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Monday, April 12
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Wednesday, November 25
Team NorthShore 2009 Awards

Awards presented at the end of the season dinner 11/22.

 Awards Committee: Gill Schumaker, Bryan Abbott and Barbara Jane Miller.


Cynthia Scott


The 2009 "Stepping Up" Award


Without the support provided by the volunteers who manage

and perform essential duties we would not have the successful

running club that we have.  Cynthia, Team NorthShore thanks

you and expresses their sincere gratitude for “Stepping up”.

Whatever the weather was or if you were running or not you

made sure that the Aid Station at the Glencoe Metra Train

Station was ready for the Sunday morning runners


Sander Smiles


The 2009 “S’miler” Award


In recognition of the power of your gentleness, warmth, wisdom

and humor, Team Northshore presents this award.  A single

encounter with you and your smile is enough to be touched by your

unquestioning kindness and concern for person’s feelings.


Sander, you are a priceless friend to all of us.



David & Chantal Genecand, Barbara Jane Miller,

Marybeth Meane,and Keikoh Park


The 2009 “I Did It” Award


The members of Team NorthShore Congratulates you on following

your dreams, listening to your heart and finishing your first



First marathons are immensely challenging, even for the most

naturally gifted runners.  Twenty-six point two miles if just a long

way to go, no matter who you are.  The marathon tells you it will

hurt you, that it will leave you demoralized and defeated in a lifeless

heap on the roadside.  It says it can’t be done—not by you.  HA!  It

taunts you.  In your dreams!


You, answered back with a resounding Oh, yes I can!  You were able

to overcome a challenge of such proportions and you came away with

benefits—in the form of confidence, self-respect and fearlessness—

that never fade. 



Liz Kirscher-Bokhof


The 2009 “World – Class” Award


The Boston Marathon is oldest and most sought after race for marathon

runners.  Because of its history, and ranking, only elite runners can quality

to participate in this world-renowned footrace. 


On October 22, 2009

It was Picture Perfect Day for the 32nd Chicago Marathon

And you finished Picture Perfect, 20 minutes faster than 16 years ago

ChampionChip Time 3:56:23 Pace Per Mile 9:01

Congratulations on joining the prestigious ranks of the world-class runners

that have made the cut and earned the privilege to run the Boston Marathon. 



Bryan Abbott, Laura Bokhof, Sherri Koenig and

Adrian Paternostro, Dave Ray and Marisa Torre


The 2009 “Sprit of TNS” Award


This year you have shown us all the true Sprit of TNS.  Thru the process

of training and the relationships built will always be more important than

any time or single race ever could be in reaching our goals of staying healthy

and having fun!  We all appreciate your joint desire to finish this year’s

marathon as a team and have this year’s ultimate goal be fun and friendship.


Monday, April 20
David's Boston
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 It was an honor and a privilege to run the Boston Marathon and be part of such a unique event with its 113 year history of hosting the world's fastest runners.  At the expo, I sat in on a presentation by Bart Yasso and I told him that if it wasn’t for doing those Yasso 800s in 2007, I wouldn’t be there. The whole city and all the towns along the route really go all out to put on an outstanding event. Of course all the participants are happy to be there and there is a feeling of celebration the entire weekend. I was impressed by the amount of Boston Marathon apparel that Adidas was selling and that everybody was wearing. While I was waiting in a very long line at the expo to buy my “Celebration Jacket”, I commented to the guy in front of me “this isn’t a marathon, this is a gold mine.” The day before the marathon I went on a bus tour of the course which was very worthwhile for somebody like me who was not familiar with the course. I've been to Boston several times but had never been to Hopkinton or most of the places you run through during the marathon. The tour was excellent led by a highly qualified guide who had run Boston 8 times with a PR of 2:29, a thick Boston accent, and a real passion for Boston and marathon racing. He actually gave some good advice to those of us on the tour that would be running the race the next day.

The weather was in the 40’s with a headwind. The wind got stronger when you passed the Newton hills. I like to run in cold weather so it was shorts, a singlet and running gloves for me. At the end of the race, when they gave me a Mylar blanket, I really needed it. Since I didn't have a specific time goal for this race, I decided that I would try to slow it down from my previous 2 marathons and have as my main goal an enjoyable day. Then I decided that my secondary goal would be to run negative splits which is hard to do in Boston because the 2nd half is much more difficult than the first half. As a result, it was like 2 separate races for me. The first half was like a vacation taking in the sights and sounds, slapping hands, kissing Wellesley girls etc. and the second half was work. It's amazing the difference in effort for running about a minute faster in the second half. Also, it was really nice to have trained with 
Mark Buciak’s group “Road to Boston” which was going to be running Boston. We had our own coach bus to the start which stayed there so we didn't have to wait out in the cold and we had our own dinner at an Italian restaurant the night before. Jennifer Fetterolf and a friend of hers were on my plane on the way there and back so we shared a taxi to and from our Hotels which were right next to each other. Stephanie Williams was on our bus to the start and we shared a taxi to O'Hare. Also, "Trail" Bob Herskovitz was on my plane on the way back. He was pacing a charity runner for the Liver foundation and achieved his goal of bringing him home in less than 4 hours. This was a guy who had not qualified for Boston but was running because he had raised a bunch of money for charity.

For anybody who qualifies for Boston or can run it by raising money for charity, using connections, running as a bandit, or however else people do it, I would definitely recommend running this marathon. I qualified for the 2010 Boston Marathon at St. George, Utah last year so I’ve already made a hotel reservation. I doubt that I will want to do it every year but I’m pretty sure I’d like to do it at least twice.

Monday, November 24
Team NorthShore 2008 Awards

 Awards presented at the end of the season dinner.


Bryan Abbott, “2008 Coaches Award”
In recognition of having done what few will ever do—what you thought you could never do—you became a marathoner.  You will wear this distinction not on your lapel, but in your heart, for the rest of you life.

When you started your marathon training; you told us how rough the road ahead would be, how heavy the load would be, and about the barricades that would await you on the track.  But Bryan, you set your soul ahead upon the your goal and nothing left from hell to sky ever turned you back.  

When you burst across the finish line filled with pride you found that a marathon finish is more than just something you earn; a marathon finisher is someone you become. Congratulations, Bryan, Marathon Finisher.

 Marisa Torre, “I Did It Award”
The members of Team NorthShore Congratulates you on following your dreams, listening to your heart and finishing your first marathon.

First marathons are immensely challenging, even for the most naturally gifted runners.  Twenty-six point two miles if just a long way to go, no matter who you are.  The marathon tells you it will hurt you, that it will leave you demoralized and defeated in a lifeless heap on the roadside.  It says it can’t be done—not by you.  HA!  It taunts you.  In your dreams!

You, Marisa, answered back with a resounding Oh, yes I can!  You were able to overcome a challenge of such proportions and you came away with benefits—in the form of confidence, self-respect and fearlessness—that never fade.

Leslie Henderson, “The S’miler Award”
In recognition of your ability to smile through those many early morning miles and keep us smiling too!  We also recognize your ability at any given moment to carry on great conversations all along those training runs with anyone and everyone no matter if they had speed or slow mo as their pace.  Leslie, we hope Team NorthShore has given you a few new friends, because you are a priceless friend to all of us.

Barbara Miller, “The Runner who most inspired us in 2008”
Each time you laced up your shoes you explored new territory—not just on the road or the trail, but within yourself.   We watched you push yourself miles farther than we or you ever thought you would go.  Thanks to the simple act of moving forward you have uncovered hidden strengths in yourself and inspired all of us to achieve more than we think that we can.  We honor you not just for the miles you have run but for the future members of TNS you will inspire.  

Suzie LaBell, “Stepping up award”
Without the support provided by the volunteers who manage and perform essential duties we would not have the successful running club that we have.  Suzie, Team NorthShore thanks you and express their sincere gratitude for “Stepping up” and becoming our first ever Photo Archivist.

Beth Abbott, “2008 Come Back Runner Award”
There was a time, years ago, Beth ran and her performance was, well fast. She ran and ran and never got tired.  In time her life changed, she added three additional stressor components that caused what is known as ‘peripheral fatigue’.

Now, today, Beth is making a ComeBack which resulted from the evolutionary process called “going to college”.  TNS members have seen her running on the GreenBay Trail, Lovelace Park and even in the dark on week day mornings.  Welcome back, Runner.

sgm lo
Monday, October 6
St. George Marathon
St. George, UTAHSaturday, October 4, 2008
Time: 3:34:16 (chip time)
PR:  Yes 
Boston Qualifying time or just another vacation?  Boston Qualifying time: Yes!
David's Comments: The temperature was perfect in the 50's for most of the race and 
we had 100% cloud cover the entire race which was also good. Most of the race was 
down hill with a 2560 feet drop from start to finish. The scenery was beautiful and the 
organization was excellent. For me it was a PR and a time that qualifies me for the 
2010 Boston Marathon should I decide I wantto run that race. That's the good news. 
The bad news was that it rained from well before the start of the race as we were waiting
until well after people finished. It was only the second time in 32 years that it's rained 
during this marathon. It was also the most rain they had in this area in about 2months 
according to what people were saying. It wasn't a downpour but it was enough rain to feel 
the water sloshing around inside my shoes. I wore my visor which was a good decision
 because I heard other people complaining about getting rain in their eyes. It was also windy
 with mostly headwind but also wind coming from the side depending on where you were on 
 the course.  
After the race it was still wet and chilly. I went for the free massage which I had to wait for
but was nice especially because the guy put towels over me to keep me warm. 
It felt good to get back to the Seven Wives Inn for a warm bath. The next morning I met a
couple other guys who had run the race while I was having breakfast. They were from 
Nashville, Tennessee and were also charity runners but had bid for their race entries in
auctions. They had paid significantly more than I had to run this race. One of them had paid
$1300. The town is small enough that you can walk to just about any where although the 
walk to the expo was long enough that I decided to take a taxi back to the Inn. I was going to
walk from the airport to the Inn when I arrived but somebody came along as I was walking 
down Airport Road and offered me a ride in his car. When I left St. George this morning I
wanted to leave enough time to eat breakfast so I took a taxi to the airport. The ride lasted
5 minutes. I highly recommend this marathon and if you don't want to make a large donation
to a charity -  like New York, this marathon automatically accepts your entry if you've done 
the lottery for the 2 previous years and didn't get in. 

David Cahnman
Sunday, August 10
August 10, 2008

August 10, 2008


Written By David Cahnman

Several thousand fans of endurance racing competition gathered to watch over 11,000 road runners scamper 13.1 miles along Chicago’s magnificent lakefront in the most exciting half marathon race this season. The highlight of the race was the astounding performance of six elite athletes from the northern suburbs of Chicago racing under the banner of Team NorthShore/I-RUN Glencoe. Before the race began, running guru John “The Penguin” Bingham gave the following words of wisdom to all the competitors: he first advised the runners that the course would remain open for 4 hours, and that anybody who finished in less time than that was not truly getting their moneys worth. He then reminded everybody that a half-marathon is an endurance race and so the best thing to do is “start slowly and taper off from there.” The six speedsters from Team NorthShore/I-RUN Glencoe totally ignored that advice. All six, Sandy Wall, Sheila Lehr, Maimon Lusky, Jeannie Ryan, Emily Izenstein and David Cahnman finished the race in well under 2 and a half hours, beating last year’s performance when all team members finished in under 3 hours.

Racing conditions were very good for August with temperatures in the low 60’s, a big improvement over the hot humid conditions last year. The only weather related impediment was a stiff wind out of the north/northwest which slowed runners on the home stretch. Team coach Gill Schumaker was so confident of his team’s ability to perform that he stayed in the northern suburbs this year to coach those team members doing their normal training runs from the Glencoe Metra station instead of going to the race. After the race, several runners who were wearing GPS watches noted that the recorded distance was close to 13.4 miles, about three-tenths of a mile longer than a half-marathon. There has been an acknowledgement by the race director that the actual length was .1668 mile too long. Because of this controversy, I questioned all the team members whether they thought the race was too long or too short. One ambitious runner not complaining about the race being too long was marathoner-in-training Emily Izenstein. Because her marathon training program called for a 17-mile run on race day, she ran 4 miles to the start before beginning the race, thereby sacrificing a faster race time in the interest of better marathon training.

In other post race remarks, Sandy Wall commented that the headwind going north was refreshing and Maimon Lusky said it was a beautiful day for a race. Maimon’s brother-in-law made a special trip from Tel Aviv to run in this race and for him it was a PR of 2:14. Sheila Lehr said that “the course was pretty coming back up along the lake and then by the Field Museum.” Jeannie enjoyed passing Maimon on a hill and then maintaining a fast enough pace to keep him from passing her later on. David Cahnman was happy with a PR but thinks that an even cooler day with less wind and an accurately measured course could produce a slightly faster half- marathon in the not too distant future.

Adrian & Gill Rugby
Monday, June 23
Famous International Rugby Champ, Adrian Paternostro, and Local Running Coach, Gill Schumaker, visit with Argentina’s Los Pumas!

You paid your dues and you are a champian.

Happy Birthday on the 24th.

Vamas Adrian!

Los Pumas

Bike the Drive 08
Tuesday, May 27
Team NorthShore Members Bike the Drive

Sunday, May 25 th.

Comments from David Cahnman:

Seven members of Team NorthShore participated in Bike the Drive on a sunny and crisp Sunday before Memorial Day. Temperatures held in the 50's and 60's as Jim Egan, Suzie LaBelle, Elise Egan, Marisa Torre, Christina Torre, Barbara Miller and David Cahnman completed the 30 mile loop heading north from Jackson Street downtown, reversing directions at Foster with a stop for food, drinks and photos, and reversing directions again at 57th. Street by the Museum of Science and Industry in Hyde Park. Lake Shore Drive was open for bikes only from 5:30 to 9:45 AM so everybody had to get up early for this one. It seemed strange but pleasant and enjoyable to be on that familiar road surrounded by so many bikes but no cars. A good time was had by all.

Members in the photo (left to Right). Jim Egan, Suzie LaBelle, Elise Egan, Marisa Torre, Christina Torre, Barbara Miller and David Cahnman. All are looking quite stylish standing in front of port-a-potties.

Thursday, April 24
Runners can be models for public health.
Trail Bob
Trail Bob in support of the special Olympians.


April 2008

Written by Robert Herskovitz, J.D.
Deputy Regional Health Administrator, Region-V
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

aka: Trail Bob

Some of us run for fitness, some for competitiveness, some just for breakfast, but we all should consider ourselves as role models for others. There are thousands of runners in our state, but millions who not only never run, also never take a step toward fitness, or any sort of healthier life. While sometimes, cute public stunts can gain attention, like the event I will share in a moment, there are so many more things we should consider as individuals, and as TEAM NORTHSHORE.

Recruit folks. No everyone needs to come onboard to go for 26.2, or race at all, but everyone should consider a club like ours for fitness, and health education. We have some speed merchants, middle of the pack folks and folks just out for the pleasure. As a team, we all share our tips, knowledge and awareness about being heart healthy, and so much more. Our knowledge is not top secret – share with those who need to know.

Run for a cause. Many of us support charities – last year the Chicago Marathon raised over 10 million dollars to support needed causes, run for those who can’t and may never be able to run, but who’s lives can be saved by the dollars you raise. Not doing a marathon, pick a race that is based on a specific charity and jump in. Not a racer; support a teammate and help fight the for the cures that need funds to do so,

Run for awareness.

So, some “clever” person thought it would be cute if that “dude from the paper the runs to work” does a cameo tribute to thank them and talk about disabled vets….

Well, the Special Olympics is more for mentally challenged kids, but anytime I can talk about hurting vets, and get to speak on public health, AND GET A RUN IN as part of my job, I dig it. The course was 32 miles, but, the legs are always ready for 20- so 32 and a rock show, yeah baby – I am on it. Now as my current role bills me as senior gov official, I had to get clearance to speak. I brought it up on our leadership call, and two things came up. I got the greenlight, and the woman who chairs the president’s fitness council, also part of our weekly call with the Secretary and his assistant for the President’s Fitness Challenge sent me the fitness t-shirt to wear, and then tossed in a offer for me to speak to the ROAD RUNNERS CLUB of AMERICA at the Flying Pig Marathon in May.

No, I did not sing, but the bikers gave me the most emotional cheer I ever experienced as a public person. It motivated so much, the following week I ran a 3:27:59 Equestrian Trail Marathon, which is also a charitable event supporting autistic children.

Sunday, November 18
Team NorthShore 2007 Awards
Dave Ray
The S'miler Award - David Ray

Presented at the TNS 5th. Annual Awards Dinner, November 18th 2007

By: Gill Schumaker President and David Cahnman 8:30 Pace Leader

Written by: Gill Schumaker with help from Barbara Jane Miller & "Trail" Bob Herskovitz


Anatoly Barsky

Come Back Runner

Way on the other boarder of Russia is that land of the famous Chinese philosopher who said, “The longest journey begins with the first step.” Little did that gentleman know that if he looked to you and saw what you have done, then he would have corrected his statement to read: “An even longer journey begins with a 2nd. Step, a step for recovery.” You, Sir, have come a long, long way.

You are presented The“Coach’s” Award in recognition of what’s in yourheart, your desire and courage, to once again realize your running potential.

This award can be presented, as needed, to any ‘naysayer’ or ‘know it all’ who says, “you can’t do it”.


Barbara Jane Miller

EnduranceRunner of the year

Endurance is not just the ability to bear a hard thing, but to turn it into glory by wearing the latest fashions in running apparel. Trailshoes by Brooks, water belt ensemble from Amphipod, and the latest iPod, the Shuffle.

Clearly, there is one thing that proves your ability to endure through all the heavy weather: sun, rain, snow, wind and bitter cold. No matter whether we ran North or South, at 6 or 7 am, you were there at the end with your most fashionable, warm and ENDURING SMILE to warm the hearts of your fellow teammates. Not to mention that you sported the best coupons for breakfast, and no one can divide a check quicker, or more accurately than you.


Maimon Lusky TheFree Sprit Award

In recognition of your ability to run Any time, Any place, Any distance and Only when you feel like it.

No clock, calendar, nor Garmin, could ever predict, when, where, or how, you would show up for or finish a group run. As the noted poet of running, Robert Frost, once observed:

“Two roads diverged in a yellowwood, and sorry I could not travel both and be one traveler, long I stood and looked down one as far as I could

To where it bent in the undergrowth; and running there was Maimon


Torre Family The“Host with the Most” Award

Team Northshore presents this award in recognition of a family of warmth, support and love. Just crossing the doorstep we can feel the gentle nurturing welcome you provided to all guests coming to visit. This is a home of warmth, a house of support and a family of love. For you all to bring in a team of runners just before the holidays and treat us, as we are first class extended family members. We do feel welcome, we feel respected and most of all we feel grateful for the charming and gracious way we have been received by your entire family. In fact, we feel so very comfortable, and so very much a part of the family, let’s start decorating the tree.

Marsia, Gus, Christine and Nicolas present this award to any Chicago Taxi driver after the next Chicago Marathon for a ride back to Rogers Park where you parked your car for free.

Dave Ray The S’miler Award

Team Northshore presents this award in recognition of the power of your gentleness, warmth, wisdom and humor. A single encounter, even while running in the rain, with you and your smile is enough to be touched by your unquestioning kindness and concern for a person’s feelings.

We hold ourselves out to be a true club; a team of runners who support each other in whatever ways that are possible to generate motivation and encourage endurance. While our courses are always covered with Gatorade, water and often gels, the much more valued shots of energy can be attributed to the mobile distribution center of “positive vibes” called “Dave Ray”. What clearly depicts your ability to do this is related to your honest and caring personality that is reflected in that classic “Dave grin,” that needs no words, or animation. The energy just flows from within.

David Cahnman – Marathoner

In Recognition of being the most consistent and reliable pace leader this year and your unmatched ability to chronicle the exploits of TNS you have raised the bar for all your teammates. You not only helped others to reach their running goals you also stepped up your own personal performance as well by showing us all how to finish felling good while running the Windy City Great Melt Down Marathon and then going on to qualify for the Boston Marathon with 20 seconds left on the clock. But most of all we award you the...


for wearing the latest line of Trail Bob running gear.

What also goes along with this recognition is the satisfaction you will have from seeing your teammates benefit from your leadership. The PRs that are about to come for them, their abilities to grow and thrive as mature runners are products of your ability to stand tall and lead the way.


Michael Garrett – The “HelpingHand” Award

In recognition of all the summer mornings that you spent cheering on your teammates as well as other runners TNS wants you to know that we could not have done it without you.

This summer your teammates were able to train and survive the humid conditions based upon being able to trust that no matter how far, how long, how deep they ran, Gatorade and You were just ahead.

Perhaps the most classic example was a very heavily raining morning when most of the team cancelled, and even with only 3 runners, who were running an 18 miler, Gatorade was at every stop, courtesy of Michael.

hte 20mile run
Winners; Marisa & Maimon with "The Brand new Runner" Dr. Jim Danziger (center)

Thursday, October 4
Glencoe runner takes on LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon
Trail Bob
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Pioneer Press Gelncoe
October 4, 2007

Longtime Glencoe resident Bob Herskovitz can be considered a walking, make that a running, billboard to promote health and fitness, especially in the North Shore area.

Herskovitz is the Deputy Regional Health Administrator for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

"We're engaged in creating healthy initiatives in Chicago and its suburbs," Herskovitz said. "Our goal by the 2016 Olympics is to have Chicago as one of the fittest cities in the world."

It won't take until 2016 for Herskovitz to be considered one of the fittest in the North Shore, especially at the age of 50 (turns 51 in November). A former football player at Senn High School, Herskovitz spent 22 years in the Navy in operations combat.

During his tour of duty with the Navy, Herskovitz has been deployed from the North Pole to the South Pole and from the Pacific to the Atlantic, "and a few deserts thrown in." This includes his involvement in the Kuwaiti frontier during the first Gulf War.

To keep in tip-top shape, Herskovitz competes in marathons. On October 7, he'll be competing in his sixth LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon, where he will run on behalf of the American Liver Foundation.

In the midst of the 45,000 runners, you just might happen to notice a tall, fit gentleman in a Navy ball cap.

"It's like living inside a party running in the LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon," Herskovitz said. "You start at the Loop, run past Old Town, Wrigley Field, most every neighborhood in Chicago, with blues bands, high school bands, never an empty corner (million fans cheering the 26.2 mile route)."

As part of his training for the marathon, Herskovitz runs 20-plus miles from the Glencoe train station to his office at the Illinois Center. He typically does this every other Friday, but for his last long-training exercise, he ran to work on Tuesday

Bob is up by 4 a.m. and out the door by 4:45 to begin his sojourn from Glencoe to downtown Chicago. He takes the train station route past Winnetka, Kenilworth and Wilmette, before he veers towards the lakefront by Evanston and then to Lake Shore Drive.

From Metra riders crowded on their trains to stalled traffic on Lake Shore Drive, Bob serves as the advertisement to better fitness and health. So after the run, is it a leisurely day Downtown?

"I'm at my desk by 8:30," Herskovitz said. "Of course I'm in the gym by 8 to get ready for work."

While Herskovitz is a solitary figure running from Glencoe to Chicago, he's part of a team in the suburbs. He joined Team North Shore, which has 45 runners from Wilmette, Winnetka, Glencoe and other area communities. The group, with 11 members competing in the LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon next month, meets at 6 a.m. at the Wilmette Metra Train Station and runs to the Braeside Highland Park Station (six miles) and back.

Bob recounted that he was running one day by the Braeside station and was offered a drink by members of Team North Shore.

"We set up aid stations every two miles and invite people to stop, chat and have a drink of water," Wilmette resident and Team North Shore ( founder Gill Schumaker said. "We're trying to have our area become a great running community."

"I kept seeing those guys running north when I was running south or visa versa and wondered who they were," Herskovitz said.

Bob is now an avid member of Team North Shore, which adds a nuance or two to his marathon training. The team uses the latest scientific knowledge from the Furman University Institute of Running, which includes a combination of speed work, tempo training and long runs, balancing heart rate, pace and distance on a specific training regimen throughout the week.

Even with his considerable time spent with Team North Shore and his runs Downtown to work, Herskovitz also has found time to run/train with 17-year Glencoe resident Fred Socoloff.

"We met running on the Green Bay trail and became friends," Socoloff, who recently relocated to Scottsdale, recounted. "We would run from the Glencoe train station past Highland Park to Lake Forest and back. When I first started running with Bob I was faster, but now he kills me."

He might be able to outpace Socoloff and be near the lead pack for the Team North Shore runners, but there's one racer he can't compete with.

"My wife Janis power-walks through the Glencoe trails," Herskovitz said. "I really have a hard time keeping up with her."

Friday, September 21

September 21, 2007 Page 3 Chicago Sun-Times



Think your commute is long? Talk to Bob Herskovitz.


Several times a month -- and often once a week -- he runs to his Loop office.


From Glencoe.


Robert Herskovitz of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services in Chicago, commutes from Glencoe -- running from there to the Loop, about 20 miles, at least once a week.


That's 20 miles door-to-door, a three-hour trek that begins before sunrise and ends with a shower downtown. He does it year round.


"It gets your motor running," says Herskovitz, 50. "There is such a thing as runner's high."


Herskovitz will take his scenic jog this morning in honor of what used to be called Run to Work Day. The founders of the national event changed the name last year to Run@Work -- after deciding a jogging commute was unrealistic.


Not for Herskovitz. He has been doing it for two years and taking Metra home.


"For regularly running to work, there's no one I know of who is doing that type of mileage. That's impressive," said Jean Knaack, executive director of the Road Runners Club of America, which started Run to Work in 1997.


Herskovitz is deputy regional health administrator in the Midwest office of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. His commute has impressed and inspired his co-workers. That includes his boss.


"We brag about him all the time -- on many topics -- but his fitness certainly draws attention," said Regional Health Administrator Dr. James Galloway.


Herskovitz, who served 22 years in the Navy, has been running since his Senn High School days. He now logs about 40 miles a week, runs four or five official marathons a year and about a dozen unofficial ones.


He usually runs to work on Fridays, at a leisurely pace to save energy. The alarm goes off at 4 a.m., he's out the door before 5, and by 7:45 he's at his health club.


Along the way, he passes Northwestern University, which makes him think of his college-age son Todd, and by the lakefront beach where he used to push his daughter Ann in a stroller.


Then he hits traffic.


"There's nothing better than looking over to the right on Lake Shore Drive, and you see that Jaguar in bumper-to-bumper traffic," he says. "They're probably thinking, 'Look at that knucklehead who is running. He'll probably be at work quicker than me!' "

Monday, August 27
CDC 1st. timers
Tom, Barbara, Coach Gill & Marisa
view full size

CONTACT: DAVID Cahnman, Reporter


Ambulance sirens wailed and runners dropped like flies in Chicago this Sunday at the annual running of the Chicago Distance Classic Half Marathon. One group of runners that experienced little problem with the heat and humidity however, was the Team North Shore/I-Run Wilmette group coached by the Cutting Edge Coach of Team NorthShore, Gill Schumaker.

Every member of the skillfully trained and highly motivated squad who toed the starting line at 6:30am crossed the finish line in well under 3 hours. Asked about his personal performance after the race, “Trail” Bob Herskovitz’s use of the term “relaxed” was typical of the rather mystic approach of the Schumaker coached squad. 11 members of the group ran the race this year, a record number according to the coach.

Members of the combined group running a half marathon for the first time included Dr. Jim Danziger, Barbara Miller, Tom Gilroy, and Amy Fox. Fox, who raced for the first time after recovering from a foot injury, has run a marathon before but this was actually her first half marathon. She is especially motivated now because she plans to run the Chicago Marathon this year as an American Cancer Society charity runner. When asked by this reporter if she learned any first time lessons, Amy replied, “Oh, yeah-my big lesson learned: Gu and Gatorade don't mix. I am still feeling the repercussions the day after.”

Other finishers were Maimon Lusky, Anatoly Barsky, Marisa Torre (her 4th. ½ Marathon and 2nd. CDC), David Cahnman (his 4th. 1/2 marathon & 1st CDC), Chris Two (3rd. ½ Marathon & 2nd, CDC), and Colin Marshall.

Giving added encouragement during the race were the thousands of wildly enthusiastic spectators lining the course. Cheering with intense enthusiasm were Cynthia Baker and Sam and Charlie Gilroy who were anxious to see husband and dad Tom finish as fast as possible because their vacation started as soon as Tom crossed the finish line! When asked about how he felt about own his personal performance Tom answered by saying, "a big part of what made this race even doable was the training from Coach Gill and the support from my fellow Team NorthShore runners."

Also cheering enthusiastically was E.P. Danziger, the official squad photographer and Coach Gill himself. I had the privilege of witnessing the veteran coach preparing Dr. Jim Danziger for the race by loading his pockets with packets of Hammer Gel, exchanging his cotton t-shirt for a technical I-Run Coolmax singlet and protecting his head with a Coolmax hat. When asked how he was able to reach his race goal, Dr. Jim replied, “I listened to Coach Gill and the Pace leader then did what they told me.”

After the race, 5 of the runners, E.P., and coach Gill enjoyed a late breakfast at Symphony’s in Evanston.

Monday, October 22
Team NorthShore Marathoners Reach the Ultimate -
columbus 2006
Coach Gill with Laura Cornell & Peggy Hanson
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Local Athletes Qualify for the Prestigious Boston Marathon

October 22, 2006
By: Trail Bob 

The Boston Marathon is oldest and most sought after race for marathon runners.  Because of its history, and ranking, only elite runners can quality to participate in this world renowned footrace.  This coming spring on April 16th, four local running club members will be joining the prestigious ranks of the world class runners that have made the cut and earned the privilege to run the Boston Marathon.  The premier runners, Laura Cornell and Chris McCormick of Wilmette, Bob Herskovitz of Glencoe and Peggy Hanson of Libertyville are the pride of Team NorthShore.

 “Team (Teaming Equals Added Motivation) NorthShore, a local running club for runners of all levels, shapes and sizes, was formed because training with others creates a support system that never fails.  Our members are more likely to train regularly, stay with a fitness program and reach their individual goals, than if they were training alone,” said Gill Schumaker, president and coach of TEAM NorthShore. “Club members train for a variety of local running events— from neighborhood 5K races to the  LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon.  Our most satisfying aspect is the Team NorthShore outreach to the community.

The running club hosts a mentoring program that engages aspiring athletes from all ages and skill levels.  From first-timers and couch potatoes to longtime speed merchants, we match up attendees in appropriate pace per mile and distance groups. “The only steps you'll take alone is the ones to get off the couch and out the door to meet the mentors on Saturday mornings,” says Laura Cornell, local personal trainer.

One of the biggest challenges facing new runners is simply getting started! Team NorthShore will be there to encourage and motivate returning runners as well as mentoring new runners. "No matter your pace, this is your place!" says Coach Gill Schumaker, “You will not be left behind”. Enjoy a great support group in the Team NorthShore Running Club. And, many of the club's seasoned members will show up to train with you from time to time.

Remember the Chinese proverb – The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.”   Team NorthShore is a true practitioner of the ancient Eastern ways, as the methods and strategies of CHI-RUNNING are often used in nurturing neophytes and veterans to work through pain, and find the hidden inner power to move forward with grace, speed and comfort.  “Yes, there really is a simple proven strategy that gets everyone from the starting line at the fast-food counter to the finishlline of a marathon; and in better shape, too.” shares Coach Schumaker.

The coach should know, he is a certified Chi-Running, and Chi Walking instructor, who’s classes are regularly filled with fitness seekers looking for the right way to get started living a healthier life style.

The initial response to the group has been met with great enthusiasm, as the ranks have grown to over 35 runners, and The Runner’s Edge, Starbucks at Plaza Del Largo and The GrossPoint Cafe, local Wilmette retailers, have joined as sponsors of TEAM Northshore. 

Want to take those first steps? Join Coach Gill for the next Chi-Walking seminar November 18th at Wilmette community recreation center from 8 a.m.-12:30 p.m.  at 3000 Glenview Rd. Wilmette, IL.  For more information call……..   Seasoned runners can join us every Sunday at 8:00 in front of the Starbucks at Plaza Del Largo in Wilmette


Monday, November 26
2006 Race Results

March Madness Half Marathon 2006 click here for results.
Sunday March 19,2006

Members who ran this race:
David Cahnman (1st. time finisher and best club finish time)
Laura Cornell

Maimon Lusky

Gill Schumaker (PR for this race.) 

Shamrock Shuffle 8K Click here for results.
Members who ran this race.

David Cahnman (1st time finisher and best club time.)
Laura Cornell
Maimon Lusky
Gill Schumaker (PR for this race and for an 8K race.)

Universal Sole Lakefront 10 click here for results.
Sunday, April 30, 2006. 8:00 am
Rain at the start and on and off durning the race.

Members who ran this race.

Bryon Abbott
David Cahnman (First time finisher.)
Laura Cornell (Matched last years time.)
Chris McCormick (Fastest club time and PR for this race and for a 10 mile race.)
Gill Schumaker

Maimon Lusky (Didn't run because of recent surgery however he came to the race with us and cheered us on, Thanks Maimon!)

OH PHUN 5K RUN Click here for results
May 7, 2006

Congratulations to Chris McCormick 4th. Place overall winner of this race. (A PR in this race as well as a Life time 5K PR.)

Anatoly Barsky (1st time finisher.)
David Cahnman (1st time finisher.)
Laura Cornell (PR for this race and life time 5K PR)
Barbara Miller (1st time finisher.)
Gill Schumaker (Matched last years time.)
Marisa Torre (PR for this race and life time 5K PR.)

Plaza del Largo 5K Run click for results
wilmette, Illinois

Sunday, May 21, 2006 8:00 AM start time

Members that ran this race:
Tom Gilroy, First Time Finisher!
Jim Egan, Finisher

Soldier Field 10-Mile Click here for results
Date & Time
Saturday, May 27th, 2006 7:30am

Members that ran this race:
David Cahnman &
Phil Grove - 1st time finisher

St. Joseph Jubilee Jog 5K Run
Race starts at 8:00 am on Monday, May 20th
Memorial Day * 2006

Members that ran this race:
Congratulations: Brian Abbott

The Jim Vrettos Memorial Race, 8K click here for results
June 11th. Evanston

Members who ran this race
Marisa Torre & Jacquelyne Denuyl. First time finishers.

Ricky Byrdsong Race Against Hate 5K click here for results
Sunday, June 18, 2006
Members who ran this race:
Barbara Miller & Eileen Kelly

The Runner's Edge Trail Half Marathon click for results
Monday, September 4, 2006 —8:15 a.m.
Old School Forest Preserve, Libertyville, Illinois

Member that ran this race:
Peggy Hansen, PR
Members that volunteered at this race:
David Cahnman
Barbara Miller
Marisa Torre
Tom Gilroy
Gill Schumaker
The David Ray Family (5)

Indiana University Mini Marathon, Click here for results
1/2 marathon & 5K, Sunday, September 9th.

Members who ran this race:
Laura Cornell 1/2 marathon
Jane Cornell 5K first road race, watch for Jane's name in future races! She's got the bug.

Flower Power 5k Run, Click here for results
Chicago Botanic Garden on Saturday, Sept. 9, The first Flower Power 5K

Members who ran this race:
Anatoly Barsky (Come back race)
Barbara Miller (PR)

City of Pittsburg Great Race Click here for results
10K Race September 24th

Member that ran this race:

Tom Gilroy (First 10K and Tom ran a very even pace for a great finish time.)

Columbus Marathon Click here for results.
October 15th, Columbus Ohio what a great marathon!

Congratulations to Laura Cornell (4:03) & Peggy Hanson (3:42) whose finish times has qualified them to run in the Boston marathon. This is a great achievement.

Congratulations to Gill Schumaker who finished feeling good. His 5th. Columbus marathon!

Congratulations to Marisa Torre who ran & finished the half marathon with a personal record!
Chicago Marathon Click here for results



Laura Bokhof
Jacquelyne DenUyl
Phil Groves
Petter Keller
Chris McCormick
David Ray
Luda Smikum

David Cahnman for a PR
Bob Herskovitz & Jennifer Feherolf (3:50 pace leader) for finishing yet another marathon.

Thank you to Team NorthShore support crew & pace leaders who waited for their runners at the 20.5- mile aid station & the finish line. We know they were very cold.

Laura Cornell, Gill Schumaker & Marisa Torre and all of the families and friends.

Marine Corps Marathon Click here to check your runner
October 29th.

Your Marine Corps Marathon Finisher:
Maimon Lusky

Your 10K Finishers:
Laura Cornell
Jane Cornell(first 10K)
Barbara Miller(first 10K)
Gill Schumaker
Marsia Torre (first 10K)

Lincolnwood Turkey Trot Click here for results
Sunday, November 19, 2006 10K Run
Members who ran this race in order of finish:
David Cahnman,
Laura Laura Bokhof & Laura Cornell,
Marisa Torre,
Tom Gilroy,
Anatoly Barsky,
Barbara Jane Miller,
Jacquelyne Denuyl,
Patti and David Ray

Sunday, January 1
2005 Race Results

2005 races ran by members
Races Ran this Year by Members

March Madness Half Marathon
March 28th.
Bryan Abbott (1st. time finisher)
LAURA CORNELL (1st. time finisher)
MAIMON LUSKY (1st. time finisher)

Shamrock Shuffle 8K
April 3rd.

Universal Sole LakeFront 10 mile
April 24, 2005
MAIMON LUSKY            

Ol "Phun" Run 5k
May 1, 2005
CHRIS MCCORMICK (Award Winner – 3rd in age group)
GILL SCHUMAKER  (Award Winner – 3rd in age group & PR)
LAURA CORNELL  1st. time finisher
Marisa Torre

Solider Field 10 mile
May 28, 2005
DAVID CAHNMAN 1st. time finisher
MAIMON LUSKY (PR)                
CHRIS MCCORMICK 1st. time finisher

Chicago Distance Classic Half-Marathon
August 7, 2005
MEREDITH COHEN 1st. time finisher
Lori CZUMA 1st. time finisher
DEBBIE FOGEL 1st. time finisher
CHRIS MCCORMICK 1st. time finisher

Chicago Half-Marathon
DAVID CAHNMAN 1st. time finisher

Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon
October 2, 2005
DAVID CAHNMAN (1st. time finisher & the fastest, 3:57)
MAIMON LUSKY   (PR)                

Chicago Marathon
October 7th.
MEREDITH COHEN (1st. time finisher)
Lori CZUMA (1st. time finisher)
DEBBIE FOGEL (1st. time finisher)
EILEEN KELLY  (1st. time finisher)

Tuesday, April 13


Laura Bokhop, our CARA/Racing Coordinator asks that you Please let her know your Bib#, so we can all follow you race-day! Many races have live updates so we all can follow you.