adams 2-1-6, Rowland 1-0-2, Scott 1-0-2, Smith 1-0-2, Kanas 3-1-7, Eberle 0-2-2, Bullock 1-0-2. Totals: 25-8-59. W: Ch. Barber 13-3-33, Freeman 3-0-6, McQueen 1-2-4, Ca. Barber 8-0-16, Smith 3-0-6, Scott 2-3-7, Fells 4-0-8. Totals: 34-8-80. Three-pointers: C 1 (Jon. Ward-Adams); W 4 (Ch. Barber).

    Highlights: Wyandanch 80, Center Moriches 59: Chris Barber had 33 points, including four three-pointers and Cameron Barber had a triple double, 16 points, 12 rebounds and 10 assists for Wyandanch (8-0 League VII). Center Moriches is 2-6.

    Wednesday, January 31
    Sachem East 70, Brentwood 60: Senior Scott Perry scored a career-high 27 points for Sachem East (4-4) in Suffolk League I. Brentwood is 1-7.

    Scoring: SE: Khan 1-0-2, Raftice 1-0-2, Stayne 4-0-8, Turner 1-3-5, D. Sherwood 3-0-6, Thorstensen 1-2-4, Doherty 4-1-12, Perry 13-1-29. Totals: 28-7-70. B: Townsend 3-0-7, D. Moore 1-0-2, Pabone 1-0-3, Quinitchette 1-2-5, Chery 6-2-16, Demory 1-0-2, J.J. Moore 7-2-17, Obujuru 2-0-4, Williams 0-1-1. Totals: 22-6-61. Three-pointers: SE 5(Doherty 3, Perry 2), B 6(Chery 2, Townsend, Pabone, Quinitchette, J. Moore).
    Highlights: Sachem East 70, Brentwood 60: Senior Scott Perry scored a career-high 27 points and had eight rebounds for Sachem East (4-4) in League I. Junior Tom Doherty added a career-high 12 points and seven rebounds off the bench, including two three-pointers. Brentwood is 1-7.

    Wednesday, January 31
    Small scored 21 of his game-high 33 points in the three overtime periods in St. John the Baptist's 103-95 victory over St. Mary's. A point guard, Small made 16 of 17 free throws, handed out 11 assists, made three steals and did not commit a turnover, Point guard Prentice Small scored 20 of his 33 points in the three overtimes as St. John the Baptist beat St. Mary's 103-95 on Tuesday in CHSAA boys basketball.

    Small went 16-for-17 from the foul line, had 11 assists, and didn't commit a turnover for SJB (4-2). Byron Freeman (24 points) hit a 35-footer at the buzzer of the first overtime to tie the score at 85 for St. Mary's (3-3), which lost its second triple overtime game this season.

    Scott Machado's 30 points led St. Mary's. Eddie Edwards had 18 points and 13 rebounds for SJB. St. Mary's coach Rob Jones served a one-game suspension after being ejected against Kellenberg on Friday.

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    Wednesday, January 31
    Ameer is soaking it in, playing with 2 stud players that are going to play major ball at the next level.

    Ameer Brown (2009, 6-2 SG)
    Brown showed good form knocking down a couple threes in this game.

    (2007, 6-8 PF) Committed to Marquette
    Found himself in foul trouble early in the game so his minutes were limited. His offensive game needs some work. He did not establish position well in the post in this game and had a hard time getting passes in the post. He did do a good job on the glass and got some points off put backs.

    Alexis Wangmene (2007, 6-8 PF) Committed to Texas
    Alexis is a very strong post player and is excellent on the glass. He put the ball up strong almost every time he touched the ball, either scoring or drawing fouls. When he did get to the foul line he showed a soft touch and converted most of his free throws. Receiving constant double teams he still managed to score 28 points and grab 12 rebounds. Alexis is also a force on defense as he blocked and altered many shots. He attempted to drive to the basket on one play from outside of the three point line but he lost his dribble. He did not look comfortable that far from the hoop.

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    Saturday, January 27
    Team Underrated 9u team finished the Bunky Reid Tournament with a 3-3 record and lost in the Championship. Congratulations goes out to Blake Thompson, Richard Lucas, Isaiah Mucius, Chris Kelly, Quanel Robinson, Andre Edwards, Malachi Henley, Corey Lee, (not present)and game MVP Ron Woodhall for and outstanding game. Special Thanks goes out to Coach Matthew Muccius and Solomon Henley.

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    Friday, January 26
    Copiague senior point guard Dwight Gibson fit the description of a well-schooled athlete Thursday night in the hostile environment of the East Islip gym. With star teammate Richard Byrd on the bench with five fouls, his jersey literally in tatters, Copiague needed someone else to take over.

    Enter Gibson.

    The point guard was the personification of clutch, scoring nine of his 15 points in the fourth quarter and adding 12 assists as Copiague knocked off previously unbeaten East Islip, 62-58, in a Suffolk League III showdown for first place.

    "You've got to keep your cool and dig deep," Gibson said. "We dug deep in our hearts."

    It was the type of gritty performance that helped clear the muddled playoff picture. Despite protests from the pro-East Islip crowd of 600, defending Suffolk Class AA champ Copiague (10-2, 7-0) looks very much like a contender once again.

    "I think we showed so much resolve even though we were in foul trouble," Copiague coach Steve Rebholz said.

    The dynamic Byrd, a 6-3 senior, lit up the Redmen for 19 points, including five three-pointers. But he managed just one basket after intermission and fouled out with 4:04 left in the game and the Eagles ahead 53-47.

    After East Islip senior John Klein scored on a driving layup to cut the lead to 53-49 with 3:46 left, Gibson responded with a long three-pointer. And so it went. Gibson, the son of former Westbury coach Dwight Gibson, nailed both ends of a one-and-one with 22 seconds left to make it a 62-55 margin.

    "You go out and play our game and hope at the end you're in a position to win," said East Islip coach Rob Schwender, whose team fell to 10-1, 6-1 in league play.

    East Islip, which entered the night as one of three unbeaten Class AA teams remaining in the state, looked overmatched in the opening minutes. Marcell Lattimore, who chipped in eight points and 12 rebounds, dunked to put Copiague ahead 13-2. But the Redmen recovered and nearly overtook Copiague in the final minute.

    "We spotted them that big lead at the beginning," said Chris Cullen, who led East Islip with 17 points. "We left it all out there and proved we can play with anybody."

    Cullen answered Gibson's free throws with a three-pointer with 10.7 seconds left to make it 62-58. But when the ensuing Copiague inbounds pass landed in Cullen's hands once again, the 6-6 senior launched another three. This one missed.

    Game over.


    Copiague came out with great intensity and looked like they were going to blow unbeaten East Islip right out of the gym. The Redmen had other ideas, weathering storm after storm to find themselves down only six with 4:04 remaining in the game and Copiague star Richard Byrd headed to the bench with his 5th foul. Byrd had dominated the game and knocked down big shot after big shot and things looked grim for the Eagles without his scoring and leadership on the floor. Then after play resumed, John Klein plunged down the left side of the lane and it was 53-49. The big home crowd erupted. But that's as close as they would get. Dwight Gibson knocked down a huge 3 pointer, Jordan Barosy hit both ends of a one and one and then a big jumper from the right side, and it was 60-53 with 43 seconds in the game. The Eagles went on to a 62-58 road win, giving them a 7-0 league record and sole possession of first place in League 3. East Islip fell to 6-1

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    Monday, January 22
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    Floral Park knocked down 10 three pointers to hold off Jericho 59-53. Billy Butler had two of them, and finished with 22 points.                                 

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    Friday, January 19

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    The Barber brothers have been playing basketball together their entire lives. Yet they have shared the court as members of the Wyandanch boys basketball team for all of 11 games.

    Academically ineligible a year ago, all Cameron Barber could do was watch longingly from the stands as older brother Chris took the state by storm. He lifted Wyandanch from the depths and took the Warriors all the way to the state public schools Class B final four. And he earned Newsday's Suffolk Player of the Year award in the process.

    "I wanted to be there playing with him," Cameron said.

    Now Cameron, a 6-1 junior, is getting his opportunity, and the combination of the two Barbers is proving lethal. The duo helped the Warriors swarm over host Southampton early and cruise to a 76-54 win Thursday night in a Suffolk League VII showdown for first place.

    With Cameron Barber filling the role of playmaker, Wyandanch (7-4, 6-0) opened a 28-3 edge in the first quarter in street-ball fashion. He poured in 10 of his 21 points in the opening minutes and still found time to get his teammates involved.

    "We were focused on trying to stop Chris, but it was the rest of the team that hurt us," said Southampton coach Herm Lamison, whose team committed nine first-quarter turnovers. "The other kids really stepped their game up and we played scared."

    Troy Pender led Southampton (6-6, 4-2) with 12 points.

    Chris Barber, a 6-foot senior, made his presence felt all night and finished with 19 points. But he shot only 1-for-10 from three-point range and didn't finally connect until the fourth quarter. It wasn't important for Suffolk's leading scorer, a mere 25 points away from 1,000 for his career, to be the man against the Mariners. He had backup.

    "Everybody knows their role when they are on the court," Warriors coach Ken McCloud said. "But when we have Cameron hitting on all cylinders, he's going to make sure everyone gets the ball."

    The Warriors have another new addition making a big impact in 6-7 senior Jared Smith. He didn't make the cut a year ago. Against Southampton he cleaned the boards and finished with nine points.

    But it was the Barber brothers and their kinetic energy that won the day. All Chris could do listening in as his brother was interviewed was smile and add: "The two of us on the floor brings excitement."

    It might even bring a state championship.

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    Wednesday, January 17
    Cameron Barber had 19 points, 10 rebounds and 10 steals and Chris Barber scored 27 points for Wyandanch (5-0). Hampton Bays is 0-4.

    Monday, January 22
    A road game at #6 Chaminade is tough. Small, noisy gym and the home team can play. St. John The Baptist was unfazed. They battled the Flyers and the crowd from the opening tip, jumping ahead and staying there. Prentice Small fought through one defender after another, scoring 32 points but he had help. Josh Elbaum had 13 points and turned in some superb defensive work and every one of Rob Griffin's four 3 pointers seemed like a big one. SJB looked very good and picked up a huge road win. Final score 78-64. 1

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    Friday, January 19
    SPORT: Basketball. Calixte is in his fourth season as point guard for the Deer Park varsity basketball team. Deer Park is 6-2, 1-1 in League IV. Calixte is focused on winning the league title and improving on his team's run to the county semifinals last year. "This year we are trying to win the league or at least come in second," said Calixte, who was All-County as a junior.

    HIGHLIGHT: Beating Walt Whitman and William Floyd to reach the county semifinals. "It is special because my junior year is the first year we made the playoffs, so making the semifinals was a very good achievement."

    WHAT'S ON HIS I-POD? "I listen to rap, Rand B, and hip-hop."

    BEST BOOK HE EVER READ:" All the books in the Harry Potter series."

    FAVORITE ATHLETES: Carmelo Anthony, Denver Nuggets forward ,and Steve Nash, Phoenix Suns point guard. "I like Steve Nash for the way he passes and the way he gets everyone involved, and Carmelo is the best scorer in the league."

    FAVORITE TEAM: The Phoenix Suns.

    FAVORITE MOVIES: Pirates of the Caribbean and Brown Sugar.

    FAVORITE TV SHOW: ESPN's SportsCenter

    FAVORITE FOOD: Chinese.

    THE FUTURE: "So far I have applied to some schools in Florida. At the the end of the season I will see. As for right now, I am undecided."

    Wednesday, January 17
    Troy Pender hit a three-pointer with 2.9 seconds left to lift Southampton to a 65-62 boys basketball win over Center Moriches on Tuesday in Suffolk League VII. Pender had 14 points and seven assists. Nick Epley scored 16 points and Alex Antilety added 10 points and 12 rebounds for Southampton (4-1). Center Moriches is 1-3.

    Wednesday, January 17
    Prentice Small returned to the line-up and scored 23 points and handed out 14 assists to lead #3 St. John The Baptist to a 68-61 home win over Kellenberg

    Thursday, January 11
    Some basketball players are born. Call it a cliché. But watch Billy and Brandin Butler play and you believe it's possible. Then you dissect their pedigree and know it to be true. Their father once played the game and two older brothers starred in high school, too. What's a Butler to do? Twins Billy and Brandin Butler are juniors at Floral Park. They hardly have to live off the success of others. This dynamic duo was the cog behind the Knights' run to the Nassau Class A championship in 2005 and helped them get back to the semifinals a year ago. "Kids like that don't come around very often,'' Floral Park coach Nick Simone said. It's a statement Simone later amended. He called the Butlers the two best players he's coached in 12 seasons. "Winning a championship in ninth grade was pretty big,'' Billy said. That championship season accelerated the growth of the brothers and labeled them winners. Billy, the eldest by 17 minutes, is a 5-11, 165-pound point guard who averaged 15.5 points a year ago. He is a good passer, penetrator and can knock down the jumper. They may be twins, but Brandin's game is different. He's a 5-10, 163-pound guard who slashes to the hoop. He averaged 8.7 points a year ago. Not only are they two of the best players in Nassau, they made Floral Park instant contenders in Nassau Conference A-I. But with all the accolades come expectations. And from expectations grows pressure. "It's a load on our shoulders carrying a team,'' Brandin admitted. "We want to win a second championship for our school. Billy and I could go for 50 points together. But we're trying to make the team better.'' It's early in the season, but the Butler twins are feeling the pressure right now. Floral Park is struggling to find its identity after suffering a 52-46 loss at the hands of Roosevelt on Wednesday to drop to 3-4. Even Simone acknowledged the pressure to perform after losing ugly to the Rough Riders. "The expectations have been high,'' he said. "But we're not playing the way we're capable.'' That's not for a lack of effort on the twins' part. And given their bright past, you can bet things will work out in the future. Just give them time. They were born to play this game. "I can see us getting better,'' Brandin said. "I can see us going far in the playoffs.''

    Thursday, January 11
    Eric Jarvis had 20 points and 16 rebounds and Johnny Sullivan added 13 points and went 7-for-9 from the foul line in the fourth quarter for West Babylon (1-1) in its 49-40 victory over West Islip in a Suffolk League III game.

    Amityville 70, Harborfields 40: Andrew Ayodeji scored 22 points, including six three-pointers, and Ray Jones added 9 points, 8 rebounds and 5 assists for Amityville (3-1 League VI). Harborfields is 1-3.

    Bayport-Blue Point 82, Mt. Sinai 48: Pat Niblock scored 21 of his 29 points in a 43-23 first half for Bayport-Blue Point (3-1) in League VI. Robby Ptacek added 17 points and Trey Black had 15 points and seven assists for Bayport-Blue Point. Mt. Sinai is 3-1.

    Thursday, January 11
    Stanley Calixte had 18 of his 26 points for Deer Park (2-1) during a 25-8 third quarter in League IV. Smithtown West is 1-2.

    Thursday, January 11
    Andrew Ayodeji hit a three-pointer as time expired to lift Amityville past Glenn, 54-52, in a Suffolk League VI boys basketball game on Tuesday. Down 12 with 2:35 left in the fourth, Fred Jeter (nine points, six blocks) scored on a jump hook to give Amityville (4-1) its first lead, 49-48. The teams traded baskets on the next two possessions, setting up Ayodeji's final play. He finished with 14 points. Ray Jones added 12 points and seven assists for Amityville. Glenn is 2-3.

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    Thursday, January 11
    We kind of suspected that Wyandanch wouldn't have much competition in Suffolk Class B this season, but we didn't want to say until after they played Babylon at Babylon. Well they did, and they won easily in front of a packed gym. After the teams traded baskets in the 1st quarter, Chris Barber hit two 3 pointers during a key stretch in the 2nd quarter and Babylon couldn't respond. Final 80-65. Barber and Brother Cameron combined for 55 points. JT Pate led Babylon with 28.

    AP (BO Jackson)
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    Wednesday, January 3
    Anthony Parris, St. John the Baptist

          SPORTS: Football and basketball Parris
    was a halfback and outside linebacker on a St. John the Baptist
          football team that defied expectations this fall. "We made it to the
          championship game [before losing to Cardinal Spellman]," Parris
          said. "We went from 1-8 to first place this year." Parris is a starting
          guard and captain of the basketball team.


          HIGHLIGHT: Making the CHSFL championship game against Cardinal Spellman.
          "Bringing my team to the championship, that has been the goal since day


          WHAT'S ON HIS I-POD? "I like all genres, hip-hop, rock and roll, and


          BEST BOOK HE EVER READ: The Outsiders, by S.E. Hinton. "It just talked
          about the struggle of the family and how they all came together to


          FAVORITE ATHLETE: Michael Jordan, former NBA superstar.


          FAVORITE TEAM: Seattle Seahawks. "My favorite running back is Shaun
          Alexander. I try to pattern my running style after him. The more he
          scores, the more they win, the more I like him."


          FAVORITE MOVIE: Any Given Sunday, starring Al Pacino and Jamie Foxx.


          FAVORITE TV SHOW: Martin, starring Martin Lawrence.


          FAVORITE FOOD: Pizza. BY THE NUMBERS: 1,365 -- Yards rushing by Parris
          this football season. 12 -- Touchdowns scored by Parris this


          THE FUTURE: "I am waiting to hear from colleges, but I definitely want
          to play football."

    Tuesday, January 2
    Chris Barber of Wyandanch won the personal battle, outscoring Mikey Russell of East Hampton 41-34, but Russell and East Hampton won the war on Saturday, defeating Wyandanch 78-63 in a game that matched two of the Island's best players. Russell. who finished with seven assists and five steals, scored 18 of his 34 points in a 31-30 second quarter as EH took a 43-38 halftime lead. Barber scored 23 of his 41 points in the second quarter as well.

    Tuesday, January 2
    Amityville's Andrew Ayodeji never got comfortable. "We had five guys watching him," Bayport-Blue Point coach Skip Hart said. The Phantoms threw constant double-teams at the sharpshooting guard. The senior still scored 17 points, but was just 1-for-9 from behind the arc after hitting seven three-pointers against Miller Place on Tuesday. "On every screen they had a triple team or a double team on me," Ayodeji said. Containing him and backcourt mate Ray Jones (five points) helped Bayport-Blue Point hold the Warriors scoreless for the first four minutes of the second quarter and hold off host Amityville, 61-55, yesterday in Suffolk League VI. It is the Phantoms' first win over the Warriors since 2005 and Amityville's first loss to a league opponent at home since 1999. "We told ourselves that we were going to shut down Andrew and Ray," Bayport-Blue Point senior Trey Black said. "If we were going to get hurt it was going to be the other three players on the court." The Phantoms (1-1) used their collapsing defense for a 17-2 run from the end of the first quarter and into the second to take a 31-17 lead. Senior Pat Niblock (eight) and junior Mark Koelbel totaled 15 points during the spurt. Niblock finished with a game-high 23 points. Yet the contribution of 11 points off the bench from Koelbel was just as important. "He came in and gave us the energy I wanted," said Hart, who took Koelbel out of the starting lineup for that reason. In the second half, the Warriors, with UConn guard and Amityville alum A.J. Price in the stands, extended and increased their pressure on the Phantoms' guards. The defense sparked a furious comeback. Amityville (1-1), playing without 6-7 Fred Jeter because of a disciplinary suspension, cut the BBP lead to 48-47 with 6:42 left in the game on a putback by Jesse Seymour. It never got closer. Niblock, who played the entire game, was already playing with four fouls since the third quarter and Robby Ptacek, who had 12 points, had three. Neither fouled out. Instead it was Jones who picked up his fifth for Amityville with 3:24 left in the fourth, and Niblock was still on the court to make the plays in the final two minutes that sealed it. "I thought we had him because he had his fourth foul early in the third quarter and we didn't get a chance to expose that," Amityville coach Jack Agostino said. "He makes big plays." Niblock made a layup and then hit a three-pointer from the right side to put BBP up 56-47 with 1:16 left to play. "It's a huge win especially coming of the Shoreham loss," he said. "We needed this win. It meant a lot, especially to get it at Amityville."

    Tuesday, January 2
    Any team that plays Floral Park (3-2) will focus on containing Brandin and Billy Butler, but it was Sheldon O'Conor who got most of the attention yesterday. He scored 19 points and hit five three-pointers, including the game-winner with 58 seconds left. "Most teams look at both of them," O'Conor said of the Butler twins. "They don't pay me any attention, so I make my presence felt." Billy Butler scored 13 points and Brandin had eight. "If you would have told me we were going to have Brandin Butler score eight points and lose, I wouldn't have believed you," Floyd coach Bob Hodgson said. O'Conor's confidence in his shot grew throughout the game. He hit back-to-back threes during a 9-0 run in the first quarter and hit his first two shots of the second half. After falling behind 16-7 after the first quarter, Floyd (4-2) got back in the game behind John Symonds. The senior opened the second quarter by scoring Floyd's first six points. He had 13 in the half and hit a three-pointer with 20 seconds left for a 23-22 lead. He was a non-factor after that. The game belonged to O'Conor. "Coming out in the third quarter and shooting just showed me that I was going to finish the game," O'Conor said. "I was going to be the one."

    Tuesday, January 2
    Prentice Small hit a 17-foot jumper at the buzzer to give St. John the Baptist a win Thursday in the boys basketball Holiday Festival in State College, Pa. Small finished with 17 points, seven assists and four rebounds. Robert Griffin hit three three-pointers for nine of his 23 points in a 22-15 fourth quarter for St. John the Baptist, which hit five three-pointers in the quarter

    Tuesday, January 2
    Chris Barber scored a tournament-record 52 points in Wyandanch's 97-94 overtime loss to Gompers of The Bronx on Thursday in the first round of the Rim Rockers Tournament at Longwood. The previous record was Tre Kelley's 35 points in 2004 for Dunbar of Washington, D.C. Barber's three-point play with 12 seconds left in regulation tied the score at 89 for Wyandanch. His younger brother, Cameron, had 21 points and a tournament-record 22 rebounds for Wyandanch. Gompers meets the winner of Longwood-Geneva (Rochester) at 8 p.m Friday in the semifinals. Wyandanch faces the loser at 4:45 p.m. in the consolation bracket.

    Monday, January 1
    Coach Rob Pavinelli is well aware his St. Dominic boys basketball team is in a different position this season, looking in the rear-view mirror instead of chasing. The consensus is St. Dominic is the team to beat in the Nassau-Suffolk CHSAA after ending the eight-year reign of St. Mary's last season. "It's a good feeling to be the defending champs," Pavinelli said. "We're going to relish that role." The pieces are in place to repeat. St. Dominic (20-6) returns 11 players, including senior starters T.J. Carey, Markeys Deans, T.J. Thomas, and Roland Davis. St. Dominic already has suffered a major injury as senior point guard James Wilson tore his ACL during practice last month and is out for the season. "He was the backbone of the team," Pavinelli said. All five guys who start can handle the ball, but none is a true point guard. St. Dominic has been a perimeter-oriented team the past few years, but it will be strong in the paint. The Bayhawks are physical, have size and can shoot.

    St. Mary's (20-5) lost four starters and returns only four players, but the Gaels have good, young talent. Senior forward Marcos Tamares, the lone starter back, will play a bigger role. Junior guards Scott Machado and Byron Freeman will be key players. The team lacks size, but is full of quick guards.

    St. John the Baptist (19-7) won the CHSAA Class A title last season and returns two starters. Prentice Small ,(TEAM UNDERRATED) a dynamic 5-8 point guard, runs the offense and senior Anthony Parris is the main low-post threat. Senior Robert Griffin is a great shooter and promising sophomores Josh Elbaum and Greg Kelm make the Cougars the team to beat for the A title.
    Chaminade (16-7) lost to St. John the Baptist in the final. Chaminade starts five seniors, including Holy Cross-bound Andrew Beinert, a 6-3 point guard who can do it all. Chris Fisher, a 6-2 forward, is an inside presence.

    Michael Grant, a 6-foot guard, and 5-10 junior guard Chris Jimenez lead St. Anthony's (15-6).

    Kellenberg (6-20) is led by point guard Chris Lyons.
    Holy Trinity (4-19) is full of inexperience with Vincent Roberts, a 6-3 forward, the lone starter back.

    IPPSAL Upper Room (14-13) hasn't won an IPPSAL Division I crown since 1995 and has lost in the last four finals to Lawrence Woodmere Academy, which has won 11 of the last 12 titles. Both teams were decimated by graduation. Upper Room lost seven players, including all five starters. Corey Jackson (TEAM UNDERRATED), a 6-foot senior guard, was the top reserve last season and is now the top player. It is a quick team that likes to get out on the break. Lawrence Woodmere (23-4) lost in the state Class A Federation final, but 11 of 13 players graduated, including Tyrone Nash, R.J. Rutledge and Josh Marshall. The only player with varsity experience is Max Shillalies (TEAM UNDERRATED), a 6-7 senior, who was the sixth man. Rounding out Division I is Solomon Schechter, Waldorf, Portledge and Kew Forest (Queens). Faith Academy, Knox, Lexington (Queens), Lake Grove, Victory (Queens), and Valley Stream Christian play in Division II.

    INDEPENDENTS Long Island Lutheran (12-12) returns one starter and has an influx of new talent after it played in the IPPSAL last season. Brian Carey takes over the helm after coaching Kings Park. Leading the way is Jeriel Henriquez, a 6-2 junior guard, who transferred from Cardinal Hayes (Bronx). Our Savior New American (18-18) is led by 6-10 junior forward Teng Akol, who can score inside and outside and has received interest from some of the top Division I schools.


    ANDREW BEINERT Chaminade, 6-3, G, Sr.: Beinert has excellent court vision and creates good looks for teammates. He is a major threat from three-point range and will play at Holy Cross next season. He averaged 20 points, seven rebounds and seven assists last season.

    T.J. CAREY St. Dominic, 6-2, G, Sr.: Carey is a savvy player and tough. He is an all-around player and his shooting stands out. He averaged 12 points, six rebounds and four assists last season. He'll play at Harvard next season. 

    MAX SHILLALIES Lawrence Woodmere Academy, 6-7, C, Sr.: Shillalies was the top reserve for the Tigers last season and now will be the focal point. He's strong and shoots the ball well. He has experience playing against good competition and is expected to lead an inexperienced team.

    PRENTICE SMALL St. John the Baptist, 5-8, G, Sr.: His surname describes his height, but not his game. Small is very quick, shoots well and is a great defender. He helped the Cougars win the Nassau-Suffolk CHSAA A championship for the first time in 17 seasons. He averaged 17 points, seven assists, five rebounds and four steals last season.

    MARCOS TAMARES St. Mary's, 6-6, F, Sr.: Tamares is the only returning starter for St. Mary's, and he will be asked to do a lot more. He's a scorer that gets it done in the post and from the perimeter. He also grabs a lot of rebounds.

    BY THE NUMBERS 77 Years Chaminade has played in its home gym called the "House of Noise." This is the final season the Flyers are playing there as a $20-million Activities/Athletic Center will open in the fall.

    17 Seasons between championships for St. John the Baptist, which defeated Chaminade in the Nassau-Suffolk CHSAA A title game last season.

    1 The margin of victory for St. Dominic in the Nassau-Suffolk CHSAA AA title game last season. The Bayhawks beat St. Mary's, 56-55.

    11 Number of IPPSAL Division I championships Lawrence Woodmere Academy has won the past 12 seasons.

    Monday, January 1

    ANDREW AYODEJI Amityville, 6-1, Sr., G: Ayodeji, a three-year starter, was part of state Class A final four team as a sophomore and led the Warriors to the Suffolk title game a year ago. Great three-point shooter averaged 18 points, six rebounds and five assists.

    CHRIS BARBER Wyandanch, 6-foot, Sr., G: Barber, Long Island's most exciting player, led Wyandanch to the state Class B final four. Barber averaged 27 points and won the Richard Sandler Award as Newsday's Suffolk Player of the Year.

    RHAMEL BRATTON Huntington, 6-2, Sr., G: Rhamel Bratton, one half of Huntington's twin talents, has won back-to-back state titles in lacrosse and a Long Island Class III football title. But he also helped Huntington unseat six-time winner Amityville as the Suffolk Class A basketball champions.

    SHAMEL BRATTON Huntington, 6-2, Sr., G: Shamel Bratton, coming off an All-Long Island football season, is a lacrosse player first. But he is the one that converted a pair of free throws with 3.7 seconds left to lift Huntington to a 55-54 win over East Hampton for the Suffolk Class A title.

    STANLEY CALIXTE Deer Park, 5-10, Sr., G: Calixte was the catalyst behind Deer Park's quantum leap from a program shut out of the playoffs in 2005 to a Suffolk Class AA semifinalist a year ago. He averaged 16 points, five rebounds and five assists.
    RYAN CREIGHTON Greenport, 6-2, So. G: Creighton, a three-year player, is still putting it all together. A streaky shooter who is unstoppable at times, Creighton averaged 21 points, nine rebounds and five assists for Suffolk Class D champs. Creighton goes strong to the basket.

    CHRIS JOHNSON Lindenhurst, 6-foot, Jr., G: Johnson, a four-year player, averaged 15 points a year ago. Confident and competitive, he's a big reason why Lindenhurst is a threat to win the Suffolk Class AA title. An excellent shooter and ball handler.

    CHRIS OBI Bay Shore, 6-foot, Sr., G: Obi, a four-year player, has taken the Marauders to three straight trips to the Suffolk Class AA title game, winning in 2004. He averaged 18 points, six rebounds and four assists a year ago. Obi is a clutch performer in the playoffs.

    JAMES PATE Babylon, 6-1, So. G: Pate led Babylon to the Suffolk Class B title game, averaging 21 points and six assists. When it's all over, Pate will be just the fourth six-year varsity player in Suffolk history. Explosive and can create his own shot.

    MIKEY RUSSELL East Hampton, 5-9, Jr. G: Russell, a three-year starter, emerged as Suffolk's second-leading scorer with a 26-point average. Playing point guard, Russell has gotten even better against the press and physically stronger. A great passer.

    BY THE NUMBERS 678 Career wins in 48 seasons for East Hampton's Ed Petrie, the winningest public school boys basketball coach in state history.

    9 Suffolk schools owned the Long Island Class A (B prior to 2004) title for nine straight seasons until Jericho downed Huntington to snap the streak.

    6 It's been six seasons between Suffolk Class D titles for Bridgehampton. That's a long drought considering the Killers Bees own more state titles - eight - than any program in the state.

    0 Ross School was Long Island's only winless public school a year ago at 0-16.

    Monday, January 1
    Suffolk boys basketball grew a reputation as the cradle of state champions. Over an eight-year span, from 1996-2003, at least one school east of Route 110 could call itself the best in the state. But that edge is gone. Parity has cut across each class. That's great for competition and for the rest of the state. The race is wide open once again. That means at least a dozen schools have real expectations of taking home a class title. Just don't expect to see any of this season's county champions to go beyond the first day of the state final four.

    CLASS AA Copiague (23-2) rode point guard Sean Smith (now at Arkansas-Fort Smith) all the way to the first county title in the program's 48-year history. Losing its star playmaker is a blow, but there's talent to burn. After all, the hero of the Suffolk Class AA title game wasn't Smith. It was rangy Richard Byrd (TEAM UNDERRATED)He poured in 21 points to help upend Bay Shore, 50-45. Byrd is back and forms a dangerous one-two punch with Dwight Gibson. They can shoot over any zone. Senior guard Chris Obi has been part of three straight title-game berths. Can he deliver a fourth for Bay Shore (15-8)? Ken Parham, the architect, stepped down to take an administrator job. It's up to one-time freshman coach Navro Robinson to keep up the tradition. Deer Park (13-9) was a surprise semifinalist a year ago. The Falcons are a secret no longer. Stanley Calixte (TEAM UNDERRATED) emerged as one of the more exciting guards around. Teammate Josh Malone offers backup. Lindenhurst (8-11) is well-coached and loaded with young talent. But are the Bulldogs too young? Junior guard Chris Johnson and freshman Kamil Parzych are special. Senior Chris Barnes can shoot. A whole host of teams have the potential to win it all. Perennial contender Longwood (15-6) returns forward Errol Daniyan while Sachem East (10-9) has twins Matt and Dan Sherwood. Junior forward Kyheem Green has grown into a force for Whitman (12-8) while Floyd (11-8) returns John Symonds and Torek Williams. Northport (15-7) has a real scorer in Ben Atkinson. Two teams that should get better down the stretch are a young but talented Brentwood (11-9) squad and Bellport (12-8). Peter Grossi, who did a great job at Calhoun, is the new coach at Bellport.

    CLASS A Huntington's run to its first county title since 1958 involved one tight-rope performance after another. Rhamel Bratton's three-pointer with 4.8 seconds left beat Bayport-Blue Point in the quarterfinals, 57-55. Then the Blue Devils knocked off six-time champ Amityville, 60-56, in the semifinals. Twin Shamel Bratton sank a pair of free throws with 3.7 seconds left to outlast East Hampton, 55-54, in the title game. What a gauntlet! The Bratton brothers, Kevin O'Neil and Huntington (19-5) are back for another run. So are Amityville, East Hampton and Bayport-Blue Point. Amityville coach Jack Agostino will be inducted into the state Basketball Hall of Fame in Glens Falls the weekend of the Federation Tournament. Amityville (16-5) has made the trip to Federations four times since 2000. Will Agostino's journey this spring be business or pleasure? It's up to the senior backcourt of Andrew Ayodeji and Ray Jones (TEAM UNDERRATED). Another coaching icon, Ed Petrie, leads East Hampton (18-4). He returns three starters, led by explosive junior Mikey Russell and 6-3 senior Zack Brenneman. Junior guard Marcus Edwards offers balance and sophomore Jerome Russell is the product of a great JV. Two more teams to watch: Bayport-Blue Point (14-6) has Trey Black and Pat Niblock (TEAM UNDERRATED) while Glenn (18-3) features Trevor Coston and Ifeanyi Momah.

    CLASS B Two teams sprouted from the landscape to enjoy special seasons a year ago. That downtrodden Wyandanch and Babylon met for the Class B title breathed life into the playoffs. Wyandanch took the title with a convincing 70-55 win. Suffolk player of the year Chris Barber (TEAM UNDERRATED) took his game to another level in the playoffs. This should be a two-team race once more. Defending Long Island champ Wyandanch (19-6) returns Barber, Suffolk's leading scorer, and adds his younger brother, Cameron (TEAM UNDERRATED). Babylon (10-10) has another young gun in sophomore James Pate and 6-3 junior Beau Bachety. No one else can challenge them so you will be able to enjoy the championship rematch.

    Monday, January 1
    St. John The Baptist defeated host State College High School 82-78 in overtime to capture the championship of the State College Area High School Holiday Festival in Pennsylvania. Prentice Small led SJB with 27. 12/29

    Monday, January 1
    Copiague made sure that we didn't forget they are the defending Suffolk County Champions, hammering Lindenhurst 71-45. They dominated every aspect of the game and star Richard Byrd's (TEAM UNDERRATED) was unstoppable, finishing with 27 points, 10 rebounds, and 7 assists. 12/30

    Monday, January 1
    Malverne did not look good in their first game of the season, getting pounded by St. Anthony's and looking listless and confused. Things have changed! The Mules registered their 2nd straight upset, defeating Westbury 74-59 in the championship game of their own tournament the night after beating West Hempstead 83-65 in the semifinals. And it wasn't just that they beat two good teams, but they beat them easily! Craig Wilson (TEAM UNDERRATED) was the star tonight, scoring 32 points while Greg Lott added 17 points and 13 rebounds. 12/29

    Friday, October 6
    WYANDANCH, NY 11798

    THURSDAY OCTOBER   12TH, 2006 (7PM – 8:30PM)
    MONDAY OCTOBER    16TH, 2006 (7PM – 8:30PM)


    Join us for Long Island’s premier AAU basketball program try-outs at

    Wyandanch Youth Center. As we prepare for our upcoming AAU season Team

    Underrated are looking for several players to fill our rosters. Each player will

    play at least 3 games in order for Team Underrated staff to fully evaluate and

    select players for our travel team.

    Coach Dre', Team Underrated: We will conducting try-outs for several age groups in

    the next few weeks for the upcoming AAU season . On October 12th & October 16th at

    7:00 p.m. we will be holding try-outs for our 15-under Team (must meet the AAU age

    & grade requirements). You can view the age-determination calculator at Other age groups that will be having try-outs will be 9-

    under, 11-under, 16-under & 13-under, stay tuned for dates and times. You must

    contact Team Underrated before you come to the try-out, for further information

    contact Coach Dre' at 631-664-6751 or

    Monday, September 11
    Sacred Heart Men's Basketball Inks Third Player for 2006-07 Season
    May 2, 2006 FAIRFIELD, CT - Sacred Heart University men's basketball coach Dave Bike announced today the signing of Joshua Marshall from Lawrence Woodmere Academy in New York to a National Letter of Intent for the 2006-07 season. Marshall is the third player to sign with the Pioneers for the upcoming year. Marshall, who stands 6'5 and will likely play small forward for the Pioneers, averaged 21 points and 11 rebounds per game to help Woodmere Academy to the New York State Class A Federation Championship Game in Glens Falls, where the 23-4 Tigers were beaten by Peekskill, 81-75. "He was a nice pick-up for us," Bike said. "He has a nice shooting touch and is a good rebounder." Marshall was a second team All-Long Island choice by Newsday. The Pioneers beat out Central Connecticut and Bucknell to earn the services of Marshall. Marshall joins Chauncey Hardy from Xavier High School and Ryan Litke from Windsor High School to complete the Pioneer's recruiting class.

    Tuesday, September 19
    First of all, we would like to congratulate all of the champions from Vision Sports' 2006 national tournaments. Click here for a complete list of the 2006 champions. In addition, we would like to thank all coaches and parents for their time and effort in bringing teams to our tournaments. As we have stated before, you are the role models for our youth. Through the game of basketball, you create a foundation and structure to guide our young men and women in a positive direction. Although we list the championship teams from this past year, deep down we believe that every participant who is striving to do good and give 100% is a champion.

    We would like to keep you informed of our plans for 2007. All three of our April events are live and sanctioned for Division 1 men's college coaches to attend. This past season's #1 team in the USA, the Southern Cal All Stars, has committed to participating in all three of our April events. This is a great opportunity for teams from across the country to compete against the best, with a chance of starting the summer as the #1 team in America. In addition, we once again expect a large turnout of all D1 men's college coaches for the Las Vegas Easter Classic, the Houston Kingwood Classic, and the Las Vegas Spring Showcase.

    Las Vegas Easter Classic - April 5-8, 2007

    « Live period for D1 men's college coaches!

    « Over 250 teams attended in 2006.

    « A great event to attend during Spring Break! Games will begin on the morning of April 5th and end on April 8th. Note that Friday is a holiday for most schools (Good Friday), so kids won't miss school.

    « Divisions for boys' 9u through 17U teams, and girls' 11u through Varsity teams

    « This is the first live date for men's college coaches in the spring - it will be packed.

    « Free Nike t-shirt for all players!

    « Pool play, with all teams advancing to championship round. 4 game guarantee.

    « Games played at top high school gyms around Las Vegas (Durango, Spring Valley, Western, Chaparral, Bonanza, etc.), UNLV's McDermott Center, Doolittle Rec. Center, and other top facilities.

    « Normal high school rules with stop clock on all dead balls for all age divisions.

    « Trophies awarded to 1st & 2nd place team members.

    « Registration fee is $575 per team.

    Houston Kingwood Classic - April 20-22, 2007

    The Premier Spring Recruiting Event-Live Period for Division I College Coaches

    The Largest Weekend Tournament in the Country!

    « Once again, we are already hearing from teams from as far away as Europe and Australia. The country's #1 17U team - the Southern Cal All Stars - among many others, have already committed to attending this event.

    « Book hotels now - they fill up very fast! There is a list of hotel discounts on our website.

    « Pool play with all teams advancing to championship round. 3 game guarantee.

    « Normal high school rules with stop clock on all dead balls for all age divisions.

    « The tournament is live for college coaches to attend Sat. & Sun., April 21-22.

    « Divisions for 9U through 17U boys' teams.

    « Entry fee is $450 per team.

    « Trophies awarded to 1st & 2nd place team members in each division.

    « Over 600 teams from across the country participated in the 2006 tournament!

    « Over 500 Division I college coaches were in attendance last year, along with every major scouting service.

    « Houston radio stations and newspapers will cover and promote the event.

    « All games near Houston's George Bush Intercontinental Airport.

    « Please note that team participation in the tournament is based on a first come first served basis and a spot is confirmed once full payment is received-Register Soon!

    Las Vegas Spring Showcase - April 27-29, 2007

    « Live period for D1 men's college coaches! This is the last weekend that D1 college coaches can watch players until July 6.

    « Free Nike t-shirt for all players!

    « Play starts on Friday, April 27 and ends Sunday, April 29. The tournament takes place during a "live period" for men's college coaches to attend on Saturday and Sunday, April 28-29.

    « Divisions for boys' 9U through 17U, and Varsity girls

    « Pool play, with all teams advancing to championship round. 3 game guarantee.

    « Games played at top high school gyms around Las Vegas (Durango, Spring Valley, Western, Chaparral, Bonanza, etc.), UNLV's McDermott Center, Doolittle Rec. Center, and other top facilities.

    « Normal high school rules with stop clock on all dead balls for all age divisions.

    « Trophies awarded to 1st & 2nd place team members.

    « Registration fee is $450 per team.

    Don't forget to mark your calendars for the Summer 2007 tournaments as well:

    The Main Event Las Vegas - July 22-27, 2007

    National Youth Basketball Championship (Las Vegas) - July 27-31, 2007.

    More information, hotel discounts, and registration forms can be found on our website.

    Tuesday, September 5
    All players that are in the class of 2007 and 2008 are to prepare themselves for these up and coming important test. Check our link pages for helpful information....

    Tuesday, September 5

    Tuesday, August 29
    Former Tiger and Tandem Make College Commitments

    These two student-athletes were 2 of 4 players I had from this high school play AAU ball for me. The other two were Corey Gilmore (College Of New Jersey), and Ian Robinson (Western Nebraska C.C.).

    By Greg Machos
    December 2, 2005

    SOUTH PLAINFIELD, NJ--On Thursday, December 1st, 2005, GMC Hoops learned that both Marquis Jones and Darren Smith, the dynamic duo that led South Plainfield to two consecutive Greater Middlesex Conference Tournament crowns, three straight GMCT Final Four appearances, at least a share of the GMC White Division crown three years in a row, and to the best season record in the history of SPHS, both made commitments to colleges for 2006 according to reports in the Courier-News, the Atlantic 10, Ivy League,, and the Daily Pennsylvanian.

    Jones, who is presently attending prep school at the St. Thomas More School in Connecticut, has decided to attend Rhode Island University, and play in the Atlantic 10 Conference. Meanwhile, Darren Smith, who earned Most Valuable Player honors in the Greater Middlesex Conference Tournament by setting a record for most three pointers in a GMCT Championship Game with seven, and scoring 31 points to lift the Tigers past St. Joseph's, 66-65, has and Smith were really selected to the GMC Hoops All 5th Anniversary team, and earned GMC Hoops Player of the Year Honors for 2004 and 2005 respectively.

    Smith, who along with Jones scored over 1,000 points in his career at South Plainfield, is currently attending prep school as well at the Peddie School in Princeton. Smith had garnered interest earlier in the year from a couple Ivy League schools including Princeton and Columbia. Meanwhile, Jones had sparked curiousity from Rutgers, LaSalle, Massachussetts, Quinnipiac, and Boston University. Jones (1,434 points) became the all-time leading scorer in South Plainfield history by shattering the mark set by previous all time scorer, Joe Thompson, who had 1314 points, and that record stood for nearly 20 years. Thompson broke the previous mark set by Wally Cirafesi against St. Mary's (Cardinal McCarrick) in February, 1986.

    At the end of last basketball season, indications were that Marquis Jones was headed to Blair Academy, which has had a recent history of success with talented basketball players such as Luol Deng (Chicago Bulls), Charlie Villanueva (Toronto Raptors), and Royal Ivey (Atlanta Hawks) all attending there and going on to succeed not only at the college level, but also in the NBA. However, things changed, and Jones ended up in Connecticut at St. Thomas More with another New Jersey phenom, Terrence Grier, who starred at Cranford the past several years. Grier, too, has also signed a letter of intent to play at Rhode Island.

    While Darren Smith will be remembered for his seven three pointers and 31 points in the GMCT final, it was Marquis Jones, who provided the memorable finish to what will be soon officially coined the greatest game ever covered by GMC Hoops in the five year history of the site. Jones connected on a short jumper with just seconds remaining to lead the Tigers past a St. Joseph's team led by Andrew Bynum, who is now playing for the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA. The Falcons had come into the GMCT final with wins in 15 of their last 16 including a huge win some twelve days earlier over 18-1 Rochester East at the Prime Time Shootout.

    Tuesday, August 29

       1. Mike Coburn 5'11 PG Mt. Vernon
       2. Melquan Bolding 6'3 SF Stepinac
       3. Malik Boothe 5'7 PG Christ the King
       4. Nathaniel Lester 6'4 SF Canarsie
       5. Andrew Gabriel 6'4 PF Christ the King
       6. Andrew Bienert 6’2 SG Chaminade
       7. Kidani Brutus 6’2 SG Wings Academy
       8. Gerald Colds 6’0 PG St. Raymond
       9. Markeys Dean 6’5 PF St. Dominic
    10. Brandon Walters 6’9 C Lincoln
    11. Keith McCallister 6'6 Campus Magnet
    12. Rocco Rubino 6’2 SG Molloy
    13. T.J. Carey 6’2 SG St. Dominic
    14. Josh Spivey 6’0 PG Wings Academy
    15. Jamie Harris 5’9 PG Wings Academy
    16. Devon Peterson 6’2 PG Lincoln
    17. Malcolm Pope 5'11 PG Rice
    18. Zamal Nixon 6’1 SG Xaverian
    19. Quincy Hankins 6’6 SF Roosevelt
    20. Chris Delarosa 6'0 PG All Hallows
    21. Steve Priestly 6'7 PF Uniondale
    22. Chris Barber 6'0 SG Wyandanch
    23. Jamal Cromartie 6'0 PG White Plains
    24. Brian Hutchinson 6’5 PF Elmont
    25. Andy Garcia 6’4 SF Cardinal Hayes
    26. Roland Davis 6'1 SG St. Dominic
    27. Nick Hendra 6'2 SG Xavier
    28. Paul Scotland 5’11 SG Urban Peace
    29. Kyle Cook 6'6 C Lincoln
    30. Steven Ruple 5'11 PG Thurgood Marshall
    31. Quarran Davis 6'6 PF Bishop Ford
    32. Malachi Peay 6'3 SF Campus Magnet
    33. T.J. Thomas 6’2 PF St. Dominic
    34. Morgan Kelly 6’7 C Molloy
    35. Marcus Matthews 6’3 SG Bishop Loughlin
    36. Tywon Clark 6'3 SF All Hallows
    37. Kevin Mills 6'3 SG Boys & Girls
    38. Ray Jones 6’0 PG Amityville
    39. Mike Cavateio 6'3 St. Francis Prep
    40. Brian Riley 6'3 SF Mount St. Michael
    41. Darren Benbow 6'5 SF St. Raymond
    42. Wayne Allison 6'5 C Boys & Girls
    43. Justin Rivers 6'2 SF St. Raymond
    44. Chris Abney 6'7 C Christ the King
    45. Kristin Joyner 6'7 PF Jefferson


    1. Mike Coburn 6’0 PG Mt. Vernon
    2. Malik Booth 5’9 PG Christ the King
    3. Nathaniel Lester 6’4 SF Canarsie
    4. Melquan Bolding 6’4 SF Stepinac
    5. Andrew Bienert 6’2 SG Chaminade
    6. Andrew Gabriel 6’5 PF Christ the King
    7. Markeys Dean 6’5 PF St. Dominic
    8. Gerald Colds 6’0 PG St. Raymond
    9. Kidani Brutus 6’2 SG Wings Academy
    10. Brandon Walters 6’9 C Lincoln
    11. Rocco Rubino 6’2 SG Molloy
    12. T.J. Carey 6’2 SG St. Dominic
    13. Josh Spivey 6’0 PG Wings Academy
    14. Devon Peterson 6’2 PG Lincoln
    15. Jamie Harris 5’9 PG Wings Academy
    16. Keith McCallister 6'6 Campus Magnet
    17. Quincy Hankins 6’6 SF Roosevelt (LI)
    18. Steve Priestly 6'7 PF Uniondale
    19. Chris Barber 6'0 SG Wyandanch
    20. Zamal Nixon 6’1 SG Xaverian
    21. Chris Delarosa 6'0 PG All Hallows
    22. Brian Hutchinson 6’5 PF Elmont
    23. Andy Garcia 6’4 SF Cardinal Hayes
    24. Jamal Cromartie 6'0 PG White Plains
    25. Roland Davis 6'1 SG St. Dominic
    26. Nick Hendra 6'2 SG Xavier
    27. Paul Scotland 5’11 SG Urban Peace
    28. Kyle Cook 6'6 C Lincoln
    29. Malcolm Pope 6'0 PG Rice
    30. Steven Ruple 5'11 PG Thurgood Marshall
    31. Quarran Davis 6'6 PF Bishop Ford
    32. Malachi Peay 6'5 SF Campus Magnet
    33. T.J. Thomas 6’2 PF St. Dominic
    34. Morgan Kelly 6’7 C Molloy
    35. Marcus Matthews 6’3 SG Bishop Loughlin   UMass
    36. Tywon Clark 6'3 SF All Hallows
    37. Kevin Mills 6'3 SG Boys & Girls
    38. Darren Benbow 6'6 SF St. Raymond
    39. Ray Jones 6’0 PG Amityville
    40. Mike Cavateio 6'3 St. Francis Prep
    41. Taylor Foster 6'3 SF Stepinac
    42. Brian Riley 6'3 SF Mount St. Michael
    43. Wayne Allison 6'6 C Boys & Girls
    44. Justin Rivers 6'2 SF St. Raymond
    45. Todd Mills 6'5 PF Global Studies
    46. Chris Abney 6'7 C Christ the King
    47. Andrew Ajudije 6’1 PG Amityville
    48. Edis Dervisnic 6'6 PF Our Saviour Lutheran
    49. Kristin Joyner 6'7 PF Jefferson
    50. BJ Warrington 6'4 PF All Hallows


    1. Sylvan Landesburg 6'4 SG Holy Cross
    2. Theodore "Mookie" Jones 6'6 SF Peekskill
    3. Erving Walker 5'8 PG Christ the King
    4. Darryl "Truck" Bryant 6'1 SG St. Raymond
    5. Ryan Pearson 6'4 PF Christ the King
    6. David Imes 6’6 C Xaverian
    7. James Southerland 6’6 SF Cardozo
    8. Dre Calloway 5'11 PG Our Savior Lutheran
    9. Kevin Jones 6'7 C Mt. Vernon
    10. Khalif Staten 6’3 SF Lincoln
    11. Brandon Romain 6'3 SF Xaverian
    12. Reggie Davis 6'4 SF Xaverian
    13. Kemba Walker 5'10 PG Rice
    14. Vincent Council 5'10 PG Xaverian
    15. Billy Butler 6’0 PG Floral Park
    16. Kevin Phillip 6'6 PF Bishop Loughlin
    17. Sean Kilpatrick 6'3 SF White Plains
    18. Patrick Jackson 6'6 SF Xaverian
    19. Matt Cajuste 6'6 C Jericho
    20. William Harrison 6'3 SF Our Saviour Lutheran
    21. Scott Machado 6'0 SG St. Mary's
    22. Justin Newton 5'11 SG Poly Prep
    23. Trinity Fields 5'10 PG Holy Cross
    24. Winston Graham 6'0 Bronx Leadership
    25. Edy Touissant 6’3 PF Holy Cross
    26. Kaseem Carr 5'8 PG Mount St. Michael
    27. Dorvelle Carter 6'5 SF Rice
    28. Matt Grogan 6’4 SF Molloy
    29. Chris Fouch 5'9 SG Rice
    30. Byron Freeman 6’2 SG St. Mary’s
    31. Kateema Brooks 5'8 PG Mt. Vernon
    32. Marquis Grant 6'5 PF Christ the King
    33. Charles "Snacks" Joseph 6'8 C South Shore
    34. Lenny McNeil 6'3 PF St. Raymond
    35. Mike Russell 5'8 PG East Hampton
    36. Clayton Sterling 6'1 SG Boys & Girls
    37. Joe Nuss 6'4 SF Christ the King
    38. Ian Umpierre 5'6 PG St. Raymond
    39. Shahab Syed 6'5 C St. Anthony
    40. Kyree Sutton 6'8 C Boys & Girls


    1. Lance Stephenson 6’4 PG Lincoln
    2. Lamont “Momo” Jones 5’10 PG Rice
    3. Durrand Scott 6’3 SG Rice
    4. Omari Lawrence 6’2 SG St. Raymond
    5. James Padgett 6'8 C Xaverian
    6. Keith Spellman 6’3 PG Thomas Jefferson
    7. Kevin Parrom 6’5 SF St. Raymond
    8. Sherrod Wright 6’4 PF Mt. Vernon
    9. Josh Malone 6'1 SG Deer Park
    10. Sean Johnson 6’1 SG Christ The King
    11. Darwin Ellis 5’8 PG Lincoln
    12. Trevon Hamlett 6’5 C Bishop Louglin
    13. Deshaun Moye 6'5 PF Christ the King
    14. Ryan Creighton 6'4 SF Greenport
    15. Ryan Dillon 6'3 SF Molloy
    16. Rasheem King 6'2 SG Xaverian
    17. Dalton Johnson 6'3 PF Cardinal Hayes
    18. Tyreak Johnson 5'10 PG St. Raymond
    19. Jamel Williams 6'1 SG Holy Cross
    20. Russ Smith 5'7 PG Molloy
    21. Jesse Moorehead 6'0 SG Xaverian
    22. Odayne Clarke 6'4 SF Mt. Vernon
    23. Chaz Williams 5'7 PG Bishop Ford
    24. James Stukes 6'4 PF Rice
    25. Marion Smith 5'10 PG Christ the King
    26. Sharif Mair 6'4 PF Holy Cross
    27. George Beamon 6'2 SF St. Dominic
    28. Labrandon Smith 6'3 PF Molloy
    29. Paul Bilbo 6'8 C St. Dominc
    30. Chris Larmond 6'5 C FDA
    31. Jin Hong 6'5 PF Molloy
    32. Aanali Okoloji 6'6 C Poly Prep
    33. Kelvin Lewis 6'3 PF FDA
    34. P.J. Walters 5'11 SG St. Dominic
    35. William Williams 5'8 PG Mount St. Michael
    36. Armand Thomas 6'6 St. Raymond
    37. Jahi Fields 6'4 PF Hempstead
    38. Jerrell Anthey 5'6 PG Xaverian
    39. Shareef Muhammed 6'2 SG South Shore
    40. Kendall Harris 6'4 PG Brentwood


       1. Erving Walker 5'6 PG Christ the King
       2. Sylvan Landesberg 6'3 SG Holy Cross
       3. Daryl Bryant 6'0 SG St. Raymond
       4. Ring Ayeul 7'5 C OSNA
       5. Theodore Jones 6'6 SF Peekskill
       6. Ryan Pearson 6'4 PF Christ the King
       7. James Southerland 6’6 SF Cardozo
       8. David Imes 6’6 C Xaverian
       9. Khalif Staten 6’3 SF Lincoln
    10. Dre Calloway 5'11 PG Our Savior Lutheran
    11. Kevin Jones 6'7 C Mt. Vernon
    12. Brandon Romain 6'3 SF Xaverian
    13. Reggie Davis 6'4 SF Xaverian
    14. Kemba Walker 5'10 PG Rice
    15. Vincent Council 5'10 PG Xaverian
    16. Kevin Phillip 6'6 PF Bishop Loughlin
    17. Sean Kilpatrick 6'3 SF White Plains
    18. Matt Cajuste 6'6 C Jericho
    19. Patrick Jackson 6'5 SF Xaverian
    20. Edy Touissant 6’3 PF Holy Cross
    21. William Harrison 6'2 SF Our Saviour Lutheran
    22. Scott Machado 5'10 SG St. Mary's
    23. Trinity Fields 5'10 PG Holy Cross
    24. Justin Newton 5'11 SG Poly Prep
    25. Winston Graham 5'11 Bronx Leadership
    26. Billy Butler 5'10 PG Floral Park
    27. Kaseem Carr 5'7 PG Mount St. Michael
    28. Dorvelle Carter 6'3 SF Rice
    29. Chris Fouch 5'9 SG Rice
    30. Ian Umpierre 5'5 PG St. Raymond
    31. Byron Freeman 6’2 SG St. Mary’s
    32. Kateema Brooks 5'7 PG Mt. Vernon
    33. Marquis Grant 6'5 PF Christ the King
    34. Charles Joseph 6'8 C South Shore
    35. Lenny McNeil 6'3 PF St. Raymond
    36. Mike Russell 5'8 PG East Hampton
    37. Shahab Syed 6'5 C St. Anthony


       1. Lance Stephenson 6-3
       2. Lamont Jones 5-9
       3. William Williams 5-9
       4. Juan Diaz 5-9
       5. Kevin Parrom 6-2
       6. J.T. Pate 6-1
       7. Durrand Scott 6-2
       8. Keith Spellman 6-1
       9. Russell Smith 5-3
    10. Omari Lawrence 6-2
    11. James Padgett 6-8
    12. Kevin Mackey 5-8
    13. Sherrod Wright 6-2
    14. Darwin Ellis 5-7
    15. Maurice Hicks 5-9
    16. Armand Thomas 6-4
    17. Paul Bilbo 6-6
    18. Jin Hong 6-4
    19. Rasheem King 6-0
    20. Sean Johnson 6-0
    21. Trevon Hamlett 6-5
    22. Ryan Creighton 6-3
    23. Deshaun Moye 6-5
    24. Ryan Dillon 6-3
    25. Russ Smith 5-5
    26. Josh Malone 5-11
    27. Jamel Williams 6-1
    28. Dalton Johnson 6-2
    29. Tyreak Johnson 5-9
    30. Chaz Williams 5-6
    31. James Stukes 6-4
    32. Jesse Moorehead 5-10
    33. Sharif Mair 6-3
    34. Odayne Clarke 6-3


    # Steve Whittingham 5'9
    # Deshawn Wiggins 6'0
    # Javon Pinkston 6'4
    # Davontay Grace 6'1
    # Doron Lamb 5'10
    # Chris Hampton 5'10
    # Ricardo Santana 6'5
    # Davon McMillan 5'8
    # Tobias Harris 6'1
    # Anthony Givens 4'11
    # Malik Batine 5'7
    # Shane Southwell 5'9
    # Jordan Federer 5'0
    # James Norman 5'10
    # Jeremy Ennist 5'3
    # Len Toussaint 6'0
    # Armani Cardwood 6'0
    # Harold McBride 5'8



    Monday, August 28
    Four Team Underrated players will be attending New Horizon Christian School this fall. They are Matthias Brown (Baldwin), Melvin Clarida (Springfield-Redemption

    Academy), Willie Emmanuel (Upper Room), and Elijah Swinton (Islip). Matthias and Elijah will graduate in the class of 2008, Melvin and Willie will graduate in the class of 2007.

    Jamarr Ross will attend Amherst Regional Prep High located in Massachusetts. Jamarr received a full ACDEMIC SCHOLARSHIP for four years.

    Jamal Linning of Hempstead High School will be attending SUNY Cobleskill majoring in Graphic Design.

    Friday, August 18
    In their first game after a three weeks break for the Holidays, Patterson School Prep team rolled over a talented Danville, VA, New Horizon Christian School 127-81 on Thursday night at the Mulberry Recreation Center in Lenoir, NC.

    Actually, my All Star Sports office is located on Mulberry Street only a half-mile north of the recreation center where the Patterson School plays their home games. In my 30-plus years of covering high school basketball, I have never had a more convenient situation for evaluating players.

    In the contest against New Horizon Christian both teams started off cold. However, Patterson used their extraordinarly talent, depth (with at least 18 Division I prospects), size, athleticism, and shooting ability to shake off the rust, and post a 46-point victory.
    The home team Bulldogs made 51% of their field goal attempts (49-97); and out-rebounded New Horizon 74-44. Patterson’s fullcourt defensive pressure also forced 32 turnovers.

    Patterson continued to perform well without two of their top-rated players, 6-7 wing forward Davon Jefferson, and Oklahoma-signee 6-6 guard/forward Tony Crocker. Jefferson left school and returned to his Lynwood, CA, home in mid-December, and is on “indefinite suspension” since his return to Patterson. He possibly could play in Patterson’s game on January 15 against South Kent Prep in the Hall of Fame Classic in Springfield, MA, according to Coach Chris Chaney.

    Tony Crocker actually played in his first game since injuring his knee in November, and scored 4 points against New Horizon before spraining his ankle, and having to leave the game. He is not expected to play in the Hall of Fame Classic.

    6-4 second guard Seketoure Henry, a resident of Lynwood, CA, led all scorers with 29 points, including 4 three-pointers; the No. 1 junior prospect in North Carolina, 6-5, 215-pound wing forward Dominique Sutton had 21 points and 7 rebounds; College of Charleston-bound, 6-6 forward Tirrell Baines of Laurens, SC, had a double-double with 18 points and 13 rebounds; versatile 6-2 point guard Bobby Maze of Washington, DC, had 13 points, 7 assists; 6-6 guard/forward Roburt Sallie (committed to Washington) of Sacramento, CA, added 10 points; 6-7 forward Chris Knight of Cincinnati, OH, and sharpshooter 6-3 1/2 guard Lamar Falley of New Orleans, LA, each scored 8 points for Patterson School.

    New Horizon Christian was led by 6-1 combo guard Ricky Mabry of Greensboro, NC, with 23 points; 6-1 point guard Brandon Hickson, Columbia, SC, with 21 points; 6-5, 230-pound forward Shahee Martin, West Hempstead, NY, with 12 points, 10 rebounds; and promising junior, 6-6 forward J. C. Montgomery, Gaffney, SC, with 10 points, 8 rebounds.

    New Horizon also has a big man with potential in 6-10, 190-pound center Orin O’Bryant from Reading, PA. O’Bryant only scored 4 points, and is now physically weak, but, he does have a big upside, and could emerge as a Division I player as he becomes stronger and adds weight.

    Patterson Prep’s season record is now 22-1. New Horizon Christian has 7 wins and 5 losses.

    Monday, August 14
    Andre Edwards (Coach Dre'), Team Underrated: In the I.S. 8 play-offs Team Underrated (B) was defeated by Starrett City on Thursday night in overtime. Going into the 4th quarter Team Underrated (B) were down 14. Minute by minute we chipped into the lead and eventually tied the game with three frows by Devon Saxon (Far Rockaway). In overtime we ran out of gas and Starrett went on to win by 6. We were led by Devon Saxon 27 points while David McKeithan chipped in 25.

    On Friday night Team Underrated (A) squad defeated a very pesky Proud and Powerful team 96-85, led by Danny McFadden 18 pts., and Veer Deleah 15 pts. Team Underrated led through-out the game and received a huge perfomance from junior-guard to be Qwayshaun Houston (South Shore) with 34 points, Christopher Barber had 18 pts, 4 rebs., and 9 assists, brother Cameron Barber had 17pts, 17rebs, and 5 assists, Corey Jackson (Upper Room) had 19 pts., and 3 assists, sophomore to be Kendall Harris (Brentwood ) contributed very big with 9 rebs, 5pts, and 3 assists. Matthias Brown paced us with 8 rebs, 5pts, 2 assists and 2 blocks.

    On Saturday August 12, 2006 Team Underrated went into a match-up with NYC Finest with 5 key players missing, Nick Epley, Corey Jackson, Qway Houston, Richard Byrd, and Max Schialles and were defeated 61-57. Coach Tyrone Hester, NYC Finest - The NYC Finest Black team advanced to the semi final round of the I.S. 8 returning high school summer league 2006 with a 71- 67 win over Team Underrated (A). We were by a fierce back-court in Chris Barber 31pts., 4rebs.,and 5 assist, Prentice Smalls 11pts., 11asst., and 3rebs., Cameron Barber 16pts., 10rebs., and 5asst., Matt Brown chipped in 4pts., and 7rebs., Kendall Harris 4pts., and 6rebs.,and Brian VanCott had 3 pts.,. Akeem Brightman and Maurice Hughley led the Finest with 26 pts, Chris Abney added 18 points for the win.

    Thursday, August 3
    10-3 VEGAS TRIP
    I would first like to congratulate my 15-under team with their play in Vegas at the National Youth Invitational Tourney. This team was comprised of Jammar Ross (14-u), RJ Hall (14-u), Brian VanCott (14-u), Dave Cochran (14-u), Saheem King (14u),
    Sasha Clarida (14u), Quincy Watts (15u), Gerold Cardova (15u), Anton Christian (15u), and Brett Restrepo (15u). The team was overmatched every game and really came out with the intensity to win games. The team went 3-0 in pool play and lost in the Elite 8 to a very strong and powerful Oregon Lords of the Rim.

    My 17-under team was probably one of my toughest teams defensively that I ever coached.   This group of kids featured, Willie Emmanuel, Kyle Sierra, Nick Epley, Anthony Parris, Christopher Barber, Richard Byrd, Elijah Swinton, Melvin Clarida, Terrance Howard, Orin O'Bryant, Max Schialles, Kavon CLayton, Gio Hurley, and Matthias Brown. The team received so many good looks from various Division 1 coaches through-out the country.

    I believe that every child on these teams had a great experience and also bonded more as a team and as an organization. The kids ate together, played cards, swam, socialized, walked, talked, wrestled, congratulated, celebrated, and respected each other and the adults. I want some great relationships developed from this trip with all my players to help each other as they enter the real world.

    Thank you to all of the parents that helped with driving, laundry, cheering, consoling and great support.

    19u almighty
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    Wednesday, July 12
    Coach Mark Hubbard, Team Underrated: On July 11th Team Underrated defeated Big Wayne All-Stars in the Almighty Force 19-under League to advance to the Championship against Midnight Express on July 15th. Big Wayne All-Stars was missing key players while they fought back early on in the contest to take a commanding lead. Darwin Lynch, Chris Abney, and James Southerland played real big for Big Wayne All-Stars. Going into the 4th quarter Big Wyane had a 6 point lead which grew to 10 points with about 1:35 seconds to go in the 4th quarter. Team Underrated started to foul early to save possession. After a missed free throws Team Underrated started the comeback with a basket from Cameron Barber(10 pts.,and 8rebs.,) and Chris Barber (18pts.,4rebs.,6asst.4steals,and 2 turnovers)and then Nick Epley came off the bench and scored his only 3 points to bring Team Underrated within 3 points. Big Wayne All-Stars Kevin Walsh was fouled and went to the line and missed a big free throw which opened up the door for Team Underrated to tie the game with a huge three point shot by Alvin Vivican. Big Wayne came down and missed a key shot to go up 2, Cameron secured the rebound and called a time-out with 12 seconds to play tied 61-61. Team Underrated went into a spread offense and gave Chris Barber the ball and with 10 seconds to go Chris penetrated and hit a cutting Matthias Brown for an uncontested lay-up for a 63-61 lead with 2 seconds left. Big Wayne inbounded the ball and it was stolen by Chris Barber. We Also had strong contributions from Raeen Coward, Willie Emmanuel, and Keith Spencer.

    Darwin Lynch, James Southerland, and Chris Abney played huge for Big Wayne All-Stars, who were missing key players.

    Sunday, June 25
    This game features Team Underrated vs. Canarsie High School featuring Nathaniel Lester.

    Sunday, June 25
    Congratulations goes out to several Team Underrated former student-athletes in joining the list of Josh Marshall (Sacred Heart) & Scotty Mcrae (St. Peters) to attende various institutions:

    Jermaine "Butter" Russell       Bellport High- Suffolk C.C.(West)-North Carolina A & T

    Maurice Charlton                St. Johns The Baptist-Suffolk C.C.(East)

    Dyshaun Flournoy                Brentwood High- Suffolk C.C.(East)

    Emmanuel Degraffe               Wyandanch High- Onondaga C.C.(Syracuse)

    Dave Mareno                     Freeport High-Caldwell College-Reedley C.C.-C.W. Post

    Thomas Losito                   West Babylon-SUNY Cobleskill

    Alvin Vivican                   Brentwood-Adelphi

    Shahee Martin       West Hempstead-New Horizon Prep-Community College of Central Florida

    Ricky Mabry         New Horizon Prep-Iowa Western Community College

    Farris Thomas                   Upper Room-Plattsburgh State

    Ed Zajac                        Lindenhurst-Cheshire Academy

    Monday, June 19
    The Nike Swoosh Basketball will start this week with our 14u & 15u teams in action: Both divisions are loaded with good teams.

    14U Division
    Bunky Reid All-Stars
    Manhasset All-Stars
    Long Island Lightning
    Long Island Silver Bullets
    NY Orangemen
    Team Underrated
    Team Evolution

    16U Division
    Bunky Reid All-Stars
    Manhasset All-Stars
    Long Island Lakers
    Long Island Wizards
    Queens Cobras
    Future Legends
    Team Underrated
    Queens Black Hawks

    Check out our calendar for game times......

    Sunday, June 25
    Our 14-under team suffered a tough loss to Bunky Reid All-Stars. Bunky Reid came into the game with a game plan that worked through-out. Our 14-under team hung tough through 3 quarters. Bunky Reid almost held us scoreless for the 4th quarter. Team Underrated were without sharpshooter Marcus Charlton, big man Troy Cherry, and Mr. Hustle Earl Hudson.

    Friday, June 23
    Team Underrated 14-under team lost their first game in NIKE Swoosh against Long Island Lightning. We lost the first half 34-21 and we won the second half 20-16 and eventually losing 50-41. We were led by Marques Charlton with 15 points (5 3pters)amd 5 steals, Brian had 4 rebounds and 3 points, Lil Dave had 6 points, 3 assist and 1 steal, Marquise had 5 points, and 1 steal, James had 5 points and 2 rebounds, and we had strong contributions from Trevor and Jamar.

    Team Underrated 15-under Team won their first game in Nike Swoosh against Future Legends.

    Tuesday, June 6
    Over the weekend Team Underrated 14-u were defeated by Gershwin & Proud and Powerful at the Almighty Force Tournament which is held in Brooklyn. The two losses bumped us down to 6th place going into the play-offs. Our first round match-uo is against NYC Finest...

    On the same day an undermanned 19-under Team with (Marquis King 14-under Team)played and gave us some good support while coming off the bench. We lost to Midnight Express for the rights of sole possession of 1st place. Chris Barber 14 points, Cameron Barber 19 points, Rondu 2 points, Mathias Brown 15 points, Dyshaun Flournoy and Sadraac Numa chipped with 6 points.

    Friday night at I.S. 8 Team Underrated 19-under Team was defeated by 80 Park in a high scoring affair 109-99, Matthias Brown 2 points and 4 rebounds, Chris Barber 19 points, 2 rebounds, 2 assist, and 2 steals, Dyshaun Flournoy 22 points and 3 rebounds, Scotty McCrae 15 points and 6 rebounds, Josh Marshall 25 points and 7 rebounds, Willie Emmanuel 8 points, Roberto Colonette 8 points, and 6 rebounds.

    Monday, June 5
    Believe it or not, they just found out yesterday that the facility that they are using this weekend for the Pangos All-American Camp in Cypress, CA is not available for Friday night and, as a result, Dinos Trigionis, who is director of the camp and the best there is a winging it and making adjustments on the fly, has rescheduled everything that was originally supposed to take place tomorrow at the Southern California Basketball Academy for Saturday morning. And this actually works out even better for all of the players from Southern California, who will be commuting back and forth daily to the camp, as they now will only have to make two trips back-and-forth from home to the camp on Saturday and Sunday. And Trigonis isn't the only one who has had to make some adjustments, as Pete Edwards, who runs the IS8 Spring League, had to move back the playoffs this year by several weeks, due to the fact the Board of Education came in earlier this spring to make some repairs. However, this is great news for me, as the semi-finals and the championship of the IS8 Playoffs, which are usually played the weekend before Memorial Day weekend, have been pushed back until the weekend of June 10th-11th. So this means that they will coincide with Rumble in the Bronx at Fordham University, which will be the next stop on my tour after I attend the Pangos All-American Camp this weekend, and, as a result, you can bet that I will be at IS8 for the semi-finals, which will be held on Saturday June 10th at 11:00 AM and 12:30 PM, and possibly also the championship game, which will be held on Sunday, June 11th, at Noon. Our New York City Editor Ron Naclerio tells us that the first round of the IS8 Playoffs began on Sunday, May 21st, when the Metro Hawks beat Team Odom B, Starret City beat Riverside Church, the Panthers B Team beat the Philly Ballers, the Shooting Stars beat Mt. Vernon, and the Playaz Senior Team beat the Playaz Freshman team via a forfeit. And the playoffs will resume tonight at 7:00 PM with the Metro Hawks A Team with 6'3 Jr Corey Stokes from Newark (St. Bendict's) NJ, who is ranked #19 nationally in the junior class by the HOOP SCOOP; Duquesne-bound 6'3 Stephen Woods from East Elmurst (Monsignor McClancy) NY, and 5'10 Darren Duncan from Middle Village (Christ the King) NY, who had to play in the shadow of Malik Boothe and Erving Walker this past season, but is a legitimate Division I player and is still available; versus New Heights with 67 Tyrone Nash from Woodmere (Lawrence Woodmere Academy) NY and 6'3 R.J. Rutledge from Woodmere (Lawrence Woodmere Academy) NY, both of whom are going to Northfield (Northfield-Mt. Hermon) MA; and 6'1 Soph Dre Calloway from Bronx (Our Savior Lutheran) NY, who reminds Naclerio of a young Terrance Rencher. Then, tomorrow night it will be the Team Odom Seniors versus Jackson at 7:00 PM and 80 Park versus Team Underrated at 8:30 PM. The Team Odom Seniors have Seton Hall-bound 6'4 Larry Davis from Middle Village (Christ the King) NY; Providence-bound 6'3 Brian McKenzie from Brooklyn (Xavier) NY; 6'5 Jr Andrew Gabriel from Middle Village (Christ the King) NY; 6'5 Johnny Barnes from Astoria (Bryant) NY; 6'3 Tony Dennison from Astoria (Bryant) NY; and 6'4 Rob Hampton from Middle Village (Christ the King) NY, who is bound for Drexel and was the only player on his loaded high school team this past season to be named First Team All-City. Jackson, which consists of players exclusively from the Campus Magnet High School Team that was seeded 5th in the public school playoffs two month ago, has 6'8 Jr Keith McAllister from Cambria Heights (Campus Magnet) NY; 6'1 Patrick Bordeau from Cambria Heights (Campus Magnet) NY; and 6'5 Jr Malachi Peay from Cambria Heights (Campus Magnet) NY, who Naclerio thinks is one of the top sleepers in the New York City and is player that mid-to-high Division I schools should start taking a look at for next year. 80 Park has Manhattan-bound 6'9 Laurence Jolicoeur from Flushing (Holy Cross) NY, Stony Brook-bound 6'1 Chris Martin from Pittsfield (Maine Central Institute) ME, and 6'1 Jr Shamel Carty from Flushing (Holy Cross) NY and Team Underrated has Sacred Heart-bound 6'6 Josh Marshall from Woodmere (Lawrence Woodmere Academy) NY and St. Peter's-bound 6'8 Edmund McCrae from Bayside (Cardozo) NY. There also will be six games on Saturday, June 3rd, with the Juice All-Stars versus Starret City at 9:30 AM, the Panthers B Team versus the Playaz Juniors at 11:00 AM, the Playaz Sophomores versus the winner of 80 Park-Team Underrated at 12:30 PM, the Panthers A Team versus the winner of New Heights-Metro Hawks A Team at 2:00 PM, the winner of Juice All-Stars-Starret City versus the winner of the Panthers B Team-Playaz Juniors at 3:30 PM, and the winner of Playaz Sophomores-80 Park-Team-Underrated versus winner of Panthers A Team- New Heights-Metro Hawks at 5:00 PM. The Juice All-Stars have 5'6 Soph Ervin Walker from Middle Village (Christ the King) NY, who is ranked #7 nationally in the sophomore class by the HOOP SCOOP and played great last weekend at the Bob Gibbons Tournament of Champions; 6'5 Frosh Lance Stephenson, who is ranked #2 nationally in the freshman class by the HOOP SCOOP; 6'1 Malcolm Grant from Brooklyn (Paul Robeson) NY, who is ranked #62 nationally in the senior class by the HOOP SCOOP and is bound for Villanova, although he first appears to be going the prep school route; 6'9 Jr Brandon Walters from Brooklyn (Lincoln) NY; 5'10 Nick Leon from Brooklyn (Lincoln) NY; 6'3 Jr Devon Peterson from Brooklyn (Lincoln) NY; and 6'4 Kevin Menner from Winchendon (School) MA. Starret City has 6'5 Jr Ruben Guillandeaux from Elizabeth (St. Patrick) NJ, who is ranked #117 nationally in the senior class by the HOOP SCOOP and is a steal for La Salle; 6'3 Jr Thomas Manzano from Mendendall (Genesis One) MS, who is one of the best 3-point shooters in the junior class nationally; and 5'10 Tola Loval from Brooklyn (Canarsie) NY. The Panthers B Team has 6'5 Jr Jermaine Peterson from Brooklyn (Boys & Girls) NY, who is expected to transfer to Winchendon (School) MA this fall and has a chance to be the next Roosevelt Chapman; 6'5 Soph Sylvan Landesberg from Flushing (Holy Cross) NY, who is the #1-ranked sophomore in New York City by the HOOP SCOOP; 5'10 Jr Dwan McMillan from Brooklyn (Boys & Girls) NY; and Quinnipiac-bound 6'3 Trevon Charles from New York (Rice) NY. The Playaz Junior Team has 6'6 Jr Corey Raji from Township of Washington (Westwood) NJ, who, in our opinion, is currently the most underrated player in New Jersey; 6'3 Jr Chris Smith from Jersey City (St. Anthony's) NJ; 6'2 Jr Anthony Nelson from Plainfield (H.S.) NJ; 6'1 Jr Miles Beatty from Jersey City (St. Anthony's) NJ; 6'6 Jr Rashad Bishop from Newark (St. Benedict's) NJ; 6'7 Jr Jordan Costner from West Orange (Seton Hall Prep) NJ; and 6'9 Jr Sean Canty from Paramus (Catholic) NJ. The Playaz Sophomores have 5'10 Soph Travon Woodall from Jersey City (St. Anthony's) NJ; who is ranked #34 nationally in the sophomore class by the HOOP SCOOP; 6'0 Soph Mike Rosario from Jersey City (St. Anthony's) NJ, who is ranked #34 nationally in the sophomore class by the HOOP SCOOP; 6'4 Jarrett Mann from Middletown (H.S.) DE; 5'11 Soph Jio Fontan from Jersey City (St. Anthony's) NJ; 6'8 Soph Austin Johnson from Wyncote (Cheltenham) PA; 6'11 Soph Ian Chiles from Cliffside Park (H.S.) NJ; and 6'8 Soph Rondy Tucker from Somerset (Rutgers Prep) NJ. The Panthers A Team has Louisville-bound 6'9 Derrick Caracter from Winchendon (School) MA; Duke-bound 6'8 Lance Thomas from Newark (St. Benedict's) NJ; Connecticut-bound 6'9 Curtis Kelly from New York (Rice) NY; 6'3 Vernon Teal from Laurinburg (Institute) NC, who is one of the better 5th Year Players still available; and Iona-bound 5'11 Milan Prodonovic from Briarwood (Archbishop Molloy) NY. There also will be another six games on Sunday, June 4th, with United Brooklyn versus the Playaz Senior Team at 9:30 AM, the Shooting Stars versus Connecticut at 11:00 AM, the Patriots versus the winner of Team Odom Seniors-Jackson at 12:30 PM, the Bingo All-Stars versus Metro Hawks B Team at 2:00 PM, the winner of the Shooting Stars-Connecticut versus the winner of United Brooklyn-Playaz Senior Team at 3:30 PM, and the winner of the Bingo All-Stars-Metro Hawks B Team versus the winner of the Patriots-Team Odom Seniors-Jackson winner at 5:00 PM. United Brooklyn has 6'5 Jr Nathaniel Lester from Brooklyn (Canarsie) NY, who is the #5-ranked junior in New York City by the HOOP SCOOP; Duquesne-bound 6'5 Robert Mitchell from Fitchburg (Notre Dame) MA; and Long Island University-bound 5'11 Jaytorn Wissah from Brooklyn (Banneker) NY. The Playaz Seniors Team has North Carolina-bound 6'4 Wayne Ellington from Merion Station (Episcopal Academy) PA, Louisville-bound 6'9 Earl Clark from Rahway (H.S.) NJ, Temple-bound 6'2 Luis Guzman from Paramus (Catholic) NJ, and Vermont-bound 6'2 Nick Vier from Oradell (Bergen Catholic) NJ. The Shooting Stars have 6'1 Jr Tim Ambrose from Centereach (Our Savior New American) NY, who is one of the fastest rising juniors in the Metropolitan area; 6'7 Soph James Southerland from Bayside (Cardozo) NY, who is one of the top sophomores in New York City, as well as potentially the next great one to play for Naclerio; 6'9 Soph Samardo Samuels from Newark (St. Benedict's) NY, who is a legitimate top 10-ranked sophomore nationally; and 6'4 Evan Thomas from Cambria Heights (Campus Magnet) NY. Connecticut has 6'0 Chauncey Hardy from Middletown (Xavier) NY, 6'3 Jamel Jones from Bridgeport (Warren Harding) CT, and 6'5 Jr T.J. Robinson from Bridgeport (Koble Cathedral) CT. The Patriots have the most explosive backcourt in the tournament with 6'1 Dwight Hardy from Bronx (John F. Kennedy) NY, who led PSAL (Public School Athletic League) in scoring with 39.2 ppg this past season and recently had a 52-point game at IS8, and 6'1 Rashard Jenkins from Bronx (Wings) NY, who is as streaky a 3-point shooter as there has been in New York City in years. The Bingo All-Stars have 6'1 Jr Kidani Brutus from Bronx (Wings) NY, who Naclerio expects to be one of the fastest rising players in New York City next year; 6'8 Justin Burrell from Bronx (Our Savior Lutheran) NY, who has signed with St. John's; 5'10 Jr Jamie Harris from Bronx (Wings) NY; 6'0 Jr Joshua Spivey from Bronx (Wings) NY and 6'4 Nick Murphy from Bronx (Our Savior Lutheran) NY. The Metro Hawks B Team has 6'4 Soph Dorvell Carter from New York (Rice) NY; 5'10 Frosh Lamont Jones from New York (Rice,) NY, who is our #2-ranked freshman in New York City; 6'5 Soph David Imes from Brooklyn (Xaverian) NY; Massachusetts-bound 6'2 Jr Marcus Matthews from Brooklyn (Bishop Loughlin) NY, and 6'0 Roland Davis from Oyster Bay (St. Dominics) NY, who is the younger brother of 6'3 Larry Davis from Middle Village (Christ the King) NY.

    Tuesday, May 30
    This past weekend our 12-under team finished 2-1. Our 14-under team finished 1-2 losing to Youth Interlock & Philly Patriots, and beating Montgomery All-Stars. Our 15-under team finished 2-1 losing to Maryland Elite, and beating Main Line Lancer & Chester County Bulldogs. Our 17-under(Silver) team finished 1-2 losing to West Chester Wildcats & Berks-Mont Vipers, and beating HOTSHOTS. I would like to thank Coach Thurmond for a great tournament and experience for Team Underrated.

    Sunday, May 21
    12-UNDER TEAM 2005-06 (1-2)

    14-UNDER TEAM 2005-06 (11-1)

    POSITIVE DIRECTION TOURNAMENT                        3-0
    ALMIGHTY FORCE TOURNAMENT                             4-1

    15-UNDER TEAM 2005-06 (4-3)


    17-UNDER (BLACK) TEAM 2005-06 (10-3)

    I.S.8 TOURNAMENT                                                       2-2
    ALMIGHTY FORCE TOURNAMENT                             5-0
    RUMBLE IN THE BRONX                                               ????

    17-UNDER (SILVER) TEAM 2005-06 (4-0)  

    NY PANTHERS & REAL SCOUT TOURNEY                 ????

    Sunday, May 21
    CLASS AA                                    CLASS A

    John Dabney, Freeport                  Tyrone Nash, LWA

    Lance Feurtado, Uniondale             Akeem Bennett, W.Hempstead

    Rashad Green, St. Mary's               Patrick Foley, St. Anthony's

    Gabe Jackson, Riverhead                Josh Marshall, LWA 2nd team

    Gil Montalvo, St. Mary's               Matt Cajuste, Jericho

    Chris Obi, Bay Shore 12th team         Andrew Beinert, Chaminade

    Antoine Pearson, St. Dominic          Tom Brown, Bayport-Blue Point

    Sean Smith, Copiague                   R.J. Rutledge, LWA

    T.J.Thomas, St. Dominic                Mike Russell, East Hampton

                                           Josh Frazier, Westbury

    CLASS B                               Michael Sinn, Jericho

    Chris Barber, Wyandanch 2nd team       Prentice Small, St. John TB

    Greg Lott, Malverne                   Kevin O'Neil, Huntington

    Craig Wilson, Malverne

    J.T. Pate, Babylon                      CLASS D

                                         Ryan Creighton, Greenport

    CLASS C                               Max Paul, Pierson

    Sean O'Hara, Southold                Corey Morris, Bridgehampton 2nd team

    Semus Long, Southold                  Buddy Clay, Smithtown Christ.

    Matt Rooney, Stony Brook             Shawn Harris, Bridgehampton

    Sunday, May 21
    Team Underrated 14-under Team won back to back games in the Almighty Force Spring League. In the first game we played Kansas City and defeated them 47-33 behind Troy Cherry 14pts., 8 rebounds and 3 blocks, Marcus Charlton 8pts. and 6 assist, Brian Van Cott 10 pts., and 5 rebounds, RJ Hall 6pts.,2 rebounds, Saheem King 3 pts., and 5 rebounds, Earl Hudson 4pts., James Thomspson chipped in 2pts.. In Our second game we played United Brooklyn and defeated them 35-31 in a defensive battle that resulted in a low scoring game. We were led by Brian Van Cott 10pts., 3 rebounds, and 4 assist, Troy Cherry 8 pts., and 9 rebounds, RJ Hall 4pts., and 3 rebounds, Marquise King 4 pts., and 2 assist, and Marcus Charlton 4 pts., and 2 assist. We are now 4-1.....

    Also, on Saturday Team Underrated 19-under Team defeated Hood Squad II 60-50 behind Chris Barber 20pts., 4 assist, and 3 steals, Cameron Barber 11 pts., 6 rebounds, and 2 steals, Matthias Brown 3 pts., and 7 rebounds, Rondu Stevens 13 pts., and 6 rebounds, and Josh Smith 11 pts., 4 rebounds, 2 assist, and 4 steals.
    We are now 5-0.....

    Tuesday, May 16
    The Team Underrated 17Ur Team (black) rolled over the Suffolk All-Stars 113-58 at I.S. 8. They were led by Scotty Mcrae (St.Peters) 17 pts.,8 rebounds, and 3 assist, Christopher Barber 26 pts.,2 rebounds,4 assist, and 4 steals,Nick Epley 19 pts.,7 rebounds,and 4 steals, Maurice Charlton 13 pts., and 7 assist, Josh Marshall (Sacred Heart) 15 pts., and 7 rebounds, Willie Emmanuel 2 pts., 2 steals, and 9 assist, Dyshaun Flournoy 18 pts., and 3 rebounds, and Matthias Brown, who was in foul trouble, chipped in 2 pts., 2 assist, and 2 rebounds. They finished 2-2 and may have a spot in the play-offs.

    14-under Positive Direction Champs 2006
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    Tuesday, May 16
    The Team Underrated 14U team went 7-0 in the last 2 weeks, winning the Garden State Sharpshooters Tournament in NJ before returning home to win the Positive Direction Wildcats Tourney in Queens the following weekend. At Positive Direction, they defeated the Manhassett All-Stars 44-32 behind Saheem King 11 pts., 8 rebounds, and 3 steals, Dave Cochran 6 pts., 7 assist, and 3 steals, and Marquise King 12 points. In the 2nd game they defeated Renaissance Warriors 55-25 behind Saheem King 10 pts., and 10 rebounds, Troy Cherry 8 pts., and 7 rebounds, Dave Cochran 9 pts., and 5 assist, Brain Van Cott 8 pts., 8 rebounds, and 3 steals, Marcus Charlton 9 pts., 2 assist, and 2 steals. In the championship game they played host Positive Direction in a hard fought battle, with T.U. down as many as 11 the second half. Positive Direction's full court press caused problems for Team Underrated at times, but they were able to maintain their composure and went on a 9-0 run with about 1:30 left in the game to secure the win with a key basket by RJ Hall with about 30 seconds remaining. Troy Cherry had a monster game with 27 points, 16 rebounds, and 7 blocks. Other contributors for Team Underrated were James Thompson, Trevor Jackson, and Jamarr Ross.

    14-under Champs 2006
    Monday, May 8
    15-under champs 2006
    Our 14-under Team went 4-0 beating Westchester Hawks 85-35 behind 23 points and 8 assist by John Ward-Adams, Saheem King 16 points and 11 rebounds, RJ Hall 10 points and 7 assist, Marcus Charlton 8 points and 5 assist, and 12 year old James Thompson recorded 9 points and 4 rebounds.

    In our 2nd game we beat Ocean County Wolfpack 59-45 behind 12 points and 2 assist by Marcus Charlton, Saheem King 8 points and 9 rebounds, RJ Hall 11 points, Jamar Ross 7 points, Bryan Van Cott 9 points and 8 rebounds, Dave Cochran 3 points and 4 assist.
    Our 3rd game we beat CJ Jammers 56-33 behind 18 points and 4 assist by Marcus Charlton, Saheem King 16 points and 10 rebounds, Bryan Van Cott 11 points, and 10 rebounds, and Jamar Ross 5 points.

    In the Championship game we played a very aggressive and tough Ramapo Tigers Team and won in a thriller 41-39. We were down as many as 10 points and never took the lead until about 3:00 minutes to go on a 3 point shot by Marquis King (10 points, and 5 rebounds), Our starters were in early foul trouble and our reserves stepped up and played their best game of the tournament. Earl Hudson 3 points and 6 rebounds, Marcus Charlton 10 points and 2 assist, Saheem King 5 points and 8 rebounds, and game M.V.P. Bryan Van Cott had 8 points and 11 rebounds. Bryan Van Cott hit a clutch free throw with 5.6 seconds left to give us a 2 point lead and the win. As a team the 14-under recorded 84 steals and 65 assist. I would like to congratulate my student-athletes on a job well done. Marcus Charlton, Dave Cochran, Marquise King, Saheem King, Bryan Van Cott, RJ Hall, Jamar Ross, John Ward-Adams, James Thompson, Earl Hudson, and Trevor Jackson.

    Saheem King 10.5 points and 9 rebounds per game
    Marcus Charlton 12 points and 3 assist per game
    RJ Hall 7 points and 3 assist per game
    Bryan Van Cott 8 points and 9 rebounds per game

    John Ward-Adams 23 points
    Marcus Charlton 18 points
    John Ward-Adams 8 assist
    Marcus Charlton 7 assist
    Saheem King 11 rebounds
    Bryan Van Cott 11 rebounds
    Dave Cochran 5 steals
    Marcus Charlton 5 steals
    Team Underrated vs. Westchester Hawks 85 points
    Our 15-under team went 4-0 beating Teachers Hoops 58-43, behind Rashard Mcqueen 12 points, 4 assist, and 3 steals, Jerold Cardoza points and 4 assist, Justin Plata 2 points and 8 rebounds, Thomas Beverley 4 points, 4 rebounds and 3 assist, Jordan Ward-Adams 6 points, and 5 rebounds, Christian Prisco 9 points, and 4 rebounds, Antonio Crespi 7 points.

    In our 2nd game we beat Sports University behind Christian Prisco 6 points and 5 rebounds, Quincy Watts 9 points and 3 rebounds, Jordan Ward-Adams 6 points, 2 assist, and 3 steals, Justin Plata 7 points, Thomas Beverly 3 points and 4 rebounds, Kendall Harris 10 points, and 7 rebounds, and Jerold Cardoza 10 points.

    In our 3rd game we played GymRatz and won 50-29 behind Rashard McQueen 10 points, 3 rebounds, 2 assist, and 5 steals, Thomas Beverly 7 points, and 5 rebounds, Kendall Harris 8 points and 6 rebounds, Justin Plata 7 points, and 7 rebounds, Christian Prisco 4 points, and 5 rebounds.
    In our championship game we got off to a very slow start and maintained our composure after being down by 18 points to the Host Garden State Sharpshooters. We came from behind and beat them 67-64 in O.T.. Game M.V.P. Justin Plata had a monster game with 16 points and 10 rebounds (14 in the 2nd half). With .7 seconds left Justin hit two free-throw to give us a 3 point lead and secure the win.

    Congratulations goes out to Coach Kareem on a job well done......Also I would like to thank the parents for their support.

    In Game 1 Team Underrated 17-under (White) Team opened the day against the host Team (Garden State Sharpshooters) and got right to business with their full court pressure, balanced scoring through-out the roster. No one scored over 10 points for Team Underrated in route to a 73-50 win.

    Going into game 2 vs.92nd St. YMCA Team Underrated looked poised to challenge for a championship. In game 2 Team Underrated was lead by Cameron Barber 14 pts.,, Devon Saxon 14pts., and Ray Jones off the bench with 12 points. Team Underrated completed the day 2-0 matching Team Underrated 14's and 15's undefeated record for the day, and holding composure and looking for the same outcomein day 2 of the Garden State SlamFest.

    In game 3 Team Underrated faced the Jersey Shore Panthers which needed a win to get into the play-offs. Team Underrated fell behind early by 4. Then came Nick Epley (Southampton), high raining 3's and Cameron Barber domination on the glass at both ends of the floor. The pair finished with 21 and 18 respectively, Nick Epley hit 7(3's). The final 94-78.

    In the championship game against Lodi, Team Underrated again fell behind early. Team Underrated struggled early, but stayed poised, and kept the game close. late in the 2nd half we went up by 4 Lodi tied the game and went up 2. With 1:24 left in the game we were up 2 and Lid tied the game again. We came down and turned the ball over to them and they went back up 2. Cameron Barber tied it up 76-76. Lodi had the ball with 24 seconds left when Devon Saxon of Beach Channel High stole the ball with 10.8 seconds on the clock and went in for the score. With 5.4 seconds left Team Underrated held on for the win 78-76.

    Congratulations to Coach Mark Hubbard for his accomplishments, dedication and loyalty....

    Friday, May 5
    We are sorry for any inconvenience, the photo shoot was cancelled due to the shipment of clothing was late. We will reschedule this shoot for next week......

    Monday, May 1
    Team Underrated had a very successful weekend at the King James Shooting Stars Tournament in Akron, Ohio. Our 15-under team struggled while going 0-3. They played against some tough competition from 3 different states, Michigan Hurricanes, Cincinnati Tigers, and Team Ohio. This was a huge experience for this team and they we will get better.

    Our 17-under Team won their pool and made it to the 3rd round of the play-offs, we first faced All Iowa Attatck (down 18 in first half) and beat them in overtime 76-71. Christopher Barber’s 22 points, 5 steals, and 3 assist led us. Ricky Mabry 14 points 3 steals, and 3 assist, Josh Marshall 9 points, and 11 rebounds. The next game pitted us against Neo Ballers (Ohio), down 16 and we came back and won 61-55 behind Ricky Mabry 20 points, 5 assist, and 5 rebounds and 3 steals, Christopher Barber played locked down defense and recorded 5 steals, and 5 assist, Dyshaun Flournoy 8 points and 4 steals, Josh Marshall 8 points and 8 rebounds, Scotty McRae 8 rebounds and 3 blocks. Our 3rd game was another thriller being down by as many as 11 points. Christopher Barber 15 points, 4 assist, and 3 steals, Ricky Mabry 9 points and 3 steals, Maurice Charlton 7 points, Scotty McRae 11 points and 8 rebounds, Josh Marshall 12 points and 6 rebounds, Brandon Smith 9 points and 4 rebounds. We eventually lost to Rhode Island Hawks in the playoffs 52-62; Rhode Island had 7 footer and a 6’8 shooter that gave us 27 points. We were led by Josh Marshall 12 points and 7 rebounds, Rondu Stevens 10 points, 6 rebounds and 3 blocks, Maurice Charlton 11 points (3) 3-pointers and 3 assist, Ricky Mabry had 9 points, 4 assist, and 2 steals. Other notable players were Michael Stayne, Steven Oquino, Matthias Brown (injured).

    Tuesday, April 25

    Our 19-under team won a tough game at the Almighty Force tournament last night.  It was a great defesensive effort on our part, because offensively we could not get anything going.  We were missing lay-ups, not hitting the hot hands, and too many turn-overs.  We still managed to steal the win in the 4th quater down 5. The final score was Team Underrated 43- Lefrak 42.  Alvin Vivican threw an inbounds pass into Rondu Stevens for a tip in that put us up 1.  With 5 seconds on the clock, Lefrak dribbled the lenghth of the court and missed at the buzzer.

    We were led by Keith Spencer 9 points and 7 rebounds, Chris Barber 9 points 3 rebounds, 3 steals, 3 assist, Rondu Stevens had 7 points, 8 blocks, and 4 rebounds, Alvin Vivican paced us with 6 points and 5 assist, Dyshaun Flournoy 6 points, and 3 rebounds, Cameron Barber 2 points, 7 rebounds, and 2 assist.

    Monday, April 24
        I would like to welcome all new Team Underrated players to the
        program. I am sure that your experience with our organization will be
        something that you will never forget. I will add new names as coaches give
        me the players. , Nick Epley (Southampton), JJ Garvin (Storm
        King Prep), Brandon
    Smith (Storm King Prep) ,Roberto Colonette
        (Robert F. Kennedy,Queens) Dyshaun Flournoy
    (Brentwood) Steven
        Okino (Rice, Manhattan) Kyle Sierra (Robeson, Brooklyn) Giovanni Hurley

        (Middle College High School, Brooklyn) Brian Van Cott (Oyster Bay)
        and more to come.

    Monday, April 24

          On Saturday April 22, 2006 Chris and Cameron Barber Lead a
          balanced attack with 12 and 11 points in a 52-37 win over Proud and
    in the Almighty Force 19-under Division. Matthias
          Brown had 4 points, 5 rebounds, and 2 steals. Keith Spencer
          had 9 points, 3 steals, 7 rebounds and an emphatic dunk, Other notable
          players of the game were Nick Epley, Raeen Coward, Steve Okino, Dyshaun
          Flournoy, Josh Smith,Rondu Stevens.
    Alvin Vivican paced us
          with 6 assist. We are now 2-0.


          Team Underrated 14-u suffered their first loss of the AAU season
          with a buzzer beating shot by a player last name Sprewell as time
          ran out. The final score was 36-39. Saheem King led us with 11
          points and 7 rebounds. Brian Van Cott had 7 points and 3
          rebounds, and Troy Cherry had a good performance with 8 points
          and 10 rebounds. We are now 2-1.


          In a Sunday match-up at I.S. 8, Team Underrated suffered a
          tough loss to Starrett City 76-79 featuring Saiquon Stone (Signed
          with Pittsburgh
    ) 11 points and Rubin Gullialdent torched us
          for 26 points. Starrett went up as much as 16 points until Chris
    got hot, at one point Chris hit 3 pointers in a row. Chris
    finished with 20 points (5) 3-pointers. Roberto Colonette
          had 16 points 10 rebounds and 5 blocks, Josh Marshall 13 points,
          7 rebounds and 3 assist, Scotty McRae 11 points, 8 rebounds, and
          3 blocks, Maurice Charlton paced us with 8 points, and 8 assist.

    Saturday, April 15

    April 15th 2006 at 12:30p.m.

    Team Underrated 19-under Team played against Brooklyn-Queens Warriors and recorded a 108-52 victory.  

    In the 1st-half our 1-2-1-1 press forced 15 turnovers resulting in 48 first half points. 
    The second half was much the same as we executed plays in transition and in the half-court set.  Maurice Charlton (St. Johns The Baptist) 7 assist, and 3 steals, Chris Barber (Wyandanch) 11 points, 4 assist, and 3 steals, Dyshaun Flournoy (Brentwood) 13 points, Josh Marshall (Lawrence Woodmere Academy) 8 points and 10 rebounds, Scotty McRae (Cardozo) 13 points, 8 rebounds and 3 assist, Willie Emmanuel (Upper Room) 5 points, steals, and 4 assist, JJ Garvin (Storm King Prep) 3 points, 2 steals ,and 2 assist, Nick Epley (Southampton) 7 points, 2 steals, and 4 rebounds, Roberto Colonette (Robert F. Kennedy)  11 points, 7 blocks, 8 rebounds, Matthias Brown (Baldwin) 10 points, and 6 rebounds, and Brandon Smith (Storm King Prep) 19 points, 4 rebounds, and 3 assist. 

    We are now (1-1) upcoming games is vs. Starett City and Suffolk County.......

    Stay tuned for more.

    Wednesday, April 12
    Team Underrated 14-under were ilde over the weekend, next up on the schedule is the Garden State Sharpshooters Slam Fest II the weekend of May 5-7, 2006...

    Our 15-under team will be kicking off there first tournament in Ohio at the King James Invitational. Along with our 17-under Black team. To view the different tournaments go to and

    Our 17-under Black took a beaten at the 19-under I.S. 8 tournament over the weekend. We were defeated by Bingo All-Stars, in which Edgar Sosa (Louisville signee) poured in 32 points from all over the court. We were led by Josh Marshall 13 points, Dyshaun Flourney 9 points, Scotty McCrae 5 points and Chris Barber 9 points.

    Tonight April 12th we went into the Almighty Force 19-under tournament and beat Kansas City 72-41. We had balanced scoring from Chris Barber 12 points, Dyshaun Flourney 10 points, Willie Emmanuel 6 points, Rondu Stevens 9 points, Raeen Coward 4 points, Josh 6 points, Cameron Barber 4 points, and Keith Spencer 9 points.

    Wednesday, April 5
    Team Underrated 14U 2- 0 at The Force
    The Team Underrated 14-under team recorded their 2nd victory in as many games in the Almighty Force Spring League. They were victorious versus NYC Panthers by the score of 45-23, and were led by Marques Charlton's 14 points 3 steals and 1 assist, Saheem King's 6 points, 3 rebounds, and Earl Hudson 7 points. Next up is Bunky Reid All-Stars.

    Sunday, April 2
    First he tried putting his best defender on Chris Barber. Then he tried double- and triple-teaming the Wyandanch junior two-guard - to no avail.

    At that point, all South Shore (Brooklyn) boys basketball coach Mike Beckles could do was turn away from the court and vent his frustration.

    "Can anybody on this bench guard that kid?" Beckles said.

    No one on Long Island could guard the 6-foot Barber this season, when he averaged a county-best 26.5 points in leading Wyandanch to the Long Island Class B title. His 38 points in the Jan. 7 win over South Shore were a sign of things to come for Barber, who earned the Richard Sandler Award as Newsday's Suffolk Player of the Year.

    "I was nervous because it was a big stage - a home game and standing room only - so I told Chris, 'Now you really need to step out and step up and show what you can do,'" Wyandanch assistant coach Dre Edwards recalled. "Right then I said, 'Wow! He's arrived!'"

    Barber's arrival on the scholastic basketball scene was surprising to those who knew him better for his off-court troubles, which until this season prevented him from playing in school.

    An admitted former gang member who was expelled from Wyandanch in October 2004 for his alleged role in a brawl at school, Barber, 18, spent 19 days in jail last August for disorderly conduct and fourth-degree criminal trespass. But he has since cleaned up his act, said Wyandanch principal Dr. Larry Spruill and the Suffolk County District Attorney's office.

    Barber said the inspiration was his 9-month-old daughter, Chrishay, whose name is tattooed on his neck. She was at the Long Island final, in which Barber's late-game dominance highlighted a win over Malverne.

    Perhaps more impressive than Barber's streaky shooting and transition game is his defensive anticipation; he averaged 6.2 steals. "Defense makes offense," Barber said, "and offense makes championships."

    And championships help validate second chances like the one Spruill gave Barber last September by granting his readmission into the school district.

    "This is a wonderful opportunity for all of us in the community to watch an individual go through a development process and redeem himself," Spruill said. "I'm counting on him."

    Thursday, March 30

    Thursday, March 30
        OUR PLAYER OF THE YEAR All of the choices have been difficult this
        year, and judging by the amount of mail we've been getting, not everyone
        agrees with the choices we've made. We expected that, but we didn't expect
        having so difficult a time choosing our player of the year. In fact, at
        one point, there was a four way tie in the ratings! What makes a player of
        the year? Pure ability? The success of his team? How good his team would
        be without him? The player you would pick first if you were putting
        together your own team? All of the above? First we'll tell you who our
        finalists are and why. They are, in alphabetical order: Chris Barber.
        Chris led Wyandanch to the Long Island Class B title,
        scoring 43 points in the championship game. He completely turned around a
        program that had struggled in recent years, and turned his own life around
        as well. Akeem Bennett. There are players who seem unstoppable at
        times. Akeem Bennett seems unstoppable almost all the time, no
        matter what the level of competition. Gil Montalvo: Gil is
        the consummate point guard. Team leader, skilled passer, potent offensive
        threat. You feel like any team with Gil at the point has a good
        chance to win. Tyrone Nash: Unless you've seen him play, its hard
        to believe all the things the 6'8 Nash can do. He dominates in the
        low post. He knocks down jump shots with ease, and he brings the ball down
        court against the

    Tuesday, March 28
    Coach Dre', Team Underrated: Team Underrated 14-under Team won their first game in the Almighty Force Tournament vs. Long Island Trotters. It was a hard fought battle in which TU were up as much as 10 points in the 2nd half. Long Island Trotters went on a run in the 4th quarter and took a shot right before half ct. to the game and send it into overtime. TU were led by Earl Hudson with 11 points and 4 rebounds, Troy Cherry 4 points and 11 rebounds, and Marques Charlton paced us at the point with 7 points and 3 assist. Keith Kilpatrick (10 points), and Tarry Duncan (7 points) respectively to pace Long Island Trotters......

    Lebron James
    view full size
    Monday, March 6
        AKRON - There's a deal to bring a major basketball tournament to Akron
        and it involves LeBron James. LeBron will join city leaders to make the
        announcement Friday, but the event will be called the "King James Shooting
        Stars Classic." More than 200 AAU teams of the country's best high school
        players will compete in a three-day hoops festival. Here's what we know .
        The event will be held April 28th-30th. The games will held at 25-30 area
        gymnasiums. The finals will be nationally televised. And hundreds of
        coaches and scouts are expected to attend.

    Tuesday, February 28

    The High school is nearing it's end with some surprising finishes:

    (Class AA) Bayshore plays against Deer ParkChris Obi played with me when he was younger, and is going to match-up against current Team Underrated player Stanley Calixte.  This should be a good game with both teams having heavy guard play.

    (Class AA) Copiague plays against Northport, David McKeithan plays for Copiague and is a currently a Team Underrated player.  Sean Smith played for the program in a couple of games in the past.  This game has Copiague as the heavy favorite..

    (Class A) Huntington plays East Hampton who both recorded upsets wins against Amityville and John Glenn.  This match-up should be up and down with Huntington having the edge with their athleticism.

    (Class B)  Wyandanch will play Greenport for the BCD Championship.  Wyandanch is led by Junior-Guard Christopher Barber, Senior-Forward Emmanuel Degraffe, and Freshman sensation  Rashard Mcqueen.  The team was picked to finish 7th in league and won the League Title and Suffolk Class B Title.  Next up will be Malverne and a chance to travel to Glenns Falls for the states....

    Tuesday, February 28

    If you have any interest in playing for Team Underrated you need to contact these coaches:

    Coach Dre-            17-u, 16-u, 14-u         631-664-6751

    Coach Dewey-       15-u                            631-926-8595

    Coach Mark-         17-u                             631-993-1756

    Coach Niblock        8-u                              646-409-6974

    Thursday, February 23
    The site will be updated in the next few weeks. The high school play-offs are still in progress. Several Team Underrated players are still alive in the hunt for Glenns Falls....


    MORE UPDATES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The second-half of the season is just around the corner.  What teams will be in the race to Glenn Falls? How many Team Underrated players will be representing their teams in the play-offs?  This is a special congratulations to all of those Team Underrated student-athletes who put in the extra time during the summer to have successful seasons.

    Chris Barber of Wyandanch High School is filling up the paper with his huge performances. Chris is averaging 26pts, 7steals, 4assist and 4 rebounds per game. On this 5 game win streak Chris is averaging 25.6 points, 3 rebounds, 7.4 steals, and 2 assist.. Emmanuel Degraffe is also putting up impressive numbers while averaging,11 points, 10.5 rebounds, and 1 steal......

    Scotty McCrae is putting up impressive numbers in his senior year at Cardozo High School. They are one of the top teams in the PSAL this year, along with James Southerland Cardozo will reach the Garden....

    Horace McGloster is at Shabazz High School in Newark, NJ putting up some impressive numbers in a very tough conference.

    Over at St.Johns The Baptist, Maurice Charlton, and Anthony Parris is also holding it down with a ranking of 5th on the Island.

    Thomas Losito, Ralph Kube is over at West Babylon holding down the fort until Eric Jarvis returns to action.

    Ray Jones and Andrew Ayodoji is over at Amityville trying to restore and that tradition.

    Pat Niblock is at Bayport trying to hold together his team.

    Jamal Lining is out at Hempstead doing his thing for the Tigers.

    Cody Lapp has finally gotten the opportunity to express himself on the court at Division.

    Willie Emmanuel is the glue at Upper Room while they try and make another run in his last season.

    David Mckeithan is at Copiague trying to fit in and help them reach Stony Brook this year.

    Brandon and Billy Butler are at Floral Park causing a lot of hell in the Sophomore season, while being varsity players.

    Kevin Walsh has finally gained the confidence to perform at a high level while being a Sophomore on Varsity.

    Stay tuned for more.


    It is a good feeling to look in the paper everyday and see a player from the Team Underrated family representing him/herself in a good manner.  Team Underrated has by far the biggest impact of good players through-out Long Island and Queens playing key roles on their respective High School team's.  Pat Niblock (Bayport), Andrew Ayodji & Ray Jones (Amityville), Anthony Parris & Maurice Charlton (St. Johns The Baptist), Jamal Lining (Hempstead), Cody Lapp (Division), Scotty McCrae (Cardozo), Kyle Sierra (Robeson), Stanley Calixte (Deer Park), Willie Emmanuel (Upper Room), Christopher Barber & Emmanuel Degraffe (Wyandanch), David McKeithan (Copiague), Thomas Losito, Ralph Kube, & Eric Jarvis (West Babylon), Kendall Harris (Brentwood), Billy and Brandon Butler (Floral Park), Michael Stayne (Sachem East), Corey Morris (Bridgehampton), Shahab Syed (St. Anthony's), Kevin Walsh (West Hempstead),

    S: Pender 3-2-8, Gilliam 2-0-4, Epley 13-0-36, Mockler 3-0-6, James 2-1-7, Andrews 5-5-17, Antilety 0-1-1. Totals: 28-9-79. W: Barber 15-13-47, Rochford 6-0-13, DeGraffe 4-3-11, Cooper 3-0-6, Pinckney 2-0-4, McGee 1-0-2. Totals: 32-16-83. Three-pointers: S 14 (Epley 10, James 2, Andrews 2) W 3 (Barber 2, Rochford).

    Game Highlights
    Wyandanch 83, Southampton 79: Junior Christopher Barber scored 12 of his career-high 47 points in a 14-10 overtime period for Wyandanch (7-1 League VII), which clinched a playoff berth. Emmanuel DeGraffe's putback with 15 seconds left in regulation tied the score at 69, forcing OT. Junior Nick Epley had career-highs of 36 points and 10 three-pointers.

    MP: Butzgy 2-0-6, B. Knudsen 7-0-16, D. Knudsen 3-3-10, Lipski 3-0-6, Maieli 2-0-4, O'Connor 1-0-2, Rodecker 0-4-4, Zangara 5-0-10. Totals: 23-7-58. A: Ayodeji 5-0-11, Benjamin 3-0-6, Carter 2-0-6, Freeman 2-0-5, Hipps 7-1-17, Jones 2-0-5, Legette 0-1-1, Quarles 9-3-21, Thomas 3-1-7. Totals: 34-6-80. Three-pointers: MP 5 (Butzgy 2, B. Knudsen 2, D. Knudsen); A 6 (Hipps 2, Ayodeji, Carter, Freeman, Jones).

    Game Highlights
    Amityville 80, Miller Place 58: Senior Naquan Hipps had a career-high 17 points, shooting 7-for-10 from the floor with four steals and Drew Quarles had 21 points and 11 rebounds as Amityville (8-1 Suffolk League VI) scored 32 points in the first quarter. Miller Place is 1-8.


    Scoring Summary
    BBP: Wright 3-0-6, Black 1-2-5, Niblock 5-0-10, Bertram 6-2-15, Brown 6-2-14, Ptacek 2-1-6, Koelbel 1-0-2, Fricke 1-2-5. Totals: 25-9-63. SWR: Gilroy 6-1-14, Hays 1-1-3, Austin 1-0-2, Turano 1-0-2, Franek 1-0-2, Tinley 2-1-5. Totals: 12-3-28. Three-pointers: BBP 4 (Black, Bertram, Ptacek, Fricke) SWR 1 (Gilroy).

    Game Highlights
    Bayport-Blue Point 63, Shoreham-Wading River 28: Lee Bertram (15) and Tom Brown totaled 29 points for Bayport-Blue Point (7-2 League VI). Brown had 10 rebounds and seven blocked shots. SWR is 2-7.


    Scoring Summary
    DP: Malone 3-1-9, Duncan 8-0-18, Monfolleto 2-0-4, Thomas 2-4-8, Calixte 4-3-11, Gordon 4-0-10. Totals: 23-8-60. R: Gordan 0-1-1, Hill 0-1-1, Jackson 10-12-32, Pertillar 4-3-12, Senatore 6-0-12, Skeeter 3-0-6. Totals: 23-17-64. Three-pointers: DP 6 (Malone 2, Duncan 2, Gordon 2); R 1 (Pertillar).

    Game Highlights
    Riverhead 64, Deer Park 60: Senior Gabe Jackson had a triple-double with a career-high 32 points, 19 rebounds, and a career-high 10 blocks and Jim Senatore, who had 12 points, hit a layup off from Mickey Hill with 57 seconds left to put Riverhead (4-5 Suffolk League IV) up 57-55. Deer Park is 4-4.


          UR: Emmanuel 2-0-4, Williams 3-2-8, Fitts 6-4-18, Brazill 4-3-11,
          Thomas 7-1-15, Jackson 2-0-4, Holder 3-3-9, Jack 1-0-2, Barney 2-1-5
    , Archenoul 4-0-8. Totals: 34-18-84. R: Straughter 2-2-7, Beltre 12-7-31,
          Thomas 4-2-10, Montana 1-0-3, Stevenson 1-2-4, Amil 1-0-2, Emeterio
          2-0-4. Totals: 23-13-61. Three-pointers: UR 2 (Fitts) R 2 (Straughter,
          Montana). Game Highlights Upper Room 84, Roosevelt 61: Girard Fitts had
          12 of his 18 points in a 30-14 third quarter for Upper Room in the final
          of the Riverbank State Tournament in Harlem. Fitts added 12 rebounds and
          four assists. Tony Beltre's 31 points led Roosevelt.


          H: Moran 5-3-15, Dumanian 2-2-6, Schmidt 1-0-2, Basnight 3-3-11,
          Maleganos 4-2-10, Holzapple 2-2-4, Franchese 5-4-14. Totals: 22-16-62.
          D: M. Maini 0-2-2, Guidice 1-0-2, Cermak 2-2-6, Davis 2-2-6, Bauer
          1-0-3, B. Maini 3-0-6, Lapp 9-4-25. Totals: 18-10-50.
          Three-pointers: H 4 (Lapp 3, Bauer); D 2 (Moran). Game Highlights
          Hicksville 62, Division 50: Danny Franchese had eight of his 14 points
          in a 19-8 second quarter to give Hicksville a 38-22 halftime lead in
          non-league. David Moran had 15 points and five assists. Cody Lapp had
          12 of his 25 points
    in a 14-12 fourth quarter for Division.


          E: Bloise 2-4-9, Pascal 1-0-2, Smith 0-2-2, Duncanson 4-2-12,
          Hutchinson 2-6-10
    , Jegede 2-3-7, Benjamin 2-0-5, Louis 6-0-12.
          totals: 19-17-59. BS: Obi 6-3-16, DePass 1-0-3, Abdul 3-0-6,
          Gullard 1-1-3, Murphy 0-1-1, Hook 4-5-14. Totals: 15-10-43.
          Three-pointers: E 4 (Duncanson 2, Benjamin, Bloise); BS 3 (DePass, Hook,
    ). Game Highlights Elmont 59, Bay Shore 43: Akins Duncanson had 12
          points and three steals, and David Louis added 12 points and 12 rebounds
          for Bay Shore in the Nassau/Suffolk Clash at Bay Shore.


          WH: Rene 4-1-10, Bennett 11-5-29, Jones 1-1-4, Appel 1-1-3, Gagliano
          3-2-7, Walsh 2-0-5, Hawkins 1-0-2, Herrera 1-1-3. Totals:
          24-10-63. L: Scaduto 4-1-9, Lein 2-2-6, Nessinger 5-0-10, B. Pollard
          4-3-11, Skelos 1-0-2, Hantverk 4-2-10. Totals: 20-8-48. Three-pointers:
          WH 5 (Bennett 2, Rene, Jones, Walsh). Game Highlights West
          Hempstead 63, Lynbrook 48: Akeem Bennett had 29 points, six rebounds and
          six assists, and Farley Rene added 10 points and five rebounds for West
          Hempstead in a Garden City Tip-Off Tournament first-round game.


          EI: Throo 2-4-9, Dinota 7-6-21, Acocella 3-1-7, Fitt 2-1-7, Cullen
          2-1-5, Quinn 5-0-12. Totals: 21-13-61. B: Black 2-1-7, Niblock
    Bertram 4-0-8, Brown 5-5-15, Ptacek 5-1-11, Collins 1-0-2.
          Totals: 23-10-58. Three-pointers: EI 6 (Quinn 2, Fitt 2, Dinota, Throo);
          B 2 (Black 2). Game Highlights East Islip 61, Bayport-Blue Point 58:
          With 15 seconds left, tournament MVP D.J. Dinota (21 points) hit a
          driving layup to put East Islip up 59-58, and Rob Throo made two free
          throws with seven seconds to seal the championship for host East Islip
          in its Holiday Tournament. Tommy Brown had 15 points and 14 rebounds for
          Bayport-Blue Point.


          Ce: Toppins 0-1-1, Duncan 3-0-7, Castelli 8-0-20, Dunne 2-0-4, Pirog
          5-7-18, Dattilo 5-1-11, Casey 0-1-1. Totals: 23-10-62. Co: Andersen
          8-2-18, Condy 1-0-2, Doner 3-4-12, Martinez 3-1-7, O'Hara 2-0-5,
          Sadowski 2-1-5. Totals: 19-8-49. Three-pointers: Ce.6 (Castelli 4,
          Duncan, Pirog); Co. 3 (Doner, O'Hara). Game Highlights Centereach 62,
          Connetquot 49: Rob Pirog scored 11 of his 18 points in a 27-11 first
          quarter for Centereach in non-league. Giuseppe Castelli had 20 points
          and six steals, and Mario Dattilo added 11 points and 12 rebounds.


          C -- Anderson 3-2-8, Cimafonti 1-0-3, Coffey 1-0-3, Doner 0-4-4,
          Martinez 2-0-4
    , O'Hara 6-0-13, Scala 0-2-2. Totals: 13-8-37; SJB:
          Charlton 1-0-3
    , Eugene 10-4-24, Griffin 3-0-8, Jimenez 6-0-12
          , Monton 1-0-2, Olson 1-0-2, Parris 1-0-2, Saint-Aubin 1-0-2,
          Small 3-1-8. Totals: 24-5-63. Three-pointers: C 3 (Cimafonti, Coffey,
          O'Hara) SJB 4 (Griffin 2, Charlton, Small). Game Highlights St.
          John the Baptist 63, Connetquot 37: Gerald Eugene had 15 of his 24
          points in a 29-10 first half for St. John the Baptist in non-league.
          Eugene grabbed 18 rebounds. Roy Jimenez, who had 12 points. seven
          rebounds, and four steals, also had five of SJB's 18 assist.


           Nassau/Suffolk Clash at Bay Shore C: Hamilton 3-0-6, Gibson 2-2-6,
          McKeithan 1-0-2
    , Hardial 3-2-8, Smith 11-2-26, Hines 1-0-2,
    Byrd 9-3-23
    . Totals: 30-9-73. F: Alfieri 4-2-10, Napalitano 8-4-20, Ky.
          Ochwat 2-1-6, Tull 1-1-3, Ke. Ochwat 4-2-11. Totals: 19-10-50.
          Three-pointers: C 4 (Smith 2, Byrd 2); F 2 (Ky. Ochwat, Ke. Ochwat).
          Game Highlights Copiague 73, Farmingdale 50: Sean Smith had 26
          points, 12 assists, and six steals and Richard Byrd had 23 points and 10
          assists for
    Copiague in the Nassau/Suffolk Clash at Bay Shore.
           Dan Napalitano's 20 points led Farmingdale. WB: Godfrey 3-0-7, Kube
          4-2-10, Losito 10-0-21
    , Maldonado 6-0-14, Zdanio 1-0-2, Jones
          1-2-4, Iaquinto 0-2-2. Totals: 25-6-60. PJ: Giles 2-4-9, Ross 1-0-2,
          Neumair 1-0-2, Rice 0-1-1, Serignese 3-0-6, Wilson 2-0-6. Totals:
          9-5-26. Three-pointers: WB 4 (Maldonado 2, Losito, Godfrey); PJ 3
          (Wilson 2, Giles). Game Highlights West Babylon 60, Port Jefferson 26:
    Thomas Losito had 21
    points, eight rebounds and six assists, and
          Alex Maldonado added 14 points and eight rebounds for West Babylon in a
          non-league game.


          McClancy Holiday Tournament SJB: Small 3-5-13, Parris 6-3-15, Jimenez
    , Charlton 5-0-11, Olsen 1-3-5, Eugene 9-3-21. Totals:
          27-14-71. HT: McHugh 5-2-16, Quinn 7-3-17, Florio 1-0-2, Dillion 2-4-9,
          Callaghan 4-0-8, Corrigan 4-0-8. Totals: 23-9-60. Three-pointers: SJB 3
          (Small 2, Charlton); HT (McHugh 4, Dillion). Game Highlights St.
          John the Baptist 71, Holy Trinity 60: Gerald Eugene had 21 points and 15
          rebounds and Anthony Parris had 15 points and 10 rebounds for St.
          John the Baptist at the McClancy Holiday Tournament. SJB: Small 5-4-16,
          Griffin 1-0-3, Parris 4-0-8, Manton 1-1-3, Charlton 6-0-17
          , Olsen 1-0-2, Eugene 7-1-15. Totals: 25-5-62. SFP: Nadin 2-5-9,
          Noisette 2-1-5, McKie 6-3-15, Wright 0-1-1, Dupree 3-0-6. Totals: 3-0-6.
          Three-pointers: SJB 8 (Charlton 5, Small2, Griffin). Game Highlights St.
          John the Baptist 62, St, Francis Prep 35: Gerald Eugene had 15 points
          and 15 rebounds, and Roy Jimenez added six assists for St. John the
          Baptist in the first round of the McClancy Holiday Tournament. St. John
          the Baptist faces Holy Trinity at 6 p.m.Saturday in the final.

    DP: J. Malone 2-0-4, Duncan 3-1-7, E. Malone 1-0-2, Monfolleto 1-0-2, Thomas 7-1-15, Smalls 3-1-7, Calixte 9-0-23, Gordon 3-0-8, Allman 2-1-5. Totals : 30-4-73. HHHE: E. Fackler 1-1-3, Fisher 3-3-10, C. Fackler 4-6-14, Damas 3-3-10, Luper 8-2-19, Reddy 1-0-2, Sam 1-0-2. Totals: 21-15-60. Three-pointers: DP 7 (Calixte 5, Gordon 2); HHHE 3 (Fisher, Damas, Luper). Deer Park 73, Half Hollow Hills 60: Stanley Calixte scored 23 points, including 11 in the 20-14 fourth quarter for Deer Park in a non-league game. Michael Thomas added 11 of his 15 points in the second half. Adam Luper scored 19 points for Half Hollow Hills East. ______________________________________________________________________________________________ UR: Emmanuel 3-3-10, Williams 5-0-12, Fitts 3-0-8, Brazill 6-3-15, Thomas 5-1-11, Jackson 1-0-2. Totals: 23-7-58. SB: Roony 11-0-26, Pizzichillo 3-0-8, Singer 7-0-15, Carmel 3-0-6, Odom 0-1-1. Totals: 24-1-56. Three-pointers: UR 5 (Fitts 2, Williams 2, Emmanuel); SB 7 (Roony 4, Pizzichillo 2, Singer). Upper Room 58, Stony Brook 56: Farris Thomas' lay-up came off of Willie Emmanuel's pass came with three seconds left and gave Upper Room the final margin in non-league. Anthony Brazill had 15 points and six rebounds. Matt Roony had four three-pointers and 26 points for Stony Brook. ______________________________________________________________________________________________ U: Emmanuel 1-0-2, Williams 5-2-15, Fitts 3-0-8, Brazill 2-1-5, Thomas 2-4-8, Jackson 6-0-13. Totals 19-7-51; K: Croutier 3-1-8, Harkins 2-0-5, Day 0-1-1, Lyons 3-1-7, Miklas 10-2-22, Milella 2-0-6. Totals 20-5-49. Three-pointers: U 6 (Williams 3, Fitts 2, Jackson); K 4 (Milella 2, Harkins, Croutier). Game Highlights Corey Jackson (13 points) drained a 15-footer with 4.6 seconds remaining as Upper Room, which nearly squandered a 12-point third-quarter lead, edged Kellenberg, 51-49, in a non-league boys basketball game yesterday. Anthony Williams hit three three-pointers and led Upper Room with 15 points, while Farris Thomas scored six of his eight points in the fourth quarter ______________________________________________________________________________________________ UR -- Emmanuel 2-0-4, Williams 7-0-16, Fitts 2-2-6, Brazill 1-0-2, Thomas 12-1-25, Jackson 3-0-6, Mackey 2-0-4, Holder 0-4-4. Totals: 29-7-67; SM: Boyd 6-1-13, Carney 2-0-4, Johnson 1-0-2, Jones 1-0-2, Levy 1-0-2, Phillips 2-0-4, Suriel 2-0-5. Totals: 15-1-32. Three pointers: UR 2 (Williams); SM 1 (Suriel) Game Highlights Upper Room 67, McKinney (Brooklyn) 32: Farris Thomas had a game-high 25 points on 12-for-16 shooting in the Benjamin Bannacker Classic in Brooklyn. Anthony Williams added 16 points and seven steals. Gerard Fitts added six points and five blocks. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scoring Summary C -- Anderson 3-2-8, Cimafonti 1-0-3, Coffey 1-0-3, Doner 0-4-4, Martinez 2-0-4, O'Hara 6-0-13, Scala 0-2-2. Totals: 13-8-37; SJB: Charlton 1-0-3, Eugene 10-4-24, Griffin 3-0-8, Jimenez 6-0-12, Monton 1-0-2, Olson 1-0-2, Parris 1-0-2, Saint-Aubin 1-0-2, Small 3-1-8. Totals: 24-5-63. Three-pointers: C 3 (Cimafonti, Coffey, O'Hara) SJB 4 (Griffin 2, Charlton, Small). Game Highlights St. John the Baptist 63, Connetquot 37: Gerald Eugene had 15 of his 24 points in a 29-10 first half for St. John the Baptist in non-league. Eugene grabbed 18 rebounds. Roy Jimenez, who had 12 points. seven rebounds, and four steals, also had five of SJB's 18 assist. ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Cardozo 93, Hillcrest 57: Sean Crawford had 17 points and 10 assists, Edmund McRae had 17 points and 10 rebounds and Wes Frederique scored 17 points for Cardozo (3-0, 3-0 Queens A-II). ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Springfield Gardens 90, Far Rockaway 65: Charles Jenkins had 27 points and 10 assists for Springfield Gardens (4-0, 3-0, Queens A-III). Trevor Marson added 30 points. ______________________________________________________________________________________________ SE: O'Shaughnessy 0-4-4, Raftice 1-0-2, Stayne 2-0-5, Turner 3-2-9, D. Sherwood 2-2-6, Brusalis 2-0-5, T. Thorstensen 2-0-4, Perry 3-4-12, M. Thorstensen 3-2-10, Crocker 4-0-10, M. Sherwood 9-2-20. Totals: 31-16-87. WB: Godfrey 4-2-12, Losito 2-0-4, Kube 5-5-15, Maldonado 4-0-9, Zdanio 4-2-11, Engeldrum 2-1-5, Hazel 1-0-2. Totals: 22-10-58. Three-pointers: SE 9 (Perry 2, M. Thorstensen 2, Crocker 2, Stayne, Turner, Brusalis); WB 4 (Godfrey 2, Maldonado, Zdanio). Game Highlights Sachem East 87, West Babylon 58: Matt Sherwood had 20 points and 12 rebounds, and Matt Thorstensen added 10 points, including a halfcourt basket just before the first quarter buzzer that brought Sachem East within 16-14 in day two of the It Starts Here Classic at East Islip. Sachem East, which trailed 16-9 late in the first quarter, used a 54-18 run to take a 63-34 lead during the third quarter en route to the win. ______________________________________________________________________________________________ SE: O'Shaughnessy 1-0-3, Stayne 1-0-2, Turner 2-2-7, Brusalis 5-2-13, T. Thorstensen 1-0-3, Perry 4-0-8, M. Thorstensen 0-1-1, M. Sherwood 4-2-12. Totals: 18-7-49; W: Eatman 2-0-4, Green 6-3-15, Humphries 1-0-2, Ross 1-0-2, Sanders 8-2-19, Daly 1-0-2. Totals: 19-5-44. Three-pointers: SE 6 (M. Sherwood, O'Shaughnessy, Turner, T. Thorstensen, Brusalis) W 1 (Sanders). Game Highlights Sachem East 49, Whitman 44: Jimmy Turner scored all seven of his points during a 13-4 run in the final three minutes of the game to give Sachem East a 49-41 lead in non-league. Matt Sherwood added six of his 12 points during the key run. ______________________________________________________________________________________________

    Team Revolution is now Team Underrated rival for many years to come. Our 8-under team beat Team Revoltion in the summer to take 2nd place in the Bunky Reid All-Stars Tournament and was invited to their first annual tourney. Team Underrated prevailed 15-4 to keep the streak alive. Coach Sol is very pleased of the progress that his team has made so far. This 8-under Team has an automatic bid to the AAU Nationals June 26th- July 2nd in Memphis, TN. Stay tuned for more!!!!!!!

    Tim Cluess won his coaching debut with the Suffolk CC-Brentwood men's basketball team with a 90-68 victory over Passaic (N.J.) CC last night. Chaz Thomas had 31 points, and Chuka Iloegbu and Desean Gist each scored 14.

    Cluess went 262-87 and closed with eight straight Nassau-Suffolk CHSAA titles in 14 seasons before he left St. Mary's to take the Suffolk position. Passaic is 1-2.

    Sadraac Numa is averaging 14pts., 5assist, 6rebounds, and 2steals in 2 games thus far this season. Sadraac Numa is starting at the point-guard position.


    AGE                                       DIVISION                              TOURNAMENT DATES
    10                                           I                                               APRIL 21-23
    10                                           II                                              MAY 12-14
    11                                           I                                               APRIL 21-23
    11                                           II                                              MAY 12-14
    12                                           I                                               APRIL 7-9
    12                                           II                                              MAY 5-7
    13                                           I                                               APRIL 7-9
    13                                           II                                              MAY 5-7
    14                                           I                                               APRIL 21-23
    14                                           II                                              MAY 12-14
    15                                           I                                               APRIL 7-9
    15                                           II                                              MAY 5-7
    16                                           I                                               APRIL 21-23
    16                                           II                                              MAY 12-14
    17                                           I                                               MAY 5-7
    17                                           II                                              MAY 19-21
    19 NEW                                 I                                                APRIL 7-9

    Funsport 1st game

    Curt dunks 2
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    Team Underrated 14-under started Inter-Division play in the Funsport Junior Pros League with a thrilling 36-32 victory over a very young and talented S. Carter (Jay-Z) Team. Playing with only five players Team-U started slowly falling behind 9-4 before regaining compusure and taking a 15-11 lead. Saheem King's 6points and RJ Hall's 5 points paced Team-U up until the first break. As the second half started, S. Carters's just turned 12 year old phenom Winston Mcleod continued to go at an undermanned Team-U squad with an array of post moves. Team-U continued to hold it down even after Saheem King Team-U only big man fouled out on a questionable call late in the 3rd quarter. Playing with only 4 players the remainder of the game, Team-U dug in and gfought off any thoughts of a comeback with 4 assist, 2 steals, and solid free-throw shooting by Marques Charlton who had also had 7 points. Earl Hudson played well with 10 points and 6 rebounds. RJ Hall led Team-U in scoring with 11 points and 6 rebounds, Anthony Abernathy also did his thing with lockdown D and led the team with 7 rebounds. Playing it's first game in the Funsport Jumpball Men's College League, Team Underrated opened up against Bedford-Y and electrified the crowd despite losing in a controversial double overtime thriller 74-73. Team-U broke out to a quick 6 point 1st quarter lead, led by Jermaine "Butta" Russel's (Suffolk-West) 10 points and Alex Mclean's(Suffolk-Selden) 9 points. Bedford-Y fought back to regain the lead in what became a back and forth battle, but Team-U came back to take the lead again into the final minute of the hard fought contest. Untimely turn-overs and head scratching calls & non-calls helped enable Bedford-Y to carry the game into overtime. After and even overtime, when Team-U point-guard Chris Wells fouled out and seemed to be the glue as the team lost in double-OT, 74-73. Alex Mclean led Team-U with 25 points, Jermaine Russell had 20 points and Curtis Henry (Sullivan Community College-Virginia State) added 15. High schooler Maurice Charlton added 6 points, 5 assist, and 3 steals.

    Maurice Charlton over the weekend visited Division III power Hamilton College. Maurice went
    upstate and really did a great job. He one of the top 5 kids at the visit, along with Hamilton
    were about 40 other colleges. Maurice is also showing some strong interest from Queens College.
    Stay tuned.....

        Scotty McRae has completed his second unofficial visit the first
        was Saint Peter's and last weekend he visited the University of
    , up next is Rider and Fairleigh Dickerson
    . Saint Peter's and Rider University
        currently have offers on the table.

    Team Underrated 17-under men's team played over the weekend in the St. Mary's Fall Classic at SUNY Old Westbury.  Their first game pitted them against the Rosedale Blazers.  It was evident early that the Queens team was over matched as Chris Barber and Cameron Barber led a balanced Team-U attack with 10pts & 9pts with 7 assist as they defeated Rosedale 45-25.  Melvin Clarida 9pts., and David Mckeithan 8pts., led a very balanced attack where every player scored at least 1 basket.

    In the second game, Team-U took on fellow Long Island Program, L.I. Thunder.  After a sluggish start, Team-U got going in the second half as Melvin Clarida 12pts., and 8rebounds led another balanced offensive attack as Team-U stifled L.I. Thunder 39-22.  Team Underrated defensive mind-set was evident as they force the Thunder into numerous turnovers, led by Chris Barber and the rest of the crew.

    Having advanced to the semi-finals Team Underrated then faced L.I. power St. Mary's High School.

    In what was a tight game from the start, Team Underrated led through-out much of the contest.  Taking a 28-25 lead into half-time.  Team-U lead lasted up to the final minutes when missed lay-ups and missed free-throws did them in as St. Mary's came back to defeat Team-U 49-47.  Chris Barber 12pts., and Rondu Stevens 10pts., led Team-U in scoring.  St. Mary's played without star Rashard Green and Team-U were without it's star Ed "Scotty" Mcrae. 

    by Coach T

    Coach Bernstein: 'Suffolk County roared back from more than 20 points down to stun Nassau County 84-81 in the Coaches For A Cause All-Star game at Stony Brook University last night, their sixth straight victory in the series. Sean Smith of Copiague sparked the comeback and finished with 20 points for Suffolk, while Dominic Pertillar of Riverhead added 16 and his teammate Gabe Jackson chipped in 11 points and 9 rebounds. Akeem Bennett of West Hempstead led all scorers with 25 points for Nassau and Josh Frazier of Westbury added 17.'

    Rosters -- Suffolk 1 Stanley Calixte 5’9 Junior Deer Park, 2 Sean Smith 6’1 Senior Copiague, 10 Ray Jones 6’0 Junior Amityville, 11 Andrew Ayodeji 6’1 Junior Amityville, 12 Tom Losito 6’2 Senior West Babylon, 14 Marvin Lewis 6’3 Junior William Floyd, 15 Dominic Pertillar 6’3 Senior Riverhead, 20 Errol Daniyan 6’6 Junior Longwood, 21 Joe Zollo 6’6 Junior Patchogue-Medford, 22 Tom Brown 6’6 Senior Bayport - Blue Point, 23 Gabe Jackson 6’7 Senior Riverhead, 24 Ed Zajac 6’10 Senior Lindenhurst, ALT. John Symonds 6’6 Junior William Floyd, ALT. Josiah Ellis 6’3 Senior Bellport, ALT. Mike Russell 5’8 Fresh. East Hampton.

    Nassau -- 1 Craig Wilson 5’8 Junior Malverne, 2 Michael Sinn 5’11 Senior Jericho, 10 Tom Dowling 6’1 Junior South Side, 11 Akeem Bennett 6’3 Senior West Hempstead, 12 Jamal Parchment 6’3 Senior Port Washington, 14 Brian Hutchinson 6’5 Junior Elmont, 15 Michael Sands 6’5 Junior Carey, 20 Matt Cajuste 6’6 Soph. Jericho, 21 Ryan Vaeth 6’6 Senior Calhoun, 22 Dan Napolitano 6’3 Senior Farmingdale, 23 Gregory Tull 6’6 Senior Farmingdale, 24 Joshua Frazier 6’6 Senior Westbury, ALT. Danny Walker 6’2 Senior Westbury, ALT. Toluade Jagede 6’3 Junior Elmont.


    Team Underratedand its 14 and under squad opened its 2005 Fall-Winter season in Brooklyn where they played in the highly competitive Funsport Junior Pro Tournament.

    Sunset Park, Brooklyn is where the team faced Team Next II in a packed P.S. 314 gym. The going was rough in the begining as the opposition ran out to a quick double-diget first-half lead. Yet a determined and hardworking Team-U crew fought back to dwindle a once 15 point spread down to six, but a tough Team Next II squad prevented a Team-U comeback. Missed free-throws all so proved to be a back braker as Team Next II held on to win 37-29.

    R. J Hall led Team Underrated with 14 points and 6 boards. Sasha Clarida, Earl Hudson, Shahiem King, Troy Cherry, Marques Chalton and Chris Cliaxte and the team as a whole played well. A lack of practice was evident , as practice space has been scarce.


          The Long Island All-Star Team that will face the New York City All-Star
          Team in the Metro Classic Oct. 23rd has been selected after 3 nights of
          try-outs attended by over 80 players. It is: 1. Tim Ambrose, OSNA 2.
          Andrew Ayodeji, Amityville
    3. Andrew Beinert, Chaminade 4. Patrick
          Foley, St. Anthony's 5. Lance Feurtado, Uniondale 6. Rashad Green, St.
          Mary's 7. Brian Hutchinson, Elmont 8. Daye Kaba, OSNA 9. Gil
          Montalvo, St. Mary's 10. Tyrone Nash, LWA 11. Rio Pitt, OSNA 12. Steven
          Priestly, Uniondale 13. R.J. Rutledge, LWA 14. Gregory Tull, Farmingdale
          15. Tyvon Williams, OSNA


          Good luck goes out to Andrew Ayodeji and Brian Hutchinson for
          representing Team Underrated.

    IS 8 Is A Community Staple

    By Tony Williams Correspondent

    September 14, 2005

    Pete Edwards is a blessed man. One who can actually say he loves what he’s doing. Who can also say he’s reached thousands of young people over the course of the last 21 years. And for all the hard work and people he’s touched throughout, and the following he’s garnered, you’d figure he was a man of great power and influence – like an evangelist.

    But in reality there is no Kool-Aid to drink or ‘donations to the cause’ because what Edwards is, is just a former baller giving back to his community the best way he knows how…through basketball.

    “This is the best way to give back to the community and help kids get scholarships,” noted Edwards, who has been running the IS8 Basketball League since he graduated from New York Institute of Technology in 1983. “After college, the league – and the area -- was so down. Nothing was there, except drugs, guns, everything bad you associate with that time, so I decided to take over the league.”

    Edwards took over for the late Rudy Lee the year after running the offense at Tech and hasn’t looked back since. Although there have been some changes to the league, the mission statement remains the same: run a place where some of the top young ballers in the Tri-State area can shine and hopefully also serve as a springboard to being noticed by people “associated with colleges and universities.” Not the head men themselves, mind you, rather ‘people’ who know there would be an interest in a young, exciting baller.

    Initially, the run was set up for players of all levels -- pros like “Doctor J” Julius Erving used to grace the hardwood -- but once Edwards took over he decided to dedicate his sole attention to the local amateur talent.

    “I decided to go that route because the league was heading down a path I didn’t want any part of,” he said. “When the pros rolled in here it was a different element. We started to see security at every game, violence, drug use, posses, etc., so I had enough and said let’s just do it for the kids.”

    And that mindset of only doing this for the benefit of the kids is what has made IS8 such a sought-after league in which to run. Some of the best-known talent, both locally and nationally, have laced up for IS8 games. It’s a virtual “who’s who?” of talent that Edwards is glad to roll off: God Shammgod, Mark “Action” Jackson, Stephon Marbury, Lamar Odom, Elton Brand, Tim Thomas, and Kenny Anderson -- whom Edwards said grew up in South Jamaica and raised his game from local prodigy to “Da Kid” levels right on IS8 courts. And, as Edwards dutifully pointed out, “many of the 2005 draftees” honed his skills at his tournaments – most notably Charlie Villanueva of the Toronto Raptors and Andray Blatche of the Washington Wizards. And what prepster list would be complete without a LeBron mention? In fact, Edwards has a funny story about “The Chosen One” in which he swears King James was just another player when he came through.

    “LeBron came through the summer between his junior and senior season. He was in town for a photo shoot with [now Portland Trailblazers point/IS8 alum] Sebastian [Telfair],” Edwards said. “Matter of fact, he wasn’t even the best player those few games he played. He had two points his first game…and his second one was like 13 [points] or so. That’s the beauty with this league: everyone is the same. There really is no standout player or guy who’s head-and-shoulders above the rest because guys are fierce and compete so hard. I truly believe this is the best comp in the area. And it’s because we have ball all year round.”

    Indeed, IS8’s schedule is thorough, as there’s a tournament for every season. Beginning Friday, September 9th, the “Tip-Off Classic” will commence. It’s a six-week tourney which plays games weeknights and all day on the weekend. 46 teams have signed up, including famous AAU squads Playaz Club, Team Odom, Motor Hawks (formerly Riverside Church, which was Brand’s team as a prep) and the IS8 Summer League Champ New York Panthers, led by soon-to-be-frosh-phenom Lance Stephenson of Bishop Loughlin (NY) High and the highly-rated pivot Derrick Caracter of St. Patrick (NJ) High.

    January features league games for 16, 14, and 12 year-olds called the “Biddies, Midgets, and Juniors”; April is the Spring High School Classic; and finally the aforementioned summer league run.

    Anyone in the Tri and interested in attending games can venture over to 108 167th St. in Jamaica, Queens, anytime during the next six weeks. And be sure to give Edwards some dap for creating what surely is now a community staple.

    Congratulations, to all of Team Underrated players that have made all of the upcoming all-star games. You can go to and view these players.....

    Scotty went to St.Peters over the weekend on an official visit and performed well against St.Peters players including Kenyon Clark, the Nation leading scorer for the past years. We are confident that Scotty will have future visits to go to. Stay tuned.....

    Yesterday, at I.S. 8 standing room only. Notables in the gym were Tom Konchalski, the staff of,, and a bunch of college coaches.   Team Underrated 19-under Team beat Nationally ranked Juice All-Stars coach by Lincoln Head Coach Tiny Morton by 1 point in overtime. This is the same team that Sebastian Telfair played for while in high school, the team consisted of Antonio Pena (signed-Villanova), Malcolm Grant (signed-Seton Hall), Irv Walker (ranked top 3 in state, and top 10 nationally in class of 2008), and a host of other good players. Team Underrated was led by Scotty Mcrae (now at Cardozo) with 24pts., 15rebs. and 6assist, Emmanuel Degraffe (Wyandanch) had 18pts., and 6rebs., Chris Barber (Wyandanch) had 8pts., 10assist, and 3 steals, while Moe Hugley (Martin Van Buren) chipped in 11pts., and Rondu Stevens had 14pts..This was a huge win for the program on a big stage, and would like to congratulate the team.

    Coach Dre', Team Underrated: Congratulations goes out to Coach Solomon Henry and Team Underrated 8-under Team for their second place finish at the Bunky Reid Summer Tournament. On Saturday, August 27th we took on Team Long Beach and won 25-17 in the semi-finals. On the same day we played Team Westbury and lost 17-16. After being up 16-11 in the 4th quarter, Team Westbury went on a 6-0 run to win the game, much kudos goes out to those players who played hard the whole game. Team Underrated 8-under team consist of Doug Niblock, Malachi Solomon, Quanel Hatwood-Robinson, Andre Edwards II, Aaron Lee, Richard Lucas, and Chris Kelly. I would like to thank Director Mike Jackson for allowing our kids the opportunity to receive a great experience.

    Try-outs our coming soon for this up and coming AAU Team. The age that we are looking for is kids 7 years old or turning 8 after September 1, 2005. You can call coach Solomon Henry at 631-920-0055 for further information.

    Coach Dre- Team Underrated: I would like to thank God, my family and the basketball community for allowing me to express myself in coaching out on the circuit. Over the years I had made friends with a bunch of people. Through all of those interactions I developed this love for coaching OUR YOUTH. I have coached against some of the business top coaches, coached against some great talent. I have enjoyed every minute thus far. I would also like to thank every player that I have coached over the years, through these young athletes I was taught patience, determination, honesty, loyalty, and most of all respect. I have seen over 25 kids that I have coached move onto college careers over the last 5 years, and that brings joy to my heart.

    Through all these years of coaching and paying my dues, I was just announced as the next Wyandanch High School Varsity Basketball Assistant Coach which is my alma mater. I humble myself and say thank you all who made this possible for me. COMING TOGETHER IS A BEGINNING; KEEPING TOGETHER IS PROGRESS; WORKING TOGETHER IS SUCCESS

    Coach Dre, Team Underrated: Team Underrated finished up pool play in the Summer Classic with two convincing wins to finish at 3-0 in pool play. Yesterday we beat Moapa Valley Blue Devils 74-63 behind Horice McGloster 18 pts.and 8 rebounds. Ricky Mabry and Scotty McCrae chipped in 12 pts. while Chris Barber and Shahee Martin had 8 pts. a piece. Tonight we played the best defense so far in Vegas by beating Colorado Jam (White) 86-49. We were led by Horice McGloster 19 pts.(4 dunks), and 7 rebounds. The Gold medal round starts July 30.'

    7/28/05 Coach Dre: 'Team Underrated beat Utah Dynasty 60-55 to open up the Summer Classic. In this game we made 17/21 free throws including 2 free throws by Scotty McCrae with 7 seconds left to secure the win. We were led by Ricky Mabry 13pts (5-6 from the line) and Horace McGloster 11pts. (5-6 from the line). Shahee Martin chipped in 9pts. all in the second half. Next up is Moapa Valley Blue Devils (Nevada).'

    7/27/05 Coach Dre: Team Underrated finished pool play at the Main Event, we lost to Pro Skills (TX) 63-59. Scotty McCrae 12 pts, 5rebounds, Ricky Mabry 10 pts. We lost to Basketball Avenue 55-45, Maurice Charlton had 12 pts. and 4 assists, while Scotty McCrae chipped in 9 pts. In the playoffs we won our first game 61-44 versus Oklohoma Trotters, we were led by Scotty McCrae 22 pts(4-3pters), and 7 rebounds. Horace McGloster chipped in 14 pts and 8 rebounds. We lost our 2nd playoff game 42-40 versus Mark Trail War Eagles (GA). We were led by Maurice Charlton with 14 pts (3-3pters). We are getting ready for the Summer Classic which starts July 27th here in Las Vegas. Turnovers, missed lay-ups and missed free-throws was the cause of all of our losses. We will take the positives and get ready for the next event.'

    7/23/05 Coach Dre: 'Team Underrated 17u/open team won their first game in the Main Event Tournament in Las Vegas by the score of 62-45. We were led by Ricky Mabry 19 pts, Thomas Losito 11 pts, 5 assists and 3 steals. Shahee Martin had 12 pts while Horace McGloster chipped in 8 pts, 8 rebounds and 3 blocks.'

    7/14/04 Coach Dre', Team Underrated: 'Last night At I.S. 8 Team Underrated 17U (B) beat Renaissance Warriors to finish the regular season at 3-1. The team was led by Eric Jarvis 12pts, 12reb, and 7 blocks. Raymond Jones chipped in 29 pts. and Kyle Seirra had 19 pts.

    7/11/05 Coach Dre: 'On Saturday at I.S. 8 Team Underrated 17-B team won their second straight game over St. George's Church 76-75 behind Anthony Parris 23 pts., and Andrew Ayodoji had 21 pts.,. The win moved them to 2-1.

    On the same day Team Underrated 17-A Team beat Morris Brown Warriors 87-70 at the I.S. 8 tournament to move to 3-0. We had nearly 7 players in double figures, Scotty Mcrae 19pts, Maurice Charlton 13pts., Chris Barber 11pts., Thomas Losito 10pts, David McKeithan 10 pts, Jamal Lining 8pts,

    /8/05 Coach Dre', Team Underrated: On Wednesday night at IS8 Team Underrated 17u "A" team beat a very tough Rifles team 78-64. The Rifles led most of the game and even went up by 14 in the first-half. Team Underrated was missing 3 starters and managed to pull out a win behind 25 pts. and 11 rebounds from sophomore to be Cameron Barber. We also received strong contributions from Maurice Charlton 12 pts., and 5 assist, Sean Smith 11 pts., and 4 assist, Chris Barber had 9 pts., and 3 assist. The win moved Team Underrated "A" team to a 2-0 record.'   Web note: Earlier game summaries are on the IS8 Summer, 2005 page.

    Coach Dre- Team Underrated: Congratulations goes out to Abdur "Dewey Karim" and his 14-under team for winning the championship in Positive Direction Summer League. The team consisted of Thomas Beverly, Wayne Booker, Anthony Potter, Troy Cherry, Troy Hendrickson, and Troy Dargan.

    Team Underrated also took second place in the NIKE Swoosh at Bunky Reid Park. The team consisted of Christian Prisco, Antonio Crespi, Wayne Booker, Thomas Beverly, Anthony Potter, Troy Hendrickson, Troy Cherry, and Troy Dargan.

    Coach Dre', Team Underrated: Last night At I.S. 8 Team Underrated 17U (B) beat Renaissance Warriors to finish the regular season at 3-1. The team was led by Eric Jarvis 12pts., 12reb., and 7 blocks, Raymond Jones chipped in 29 pts., and Kyle Seirra had 19 pts.,...

    Congratulations goes out to Scotty Mcrae for making the All-Star team at the Eastern Invitational last week. Congratulations also goes out to Aniya Webb for Best Offensive Player at the C. Vivian Stringer Basketball Camp.

    TU I.S. 8 SPRING 2005
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    On Thursday July 7th Team Underrated Unlimited lossed to Traffic Jam in the Almighty Force Pro-Am League. We were runner-ups to the eventual champions. Special Thanks to Stephan Malliet (Delaware St.), JJ Walden (Suffolk C.C.) Anton Cheese (Suffolk C.C.), Kenny Jones (Kentucky St.), Ramel (Old Westbury), Lil Chris (Junior College in California), Leslie Augustine, Chucky Jones (Suffolk C.C.), Abdur Kareem (Dowling College), Scott Sellers, and Coach Dre....

    Coach Dre, On Saturday at I.S. 8 Team Underrated 17-B Team won their second straight game over St. George's Church 76-75 behind Anthony Parris 23 pts., and Andrew Ayodoji had 21 pts.,. The win moved them to 2-1.... On the same day Team Underrated 17-A Team beat Morris Brown Warriors 87-70 at the I.S. 8 tournament to move to 3-0. We had nearly 7 players in double figures, Scotty Mcrae 19pts., Maurice Charlton 13pts., Chris Barber 11pts., Thomas Losito 10pts., David McKeithan 10 pts., Jamal Lining 8pts., and Cameron Barber had 8pts... Darwin Lynch 19pts., and Edy Toussaint 14pts., respectively for Morris Brown Warriors.

    Team Underrated 7&8 year olds started their inaugural season with a loss last weekend and came this week with a huge win. That team is Quarnel Robinson, Chris Kelly, Doug Niblock, Aaron Lee, Malachi Solomon, and Andre Edwards II.

    On Sunday the same team with some added players from the indoor started the Almighty Force Outdoor Summer League. They beat Hood Squad today and went out to Rodney Park and beat a good team to win 2 games for the day. ALmighty Force 2-0, Rodney Park 2-1.

    Team Underrated received their first loss in the Almighty Force Tournament on Saturday.

    Team Underrated 17B team received their first win in I.S. 8 last week..

    Coach Dre': Team Underrated 17u Silver team moved into the Final Four of the Almighty Force Junior Division Tournament after beating The Brooklyn Tornados 47-29 behind Chris Barber 11pts. and 4 steals, Maurice Dickerson had 3pts., 5assist, and 9 rebounds, the win improved our record in Almighty Force to 9-0, next up is Hood Squad.

    The Final Four for Almighty Force is B'N'D Players vs. NY Stallions & Team Underrated vs. Hood Squad.

    Team Underrated 17B lossed to NYC Finest in the I.S. 8 Summer League on Saturday.

    Team Underrated 17A beat United Brooklyn in I.S. 8 Summer League by the score of 79-58, we were
    by Chris Barber 17pts., 4assist, and 3steals, Cameron Barber 18pts. and 7rebounds, Maurice Dickerson 10pts.,11rebounds, and 5assist,Scott McRae had 13pts, and 6rebounds, Dave McKeithan, Thomas Losito, Stanley Calixte, Cody Lapp, and Emmanuel Degraffe also contributed to the win.

    6/27/05 Coach Dre': 'Team Underrated 17 Silver Team opened up the play-offs with a 75-27 win over the Brooklyn Panthers in the Almighty Force Tournament. We were led by Maurice Dickerson with 9 assists and 10rebs, Chris Barber had 21pts, 5 steals and Cameron Barber had 10pts. Abdur Karim coached Team Underrated 14-under to their first win in the start of the Almighty Force (Ajax Park) Tournament. We defeated Kansas City 43-17 with strong contribution from Wayne Booker with 12 pts, 9 rebs and 6 blocks. Good way to start off the summer.'

    Manhasset 13under Champs
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    Coach Dre', Team Underrated: I just concluded Team Underrated first Annual Spring Tournament consisting of 13-u & 14-u boy's teams. I would like to thank all participating organizations for supporting my league, Manhasset All-Stars, Renaissance, TOP, UNAYO, IBI Warriors, Middle Country Magic, Positive Direction, Push The Rock, Deer Park All-Stars, WYC All-Stars, and Team Underrated.
    A big shout out goes to Coach Dewey for his resilience and persistance in winning a championship.

    Last night championship game matched up Manhasset All-Stars 13u vs. TOP 13u in which Manhasset All-Stars won 49-38 behind 20 points from George B. while Levon led TOP with 12 points. A special thanks goes out to Sly Johnson, Coach Greene and their staff for being part of my first basketball tournament.
    In the second game Team Underrated took on a very tall TOP 14-under team for the championship. Team Underrated went through a lot of adversity and obstacles before they started to play as a team. They took their bumps along the road by being blown out numerous times during this AAU season. It is a good feeling for them to finally win against a very good team in a BIG game 39-31. Team Underrated was led by a balanced attack from all players on the roster. Wayne Booker 6 pts. 11 rebounds and 2 blocks, Thomas Beverly 8 points 4 rebounds and 2 assist, Quincy Watts points., Kendall Harris 4 points and 8 rebounds, Anthony Potter 7 points, Lamar Bridges 5 points, Troy Hendrickson had 4 assist and Troy Dargan had 5 rebounds. A job well done!!!!!!!!
    Note: Team Underrated won 3 Championships in the last week.

    Team Next vs. Team Underrated Fri / 6 pm Westbury High School 1
    Team Hirsch vs. Team Underrated Fri / 8 pm Westbury Middle School
    Team Next vs. Youth Interlock Sat / 12pm Westbury Middle School
    Team Underrated vs. Youth Interlock Sat / 5 pm Westbury Middle School
    Youth Interlock vs. Team Hirsch Sat / 8 pm Westbury Middle School
    Team Next vs. Team Hirsch Sun / 10am Westbury Middle School

    Congratulations goes out to Billy Butler a Floral Park High School Freshman, who was just named to Hoop Group's Southern Invitational All-Tourament Team.


    I would like to give a special congratulations to Shavar Burch and Sadraac Numa.  These are two players that has been with me for 4 years and it paid off for them.  Each one of them could have played for major programs, but they decided that would stick it out with me.  Along with Mark Johnson these individuals been with me and various programs, Project Hoops, Long Island Road Runners and now Team Underrated.  We went through transitional changes to better themselves as players.  Long Island Road Runners ran by Dave Edwards is where we first seen the travel team on a high level.  Through those travels we have played against some fierce competition.  With all that said, Shavar Burch has signed with San Jacinto Junior College.  San Jacinto is one of the most recognizable Junior College programs in the country for over the last 25 years, they have produced a tremondous almount of Division 1 players and NBA players.  Notable players that attended San Jac was Steve Francis, Walter Berry, and Sam Cassell to name a few.   You can view more at .  Sadraac Numa has signed with Western Wyoming Junior College to play in the fall.  Both players went on visits to these school and enjoyed every minute of their visits.  Both of these institutions are Division I Junior Colleges therefore all expenses are paid, these two student-athletes received full scholarships for the next two years.

    Good luck and congratulations, I will have more updates on Team Underrated seniors once I receive notification......Coach Dre'

    Team Underrated is getting ready for the summer push.  This is when the college coaches come out and see the high school players play.  We will be in several events through-out the tri-state area, and country.  We will top off our AAU season with a trip to Las Vegas.  Other events coming is I.S. 8, West Virginia, Nike Swoosh, Almighty Force, Team Next, Rifles, Africa Park, and various tournaments.  Everyone have to be conscience of coming to all upcoming practices, scrimmages, and local games.  If you cannot make a scheduled practice for some reason, then you need to call and let someone know. 

    Las Vegas and West Virginia information will be coming soon, so stay tuned.  The dates are July 22-26 and July 27-31 for Vegas, and July 14-16 for West Virginia.  Right now the 17's will be going to Vegas for the 2 weeks and the 13's, 15's and 16's will be going to the July 27-31 event.  Please plan accordingly.........






    Last night May 16th, TOP won both games in the 13u & 14u Division at the Wyandanch Youth Center. The First game the 13u team defeated Deer Park 48-25 behind David Gilmore and Mark Prver with 17 and 13 points respectively. Andrew led Deer Park with 7 points.

    In the second game TOP 14u team defeated Team Underrated 40-34 behind the scoring of Chris Epps with 13 pts. and several other players had 5 points. Team Underrated was led by Antonio Crespi with 10 points.

    TOP 14's 1-0
    TOP 13's 1-2
    Team Underrated 13's 4-1
    Team Underrated 14's 2-3
    Unayo 13's 1-2
    Push the Rock 13's 0-4
    Deer Park 13's 2-3
    Manhasset All-Stars 3-0
    Middle Country Magic(11G) 2-0
    Team Underrated (11G) 0-2
    Positive Direction (11G)1-1
    IBI Warriors 14's 0-3
    Unique All-Stars 14's

    The play-offs start next week.

    15-under Team Almighty Force
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    Our newly formed 13-under Team played in the Unique All-Stars Tournament this past weekend and posted a 0-3 record. The team lost to Unique All-Stars, NJ-Elite, and Metro Hawks. Despite losing to three of the top AAU teams in the country, the kids did not get give up. The experience that they received from the tournament will speak volume down the road. The team will prepare for another tough tournament next month. The Team Next tournament will also feature some of the top teams and players through-out the country.

    Team Underrated organization was in full swing this past weekend. Our 16-under Team won a close game in the Almighty Force Tournament by defeating Queens Blackhawks 47-44, to move their record to 4-1. The team had a great effort from Andrew Ayodoji with 20pts., Xavier Hubbard 9pts, Anthony Parris 8pts., Ray Jones 5pts., Rob Griffin 5pts., and Pat Niblock contributed great support from the bench. Pat got hurt in the first quarter of the game.

    Team Underrated 17-under Team won there game 53-29 against King Solomon's Warriors. We were led by balance performances from Maurice Dickerson with 8pts., 9rebs., and 4ass; Chris Barber had 8pts.,3rebs., and 3 steals; Maurice Charlton had 8pts., and 3ass., Stanley Calixte had 6pts., and 3 steals; Jamal Linning had 6pts., 4reb., and 3ass., Thomas Losito had 8pts., Emmanuel "Manny" Degraffe had 6pts., 6rebs., and David McKeithan had 3pts., and 3 assist.

    Roberto Diaz, NYC Finest: 'On Saturday, our 15u squad took on Team Underrated for the Almighty Force 15u Championship. Tournament MVP and freshman from Poly Prep HS, Justin Newton, led the way with a strong all around performance of 16 pts, 12 rebs, 5 assts & 2 blks. Jevon Lewis added 17 pts, 10 rebs & 2 blks, while Tyshawn Good chipped in 12 pts, 8 rebs & 4 assts. It wouldn't have been possible if it wasn't for the consistent contribution of Isiah Lee during the entire tournament along with the above mentioned as well as Nathaniel "Butta" Wilson, Christopher Larmond, Paris Pickering, Kirk Anderson, Darin Marshall, Roy-A Blair, Starhiem Ripley & Manny Scott that made it possible for the overall season record of 7-1. A great and consistent performance that led to a 60-50 over the talented and hard working Team Underrated that was led by Sylvan Landesburg with team high 33 points, as well as a great job done all season by Coach Andre Edwards as well as leading them into the championship'.

    Team Underrated Unlimited Team defeated beat Traffic Jam 91-51 to record our first win. We were led by Alex McClain (Suffolk-Selden) with 25 pts., Steph Malliet (Delaware St.) with 6 pts., JJ Walden (Suffolk-West) with 9pts., Jonell Jones (Suffolk-West) with 6pts., Darnell Barbot (Molloy) with 6pts., Chesse (Suffolk-Selden) with 9pts., Mel (Old Westbury) with 8pts., Zach Asher (St. Dominic) with 5pts., Randolph with 2 pts., and Maurice Dickerson (Amityville High) with 4 pts.,....

    I want all Team Underrated teams to continue to work hard and get better each time they leave the gym. As the summer is closer, I want all players to make that last push academically so we can have a successful summer. The organization does not want to have anyone attending summer school.

    13 & U

    POOL 1                                                    POOL 2
    UNIQUE ALL-STARS                                  TEAM NEXT
    METRO HAWKS                                       BALTIMORE STARS
    TEAM UNDERATED                                    NEW JERSEY LIGHTING
    NEW JERSEY ELITE                                  NEW HEIGHTS WARRIORS

    FRIDAY – May 13, 2005
    Time                                        Teams                                        Location
    6:00PM        UNIQUE ALL-STARS-vs- TEAM UNDERATED                                     WYC
    7:45PM        NEW HEIGHTS -vs- TEAM NEXTS                                                 WYC

    SATURDAY – May 14, 2005
    9:00AM        NEW JERSEY ELITE -vs- TEAM UNDERATED                                       SCP
    10:15AM        UNIQUE ALL-STARS -vs- NEW JERSEY ELITE                                 SCP        
    11:30AM        TEAM NEXT -vs- NEW JERSY LIGHTNING                                        SCP
    12:45PM        METRO HAWKS -vs- NEW JERSY ELITE                                       SCP
    2:15PM        BALTIMORE STARS -vs-   NEW HEIGHTS WARRIORS                                 SCP
    3:30PM        UNIQUE ALL-STARS -vs- METRO HAWKS                                         WYC
    4:45PM        TEAM NEXT -vs-   BALTIMORE STARS                                           WYC
    6:15PM        NEW HEIGHTS –vs- NEW JERSEY LIGHTNING                                       WYC
    7:30PM METRO HAWKS –vs- TEAM UNDERATED                                        WYC      
    8:45PM BALTIMORE STARS -vs- NEW JERSEY LIGHTNING                              WYC

    Semifinals – SUNDAY May 15, 2005

    9:00AM        1st -   Poo1 1 -vs-   2nd Pool 2                                    WYC
    10:15AM        1st   - Pool 2 -vs-   2nd Pool 1                                            WYC

    Final: Championship SUNDAY May 15, 2005

    1:00PM         Winner of 9:00AM Game -vs- Winner of 10:15AM                        WYC

    Team Underrated Spring League Update
    Last night Deer Park beat Unayo in a tough game that went down to the wire. Deer Park pulled out the win 20-18. Deer Park was led by Christian Monterez 7 points. Unayo was led by Demallo Grayson with 10 points. Deer Park (2-2), Unayo (1-2)

    In the night cap Team Underrated 14-under team upended Wyandanch Youth Center All-Stars by the score of 48-28. Team Underrated was led by Quincy Watts with 12 points, Wayne Booker with 8 points, Kendall Harris with 10 points and Thomas Beverly with 11 points. WYC (1-1), Team Underrated (2-2).

    Last night Wyandanch Youth Center All-Stars defeated IBI Warriors 41-33 in a game that went into overtime.

    In our 13u Division:
    Manhasset All-Stars   3-0
    Team Underrated       4-1
    Unayo                1-1
    Deer Park             1-2
    TOP                   0-2
    Push The Rock         0-4

    In our 14u Division:
    Renaissance          1-0
    Unique All-Stars      1-0
    WYC All-Stars         1-0
    Team Underrated       1-2
    IBI Warriors          0-2

    In our 11u Girls      
    Middle Country Magic 2-0
    Team Underrated       0-1
    Positive Direction    0-1

    5/9/05 Coach Andre K. Edwards: 'Team Underrated traveled to the University of Virginia for Hoop Group's Southern Invitational. Team Underrated 17's went 1-3 while losing two games by 2 and 7. On the other team, which was our 15u. The team went 3-0 in pool play and lost to a very talented Syracuse Select team who had a 6'11 freshman on the roster. We were led all weekend with big performances from Billy and Brandon Butler, Quincy Hankin, Edy Toussaint and Trinity Fields. Other notables of the team were Christian Prisco, Leslie Jackson, Kevin Walsh, Ben Asher, Sasha Clarida and 6'8 freshman Jordan Henriquez.'

    I.S. 8 SPRING LEAGUE (19-UNDER) RECAP (2005)
    4/29/05 John P Miciotta: 'Mike Coburn's running one hand bank shot as time expired gave Mt. Vernon a hard earned 76-74 win over the Metro Hawks "B" team in the first game of a doubleheader at IS8 last night. In the nightcap Team Underrated used a late third, early fourth quarter rally to upend the Hawks "A" team 85-77. It's worth noting, before anyone starts wondering whether the Hawks program is "down" that both teams were stocked primarily with underclassmen and that Mt. Vernon's best players, Coburn and 6'7" senior lefty Jon Mitchell, will likely travel with the Hawks this summer as they have in the past. All of that said the two teams that knocked them off played extremely well and showed once again that IS8 is a tournament where reputation means very little and performance means everything. In the opener Coburn combined with several of Mount Vernon's less heralded but talented players to hold things together until Mitchell arrived. Junior Denillo Hutchinson was particularly strong defending on the perimeter, rebounding, and scoring inside. His play combined with good minutes from Dave Clarke helped the Knights hang around despite early strong shooting from the Hawks' Rocco Rubino and Marcus Matthews along with 7 first half points from Zamal Nixon who scored on some nice drives.. Once Mitchell got loosened up, he was tough inside scoring with post moves and rebounds. Perhaps most important, he showed a markedly improved free throw shooting touch when his team needed them to keep the Hawks at bay. The Hawks did not go quietly however. They rebounded well as a team and used their quick guards to push the ball up court quickly. Nixon led a fourth quarter comeback that saw the Hawks come within a point twice before they tied the score at 74 on a long trey from Dorvele Carter off a nice penetration and kick out pass from Nixon. From there the Knights, without using a time out, inbounded the ball and got it into the right player's hands, Coburn, who drove down the left side and hit a tough one hander with one defender on him and another racing over to help.

    The nightcap saw the Hawks "A" group move ahead early again and again young guys were chiefly responsible. Hickman Simmons, who has gotten noticeably taller and slimmer, along with Lance Furtado provided length and shooting ability from the wings. Sean Crawford had some good moments at the point, but his propensity to play too fast at times helped open the door for Team Underrated. Initially it was Underrated's two point guards, Saadrac Numa of Upper Room and Maurice Charlton, who helped them get the offense kick started and trigger some effective pressure defense. Amityville's Mark Johnson overcame a slow start to establish a presence inside against Pitt signee Tyrell Biggs while Melvin Clarida, despite an off shooting night, provided poise and leadership when both point men were disqualified with 5 fouls each. When Charlton went out in the fourth quarter, Pete Edwards sounded an ominous warning for Team Underrated, wondering aloud who would handle the ball with both floor leaders out. While I suspect even Melvin would admit his effort at point guard was not a neat one, he made enough plays to help his team preserve a great win. In particular two passes, one to Brandon Serrano, and the other to his cousin Anthony stood out as good plays made at crunch time. All four teams played extremely hard as they battled for a berth in the playoffs which are a bit more than two weeks away. The action should be fast paced and intense, in other words, IS8 as it always is.'

    Any parent interested in signing their child up for Eastern Invitational on July 5-8, 2005 at College of New Jersey. You need to call me for a discounted rate. 631-664-6751 Coach Dre'

    Daily News All City Team
    Congrats goes out to Preston Bell for making the Daily News All City
    team's honorable mention. Congrats for a great year!

    14-under Gilrs Silver Bullets II
    Tourney results: Silver Bullets Shootout
    This weekend the girls 14u team went 2-2 in the Silver
    Bullets Shootout II. They lost their first game 34-29 to
    the North Shore Patriots, and were led by Jessica Little's
    9 points, Najuachia Epps' 8 points and Charneice McCallough
    scored 7 points. In the second game of the morning they lost
    a tightly fought contest to the Silver Bullets National "B"
    team 25-23. They came back on Sunday and beat the Suffolk
    Hurricanes 39-29 with significant contributions coming from
    Aniya, Jamie, Jessica, Shannon, Ciara, Miriam, Charneice and
    Najuachia. They followed that game with beating the Hampton
    Riptides 35-22, with Jessica scoring 9 points, Ciara and Aniya
    8 points each and Shannon with 6 points.

    16-under Almighty Force-Montebello
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    On April 23rd Team Underrated 15u Team beat Montebello 48-25 to advance to next week semi-finals in the Almighty Force Tournament. We were led by a balanced attatck with the Butler twins combining for 21 pts., 10 rebs., 8 ass., 6 steals and only 2 turnovers, Christian Prisco, Team Underrated 6'4 8th grader had 4 pts., 6 rebs., and 4 blocks. Christian did a fantastic job on Montebello's best player by holding him under his averages in points and rebounds. Matt Grogan gave us a big boost in his comeback with 8 pts., and 5 rebs. Other notable players that played a huge role in our victory were, Kevin, Leslie, Tevin, Thomas, and Wayne.

    This was the start of a good day, Team Underrated 16-under team played their first game in the Almighty Force Junior Division and won a sloppy game 51-39. We were led by Anthony Parris 15 pts., 4 rebs., and 4 assist, Andrew Ayodeji had 14 pts., 7 rebs., and 3 assist, Joe Bird had 5 rebs., and Pat Niblock had 4 pts., 6 rebs., and 2 assist. Other notables were Terique Barney.

    Congratulations goes out to our own Sadraac Numa, Mark Johnson, Shahee Martin,
    Sam Duncan and Jamal Linning on making the NYHOOPS.COM's All Long Island teams.
    Keep up the good work guys, we're real proud of you.

    On April 19, L.I. Buckets 14U won their first game in Team Underrated Spring League against Team Underrated 38-27. Buckets were led by Azfar Khan with 11 pts., and numerous assist, Jahi Fields had 9 pts,. and Jerome Floyd had 8 pts., that included 2 3-point shots. Team Underrated was led by Wayne Booker with 6 pts., 7 rebounds and 3 blocks. In the 11U girls division Middle Country Magic defeated Team Underrated 18-5, Middle Country Magic were led by AJ Price little sister with 8 pts. and numerous blocks. We are still looking for 2 more teams for the girls 11U. You can contact Coach Dre' at 631-664-6751...

    Team Underrated Open Team lost to Probound 69-65 on April 16 at I.S. 8 Spring Tournament. We were up as much as 15 pts. in the first half. We let up on the intensity in the second-half. We were led by Shahee Martin 18 pts, 4 reb, 2 assist, and 3 turnovers, Mark Johnson had 12 pts, 6 reb, 2 assist, and 1 turnover, Melvin Clarida had 12 pts, 2 reb and 2 assist, Maurice Charlton had 8 pts 2 reb 3 assist and 2 turnovers, and Humzah Hakim had 10 pts, and 6 rebounds.

    Playing in the I.S. 8 gym teaches every athlete how to play in a very tight and confined space. Your passes have to be sharp and hard. Every turnover that you have in I.S. 8 you can bet that it will turn into a basket. We totaled nearly 12 turnovers which consequently turned into a potential 24 pts. for Probound (TAKE CARE OF THE BALL).   On defense you have treat ever player as being a shooter. This gym is favorable for easy fast breaks and is a shooters gym. Playing in I.S. 8 you have to play DEFENSE and REBOUND. If you do not do those two things you can find yourself up 10 and down 10 in the matter of minutes. This is the most competitive league throughout NY State and possibly the East Coast. There are players from all over the country that makes a visit to this infamous tournament.

    This Spring's teams are: Playaz Club (Seniors), Aneesas Sports, LPAC, Keep Your Dream Alive, Long Island Lighting, Juice All-Stars(A), Panthers(A), Shooting Stars, Suffolk County, N.Y.C. Finest, Metro Hawks, Starrett City, Panthers (B), Team Underrated, Pro-Bound, Phili Ballers, Bingo All-Stars, Lamar Odom All-Stars, Team Primetime, Brooklyn Queens Warrios, Playaz Club (Juniors), The Playmakers, Team Buckets, Elmcor, Juice All-Stars (B), MV-Knights, Playaz Club (Sophomores), Metro Hawks (B), Student Athlete Broncos, Running Rebels, Real Scout, Team Odom, FUBU, Above & Beyond, CYCC Hawks, Gauchos, N.Y. Elite, HC-Knights, B'Ballers, and Chase The Game. Most of these teams are Nationally recognized teams with National ranked players.

    This summer will be back in I.S. 8 with our 16u and 17u team.

    Congratulations goes out to Mark Johnson for making First Team All-Long Island.

    Mark Johnson, Amityville 6-5, Senior Johnson won a state public schools Class B title in 2003 and was a second-team All-Long Island pick as a junior. He led Amityville to the state Final Four for the sixth straight season, averaging 16 points and 12 rebounds. Johnson was named to the Final Four All-Tournament team.  It goes to show that hard work pays off.

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    Team Underrated was well represented at the EKB High School Showcase held in Englewood High School.  There were approximately 200 coaches from all over the country.   The Team Underrated players were Melvin Clarida, Anthony Clarida, Sadraac Numa, Preston Bell, Thomas Losito, and Maurice Charlton.  All these guys played very well and was receiving a bunch of attention from college coaches.  Sadraac Numa arguably was the best point-guard in the whole camp.  There were about 150 kids atttending, and every coach that I spoke with said how good Sadraac Numa is.  Overall everyone walked away with colleges thinking of them to be involved with their program......Stay tuned for Team Underrated Showcase, being held May 1st at Farmingdale College.....

        This summer we will be in various summer tournaments from 10u thru
        unlimited (pro-am players). The tournaments list: Almighty Force,
        Nike Swish, 9th Annual Africa Park, Sebastian Telfair, Rucker, St.Mary's
        Summer League, Dyckman, Gunhill, Rifles, and I.S. 8......

    Team Underrated opened up with a 1 point win over Push The Rock.  This was the 13u first game with all new players.  We look to be very good as the AAU season moves on.  We were led by Saheem King with 8 pts., Troy Cherry had 7 pts., and Big Reid had 4pts., this tandem of forwards also collected numerous blocks and rebounds.  Collectively the team played well, they just have to get familiar with each other.  Push The Rock was led by Don Don with 16pts..and numerous assist.

    Special congratulations goes out to Team Underrated players on this year High School accomplishments.  I will give mention to more accomplishments as I receive information.  Sadraac Numa (Upper Room) made Long Island Basketball .com All-Long Island,  Preston Bell was an honorable mention all PSAL player, Preston Bell and Melvin Clarida also made www.gameoverync all city team. 

    Coach Mark Andrew and Cody
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    Ralph and Eric at Jamfest
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    During this past weekend Team Underrated 16-under and Open team traveled to Rhode Island for Hoop Group's Jamfest.  Our Open Team beat Firm AC 71-32, lossed to Fairfield County 51-44 and lossed to NY Skyriders 54-53.  We turned the ball over quite a bit and did not convert easy baskets in our two losses.  Through the 3 games Shahee Martin had 31pts, 13reb, and 4ass, Mark Johnson had 40pts, 32reb, and 2 dunks with a 3-pointer to end the half of the second game, Maurice Dickerson had 14pts, 25reb, and 6ass, Maurice Charlton had 9pts, and 7ass, Melvin Clarida had 18pts, 5reb, Sadraac Numa had 11pts, and 21 assist, Tom Losito had 12pts, and 5ass,  Anthony Clarida had 13pts, and 8reb, Dan Beretin had 12pts, and 3ass, Humzah Hakim had 4pts, 6reb and 2 dunks.   As a team we could have had more assist if we converted shots around the basket. 
    Coach Dre'

    Our 16-under team had their first taste of competition on the AAU circuit this season.  With this good showing the rest of the season looks very promising.  Ralph Kube had 32pts, 32reb and 2ass, Anthony Parris had 22pts, and 8ass, Ray Jones had 25pts, and 3ass, Joe Bird had 19pts, and 5reb, Pat Niblock 7pts, and 7reb, Xavier Hubbard (2 games) had 7pts, and 7reb, Andrew Ayodeji had 25pts, and 15 reb, Mike Stayne had 5 points and 8 assist, Terique Barney (2 games) had 4pts and 5reb, Cody Lapp had 14pts and 5reb, Eric Jarvis (2 games) had 14pts and 9rebs.  Coach Mark

    The stats are as accurate enough to post.  A point or rebound, etc. can be missed....

    Terique Joe and Ray at Jamfest

    Team Underrated 14-U Girls AAU team won their first game ever 31-27 over the Syndey Flyers in the Gym Rat Challenge Tournament (Albany,NY) the leading scorer for TU was Jessica Little with 13 points which included 3-3 pointers,  during the game Jessica hit 3 in a row midway thru the 2nd half.  Jessica also had 3 steals.  Point -Guard Aniya Webb scored 5 points, 4 assists and 4 steals with 4 turnovers.  Shannon Divone 3 points, 3 assists, 2 steals and 8 rebounds. Ciara Sweeting had 12 rebounds. We as a team hit 4 threes.  The second  game of the day, TU lost to Hudson Valley 45-18. Jessica Little scored 10 of the 18 points including 2- 3's. Ciara Sweeting 10 rebounds. The third game of the night was against the New England Waves.  The Waves scored with seven seconds left to win 44-43.  Jessica little scored 18 points(including 4' 3's), Kim Weathers 10 points(2' 3's) and Aniya Webb 8 points, 4 assists, 2 steals.  These were some of the highlights of the weekend.  We must continue to rebound, have a better shot selection , improve our foul shooting and make better decisions.  Stay Tuned!!!!!!!   Coach Carl B.

    I.S. 8 LEAGUE
    This past weekend, Team Underrated 19u team took on Panthers B and loss by 9 points.  We were led by Anthony Clarida (Springfield) 10 points, Maurice Dickerson (Amityville) 10 rebounds, Andre Yates (Hills East) 3 assist.  As a team we had 36 rebounds, only 5 free-throws, 16 turnovers, and only 10 assist.  Despite both teams waking up to play a 9:30a.m. game.  We missed a bunch of shots around the basket, and we did not attack the defense to get to the Free-Throw line. Top 50 player in the country Shahee Martin (West Hempstead) had 8 points and 7 rebounds. 

    Young players, you have to be more assertive in other areas to make your game whole.  Three things Bobby Knight said that makes a team good: Depth, Defense and Taking care of the ball.  If you look at all teams that have won championships they had all three of these attributes.  Even if it was for that one game that meant winning a National Championship.

    The I.S. 8 roster is Mark Johnson (Amityville), Sadraac Numa (Upper Room), Maurice Dickerson (Amityville), Shahee Martin (West Hempstead), Melvin Clarida (Springfield Gardens),
    Anthony Clarida (Springfield Gardends), Humzah Hakim (Wyandanch),
    Daniel Beretin (Bethpage), Maurice Charlton (St. Johns The Baptis), Scott Appleguist (Oyster Bay), Brandon Serrano (St. Dominics), Andre Yates (Hills East), Tom Losito (West Babylon).


    Coach Dre's wife gave birth on April 3rd.  The baby was 7.3lbs, 20 inches.  The baby name is Aidan Shavar Edwards....

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    Q AT UNC
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    Team Underrated 14/15U team lost it's first game to Next Level on April 2 at The Almighty Force league.  We still have a possibilty to receive the #1 seed  if NYC FINEST losses this weekend.  If not we will receive the #2 seed, which we will be grateful of.  The goal is to take this loss into the play-offs with a sense of urgency and win the whole thing.  Fully staffed there is no one that can beat this team...Stay tuned for the play-offs!!!!!


    Team Underrated AAU travel teams will be underway this weekend.  The 16's and Open Boys teams will be competing at the tournament in Rhode Island.  Our 14u Girls team will be traveling to Albany, NY to the tournament.  Good luck goes out to all players and coaches.  Drive safe and do your best.



    1. TEAM UNDERRATED                                           4-0
    2.  NYC FINEST                                                            5-1
    3.  READY 2 BALL                                                      5-2
    4.  275'S BKLYN EXPRESS                                         3-2
    5.  B 'N' D PLAYERS                                                    3-3
    6.  LINCOLN PARK                                                     3-3
    7.  MONTEBELLO                                                        2-2
    8.  NEXT LEVEL                                                            1-1
    9.  HOOD SQUAD BKLYN                                          1-1
    10. PROUD 'N' POWERFUL                                         2-3
    12. BROOKLYN TITANS                                            1-4
    13. FAR ROCK                                                               1-4
    14. *'BELLO - 2                                                               0-3



    I would like to give a special congratulations and good luck to all of Team Underrated Class of 2005 on their future plans with academics and basketball.  Make sure that you remember that, Academics First.   The class of 2005 is a special class.  This is my graduating class that went to the 2002 AAU Nationals, all of these young men put a lot of effort in becoming a student athlete this season, and also had fantastic seasons.  I will start off with Raeen Coward- Raeen was on that National team that traveled to Detroit.  Raeen hardly received playing time, and really dealt with the situation.   Raeen continued to show strides every year.  This year Raeen averaged nearly 20 points per game with 6 rebounds from the guard-position for Wyandanch High School. Raeen received several honors this year for his accomplishments.  Sadraac Numa-Sadraac made the transition from Wyandanch to Upper Room a smooth one.  As a Fab Five Freshman and a Varisty player ever since 8th grade, Sadraac was headed for good things in his future.  He was on that Wyandanch team which had Kenny Jones, Chaz Thomas, Stephan Bumpers, and Keith Spencer.  Sadraac has had his share of match-ups through-out his career.  Notabale opponents were AJ Price(Uconn), Kyle Lowery(Villanova), and  Quentin Thomas(UNC).  Sadraac bumps and bruises has paid off so greatly, that this past year he arguably teamed up to have one of the best back-courts with (Kevin Gholson) on Long Island.  This past year Sadraac had his second year in row, where he averaged a double-double.  Brandon Serrano made a remarkable comeback in which doctors said that he would never walk again.  Brandon helped St. Dominics this year with his senior leadership and passion for the game. Brandon is still in recovery, when he does finally recover, every one better watch out.  Darren Smith (South Plainfield, NJ) has signed with Columbia......Shahee Martin the man-child played with us in a few tournaments last year.  With his unselfishness, it allowed players to really feel comfortable with the way that he plays.  Shahee draws a lot of attention that enables other players to get their game-off.  Shahee is another player that is undecided about his college choice.

    Shavar Burch, Mark Johnson, Marquis Jones(signed with Rutgers) and Kaheem Seawright (signed with Rhode Island) were also part of the 2002 AAU National Team.

    I cannot forget to mention Melvin Clarida, and Preston Bell who joined the Team Underrated family last summer.  Melvin had a very good year at Springfield Gardens this past year in which they received their first divisional title in 16 years, and Preston put up impressive numbers to lead his Long Island City High School to the play-offs...

    All of these accomplishments are a measure of determination and focus.  All of these young men had something in common, and that was to play basketball in College.  Some of these young men had some hard trials and tribulations: Death, Grades, Divorce, Single Mom , Not Focus, Peer Pressure, and most of all, the Streets.  That did not stop them from fullfilling their dream, through help and focus the young men made it through.

    All announcements of colleges will be brought to you a later date.....

    Coach Andre: Team Underrated 15-under Team won their 4 straight game in the Almighty Force Tourney. The team beat Brooklyn 275's team by the score of 47-28. We were led by Trinity Fields with 8 points, 4 assist, and 2 steals. Billy Butler had 14 points, 3 rebounds and 2 assist- Brandon Butler had 4 points, 3 assist and 3 steals. Kendall Harris chipped in 5 points and 3 rebounds, while Christian Prisco had a solid game with 4 pts., 6 rebounds, and 3 blocks. Next up is Next Level-April 2, 11:45 at Gershwin Junior High School.


    The unlimited team roster for the Elmcor League is:

    Stephan Malliet                    (Delaware St.)
    Darnell Barbot                      (Molloy)
    Jay Barnett                            (Texas A&M-Kingsville)
    J.J. Walden                            (Suffolk C.C.)
    Jorge Martinez                      (Suffolk C.C.)
    Gary Williams                        (USC)
    Pablo Porras                           (Stony Brook)
    Jermaine (Butter) Russell   (Suffolk C.C.)
    Dollar                                        (?????????)
    Curt Henry                               (Suffolk C.C.)
    Shahee Martin                         (West Hempstead)

    As the summer nears this team with other players being added are playing in Rucker, West 4th St., Almighty Force, St. Mary's, South Orange-NJ, and various other tournaments through-out the summer.  This team will finish up in Michael Jordan hometown (Wilmington,NC) August, 2005.   This is a tournament that is put on by a gentlemen that goes far back with Michael Jordan.  Over the past few years as a player in this tournament I had the chance to play against Charles Shackelford, Scotty Thurman, Jerry Stackhouse, Raymond Felton, and Chuck Person to name a few. 


    Team Underrated in conjuction with Wyandanch Youth Services brings to the community of Wyandanch a spring league for kids ranging in the ages between 11-15 years old.  We are vey excited to bring other teams into our community of Wyandanch.  We have already received commitments from Manhasset All-Stars, Unique All-Stars, Coast to Coast, Silver Bullets, Positive Direction, to name a few.  The league will start April 12th and will run Thru June.  The league does not affect your spring schedule, because games are played during the week.  For further information you can call Jeff Webb 516-523-0925, Steven Lewter 631-379-4223, or Carl Clark 631-960-8641...........

    3-0 and COUNTING
        Andre Edwards: Team Underrated. In a hard fought battle,
    Team Underrated 15-u team
    outlasted Ready to Ball 43-37. We were led
        by Sylvan Landersburg's 21 points and 8 rebounds.
        Byron Freeman chipped in 13 points
    and 4rebounds.

    Team Underrated is now 3-0 and looking to
        improve their record to 4-0 next week at 3:30 p.m. at Gershwin Junior
        High, (Linden Blvd. & Van Siclen in Brooklyn)......Stay tuned for more.

    15-under TEAM WINS AGAIN

    The Team Underrated 15-under Team beat the Brooklyn Tigers in the Almighty Force Tournament by the score of 44-13.  Sylvan Landersburg led the way with 11 points, 10 rebounds, 5 steals, 5 assist , and 3 blocks.  Quincy Hankin chipped in 15 points, 7 rebounds, 4 steals, 2 assist, an