TELL U WHAT: Welcome



 sadly, this may be the final home page entry for the TUW website.  it seems as though, TUW has run it's course.  the last of the founding fathers has hung up the cleats, and passed on the baton to the next generation, and it appears that generation doesn't want to keep up the name that has so regally owned PSTS for the last 7-8 years.


this is a sad time for TUW, as it seems it's most senior member my be hanging it up as well, due to knee issues.

 this site, will be active until early April, which, ironically, co-insides with the possible last "telluwhat" tourney that will be later that month is Las Vegas.

 it was a great run, we had such a great, fun, winning, loving group of guys wear the TUW symbol, and i want to give a shout out to all that came and played, and made this such a family.  it will truely be missed.


ROMEO - you outlasted us all!!!  pretty funny given the conversation we had that 1st year at the BLD bar.


i love you all - too bad nobody will most likely read this.