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Tuesday, February 23


For the month of May there will be a sale on Alpha Omega Curriculum.  15% off  

There is also a new link to Endless.  As well as magazines via Amazon.

Also, don't forget to check out the other links we have too!!!  Remember ALL purchases help the team.

Buying curriculum, gifts, groceries, toys, presents, and many more!  Just go to the Links page and you will see the affiliates banners and links.


Friday, December 18
Shopping to Benefit TCHSA

You can now shop and benefit TCHSA!  There is no extra cost to you and you still get the same sales!  How?  Just use the links on our website and TCHSA will get a percentage of anything you purchase.   Amazon is our first affiliate.   Watch for Christian Book Distributors, Sonlight, Lampstand Press/TOG, and HSLDA!



Friday, September 12
Five Questions Every Athlete Should Ask Themselves

Here's an interesting article for all you young aspiring athletes. You can click the title of this message to go to the website with these 5 questions. I would appreciate any feedback you have. E-mail it to Hope you enjoy the article.