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Friday, June 30
A Sad Goodbye

A few houskeeping items first. If you want to read about a certain game they are all in here from 2008-2017, just go to the Schedules tab and click on they year you are looking for. I have also added every player that has put on a Sting jersey since 2008 and you can see this in the Roster and Stats tabs. Finally in the My Site News there are some none game stories in there to look at as well.

The Sting, what can you say. Since being formed in 2008 at U-10 this group of young ladies has seen players come and go, has seen huge highs and gone thru their share of adversity but they have always come out the better for it all. At the end of the day the goal of our program was to see the players train and play at a highly competitive level, get some opportunities to have those life experiences and to have a lot of laughs along the way.

We have seen this team, over the years, excel as one of the top teams in the age group in the Province on a regular basis, win more medals and trophies than I can remember (although Provicials and USA Cup were massive highlights) and do it in a way that shows what kind of character these girls have. We have seen the girls pursue excellece thru their dedication on and off the field, battle thru injuries, cry tears of joy and sadness but most importantly understand what it is like to do all of this as a team.

I could not be prouder of these young ladies, they mean the world to me and to see the team disband now their youth soccer is over is a day I have been dreading for years. That said I will be watching to see the next steps they take, whether it be on the pitch or off, and be cheering them on.

For one last time, Go Sting!!

All the Best,  Coach Kev 

Friday, June 30
Sting Congratulates Scholarship Winners

The Sting parents and fans want to congratulate the following players for post secondary scholarships in soccer:

- Ravneet, Langara College

- Caitlin, Douglas College

- Britney, Langara College

- Sami, Langara College

- Georgia, Langara College

- Simran, Langara College

We will be coming out to watch you in the Fall and cheer you all on. Go Sting!! 


Wednesday, March 1
Sting Close Out Their Final Season with a Memorable Victory

The Sting's last ever Metro Select League game was held at Elsom and fittingly it was against one of their oldest rivals, SFC Pegasus. Since U-13 these two teams have battled in league, Coastal Cup and Provincial Cup matches and while the Pegasus squad had the edge in league games the Sting players had the edge in Cup play. The Sting came into this match not only looking to avenge their 4-0 loss to Pegasus earlier in the season but to also ensure their rivals did not finish the season unbeaten in the league. The Sting had put in some solid training on the game plan that was prepared and they carried it off to a tee. While they knew the Pegasus team were going to carry the edge in possession the Sting were prepared to play a patient game and take their chances. So it was fifteen minutes into the match when the first chance of the game fell to the Sting and they took full advantage. Meg picked up the ball just past the half, skipped past her mark and fed a nice channel pass to Caitlin at the top of the eighteen. Caitlin did a great job of shielding the ball and laying it back out to Georgia. A brilliant first touch on the ball got her away from her mark and the quick left footed cannon of a shot from twenty yards out, beat the diving keeper to the near post. A first class build up play and goal gave the Sting a ton of confidence. The goal fired up the Pegasus squad though as Simran was forced into two splendid diving takes but just before half time disaster nearly struck. Off a free kick in a dnagerous area the ball fell into the six yard box for the oppositions striker and a low shot to the near post was cleared off the line by Lauren who made a heads up play in getting position and clearing the ball from danger. Score at the half Pegasus 0 - Sting 1.

The second half saw the Sting keep to their game plan and play some wonderful soccer and while the Sting's defence had to be on their toes Simran was forced into making several stop sonce again to keep the ball out of the net. It wasnt all Pegasus though as the Sting came close off a set piece as Haley's whipped in corner had Sami turn the ball just over the bar. Shortly after that Meg fed the ball wide to Myer and her cross in turn came to Haley but the effort was well gathered by the keeper from twelve yards out. One last chance on net before the final whistle saw Meg pounce on an errant pass and fire the shot near side which forced the keeper to turn the ball around the post. An absolute team game win was what the Sting deserved on their final league game as a happy Sting team and a dejected Pegasus team heard the final whistle. Final score SFC Pegasus 0 - Sting 1. The Sting will look to play a few friendlies before Spring Break and then get back into things with the Coastal Cup starting back up when they return. For the Sting to qualify for Provincials they will need to win this Cup event in a winner take all format. Go Sting!!

Monday, December 19
Sting Shine in Seattle

The Sting headed out to Seattle for the Collegiate Showcase Tournament at the Starfire facility in Seattle over the American Thanksgiving weekend. The tournament pulls together both American and Canadian coaches and scouts to watch the players over the three days of the event. The Sting played four games over the three days and showed very well on the big stage.

Match #1, Sting vs FC Bellevue. Off of Haley's corner the ball fell to Georgia who laid the ball back for Kass but her left footed twenty yard effort was well saved at the top corner of the net. Allie then did a great job of stealing the ball off her mark and letting fly with a shot from the edge of the box but it was at the keeper and stopped. A few minutes later and Lauren collected the loose ball and raced down the touchline where she fed a square ball over to Allie but once again she was denied with a fine save by the Bellevue keeper. Syd then made her presence felt as she muscled her check off the ball and placed a brilliant wide ball over to Lauren. A very nice cut back pass by Lauren found Mac inside the box but the low effort was well gathered by the keeper. A goal was in the wind and just before the break the Sting struck home. Chelsea made a heads up play by slotting a channel pass in for Lauren down the right side. Lauren's hard cross thru the six yard box came off Brit and past the keeper as the Sting took the lead. The second half opened up with a highlight shot as Kass out jumped her check to nod the ball forward to Caitlin. Caitlin spun off her mark and chipped the ball over to Chelsea who let fly with a booming shot but the Bellevue keeper made a brilliant diving save to keep them in the match. Tha last chance of the match fell to Caitlin as some fine inter passing between Lauren, Chelsea and Brit saw Caitlin thru but the eighteen yard effort was just dragged wide of the far post. Final score FC Bellevue 0 - Sting 1.

Match #2, Sting vs UVI Storm. After a fine display of soccer on Friday night the Sting entered Saturday looking forward to two matches. The first had them up against a team they hadnt seen for a few years from Nanaimo and they knew this would be a tough contest. In a game the Sting struggled to get a foothold in, the best chance of the half fell to them inside the first ten minutes.  Off of Rav's free kick the keeper spilled the ball into Caitlin's path but from inside the six yard box her shot clattered off the cross bar and then out to Brit who fired wide of the net. It was a miss the Sting would regret as the Island team slowly took control of the match. Just before the break though Syd turned playmaker as a perfectly weighted ball sprung Chelsea free on a breakaway but the effort from the edge of the box was right at the keeper for the easy stop. In the second half the Sting would rue those missed chances as the Storm would net twice within a few minutes and forced the Sting to play catch up. The Sting's only chance on net came off Kylie's free kick as the ball fell to Caitlin from a scramble but the effort lacked power and was gathered by the Storm keeper. Final score UVI Storm 2 - Sting 0.

Match #3, Sting vs Whitecaps Academy. The Sting wanted to see a bounce back game after a disappointing morning match and they answered in spades. Kylie got things going as her corner kick saw Chelsea with a free header but the effort just scraped the crossbar. The Sting then got a scare as a Whitecaps break saw a booming shot hit Simran full on in the head as she slid out for the take. Simran was able to finish off the first half but had to be withdrawn in the second with Syd stepping in. Georgia and Lauren got into a nice give and go play with the chip cross eluding the keeper and Brit was on the spot to slot the ball home. Just before the break and the Sting came close again as Mac slid the ball thru for Haley where she was able to beat her mark but the low shot just fizzed by the near post. The second half saw the Sting keeping the pressure up and were rewarded with several corners. Off the first one Allie's cross fell to Sami at the back post but a tremendous diving save saw the keeper push the ball around the post. Off the resulting corner the Sting struck once again but this time some good movement in the box distracted the Whitecaps defender at the near post as Haley's curling cross went straight in for the goal. At the other end Syd was forced into a diving save and just before the final whistle the Caps got one back to break the shutout. Final score Whitecaps Academy 1 - Sting 2.

Match #4, Sting vs Pacific Northwest. The final match of the tournament saw a torrential downpour and both teams were looking to wrap the game up and head home to drier areas. Not the Sting's most inspiring match as the only shot at goal by either team in the first half had Haley's corner fall to Brit inside the eighteen but the effort was dragged wide of the post. The second half saw two chances by the Sting with Lauren and Georgia teaming up with some good passing to Caitlin but the shot lacked punch and was easily collected. The second saw Lauren and Sami move the ball down the pitch very well before the ball was slid over to Haley but the booming shot from the edge of the eighteen just curled wide of the post. Just before the final whislte the opposition had a break down the wing where a cut back pass eluded Kass in net as she stepped up to fill in for the still ailing Simran. Final score PacWest 1 - Sting 0.

All in all another succesful soccer tournament and a lot of fun had by players and parents alike. Whether it was at the field, shopping, the hotel or a great Italian team dinner some more fond memories for everyone to look back on. The Sting now head back home and to regular league action against Guildford United. Go Sting!!

Wednesday, June 10
Sting Star is Born

The Sting's very own Sami has found herself signing autographs after her recent appearance in Nike's latest commercial featuring the USA Women's National team. She is featured throughout the commercial including an appearance on the team bus.

At first the coaches didnt recognize her on the bus as she was so quiet as the Sami we are used to on bus trips is not portrayed as shown............. Well done kid you looked awesome!!

To watch the video click on the above headline.

Wednesday, July 29
Phil Cornes

Phil, my Dad, was a huge fan of the Sting and while living in Alberta meant he didnt get to see the matches he was always asking how the team was doing and how the players were making out. As with the parents being proud of the daughters on the pitch my Dad was also proud of myself and the other coaches and how we try to give the players the best experiences we can. He encouraged me to push the players but to also ensure they kept the love of the sport top of mind.

While we were at the USA Cup he would post messages of encouragement to the teams website and watched our webcast match. In fact we watched it again in the Spring when I went out to Alberta for a visit. He had a passion for the sport being signed by the Wolverhampton Wanderers FC in the 1940's and while he was playing for their reserve team he was called into service with the Royal Air Force. While his dream of professional football was over he still played on the RAF's first team as they travelled around the Mediterranean playing other countries and armed services. Clearly I missed out on his soccer DNA as a player as I remember trying to beat him in the backyard with a ball only to see him make a few moves and me chasing his coat tails.

Unfortunately on the eve of the Provincial A Cup he suddenly passed away and while I know he would have liked to hear about the girls exploits in person I also know he was cheering them on then and will be in the future. He was an awesome guy and will sorely be missed.


Monday, August 10
Sting Chillin at the Beach

The Sting opened up the new season by heading down to Jericho Beach for the Umbro Beach Blast Tournament. With a bunch of the players away on vacation the team entered just the one team and also added Nicole from the U-18 DCS team as the players were entered in the U-18 bracket of the tournament. The first day of action saw the Sting play in two round robin matches as the top four teams in the group moved into the medal rounds. First up for the Sting were the Chilliwack Attack. It took awhile for both teams to get going in the game as they adjusted to playing on sand but the Sting were able to come away with the 1-0 win. The second game of the day had them against Fusion's Premier League team, the Thorns and the Sting were in a bit over their heads as they tried to contain this top flight team and came out of the contest losing 2-0. Day #2 of the tournament meant the Sting needed a tie or better in their last round robin match to carry on in the event. Their opponents were the Wolfpack from Vancouver FC in what could only be described as blood on the beach. A very large physical team and an inexperienced ref left for a very chippy contest but after going down 1-0 the Sting roared back with two quick goals and saw the game out for the 2-1 victory. The win though had the Sting back up against the Thorns team from the previous day. After going down 2-0 by half time things were not looking rosy for the players and it was looking like they would be heading to the Bronze medal match. As usual though never count these players out as they kept fighting thru the game to get their first goal from newcomer Caitlin and this got the momentum going. The Sting were to add two more goals before the final whistle on a massive game for the players as they walked away with the 3-2 win. The final saw the Sting against the Rebels from North Coquitlam and there was no way the Sting were going to be denied. After Rav was denied playing in the semi final due to a wadrobe malfunction, she had something to prove as both Rav and Meg notched goals in the second half to secure the 2-0 win and the championship. A most amazing two days of soccer and while Sami, Mac, Taylor, Rav, Meg, Kylie, Nicole, Caitlin & Evalyn will be wearing the ice packs for a few days to heal up they put in one hell of an effort and a very deserved champions. Go Sting!!

Pacific Coaching Conference_1
Wednesday, June 10
Sting Working Out

The Sting were asked to participate in the 2015 Pacific Coaching Conference at the Fortius Centre in Burnaby last Sunday. The players were showing off their skills to assorted coaches from across North America who had gathered for the event. On hand for this were also numerous University & College coaches so it was great to see all eyes on the players.

The first session was led by Ron Smith, former Technical Director for the Australian National team. Ron led a session on "creating Good Habits in Players" In the attached picture Ron is seen here showing the players some drill she wants them to perform ahead of the session.

The second session was led by Dick Bate, current FIFA Technical Director and former Technical Director for England's U-17 to U-20 National program. The session he put on was "Developing Possession" and he challenged the players in some good drills. To have a coach of his standing and knowledge run the sesions was a pretty special treat for the players and as he told the coaches on hand he was most impressed with the Sting.

Christmas Caroling
Friday, December 19
Sting Paying it Forward

Family and friends have long known that the Sting players are a pretty special group of kids. So when the players decided to use their Secret Santa money on others instead of themselves this just reinforced this thought.

On top of using their funds to sponsor a local family thru Delta Assist they also hit the streets on December 16 to sing Christmas carols in the neighbourhood to raise more funds and gather food for what has turned out to be an overflowing hamper for the family.

Being a part of the Sting isnt just about playing high level soccer but also about seeing these young ladies participating in random acts of kindness like this and being a part of the community.

Go Sting!!

Monday, July 16
Michelle Roots, SAQ Trainer

The Delta Coastal Sting want to welcome back Michelle Roots, BA Kin, CSCS, to the coaching staff. Michelle will be our Strength, Agility and Quickness (SAQ) coach for the upcoming season. Michelle's biography is on her company website, Core Conditioning and can be viewed thru the Links tab.

Michelle will be putting the team thru her conditioning program starting in mid August in preparation for the Sting's upcoming season. Michelle will be running her weekly sessions with the team until Thanksgiving. 

Welcome back Michelle to the Sting family.

Wednesday, November 13
Sting in Opening Ceremonies

Prior to their own match on November 24, the Sting will be walking the Canadian National Womens team onto the pitch for their friendly against Mexico at BC Place. Will be a great opportunity for the players to see some of their heros and maybe play some inspired soccer of their own in their league match that night. Go Sting!!

John Herdman
Wednesday, December 19
Sting Take the International Stage

The Sting were asked to participate in the launch of the 2015 Womens World Cup logo at BC Place on Dec 14. Unfortunately not all the players could make this due to other commitments but the ones that did were part of a pretty special event. Not only was the event televised around the world but the players got to hang out with the Womens National team after the event as well as with coach John Herdman. All in all a pretty special moment for the players and one that wont be forgotten soon. Go Sting!!

FIFA 2015 Logo Launch

Wednesday, March 9
Most Inspirational Player Award 2015/16

At the club's Annual General Meeting, the Most Inspirational Player awards were handed out for the season. The winner for the Sting this year, as chosen by the players, was Britney.

Britney was chosen by her team mates for her hardwork and dedication both on and off the field and for leading by example. A well deserved recipient and was great to see the team come out to cheer her on.

Congratulations Brit!!

Thursday, March 12
Most Inspirational Player Award 2014/15

At the club's Annual General Meeting, the Most Inspirational Player awards were handed out for the season. The winner for the Sting this year, as chosen by the players, was Ravneet.

Rav was chosen by her team mates for her hardwork and dedication both on and off the field and for leading by example. A well deserved recipient and was great to see the team come out to cheer her on.

Congratulations Rav!!

Tuesday, March 11
Most Inspirational Player Award 2013/14

Last night at the club's Annual General Meeting, the Most Inspirational Player awards were handed out for the season. The winner for the Sting this year, as chosen by the players, was Allie.

Allie is the teams first repeat winner of this award having been honoured by the players last season. Allie was chosen by her team mates for her hardwork and dedication both on and off the field and for leading by example. A well deserved recipient and was great to see the team come out to cheer her on.

Congratulations Allie!!

Monday, March 4
Most Inspirational Player Award 2012/13
Last night at the club's Annual General Meeting, the Most Inspirational Player awards were handed out for the season. The winner for the Sting this year, as chosen by the players, was Allie. Allie was chosen by her team mates for her hardwork and dedication both on and off the field and for leading by example. Congratulations Allie!!

Tuesday, March 13
Most Inspirational Player Award 2011/12
Last night at the club's Annual General Meeting, the Most Inspirational Player awards were handed out for the season. The winner for the Sting this year, as chosen by the players, was Hailey. Hailey was chosen by her team mates for her hardwork and dedication both on and off the field and for leading by example. Congratulations Hailey!!

Tuesday, March 15
Most Inspirational Player Award 2010/11
Last night at the club's Annual General Meeting, the Most Inspirational Player awards were handed out for the season. The winner for the Sting this year, as chosen by the players, was Meghan. Meghan was chosen by her team mates for her hardwork and dedication both on and off the field and for leading by example. Congratulations Meg!!

Tuesday, March 9
Most Inspirational Player Award 2009/10
Each year SurDel Soccer Club awards the Most Inspirational Player to a member of each soccer team in the U-11 to U-18 catagory. The award honours the player who inspires and encourages others on the team to do their best both on and off the field. This award is voted on by the players of each team only and as such is an important peer award. The winner this year is Brittany Costa and she will be collecting her award at the clubs Annual General Meeting on March 23 @ 7:00pm. We encourage all the Sting players and fans to come out for this event. Go Sting!!!

Sunday, July 14
USA Cup Day #1

Day #1 of the Sting's USA Cup experience was their travel day. Charter bus from Delta to Seattle, flight from Seattle to Minneapolis and charter bus to the hotel. With a 6:30am start the team and parents were glad to finally crash into their rooms. Flights and travel went well except for Sami's singing impersonation of Miley Cyrus, any chance of some early sleep was shot there.

The team is now settling in at the hotel and they have another team from Canada staying here as well. A U-13 girls team from Ottawa are here for their first experience of the USA Cup so they will be cheering each other on. Tomorrow has the team heading out to Mall of America for some team bonding ie shopping and then back to the hotel for a team dinner. Meanwhile the coaches will be getting all the tournament paperwork sorted out at the venue. They are calling for the temperatures to go over 100F with the humidity by mid week so the team will be in tough, particularly on Wednesday as they have a double header.

All in all everything went well as players and parents all got here in one piece with all their luggage. Players are having fun in the hotel and the parents are enjoying a few cold beverages. Stay tuned for tomorrow's update. Go Sting!!

Monday, July 15
USA Cup Day #2

Day #2 of the Sting's USA Cup trip had the team with some downtime to get used to their surroundings and how better to do that than a trip to the Mall of America. Shopping, team lunch at Bubba Gump Shrimp and some time at the roller coaster and indoor amusement park added up to a pretty full day. It wasn't all play today though as the temperatures were pushing 100F so a pre dinner jog along the beautiful Mississippi River was needed to get the players used to the weather for tomorrow's opening game. It was a tough slog as the humidity and heat will be key factors this week and to top things off Riley rolled her ankle on the run. It doesn't look good for her to play tomorrow as it is fairly swollen but hopefully an extra day off will see her back in action.

A fantastic pool side dinner and team swim followed and just before curfew the players had their team meeting to review a pretty hectic schedule tomorrow as the games get underway. The Sting are taking on the host city of Blaine so curfew is in effect for the rest of the week as the Sting have early kickoffs all week. Curfew check saw most players already down for the evening but tomorrow's bed check will start off with Evalyn and Rav's room, you know why girls.....LOL.

All in all another good day but the team gets down to business tomorrow with their first game of the tournament. Go Sting!!

Monday, April 16
Sting Ironman Streaks Ends
A record for the Sting came to an end on Sunday at the Sting's Coastal Cup quarter final match. With Jamie off in Quebec with her school her 137 straight games played record ended for the Sting. This record dates back to the very first U-10 Development match the Sting played over four years ago. Hats off to Jamie for playing thru some sickness, bangs and bruises over the years.

Tuesday, July 24
Sting to be Recognized by Delta Mayor

The SurDel Sting, fresh off their Provincial championship victory, are to be honoured by Delta Mayor and Council at the July 30 council meeting at Delta City Hall. The players are to be recognized for their outstanding achievement in sports and bringing a championship back home. Go Sting!!

Saturday, May 18
USA Cup Links
On our links tab you will find some useful info for a variety of information for the Sting's upcoming trip to Minnesota. Go Sting!!

Saturday, July 10
USA Cup Kick TV

With the Sting starting to get ready for their trip to the USA Cup we always get the question what is this tournament all about?

It is an amazing life experience as the players will be at the largest soccer facility in the world, meet players from over twenty countries, be around 12,000 other soccer players at one venue, have a ton of fun and see some very competitive soccer. For those parents, family and fans that cant get down there to cheer on the Sting, Kick TV posts a daily video blog to the USA Cup website, yes the tournament is so big it even has its own television show. If you go to the Links tab on the left you can see some of the action and you may even see the Sting make an appearance. Go Sting!!!