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Sunday, September 23
Both the Tewksbury Seacoast Red Pride A and B squads remain undefeated at home after toppling the visiting Sanborn Little Indians

Both the Tewksbury Seacoast Red Pride A and B squads remain undefeated at home after toppling the visiting Sanborn Little Indians this past weekend at Ballou Del-Rossi Field.


The Red Pride A team held off the previously undefeated Sanborn A team and ended the day with a 14-0 victory.


The day started slow for the usually high geared offense of the Red Pride.  It took almost the entire 20mins of the first half for them to tally the first points of the day, a testament to the Sanborn defense.  The half saw great runs by Francis Pino, Kyle Zervas and a long fourth down conversion catch by Trace Trant, pass by Josh Sughrue.  But it was not until the the last minute did the Red ones find the endzone.  The score was converted on a pass from Sughrue to Pino who pushed himself into the endzone behind the blocking of David Aznavoorian and Derek Graffeo.  The extra point failed making it 6-0 Red Pride at the half.  The game was finally pushed just out of reach after Zervas punished the defense with several runs and brought the ball within a yard of the goal.  Sughrue plunged in for the points and the extra points were added by Zervas ending the afternoons scoring at14-0 and a Red Pride victory.


The defense posted its second shut out of this short season behind the play and leadership of Jack Kelly (6 tackles), Aznavoorian (6 tackles), Sughrue (9 tackles) and Zervas (5 tackles and 3 more for loss of yardage).  Also with great showings on defense this week were Connor Nugent (2 tackles and a key sack), Brandon Pote and Graffeo (each with 3 solo tackles).  Other notable performances were handed in by Jared Gillis, Brandon Rosa and from Shane Aylward who picked off a pass, halting the Little Indians drive.


The Red Pride B team also continued its winning ways with an impressive victory over the Sanborn B team by a score of 20-0.


Richard Markwarth handled the rushing duties on the day with a brusing style and a determination not to be tackled ended the day with over 100 yards rushing (11 carries for 114yards).  But the scoring came from the arm and legs of quarterback Tom Bradley.  After a pair of 25 yard scampers by Markwarth behind blocking by Antonio Capelo, Robbie Kimtis and Paul Manzi.  Bradley broke free around the edge for a 10 yard touchdown run, extra point failed.  In the second half the Red Pride found success in the air and the now familiar team of Bradley to Manzi strike for a 9 yard score, extra point failed.  The day also saw some nice pass receptions by Santino Garafalo and Owen Gillian and a few rushes by Aidan Doherty.  The last points on the afternoon were secured by the sure handed Garafalo who collected a short pass from Bradley from 6 yards out.  The extra point was added with a Bradley run that put the contest out of reach at 20-0.


The B one defense was solid as they ever have been limiting the Little Indians to very little gains.  The foursome of Markwarth and Kimtis (1 tackle for loss each) and Gillian and Garafalo (3 tackles for loss each) spent the morning stalking the opponents backfield.  Other stedfast contributors for the defense were Matt Rosemond, Ryan Briely, Ryan Day and Bradley (all with 3 tackles apiece).  Other defensive performers were Shane Noone, Jack Menard, Pat Rosemond and Colin Powers. 


Sunday, September 16
For the second straight week the Tewksbury Seacoast Red Pride earn wins from both the A and B squads.

Josh Sughrue had a tremendous day on both sides of the ball and lead the Red Pride A squad to a 14-8 over time victory past a very physical Dover Youth Football team.


The Red Pride Defense had it’s work cut out for itself as they were tasked with handling a large Dover offensive line and bruising running backs.  However the team was up for the challenge and saw contributions from numerous players. Leading tacklers on the morning were Trace Trant with 7 and a sack, Zach Weitz, Brandon Pote, Kyle Zervas all with 5 tackles each.  Also standing out for the defense was David Aznaroorian 3 tackles, 1 sack, Jack Kelly 3 solo tackles, 2 tackles for loss and 2 sacks and Sughrue 6 tackles and a interception in OT.  Other Defensive notables were Brandon Rosa, Jared Gillis, Tanner Lentz and Connor Nugent.


Offensively, Tri-Captain Sughrue managed the Red on the ground and in the air ending the day with 30 yards rushing (1TD, 1 Extra point), 67 yards passing (1 Passing TD).  The first score came on the opening series and after a few strong runs by Zervas, Sughrue finish from 2 yards out and followed it with the extra point making the score 8-0.  Wide receiver Derek Graffeo collected 45 yards receiving and Trant had several impressive runs to keep the Red Pride moving toward the goal.  Other offensive notables were Ryan Anderson and David Miller.


A Dover score and subsequent extra point in the second half lead to the first Red Pride overtime try of the young season.  Dover got the the ball first and saw a third and long pass attempt intercepted by Sughrue.  Now was the Red Pride attempt, after short rushes by Trant and Francis Pino the Red faced a fourth down.  Teammates Sughrue and Pino connected on a short pass for the touchdown and the walk off win.


The Red Pride B squad showcased a defensive effort that held a persistent Dover B team and achieved a 20-6 victory.


Defensively the work was shared by the entire troop.  Shane Aylward, Robert Kimtas and Santino Garafalo secured themselves 7 tackles each.  Matt Rosemond, Ryan Day and Owen Gillian each added 6 tackles apiece.  Protecting against the Dover air attack were Paul Manzi, Ryan Briely and Tom Bradley all deflecting would be Dover receptions down field.  Other defensive standouts were Richard Krammer, Aidan Doherty, Pat Rosemond and Robert O’Hearn.


The offense say the throw and catch combination of Tom Bradley at Quarterback and Paul Manzi receiver emerge.  The tandem connected three times on the day for a total of 46 yards, 1 touchdown and a extra point.  The effort brought great balance to the already potent running attack lead by Shane Aylward who added two more touchdowns one on the opening drive for 35 yards and one to end the game from 28 yards and put things out of reach for the visitors.  Other offensive standouts were Kimtas, Garafalo, Shane Noone, Richie Markwarth and Collin Powers.


Sunday, September 9
The Tewksbury Seacoast Red Pride kick off the 2012 football season with wins from both the A and B squads over the visiting Timberlane Tornado’s

The Tewksbury Seacoast Red Pride kick off the 2012 football season with wins from both the A and B squads over the visiting Timberlane Tornado’s.

The Red Pride A team won its contest on the merits of great defense and solid blocking by the offensive line that resulted in a 22-0 win over Timberlane’s A squad. The Defense was suffocating tallying 8 sacks and 15 tackles for lose of yardage. That monster effort was lead by 6th grader Jack Kelly who totaled himself a staggering 4 sacks and another 7 tackles in the Tornado backfield for a loss from his end position. Assisting Kelly with the defense pressure was Trace Trant (2 sacks, 2 tackles for loss), Josh Sughrue (4 tackles), Kyle Zervas, Matt Allen, Jared Gillis and Brandon Pote. Other notable defensive standouts were David Aznarvoorian and Zach Weitz.

Offensively the accomplishment was not to be overlooked as well. Directed by quarterback Sughrue the running back core of Zervas, Francis Pino and Trant collected yardage and points for the Red Pride this humid September morning. The first score came on the Red’s first possession and saw Zervas fully extended and diving for the goal line, extra point also by Zervas. The second came late in the first half behind the exceptional blocking of Aznarvoorian, David Miller, Weitz, Tanner Lentz and Connor Nuggent. Trant plunged through the middle for the second touchdown, extra point converted by Sughrue. The final tally came late in the contest when Zervas broke loose once more for a 20 yard score, extra point failed.

Other standouts on the morning for successes on both sides of the ball were Brandon Rosa and Derek Graffeo.

The Red Pride B team had there work cut out for them in the second game of the morning, yet prevailed over a solid Timberlane B squad 12-0.

Defense was also the cornerstone of this victory as well. The B squad bent with several goal line situations but never broke securing the shutout. Championing the day were Owen Gillian with 9 tackles, Santino Garafalo with 8 tackles, Antonio Capelo 7 tackles and Matt Rosemond, Robert Kimtas and Paul Manzi each with 6 tackles. Other Defensive notables were Aidan Doherty, Andrew Ferrell and Robert O’Hearn all with several tackles. Lastly Tommy Bradley snatched the first interception of the season for the Red Pride ending a pressing Tornado drive.

When the offense got their opportunity with the ball they certainly made it count. With support of the whole team blocking multiple defenders down field Shane Aylward had an impressive outing tallying 147 yards including two long touchdowns on just 10 carries. None of which could not have been possible with out the persistent blocking efforts of Manzi, Richie Markwarth, Kimtas, Michael Rosa, Ryan Day, Ferrell, Doherty and Garofalo. This labor saw its best example when Antonio Capelo, a offense guard, made a massive block 12 yards down field that sprung Aylward for 50 yards more and the game securing touchdown.

Other standouts on the morning were Jack Menard and Richard Krammer.


2 trophies
Seacoast Red Pride Post Season Awards
Monday, November 14
The Seacoast Red Pride closed out there 2011 season with a loss to the Exeter East Seahawks 14-6 in the Seacoast League consolation game.

The Seacoast Red Pride closed out there 2011 season with a loss to the Exeter East Seahawks 14-6 in the Seacoast League consolation game.


Although the Red Pride came short of the top prize the teams efforts were commendable and award worthy earning both the Atlantic Division runner up honor and placing fourth in the twelve team Seacoast Junior Football League.  These trophies will be on display in the Frank Ferrelli Field House in Tewksbury.


On a perfect November morning in Portsmouth, NH the Seacoast Red Pride stood as one the final four teams playing for post season honors.  The Red Pride Defense which was the strong suit all season, totaling 4 shutouts on the year, once again set the pace  keeping the Exeter passing attack in check.  The Red snatched two interceptions on the day first in the opening drive by Jonny Spinelli and then another late in the game close to our own goal by Francis Pino that gave the Red Pride opportunity.  Excelling once again were linebackers Brandon Winn with 12 tackles and Zach Frontain with 6 of his own.  But the story of the day was the efforts by the B team defensive contributors along with Pino, Brandon Pote had 3 tackles from a linebacker position, David Aznavoorian captured 7 tackles from a cornerback spot and Joshua Sughrue from the defense end position dominated with 10 tackles.  These core returning players along with several others will be the backbone of the 2012 Red Pride.


Offensively, the Red lacked the punch needed to overcome the Seahawks.  But was not without exceptional efforts as well.  Offensive linemen Sam Fortier, Jackson Deroche, Nick Hienze, Zach Weitz, Anthony Medeiros and Jake Durant.  Providing down field blocks were Kyle Obst and Mason Brown.  Setting up the strong running efforts of Giovanni Ciampa, Cody Sughrue and Winn.  The only score of the came on a bruising 60 yard dash by Winn.


Thanks to all the coaches, parents and players for your efforts making this new era of Tewksbury Youth Football a successful beginning.  Best of luck to all the graduating A team players and we look forward to the returning B team who now have a tradition to carry on.


Sunday, November 6
The Seacoast Red Pride A team fall in the Seacoast Atlantic Conference Championship

Our Atlantic Division Runner-up Trophy.

The Seacoast Red Pride A team fall in the Seacoast Atlantic Conference Championship to a strong Winnacunnet Little Warriors team by a score of 30-6.


The Red offense drove the ball well all day but could not convert enough points for the victory.  The running back tandem of Brandon Winn and Giovanni Ciampa both had excellent afternoons running the ball.  With Ciampa provided a bruising attack while Winn slashed to the outside for most of his yards.  The only score of the day came from Winn after breaking several tackles before racing 40 yards to pay dirt.  The offense line lead by the blocking of Jackson Deroche consisted on Anthony Medeiros, Sam Fortier, Jared Mason, Zach Frontain and Tight End Mason Brown.


Several Red Pride players provided notable Defensively achievements.  All tacklers were lead by middle line backer Winn who was involved in 10 of them.  Following behind him was the brother tandem of Cody and Joshua Sughrue each making a great effort for the team and collecting 6 tackles each.  Lastly, was the trio of Frontain, Ciampa and Derouche who had 5 tackles on the afternoon each.  Other defensive highlights came from Jake Durant, Kyle Obst, Peter Carey, Kyle Zervas and Derek Graffeo.


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