Comets Softball Organization: Welcome

Home of the Comets...!

Welcome to the Home of the Tenn Sparks...!

We are an organization of top quality Athletes / Coaching staff / and Parents in and around the Nashville area of 14U-16U

We are growing in numbers and strength, and we are looking forward to the future of our organization and the athletes in it and their bright futures

We are more than just a team, we are a family and our goal is to keep building our ranks of athletes and are looking forward to a 18Gold team as well in the near future.

We travel the travel to all qualifiers and compete on a national scale of ASA - USSSA- and USGF stages.

If you're parents looking for a promising future for you're athlete contact us at:

Head Coach: Randy Bombard - (615)568-7856

Admin Director: Tammie Patterson - (615) 598-7981


Talent / Marketing Dir: Steven Blair (615) 681-3382


 We are a full blown not-for profit organization tax code 501(c)3

all sponsorships, donations, and any contribution are fully tax deductable and we will provide reciept of any and all transactions for you're records to turn in at the end of the year for you're tax breaks.

Sponsoring us does several things for you - It is 100% tax deductable and also gets your're buisness name out there for thousands of people to see, some of which are buisness owners, parents, and coached plus you will get a logo and spot on our team banners, as well as honorable mention at tournements just to start off. 

Contact: Steven Blair - (615) 681-3382

For sponsorship and all the huge advantages it brings to you're company.

Donations are a key source of revenue to fund these programs, and we are alwys humble to have them.

If you'd like to make a donation to our organization feel free to contact Steven for more exciting benefits of donating to our cause. Again we do provide all documents for you're tax purposes.