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Tuesday, March 11
Memorial Bench For Coach Wally
The SurDel Storm in conjunction with the 97 Delta Heat softball team are looking to install a memorial bench at the new Dennis Elsom Park in memory of Walter Couper. The bench location has been selected and is a prime spot to watch softball in the spring or soccer in the winter. Any parents, family or friends that wish to donate to this cause can contact Coaches Gregg, Ike or Kev. All funds raised will go to the purchase, installation and plaque for the bench thru Delta Parks and Recreation. If we manage to raise more funds than needed they will be donated in Wally's name to the B.C. Cancer Society. 

Monday, March 3
Storm Are The Champions, Storm Are The Champions........

What a season for the Storm and why not end a fantastic season with just as good a League Cup final. The Storm were coming into today's final off of a less than convincing victory yesterday in the semi final against the SFC Xtreme. Their opponents in the final were the only team the Storm were unable to score on all year, the SUS Rockets, as their one meeting ended in a scoreless tie. The Rockets themselves had a very strong finish as they employed a strong defensive system coupled with an outstanding keeper. The Storm were aware that to secure a victory would require some patience as they would have to slowly breakdown the Rockets back three while at the same time ensuring no quick breakouts ensued. Both teams came out of the gate with a high and intense work rate. A lot of strong work in the midfield saw the teams trade possession on several occasions. The game was also fairly physical as both teams were trying to intimidate each other with some hard but fair challenges. The first real chance on goal came when Brittney was able to lose her check and placed a nice ball to the far side of the eighteen for Olivia. Olivia had a lot of power in the shot but it rocketed well over. Shortly after that the Rockets tried their luck from long range. A looping shot attempted to catch Lia off her line but she tracked the ball very well and collected on the line. The fans from both teams were getting into this very exciting contest as they were cheering both sides on to see who would score first. The Storm answered the call off of a beauty of a goal. Brit was working hard in the corner to lose her mark and she fed a great ball to the left side of the box for Jenaya. From the top of the eighteen Jen blasted a shot to the far right corner of the net and just out of the reach of the diving keeper. What a great shot and this really pumped the team up as just after that they came close again. A nice run down the wing from Jade saw her pass pick out Brit, again a rocket of a shot sailed over the bar but it also had the Rockets on their back heels. The first half whistle sounded and the Storm headed into the break with the lead. Storm 1 - SUS Rockets 0.

The second half was just as thrilling as the first as the fans could be seen pacing the sidelines and cheering on the team. The Storm kept up the pressure as a nice throw from Brooke to Jen saw Jen turn and shoot but the shot was off the mark. Brit then skipped by her check and curled a nice pass over to Jade. Jade carried well but the shot just fizzed wide of the post. The Storm came close from a corner as the ball fell to Olivia off of a scramble but the shot rolled just wide of the net. Brit, who ran for miles, then chased down a loose ball and smashed it towards the net, a rare mishandle from the keeper saw Jade push the ball wide but the defence shut down the shot and cleared the ball. Another short corner saw Steph put the ball out to Syd. Syd crushed the ball but the rising effort just sailed over the bar. The subs were standing on the sideline with their arms around each other and as the final whistle sounded they swarmed the field and jumped into their teammates arms. A great cup final came to a close with the SurDel Storm being crowned District champions. Final score Storm 1 - SUS Rockets 0. A great season Storm and we look forward to next season. Go Storm!!!

Monday, February 18
Wally, Great Guy And A Great Friend

It is with the greatest of sorrow that the Storm family has found out Wally Couper has passed away. Wally was a huge supporter of the girls and whether they were playing at their home turf or off in Richmond, you would see Wally pedalling up to the field and cheering on the girls in the most positive of ways.

When the girls were in U-6 soccer I would see this gentleman ride up on his ten speed, cheer on the team and then ride off in a cloud of dust. A few weeks later I approached him and found out who he was and then was given insight on how he would coach the defense. This was one of many defensive "meetings" that I would have with Wally over the years. Later on in softball it would be amazing to watch Wally pitch, for what seemed like hours, to the girls so they could practice their hitting skills. During the girls lead up to the USA Cup you knew more than anything that Wally wanted to go with the team and cheer on the girls. Winning the USA Cup was a big accomplishment for the players but bringing the cup over to Wally's house was important to the team. I will always remember his reaction to seeing the cup and him listening intently to the girls adventures.

Wally will leave a huge hole in the Storm family but we know he will be looking in on the girls and smiling as they excel.

Thursday, January 17
Storm Look Stylin', You Can Too!

The parents are sure to have seen the Storm's new practice shirts in white and green. The Storm have a limited supply of these shirts available for the fans and supporters of the team. They can be bought as a gift or for yourself. Looking for a gift for grandma? Dad's looking to get out of the doghouse, OK you might have to get flowers as well. These make a nice statement. We have them in a variety of sizes but only in white so if you want one, $20.00 and it is yours. Check with Kevan for these and support the Storm!!!

Monday, January 14
Game Highlights
Parents and fans of the Storm have been asking about past games as they like to read about how the players have been doing over the season. If you click on Schedules in the left side tool bar it will pull up the recent games the Storm have played. Click on the individual game and you will get the story from the days game. All the games are archived on this page so you can go right back to the Storm's USA Cup trip if you would like. Go Storm!!!

Monday, October 15
Links Update
Click on the Links section and you will find a new link that shows the Storm's standings in the league. You can also see how the team is doing by clicking on the Standings link to the left. This shows all the Storm's games for the 2007/08 season including their tournament games. Go Storm!!!

Monday, November 19
Check Out The Pics
A great idea from Myranda's mom was to create a seperate site for our pictures thru the years. Our team site has some limited memory and so after several efforts we have managed to create our own Surdel Storm photo album. We have lots of capacity so send me your shots thru the season and we will add them as we go along. If we can get enough shots we might even have another try at creating another CD for the end of the year. Check under the Links section to find the brand new photo album. Go Storm!!!

Friday, September 7
More Website Info

We have added a few more features to the site to make it fun and user friendly:

If you go to the Calendar section and click on any item in that particular day it will give you a bit more information about that particular event i.e. what to wear or bring, more details, etc.

If you go to the Schedules section you can go back into the Storm's history and read the game summaries from previous matches.

If you got to the Roster section you can read a bit more about these crazy kids and coaches by clicking on their names.

The Links section has some interesting sites and if there are some you want to add to the list just let me know.

 GO Storm!!!

Wednesday, February 28
The Storm team, coaches and parents want to thank our sponsors for their generosity in assisting the team achieve their goals. We have had several companies and individuals sponsor money, sports equipment, goods, etc. Please check out our sponsor page to recognize these individuals.

Tuesday, September 11
Another Honour For The Storm
Last night the Storm were honoured in front of Delta Council and Mayor for their victory and sportsmanship at the 2007 USA Cup. Delta Mayor Lois Jackson praised the team for the "outstanding efforts at the largest soccer tournament in North America" The Mayor then presented the players with certificates of acheivement and a special Delta pin of excellence. The players were a bit overwhelmed by the presentation which can be seen on Delta cable channel 4, check the listings for times. We are also going to try and get a CD of the presentation from Delta cable for the players. Well done ladies, GO Storm!!!

Monday, September 24
Storm Wrap Up In Style
The Storm had their wrap up party from the USA Cup last night at Nancy and Bruce's place. A great time was had as a lot of memories and pictures from the trip were floating around. For an event such as the one the girls went to there are just too many people to thank but a big part of this is the parents because without your support this never would have happened. We were hearing some bits and pieces that families wanted to go again and who knows down the road what might happen. Again a big thanks to everyone for their support. Coach Steve, Gregg & Kev. Go Storm!!!

Sunday, September 9
Storm Honoured By Local MLA
The Storm were honoured by the MLA for Delta Mr. Guy Gentner for their outstanding win at the USA Cup in July. Guy had some great things to say about the girls as they represented not only the city and province but also the country with a great attitude on and off the field. All the girls were awarded certificates from the province for the outstanding job they did. Well done Storm!!!

Monday, July 23
Storm Rock Minnesota, New USA Cup Champions are Crowned
The Storm are USA Cup Champions for 2007. The Storm came up against the NSSA Bulls in the championship match in Blaine, Minnesota at the National Sports Centre. Right from the warm up the coaches felt the girls were ready for this game. They showed focus and determination and they were not to be denied. Natalia set the tone right from the opening whistle as perhaps the fastest goal in the tournament was decided from her run down the left and her left footer past the sprawling Bulls keeper gave the Storm the lead inside of thirty seconds. Jade then made a nice run and cross to Myranda whos effort was wide of the mark. Some good passing in the backfield between Steph, Rachel and Natalia sprung Danielle free but her shot was collected by the keeper. Myranda then managed to steal a ball down low and some outstanding shielding of the ball along the goal line saw her manage to get a surprise shot off that beat the keeper low on the short side. The Bulls applied pressure of their own but Steph cleared any decent chance they had. Alexa G and Sydney then also blocked some attacks and pushed the ball up to the midfield. Olivia from her defensive position also attacked the Bulls end but her nice run and shot was pushed wide by the keeper. The resulting corner from Natalia picked out Steph who blasted one over the bar. Halftime score Storm 2 - NSSA Bulls 0.
The Storm kept up the prssure in the second half as Siara picked off a Bulls goal kick and her lay off pass to Jenaya was perfect but the shot was just wide of the post. Natalia then intercepted the following goal kick and this time she made the Bulls pay as her right footer found the bottom left corner. Jenaya and Myranda then got into some nice give an go passing which then found Siara free but her shot was well saved by the keeper. The Storm defense were not tested too much in the game as the midfield did some great work and the outside defense, as per the whole week, stepped up to apply pressure. With the score 3 - 0 and time winding down Natalia was able to complete the hat trick off a play similar to her second as she pounced on the loose goal kick and knocked it in. When the final whistle sounded a jubliant Storm team celebrated together as their hardwork was rewarded with a championship. Final score Storm 4 - NSSA Bulls 0. Way to go Storm!!!

Monday, July 23
The Storm Week at the USA Cup
What can you say about these girls after this week, not only a championship being brought back home but too many lifetime memories to count. From day one when the parents were approached about this idea last September, they embraced it and saw that this was a great opportunity for the players not only for soccer but for some life lessons along the way.

There were tons of laughs and memories from the trip that we could talk and write about them for a long time. Some of the key ones for me would be the opening ceremonies and just seeing the looks on the players and parents faces, it was a speial time. Pin trading, having some girls being nervous about approaching people and within minutes seeing them talking to players from other countries was a great thing to see. The super Moms of the food committee who time and again came through under some dificult on site conditions, you guys were awesome. Six solid games of soccer where no one took a shift off and worked hard in tough conditions against bigger/stronger girls. The fact that they did not give up a single goal in those six games was a credit to the defence who stood tall throughout. The day trips we took to the Twins game and the waterpark were big hits. Having Ike get us lost on more than one occasion (OK I fess up it was me and Ike was the fall guy). The parent meetings in the lobby where we had a ton of laughs. The awards ceremony and seeing the girls hoist the trophy and drink Coke out of it. Perhaps the best one was being together for a week and getting to know each other and the girls a little better. I know everyone has their own special memories of the event as well.

Parents, you guys did a great job from fundraising, giving up your time, getting involved in the many jobs that went with this tournament and having a great attitude along the way. You can see where your kids get it from, well done everyone.

Coaches, We are very proud of the way the team played and represented North Delta, B.C. and Canada. This is experience will sit with the girls for a long time. We saw a phrase which sums up everything about the girls at this tournament "Players win games, Teams win championships".

Players, you made us all very proud. This wasnt because you were succesfull in your goal of winning the cup. It was because of how you won it. You all showed dedication, positive attitudes and a maturity that was beyond what we could have imagined. There were so many distractions along the way that definetly affected other teams but the minute you put your cleats on you were focused and determined. This will hold many great memories for you and as you move forward in this sport and life we are sure you will look back at this experience fondly.

One last time from the USA Cup. GO Storm Go!!!

Monday, July 23
Storm Keep on Rollin'
The Storm entered their last round robin match knowing they had already secured a spot in the championship final. This info coupled with the fact that they were playing a much larger Mahtomedi team who just needed a tie to get to the final themselves, may have had the Storm come into the game with a different mindset. However this Storm team, as they showed all week, came to play. Steph started things off as her blast from a full 25 yards out just sailed wide of the Mahtomedi net. The resulting goal kick was picked off by Rachel who sent Natalia wide and her shot was collected by the keeper. Jenaya then crossed into the middle for Natalia for the break and her right footer was unstoppable as it found the bottom left corner. Mahtomedi then applied their own pressure as they won a free kick and their own blast was blocked by the defensive wall and out for a corner. The resulting corner was then cleared off the line by the Storm defensive core. Myranda then made a great run down the right from her own half but her shot was blocked by the Mahtomedi keeper. Jenaya then showed some great shielding and footwork skills as she skipped around two midfielders and then crossed wide to Myranda. Myranda then made a great move to the inside to shake her check and blasted it past the keeper on the short side to extend the lead. Halftime score Storm 2 - Mahtomedi 0.
Mahtomedi came out onto the field with a determination to get back into the game in the second half. The Storm midfield and defense were up to the challenge as the weathered several attacks. From a Mahtomedi corner Danielle was able to clear the ball off the line before it went in. A Mahotmedi goal here might have changed the course of the game but the Storm returned with a flurry of goals. Jade started things off from a great run down the right and her cross into the six yard box found Siara for the easy tap in. Olivia then intercepted a loose ball and her blast from the top of the box found the upper left corner. Megan then picked off an errant pass and her lay off of the ball was perfect to Jenaya who also rifled one low past the keeper. Siara made a nice outlet pass to Alexa D whos run into the box and low shot was saved by the keeper. However it appeared that a penalty shot could have been awarded as she was flattened in the process of her shot. As was the Storm's attitude during the whole week though she managed to tough thru a hard challenge and still get her job completed. Jenaya then made a great pass to the left for Jade whos left footer from fifteen yards out cleanly beat the keeper. Megan rounded out the scoring in one of the Storm's best goals of the tournament. The Storm were awarded a free kick just outside the eighteen. Megan's curling shot went over the wall and in past a diving Mahtomedi keeper for the 7 - 0 win. The Storm will now try and stay cool in the shade as they prepare for this afternoons championship game against the NSSA Bulls. Go Storm!!!

Friday, July 20
Packin' Up
The Storm team had a great wrap up party at pool side tonight. Some great food, a few laughs and even a few tears as we pack up to get going tomorrow. The coaches have completed the curfew checks and everyone is out cold for the night. The Storm will be heading off to the fields at 6:30am local time so the whole group has a long day ahead of them. Hopefully a championship victory will make the long trek home that much quicker. We will try and give everyone some updated messages as the day goes along from some of the on site laptops and when we get home we will fill out the game summaries in some more detail from tomorrow's matches. Missing everyone back home and the messages you have been putting up on the site have made a big difference for the kids. See everyone tomorrow and hopefully we will have some silverware to bring back through customs. Go Storm!!!

Friday, July 20
Storm Battle Raiders to a Victory
The Storm faced a tough challenge today against a determined Dakota Rev Raider team. The Raiders took the game to the Storm and the defence was called upon several times to block several nice runs. When the Raiders did manage to penetrate, Siara stood tall to shut them down. The Storm was not only battling a good side today but also the hottest and driest day of the tournament. Natalia gave the Storm some life when she intercepted an errant goal kick and found Jade in the six yard box. Jade's shot across the face of the goal just trickled wide. Jade was denied again shortly after when she connected off Natalia's corner but her shot was blocked by the Raider defence. The Raiders, who had previously scored from a corner kick in another game, almost repeated the same effort but a fine save from Siara stopped them cold. The first goal of the game came from a Raider run into the Storm's end. Siara challenged and won the loose ball and her booming drop kick found Natalia on the break. Natalia's left footer stranded the Raider keeper and the Storm had the lead. Sydney then stepped up from her defensive position and placed a nice through ball to Natalia who had a blast from the top of the eighteen and past the keeper. The Raiders were then awarded a free kick from outside the eighteen. The Storm defensive wall did not flinch as Rachel was able to clear off the blast. Halftime saw the Storm up 2 - 0.
Ten minutes into the second half a Raider foul saw the Storm with a free kick in similar territory to the Raiders in the first. Steph's rocket came right back off the wall to her and her second effort was crushed into the top left hand corner. Shortly after that Megan pushed by her check and showed some nice footwork but her shot was denied by the Raider keeper. Jenaya then laid out a perfectly weighted through ball for Jade but the Raider keeper was off the line to stop her. Sydney then had a fantastic throw in to Jenaya in the eighteen but her shot just sailed wide of the net. The final whistle not only saw the Storm win another but guarantee them a spot in Saturday's final. Final score Storm 3 - Dakota Rev Raiders 0. The Storm now close out the round robin portion of the tournament with a game against Mahtomedi at 7:50am tomorrow and the final goes at 1:20pm local time. At this point there is still a battle for the last spot so the Storm will not know who they play until after the morning games are finished. Well done ladies and Go Storm!!!

Thursday, July 19
Storm Rack Up Win #3 Against the Bulls
The Storm had another huge game against the NSSA Bulls. As has been the Storms system the pressure and intensity the girls had from previous games carried over into this one. Right off the opening whistle Natalia stole the ball from the Bulls midfield made a short run and slammed a left footer from outside the eighteen into the top right corner. A tremendous start and scoring into the top of the net was going to be a constant theme in this game. After Natalia's fine shot, Myranda then went to town with back to back efforts that just sailed over the bar. Jade and Jenaya had some nice give and go's out to Myranda who pushed it wide to Natalia whos rocket was tipped over the bar by the Bulls keeper. Sydney stole the ball from the Bulls midfielder and passed up to Jade who then crossed the ball into the six yard box for a deflection off a Bulls defender for the 2 - 0 lead. Jenaya then sprung Alexa D wide into the eighteen but her shot was just off the mark. Natalia's corner kick shortly after was collected by Sydney and her effort was just wide as well. The pressure and work rate of the Storm was huge on the day. Danielle rounded out the scoring in the first half as she was able to collect a loose ball at the top of the eighteen and her shot went into the top right hand corner. Score at the half Storm 3 - Bulls 0.
The Storm had the bit between the teeth as they could hardly wait to get going in the second half. Myranda got the team going with a fine run down the right side and her great cross to the back post found Kyla. Kyla's shot cannoned off the inside of the post and in. Shortly after that Alexa D dug the ball out of the Bulls corner and she laid it back to Alexa G who then lobbed the ball over to Danielle who then chipped it over the keeper and off the underside of the crossbar for a goal. Another great play developed off a fantastic cross field pass to Myranda who then volleyed the shot into the top of the net. The Bulls were on their backheels as the Storm would just not allow any time on the ball. The only time they were able to push through the defense was a partial break and Megan made the easy save. Jade made a great run down the wing into the six yard box. Jade then chipped the ball back to Jenaya who blasted it off the crossbar. Jenaya would not be denied on the next Storm corner as Steph's cross picked her out for the tap in. Steph then got into the scoring action herself after Siara put a ball wide for her and her run into the box beat the Bulls keeper high on the short side. A fantastic team win as the Storms speed, intensity and work rate was too much on this day for the Bulls. Final score Storm 8 NSSA Bulls 0. The Storm are back in action tomorrow against the Dakota Rev Raiders at Noon. Keep up the good work girls and Go Storm!!!

Wednesday, July 18
Storm Edge Past Rangers
The Storm were coming into their early morning game this morning against the Eastside Rangers on a high from yesterdays big win. The girls were really focused in the warm up session and were determined to put up another win. The early goal from the Storm was a reflection of this attitude. Some great work in the corner of the Rangers end saw Jade dig the ball out, skip past a defender and lay it off for Natalia. Natalia's cross into the eighteen picked Danielle out cleanly and her left footed rocket blew past the sprawling Ranger keeper, to find the inside right corner of the net. Shortly after this the Storm had another opportunity from the same combination of Natalia and Danielle but this time the shot was just off the mark. The Storm were very tenacious in their attack over the first fifteen minutes of the game but the Rangers kept up a pretty solid defence to frustrate them. The only other quality chance of the opening half saw Myranda's goal called back on an offside call. The defence also played another solid game with Steph, Rachel, Alexa G & Olivia all standing tall. Steph and Rachel both put great pressure on the attacking squad and left them little space or time to mount a decent attack. Score at the half was Storm 1 - Rangers 0.
The second half opened up with a great defensive play from Olivia who won a 50/50 ball and crossed to Jade whos first timer was just off the mark. The second Storm goal was a beauty. Natalia took the ball wide and from the corner of the eighteen curled the shot past the diving Ranger keeper and just inside the post. Natalia almost added another a minute after her first but the Ranger keeper was able to bat the ball away. One of the few defensive let downs saw a Ranger break onto goal. Some great anticipation by Siara saw her challenge the striker and get the ball out of touch. Megan then got in the act with some nice foot skills and a pass that sprung Jade but again the Ranger keeper was up to the challenge. The Storm finally broke through for their last goal from Myranda's throw in to Natalia who rifled a shot into the far side of the mesh. A great build up play from the Storm backfield had Rachel pass up to Danielle who shook her check and passed to Megan who played a nice through ball to Myranda whos shot was just wide of the post. The final chance of the game fell to Jade whos speed caught the defence off guard but the keeper played the angle and was able to block the shot. Final score Storm 3 - Eastside Rangers 0. Another fine team effort with speed, pressure and skills coming out on top. The fact that the girls avoided the heat and humidity made a big difference but their next two games are midday so this will be another test. Another big game for the Storm tomorrow will pit them against the NSSA Bulls. Go Storm!!!

Tuesday, July 17
Storm Surge Past Jaguars
A very nervous SurDel Storm took to the field against the C.C. Jaguars of Minnesota. The Storm put their early nerves behind them as they quickly took the game to the Jaguars. Jade had the early chance when she sliced one over the bar from the eighteen. The Storm were rewarded with their first goal on the nine minute mark as a great corner kick from Natalia found Myranda in the six yard box for the tap in. Myranda had another great goal after some great passing from Kyla and Olivia set her up. The ref imposed a mandatory water break due to the high heat and humidity but the Storm's conditioning really paid off as the girls were tired but still ready to go. The Storm scored their third of the game off a set piece. A short corner from Steph to Jenaya saw Jenaya's cross to the top of the eighteen find Sydney. Sydney then drilled the shot into the top right hand corner of the net for the 3 - 0 lead. The Storm defense also got into the action with Rachel stepping up several times from the right back position and one of her passes found Danielle who's shot slammed into the side netting. Steph in her centre back position mirrored a similar play as it was Olivia just off the mark this time. A great team effort saw the Storm take the 3 - 0 lead into the break.
The second half began much like the first with the Storm really taking the game to the Jaguars. A great win of a 50/50 ball by Danielle at the Storm's eighteen saw her pass get up to Jenaya who's through ball sent Steph on a partial break. Steph's shot just trickled by the far post by inches. After Siara and Megan switched goal tending duties Siara's through ball to Myranda resulted in the fourth Storm goal. Myranda's cross into the six yard box careened off the defenders hand and in past the Jaguar's keeper. A good effort that gave Myranda the hat trick on the day. Natalia also got into the crossing attack as her ball found Kyla who's shot just went wide as well. Siara wasnt finished either as her ball into the eighteen found Alexa D who managed to get some good power into the shot but was denied by the Jaguar keeper this time. Kyla returned the earlier favour from Natalia as her cross picked Natalia for a clean break and she made no mistake as she slotted it home for the 5 - 0 lead. Just as time was winding down the Storm finished off the scoring as Siara's through ball found Steph on the break and her shot cleanly beat the sprawling keeper. Final score Storm 6 - C.C. Jaguars 0. A tremendous team effort from the Storm on the day as they were firing on all cylinders, well done ladies. The Storm's next game is an early one against the tough Eastside Rangers tomorrow. Go Storm!!!

Tuesday, July 17
Day #2 Let The Games Begin
Sorry folks that we were not able to get any info out yesterday. Monday was one of our more full days and to top it off Ike kept getting us lost so we didnt get back in until late.
Day #2 had the players going to the Mall of America. The first thing they saw when they walked in was the amusement park so much to the chagrin of the Moms not a whole lot of shopping was accomplished. After a fun lunch at the Rainforest Cafe it was off to the opening ceremonies. When the girls stepped off the bus they had some pretty wide eyes as the size and scope of the facility started to sink in, (you have to see it to believe it). After our team was checked in the players got down to the serious business of pin trading. Brazil, Costa Rica, Mexico, England and a lot of the States were some of the ones they collected. It was great to see them meeting new people from around the world. To say there was a real good feeling about the whole event would be an understatement. After we checked out some of the facilities it was off to the mustering point where they gathered well over ten thousand players as they got them ready for the march into the Stadium. The Storm parents were scattered around the stadium but some of them hooked up with a large contingent from others parts of Canada. We could hear the teams and countries being introduced and when it was the Storm's turn it sure felt like the stadium was shaking as all of the Canadian fans gave the girls a huge ovation. After some more introductions the party started with a great concert on the field with free pizza and ice cream for all the players and spectators. The girls were pretty impressed with the start and I think when they see some of the video from the stands they will get an even greater appreciation of what they were involved in.
It was a fantastic day all in all and some of the comments from the parents here about the event so far make us wish you could all see what is happening for yourselves. The Storm are heading off to the fields to have their first match of the tournament against C.C. Jaguars and regardless of that outcome the tournament has already been a success for the girls. Go Storm.

Sunday, July 15
Storm Arrive Safe & Sound
Hello all Storm fans. The trip went pretty smooth with the bus and plane rides going well and the players having a good time bonding along the way. We arrived in Minneapolis around 9:15pm and have settled into the hotel. Needless to say the girls are a little tired and have hit the hay for the night. A big day of sightseeing and of course the opening ceremonies tomorrow, before we get to our first game on Tuesday. The parents and players want to say a big hello to everyone back home as there were a few tears on the bus and from families as we left. Miss you a lot and we know the girls will be working hard to have a good showing. Go Storm!!!

Sunday, July 15
Storm Head off to USA Cup (Day #1)
After ten months of planning, fundraising and training the Storm have finally acheived their goal as they head out to the USA Cup in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The players and parents have a full travel day ahead of them as they head out this morning. Go to the links section and click on the Schwan's USA Cup link. On their website is a link on the front page called Kick T.V. This link gives a three or four minute daily video overview of the events and may give you an idea of what the girls are doing and seeing while they are there. Keep watching and checking the site for updates everyday this week as they get set to play. Go Storm!!!

SurDel Storm
SurDel Storm
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