Team NorthShore: ABOUT US

Monday, May 2
About Us
  • We are mostly early birds.  We run in the morning (and sometimes in the dark).
  • We range in age from 30-something to 60-something.
  • Most of us run; some of us walk; some of us ride bicycles; some of us swim; some of us cross country ski; some of us lift weights; some of us do yoga.  (Nobody does it all.)
  • Some of us run races; some of us don’t.
  • Some of us who run races are competitive in our age groups; some of us aren’t.
  • Most of us who run are middle of the pack runners with paces ranging from 8-ish to 12-ish.
  • Some of us run marathons; some of us don’t.
  • Sometimes we’re all running in the same direction; sometimes some of us try a new direction.
  • Some of us run year round outside; some of us don’t.
  • Our official language is English; some of us also speak Spanish, Russian, Hebrew, French, Italian, German, Hindi or Gujarati.
  • We all like to laugh.  A lot.

Sunday, May 8
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