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Tuesday, September 30
Welcome to TPF


In October of 2007 a group of guys received an email regarding a flag football tournament in their hometown of Houston.  Although the group consisted only of a small college special teamer, a thirty year old student (known more for his love of partying than studying) and a former JV punter from coastal Mississippi the trio assured a half dozen other players victory if they entered the tournament.  Three games later, two of them severe losses, their dreams of reliving their glory days of high school junior varsity football were all but gone.   

Unable to give up their hopes of high school hero days renewed, the trio joined the HSP flag football league in early 2008 with, once again, visions of success.   They renamed their reconstructed, yet still unorganized, team as The Crushers.  They determined that winning flag football games would no doubt exhilarate the ladies and earn them respect amongst their male peers.  In addition, it gave them something healthy and positive to do on Sundays as an alternative to drinking.  (Editors note:  Brian Broussard will continue to drink and would appreciate if you just shut your mouth about it.  It's not really any of your business anyways.)   

Three seasons later, having won roughly twenty five percent of their games, The Crushers were in limbo.  Attendance at games was inconsistent at best and the fiscal commitment versus the reward of routine butt-whippings was overwhelming.  Player turnover, morale and even team jerseys continued to be problems.  More than three quarters of the original Crushers were no longer on the team.  However, the team was now filled with individuals who shared a few common traits- most notably each person’s appreciation for libations, good times, pretty ladies and football. 

Enter Pub Fiction.  Each player was more than familiar with the Houston hotspot and several were local "celebrities".  So Pub agreed to be a sponsor and The Crushers name was put to rest.

The sponsor development attracted new players and created a buzz of excitement for Team Pub Fiction.  And as the morale of the team improved, so did the results.  TPF now plays competitively against some of the best teams that Houston and the state of Texas have to offer.  More importantly, we like to destroy teams with inferior athletes (if that's even possible) or teams that play an unorganized brand of ball (like The Rancheros).  It makes us feel better about ourselves while fooling the ladies into thinking we're alpha males.  It still hasn't gotten anyone laid but we're working on it.  

Now, with two years of experience under their collective belt, this franchise once referred to as a "merry band of retards" has staked claim to excellence.  In 2009, under a new tutelage, TPF went from being uranked locally in January to #14 in the state of Texas by December.  By March 2010 Team Pub Fiction had vaulted up to the #5 spot.  We've claimed five HSP championships and won one A level tournament thus far. 

We aren't afraid to sport mustaches.  Our coed team wears pink jerseys.  We've worn Halloween costumes while playing- and won.  We have killer championship parties.  We promote Flag Football Equal Opportunity (FFEO) to people of all races and religions.  We are all friends off the field but not always on the field.  And we go to Pub Fiction on Sundays after our games for pitchers of cold beer and free burgers.  Oh, and we like oranges at halftime of our games.

Most of the people reading this are guys from the team.  A few will be girlfriends, wives or friends we make look at our pictures.  Regardless, we hope you enjoy the site and we'll see you at a game or Pub Fiction sometime.   


2010 Team Pub Fiction State Tournament team