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Monday, August 11
Sting Fall in Semi Finals

After the round robin portion of the Mt. Hood Challenge Cup the Sting finished fourth in their group and were off to the semi finals against the RSA Elite. The Sting played this team in their first match so knew what to expect from the first place team. With the Sting having to man mark the Elite's top player and both Brit and Mac doing a great job to limit her chances it did open up the pitch a little bit and the Elite squad took several long range efforts that cleared the cross bar. A big part of this was due to Riley doing a great job covering the angles in place of the still injured Evalyn. So the first twenty minutes of the opening half saw the Sting really having to absorb pressure and once again the Sting's stellar defence of Taylor, Syd, Sami, Brit and Mac worked hard to limit these chances. That said the Sting did push when they had the chance and Sami's twenty five yard effort saw the keeper gather well. As well Laura's work rate kept the Elite defenders on their toes as she pressed them into making numerous poor passing choices. So the Sting ended the half without too much to show in the attacking end with the score at the half, Elite 0 - Sting 0.

The Sting opened up the second half a little brighter in the offensive end but the Elite defenders did well in cutting out the passes. Some very hard work in the middle of the pitch by Georgia, Meg, Hailey, Nicole and Chelsea saw these midfielders trying to service the strike team of Kylie and Laura. The Elite team did a great job of pressuring the Sting and some lack of training was pretty evident as the Sting tried to get into sync. The Sting's best chance of the half came off a solid run by Hailey down the left touchline but her solid cross went back post without a Sting player there for the easy tap in. The Elite's MVP then went to work as two goals in the span of less than ten minutes on breakaways put the game out of reach for the Sting. Final score RSA Elite 2 - Sting 0.

The Sting's season will now begin in earnest as the players will be heading back to the training grounds to prep for the Labour Day tournament and more importantly the start of the 2014/15 Metro season, which will be starting up in less than a month. The Portland tournament proved invaulable for the players and coaches as they look forward to using their experiences in Oregon to build off of and challenge for another Metro Championship. Go Sting!!

Saturday, August 9
Sting Off to Semi Finals at Mt. Hood Tournament

The Sting's second match of the Mt. Hood Challenge Cup had them up against Norpoint FC. This would prove to be a tough match for the girls as game fitness was also coupled with the 30+ temperature and the fact that Evalyn was injured during the warm ups. Riley bravely stepped in and did a great job in net but it did take the already tired Sting down to two subs. The game was a real battle of the midfielders as each team worked very hard and the Norpoint squad quickly closed down the space for the Sting. It also meant that Taylor, Syd, Sami and Brit had to play a very compact defensive shape and they did this very well in covering for each other. Sami did jump up from her position to win a loose ball, carry and shoot from the edge of the box but the keeper did well to gather. Meghan and Kylie then linked up with some good build up play before Kylie sprung Laura free but the shot fized wide of the post. At the other end the Sting defended several corners very well, cleared their lines and moved up the field to press the middle of the park. A tough first half with more than its share of pushing, tugging, elbows and hair tugging did not deter the Sting even if the ref had pocketed his whistle. Score at the half Norpoint 0 - Sting 0.

The second half played out much like the first but the Sting had a sustained session of pressure where they looked as if they might secure the first goal. Their best chance of the match came from some patient passing as Laura back passed to Kylie outside the eighteen. Kylie in turn fed a brilliant thru ball to Hailey who got around her check on the wing and fired a low hard cross in for Laura. A nice flick almost caught the keeper napping but she was able to readjust and make a nice diving save. A few minutes later and the Sting were once again frustrated as Kylie nice long throw into the eighteen saw Georgia out jump her mark for a header and for her trouble got a two handed push in the back whichwas a clear penalty shot but went for naught. So a tough break then went against the Sting as an errant pass led to some breakdown in the Sting's end and a loose ball was fired past a helpless Riley. The Sting's last shot on goal saw Meg back pass to Sami and from thirty yards out Sami's low hard shot tested the keeper but she got her body behind it for the save. The final whistle sounded on a match that saw the Sting overcome some adversity and one that will serve them well in the future. Score at the whistle Norpoint FC 1 - Sting 0.

With the loss the Sting fall to fourth in the table but enough to see them into tomorrow's semi final match which will be a repeat of their first game of the tournament as they will take on the first place RSA Elite team. Go Sting!! 


Saturday, August 9
Sting Clearcut Timbers

The Sting's second game of the Mt. Hood Tournament and first of the day, saw them up against the Washington Timbers FC. The Sting took to the field with a positive midset and dominated the match from start to finish. Lots of pressure by the Sting's strikers in the attacking end forced several turnovers. Off of one of these Taylor, who moved up from her right back role, crossed to the far post where Kylie's header fizzed by the outside of the post. Kylie and Mac then got into a nice give and go deep in the Timbers end with Kylie's lofted cross just missing the far side of the net. Some strong work in the midfield by Georgia, Meg, Hailey and Mac saw the Sting really control the flow of the game as they were patient in their build up. From one of these plays Hailey was sprung free down the left wing and while her cross was behind Riley, Kylie did a great job playing off her stike partner as she slotted the ball home from the top of the six yard box and the Sting had the lead. The Timbers almost levelled things up though as a thru ball has Syd muscling her check off the ball while Evalyn bravely came out to challenge and knock the ball wide for Brit to clear. The Sting then put together one of their better goals we have seen in a long time. Evalyn came out for a loose ball and played it short to Syd on the left touchline. Nine solid passes later the Sting had taken the ball from the left touchline across to the right touchline to Nicole. Nicole did a great job to open herself up to carry the ball and laid a picture perfect thru ball that split the defenders for Kylie to run onto. A nice one touch and shot from the top of the eighteen saw the keeper get a hand to it but Kylie's shot had too much power and went top corner for the Sting's second of the match. The Timbers then came close off a short corner of their own but the shot landed on the top of the crossbar and out. Kylie came close to her hat trick as Chelsea did a great job of winning the loose ball in the eighteen with her strength and laying the pass off to Kylie but the low hard shot just curled wide of the far post. The end of the half saw a very solid possession game for the Sting. Score at the half Timbers 0 - Sting 2.

The second half saw the Sting pick right back up with their solid performance. Nicole and Hailey got things moving first as some nice give and go passing saw Nicole spring Hailey down the right touchline. Hailey's low cross just eluded her strike partner Laura and the keeper did well to gather on the sliding take. The Sting then stepped up and put the game out of reach. Taylor's tremendous corner went back post where Georgia was on the spot to slot the ball home. The Sting kept up the pressure as Hailey and Chelsea moved the ball well between them and Chelsea played Hailey thru but the resulting shot sailed over the bar. The Sting's last chance came off another corner as this time it was Hailey's near post cross that was cleared as far as Kylie but her booming shot was well blocked on the line. Again some fitness came into play for the last ten minutes as the Timbers tried to break down the Sting's backline but Taylor, Syd, Sami, Mac and Brit were having none of it as they turned away the threats. The Timbers final chance of the game saw a cross field pass spring their left winger into the eighteen all alone but Evalyn did an amazing job of coming out and making herselff big as she blocked the shot to preserve her clean sheet. Final score Washington Timbers FC 0 - Sting 3.

The Sting will now wrap up the round robin portion of the tournament this afternoon before the knockout stage begins tomorrow. Go Sting!! 

Friday, August 8
Sting and Elite Kick Off Mt. Hood Tournament

The Sting begin their long season with a pre sesaon tournament in Portland, Oregon. The Mt. Hood Challenge Cup is the larest soccer tournament on the west coast with over 600 teams participating. The Sting, with only two training sessions under their belt, knew they were going to be tested as most of the teams here are winding their seasons down and are at peak form. That said the Sting brough their usual resolve into the match against the older RSA Elite team from Washington state.

The first half saw both teams trying to find their way and find ways to break down each others back lines. Laura and Riley worked hard in their striker roles to force the RSA defenders into some bad passes but the Sting were unable to capitalize. The Elite best chance came off a break away towards Evalyns left side but the hard low shot was met with an outstanding diving save by Evalyn. The Sting's defence played a decent first half as Taylor, Kylie, Brit, Sami, Syd and Mac kept the Elite squad in check. Just before the break the Sting had a free kick from about 30 yards out and Riley's floating cross to the far side of the eigtheen was eventually scrambled away. So not a thrilling first half but the Sting did enough to keep themselves in the match albeit with not too many opportunities on goal. Score at the half Elite 0 - Sting 0.

The second half saw the Elite team put some speed up front and get into a bit of a kick and chase game. Syd and Brit did a decent job of bottling this up but with a combination of heat and fatigue this tactic took its toll and an eventual thru ball found its way into the back of the net on a break away. Evalyn was called into action again as a tremendous sliding challenge saw her force the ball wide and Kylie saw the ball off for a corner. About ten minutes later though and the Elite notched another as the Sting failed to close down the space fast enough and the shot left Evalyn with no chance. The Sting though did get some second wind and off of Sami's first class corner the keeper did well to climb above Georgia and fist the ball away. A good spell of possession then saw some good build up play as Taylor placed a nice thru ball down the touchline for Chelsea to run onto. Chelsea beat her check and her left footed cross fell to Nicole who just managed to get a toe onto it but the keeper was on the spot to gather. The final whistle fell on the Sting's first game of the tournament and while a tie may have been a more fair result they will work on some pieces for tomorrow's double header. Final score RSA Elite 2 - Sting 0. Go Sting!!

Monday, April 28
Sting Strike Silver at Coastal Cup Final

The Sting's run in the Coastal Cup saw them in the 2014 finals against long time rival SFC Pegasus. The Sting entered the finals beating the #2 & #3 seeds along the way and a berth into the Provincial Championships meant them also having to beat the #1 seed, who were unbeaten in the regular season. This match was going to be doubly difficult as Danya was out with injury, Evalyn and Allie were playing with injury, Rav and Steph playing with the flu and Maarja unable to go with flu. That coupled with Kylie out on suspension meant the nine healthy players had to dig deep and make sure SFC had to earn every yard out on the pitch.

The first half opened up with the Sting really trying to bottle up the middle of the pitch and the defensive core of Taylor, Rav, Logan and Mac did an outstanding job of frustrating the Pegasus players. Syd, Meg, Lou, Sami and Allie also ended up putting in a ton of commitment to the defensive third of the pitch. So while Pegasus saw a lot of possession they were limited in chances. What chances they had saw Evalyn on the spot being aggressive albeit with a pretty banged up leg injury. They came close off a thru ball that was played into the back of the net but the Sting did a good job stepping out and putting the play offside. At the other end Steph, Riley and Jamie logged a lot of ground tracking down the balls and putting pressure on Pegasus to make mistakes. The Sting's best chance of the half fell to Taylor as Sami did a great job stripping the ball away and feeding the ball back to Taylor but the effort from twenty yards lacked punch and the keeper was able to collect. Score at the half Pegasus 0 - Sting 0.

The second half saw the Sting hold the ball better and play with some more confidence. Off a set piece Sami laid a brilliant corner into the six yard box but the keeper made the high take to keep it out of trouble. Steph and Riley then both went for long range shots but were a little off balance and the efforts went for naught. Fifteen minutes in and Pegasus opened the scoring off a nice one time finish from a cross that left Evalyn with no chance. The Sting as usual though did not hang their heads and kept plugging away and came close to tying things up ten minutes from time. Meg, who was brilliant on the day, ran close to thirty yards to track down the ball at the defenders feet. She chipped the ball around her into the eighteen and made a brilliant cut back pass for Allie. Allie's one timer though was just a little off the mark as her effort from ten yards out curled over the crossbar. The Sting were a little unlucky not to get an extra few minutes tacked onto the match for a long time Pegasus injury as the ref blew the whistle too soon but the final whistle sounded on the Sting's season. Final score SFC Pegasus 1 - Sting 0.

The Sting will take a lot of pride knowing that Pegasus had to earn everything on this day and while they would have liked to have secured the Coastal Cup for the second time in three years they walked away with silver medals around their necks. The players proved a lot to themselves and their fans this season as they found a way to keep going thru some very difficult injuries that plagued them for the first half of the season. While the Sting will be welcoming some new faces to the team next season they are very sad to see Danya, Maarja, Steph, Logan, Kass and Jamie leave the team. For Kass and Jamie in particular they have been with the team since the Sting's U-10 Development team was put together and the team wishes them all the best. It doesnt matter whether you have played with the Sting for one season or six seasons once a Sting player always a Sting player and we are proud of you all this season. Way to go Sting!!

Wednesday, November 13
Sting in Opening Ceremonies

Prior to their own match on November 24, the Sting will be walking the Canadian National Womens team onto the pitch for their friendly against Mexico at BC Place. Will be a great opportunity for the players to see some of their heros and maybe play some inspired soccer of their own in their league match that night. Go Sting!!

Sunday, July 14
USA Cup Day #1

Day #1 of the Sting's USA Cup experience was their travel day. Charter bus from Delta to Seattle, flight from Seattle to Minneapolis and charter bus to the hotel. With a 6:30am start the team and parents were glad to finally crash into their rooms. Flights and travel went well except for Sami's singing impersonation of Miley Cyrus, any chance of some early sleep was shot there.

The team is now settling in at the hotel and they have another team from Canada staying here as well. A U-13 girls team from Ottawa are here for their first experience of the USA Cup so they will be cheering each other on. Tomorrow has the team heading out to Mall of America for some team bonding ie shopping and then back to the hotel for a team dinner. Meanwhile the coaches will be getting all the tournament paperwork sorted out at the venue. They are calling for the temperatures to go over 100F with the humidity by mid week so the team will be in tough, particularly on Wednesday as they have a double header.

All in all everything went well as players and parents all got here in one piece with all their luggage. Players are having fun in the hotel and the parents are enjoying a few cold beverages. Stay tuned for tomorrow's update. Go Sting!!

Monday, July 15
USA Cup Day #2

Day #2 of the Sting's USA Cup trip had the team with some downtime to get used to their surroundings and how better to do that than a trip to the Mall of America. Shopping, team lunch at Bubba Gump Shrimp and some time at the roller coaster and indoor amusement park added up to a pretty full day. It wasn't all play today though as the temperatures were pushing 100F so a pre dinner jog along the beautiful Mississippi River was needed to get the players used to the weather for tomorrow's opening game. It was a tough slog as the humidity and heat will be key factors this week and to top things off Riley rolled her ankle on the run. It doesn't look good for her to play tomorrow as it is fairly swollen but hopefully an extra day off will see her back in action.

A fantastic pool side dinner and team swim followed and just before curfew the players had their team meeting to review a pretty hectic schedule tomorrow as the games get underway. The Sting are taking on the host city of Blaine so curfew is in effect for the rest of the week as the Sting have early kickoffs all week. Curfew check saw most players already down for the evening but tomorrow's bed check will start off with Evalyn and Rav's room, you know why girls.....LOL.

All in all another good day but the team gets down to business tomorrow with their first game of the tournament. Go Sting!!

Tuesday, July 16
USA Cup Day #3 Sting Dominate and Party

Day #3 of the USA Cup saw tournament action finally begin for the Sting as their morning game pitted them against host city club the Blaine Blaze. With the Minneapolis area currently under an extreme heat warning the 9:45am kick off still had temperatures in the low 90's with the humidity making it feel warmer. That said it was the visiting Canadians who took the game to their opponents with a high work rate and high pressure which frustrated the hosts for most of the game. A set play got things rolling in a positive way as Jamie moved into space for Sami's throw in, took a nice touch and turned to tee the ball up for Mary just on the edge of the box. Mary's shot was going top far corner but just curled away for the goal kick. A few minutes later and this tandem worked up another nice chance as Jamie's flick on sent Mary thru on a mini breakaway but the shot lacked power and the keeper was able to collect. At the other end a rare defensive lapse in the game saw the Blaine striker going hard for a thru ball but Evalyn had none of that as she came out hard and made a brilliant sliding take. The Sting in turn were not going to let up at the other end and were finally rewarded for their hard work. From a foul from twenty five yards out, Syd let fly with a first rate strike that deflected off the Blaine defender and into the net for the go ahead goal. The Sting kept up the pace and another set piece, this time off a corner, had Sami's corner drop into the middle of the six where Lou was on the spot for the header but it just went over the bar. A few minutes later and the Sting had the insurance goal as Mary's hard work paid off with a shot from ten yards out which was blocked but Maarja was on the spot to knock the ball home. Skye and Maarja then got into some nice build up passing with the ball being laid off to Steph but the shot flashed by the upright. Just before half Jamie muscled her check off the ball and teed it up for Steph but the booming shot clattered off the post. Score at the half Blaine 0 - Sting 2.

The Sting started the second half the same as the first half with a lot of energy and playing very strong on and off the ball. This resulted in numerous fouls being judged against the girls but they didn't change their style and it took its toll on the opposition, The first good chance fell to Steph and she made no mistake. A brilliant thru ball by Maarja saw Steph charge hard and not give up on the ball and from a very tight angle she rifled the ball into the far side netting for the Sting's third of the match. This took the wind out of the Blaine team and a few minutes later the Sting had another off a corner. Taylor's corner fell into the middle where Rav knocked it over to Mary and she side footed it into the bottom corner for the goal. Sami then made a brilliant run from her right back position as she beat her check and let fly from twenty yards out but the keeper did well to save. Mary, who ran miles this day, made a first rate sliding tackle deep in the Blaine end of the pitch. She was then able to collect the ball and fire a shot that dented the post but stayed out. The Sting were not to be denied a fifth goal though and Maarja and Skye teamed up with some good passing at the top of the eighteen which eventually saw the ball being slid over to Jamie and she made no mistake as she slotted home just before the final whistle. A great start to the tournament for the players. Final score Blaine Blaze 0 - Sting 5.

After the game was over the Sting met up with a team from Coon Rapids for a jersey swap before coming back to the hotel. A brief lunch was followed by a two hour kayak trip on the Mississippi River. Some great scenery along the way was also met with the usual water fights and several dunkings in the river, especially by a certain Dad (name no names, right Ice!)

After the players got back they got ready to head back to the tournament for dinner and the opening ceremonies of the USA Cup. Pretty cool sight to see as thousands of players from around North America and the rest of the world got together for a fantastic soccer celebration. All in all a great day albeit a full one. Team curfew is in effect as the girls have two games tomorrow and it will be a tough slog in the heat. Go Sting!!

Wednesday, July 17
USA Cup Day #4. Sting Keep Their Cool in the Heat

Day #4 of the USA Cup had the Sting waking up to sweltering temperatures and to top things off the players had two games ahead of them. That said they had a good mindset going into the day and came ready to play.

Game #1 on the day had the Sting playing Kiliix Intra Green. The coaches had some discussions about the patterns of play they would like to see the players employ and from start to finish they were full value. To top things off they also knew their loyal fans back home would be watching as the game was broadcast live. Syd got things moving for the team as her free kick from thirty yards out was flicked on by Jamie and into Mary's path but her shot from the top of the box sailed over the bar. Jamie did some hard work a few minutes later as she batted her check and won a corner. From this corner Sami's first class cross saw the ball handled in the eighteen and the Sting were awarded a penalty kick. Mary made no mistake as she lashed her shot to the bottom left corner and the Sting had the lead. The Sting's high pressure game was causing fits for Kiliix as the Sting attacked down the right side at will and this led to the next Sting goal. Rav made a brilliant run down the right wing and crossed into the eighteen to Maarja. Maarja's deft touch had the keeper going the wrong way and she was able to slot the ball home from the six yard box. With the fans on the sideline running the Canadian flag up and down the touchline with each goal they barely fiished their run before the Sting had their third goal. Jamie did a good job to muscle her check away and then fed a nice thru ball to her strike partner, Maarja. Maarja shot took a tough bounce on the keeper as it spun into the net. Again the Sting's solid defence core of Syd, Sami, Kylie, Taylor and Mac did a tremendous job of turning away any attacks and covering for each other. One long ball did elude them though but once again Evalyn was on the spot for a nice siding take right off the Kiliix strikers toe. Just before the break and the Sting scored their nicest goal of the tournament so far. Off of Kylie's deep throw, Skye was able to chip the ball over the defender for Steph to get a hold of the ball and her rocket from just inside the eighteen went top right corner. Score at the half Kiliix 0 Sting 4.

The second half saw the Sting's top class passing, movement and communication continue as their confidence continued to build. Allie had the first good chance of the half as she carried well and let fly with a shot that just fizzed wide of the upright. Sami then made another one of her deep runs from her left back position. She laid the ball off to Lou who crossed to the far post but it took a deflection off a Kiliix defender for the Sting's fourth of the contest. In short succession Lou could have had a hat trick as first Steph and then Kylie took advantage down the right wing to feed Lou but both resulting shots were well gathered by the keeper. The Sting were also able to introduce Riley was inserted into the game with applause from the team and fans to test out her ankle and while she was able to go for a short period of time she came out to not push things too much. A few minutes from time and the Sting netted their last goal as this time it was Kylie who carried the ball deep down the right side. Her hard low cross found Skye at the back post and she was able to redirect it into the net to round out the scoring. Final score Kiliix Intra Green 0 - Sting 6. While the score line was almost the same as the Sting's game yesterday this effort was more like what the coaches were looking for with some quality soccer being displayed.

Between games the Sting had a few hours to kill so once they had their team pictures taken they were off to take part in several of the tournaments many activities. The parents even got into things as the climbing wall manned by the National Guard troops had a large draw, from the Moms on the team........

Game #2 on the day had the Sting doing a good job controlling the ball against their opponents, NLS Rage, but clearly the heat had had its effect as the players had several chances to score but they went for naught. On top of this the game was red flagged due to extreme heat conditions so the game was split into four quarters with mandatory water breaks. The game had barely begun before the Sting had their first good chance as Rav made a great run down the wing and her shot just flashed by the far post. Shortly after that Allie stripped the ball off her check, carried and let fly with a booming shot but it was blocked by the NLS defender. The blocked shot fell kindly to Jamie though and her effort was well gathered by the keeper up high. Mary then did a great job of shaking her mark before crossing the ball to the back post to a wide open Allie. Allie's redirected effort just rolled by the upright and the Sting were still searching for the go ahead goal. The goal wasn't long in coming though as Mary's nice thru ball to the left wing found Skye beating her check with speed, a nice one touch and shot low to the far corner left the sprawling keeper with no chance. The Stings last good chance came off a twenty five yard free kick from Syd. The ball sailed over the wall and was dropping into the bottom left corner before the keeper dove over to push it around the post. Score at the half Rage 0 - Sting 1.

The second half had no relief from the heat as the Sting were getting gassed. That said they did well to keep any real threats at bay as some good work in the middle third of the field kept the NLS team in check. The Sting's first good chance in the half came off some good interplay with Jamie teeing the ball up for Meg at the top of the eighteen and her hard low shot saw the Rage keeper make a brilliant save. Ten minutes from time and Taylor's free kick found Skye who in turn laid the ball off for Allie but her shot sailed wide of the net. With time winding down Maarja had the last chance on net as she intercepted a stray goal kick, carried into the eighteen and let fly with a nice shot that hit the top side netting. The final whistle sounded on another good effort and the players were more than happy to get back to the hotel so they could cool off in the pool. Final score NLS Rage 0 - Sting 1. The Sting will now finish out the round robin portion of the tournament tomorrow morning against Euro FC. They have also guaranteed a spot for themselves in the top flight group as they can finish no worse than second in their pool. Good luck girls and Go Sting!!

Thursday, July 18
USA Cup Day #5. Sting Battle the Rage

The Sting opened up the last day of round robin action against Euro FC Rage at the USA Cup this morning. Euro FC is a local club that is basically an academy team of sorts and are coached exclusively by paid Brazilian coaches as a club mandate. With that in mind the Sting knew their opponents would be tough to break down and would try to maintain control of the ball and that is exactly what the players encountered. This match would turn into a very physical contest as the Canadian referee let them duke it out. The Sting came in with confidence though and this match would prove to be an entertaining one albeit with a frustrating finish. Some strong control and passing by the Sting to start the game had the Rage on their backheels. Syd started things off as she spied Rav making a great run down the wing and fed her a pass. Rav picked it up in full flight and from the right side of the box let fly with a shot that just curled wide of the far upright. Shortly after that Skye and Jamie teamed up but Jamie shot lacked power and was collected by the keeper. The game started to grind into more physical play and after the Rage player picked up a yellow card for a foul on Syd the Sting came close again. This time it was Mary and Maarja who protected the ball well and played some give and gos with Lou being sprung free but the shot was at the keeper and was stopped. A few minutes later and the Sting had another opportunity on net. Mac, from her stopper position, moved up into the play and stripped the ball off her check and slid a neat pass over to Skye down the left wing. Skye carried well and found Lou with her back to goal at the post. Lou dropped the ball off for Jamie but once again the shot was blasted right at the keeper for the save. At the other end a mini break saw Evalyn make a beautiful sliding save to keep the score sheet clean. The Sting finished the half with one more chance as Mary's free kick to the keepers left found Skye at the far post with a header that went back across the net and into the keepers hands. All in all a very physical and intense half of soccer had the score Rage 0 - Sting 0.

The second half played out much like the first with the Sting pressuring high in the attacking third and the Rage back line keeping their shape very well. With the Rage held without a shot in the first, their only shot of the game found the back of the net. With the Sting holding a high line a massive mistake by the linesman saw the Rage player several yards offside but the play was allowed to continue and Evalyn had no chance on the shot. To their credit the Sting kept pushing for the equalizer and had several chances. One of the best of the half had Skye feeding the ball over to a wide open Rav in the middle of the box, but the miskick went wide of the far post. Shortly after that Steph was issued a yellow card for coming thru the back as the physical play continued. The Sting had several chances to get a shot in as the opportunities were there but the finish lacked any punch. With the Sting outchancing the Rage 6 - 1 in this match, a tie would have been a more fair result but it wasn't to be as the final whistle sounded. Final score Euro FC Rage 1 - Sting 0.

The Sting have now finished second in their group play and have qualified for the A Cup but will be matched up tomorrow against first place Kiliix Intra Yellow. This team is undefeated in league play this season and has only given up two goals and none in this tournament so the Sting will have their hands full in the knockout stage. As an update with the schedule the Sting will need to win each of the next four knockout games to take the A Cup. The players are ready and focused and they will need everything they have to reach their goal.

After the Sting's morning game was over they met up with Lakes United FC to do a jersey swap. The coaches at the Lakes Utd club were so impressed that we wanted to trade jerseys they went out and bought new ones to give to the Sting in a very nice gesture. Some goodwill and more experiences they will remember for sure. From there the players headed out to Bunker Beach Waterpark to enjoy a few hours in the pool and on the slides. Nobody saw Skye's Mom the entire time but word was she was on the lazy river going around and around seeing the lifeguards......... From the water park the Sting came back to the hotel for a bbq dinner before heading back to the tournament for the Athletes Party. So another full day for the players but the real business happens tomorrow with the knockout portion of the event. If the Sting win they will play in the evening and if they lose they are out but will try and pick up a friendly on Saturday. We have a ton of confidence in these players as they have shown some first class skill, effort and work rate in some pretty trying conditions. Go Sting!!

Friday, July 19
USA Cup Day #6. Sting Off to the Quarter Finals

Day four of the USA Cup competition saw the first day of the knockout phase begin for the tournament. The Sting's mid day match was against Kiliix Intra Yellow who are one of the top teams in the Minnesota area with a 14 - 0 record with two goals against all year. The USA Cup round robin also saw them secure top spot in their group with three wins. So while the heat was a little less intense for the match the competition were sure to be tough. That said the Sting's mental toughness and physical style play has been causing fits for the opposition and it continued thru this match as well. From the opening kick off the players had a tremendous work rate and won every loose ball with a first class effort. Within the first few minutes Rav could have had two goals off runs around the edge but her shots found the keepers hands and the side netting in succession. Some hard work in the middle of the field by Mary saw her pass over to Skye who then laid it off to Meg. From just outside the box Meg let a low hard stinger fly that the keeper could not hold and the Sting had the lead. A few minutes later and the Sting doubled their lead as Mary's beautiful thru ball had Rav running onto the ball and her laser of a shot blew past the keeper. The game turned more and more physical as both teams were duking it out all over the field but the Sting stood their ground against some of the older opposition. Kiliix were able to get onto the scoresheet ten minutes from time as a great ball played into the eighteen had the Kiliix's speedy striker pounce on it and with Evalyn charging out it was just out of reach to stop the shot and goal. The Sting didn't wither though and they came close again as this time Mary pounced on a loose ball and from twenty yards out let fly with a shot that rattled the crossbar and stayed out. Just before the break Kiliix caught a break as some communication breakdowns led to a an easy tap in goal and the game was tied. Score at the half Kiliix 2 - Sting 2.

The second half really saw Kiliix pour things on as ten minutes of non stop pressure had the Sting doing a fantastic job of keeping their shape and Evalyn was there to make two fine stops from range. As the half wore on the Sting slowly got a hold of the play and started to take the game to their opponents. Skye and Steph, who ran miles all game long, did a great job of making penetrating runs and keeping the ball in the attacking third. Some good build up passing also saw several attempts at net go long. Allie did a good job on playing Steph thru and with the Kiliix keeper coming out it looked like a goal was in the works but an unkind bounce on the poor grass field fell kindly to the keeper. With ten minutes to go it was looking like this war of a game may be heading to extra time but the Sting came thru. Mary fed the ball up to Jamie at the top of the eighteen. A nice turn saw her beat her check and a second move, to beat the second defender, had her free on net. A nice left footed shot left the keeper no chance and the Sting had the lead. The Sting then really tightened things up and left the Kiliix team with no room to get close to getting the tying goal. The final whistle sounded on a fantastic game and the Sting are now off to the Quarter final match tonight at 7:00pm against the Minnesota Thunder Academy team. Another tough match on the horizon but the players are currently having their pre game meal and resting up for the second match of the day. Go Sting!!

Friday, July 19
USA Cup Day #6, Part Deux. Sting Roll Into the Semi Finals

The Sting entered their Quarter Final match up against the Minnesota Thunder Academy team. After an all out war in their earlier contest this match started very slowly and was a most lacklustre affair. It was about fifteen minutes gone before the Sting had their first chance to score. Off of Sami's corner went to the middle of the six yard box Mary rose the highest to get a head on it but it skimmed by the far post. Mary was also able to muscle her check off the ball a few minutes later but her effort from 25 yards out was well gathered. The Sting were trying to find some time and space to work with but they were having trouble getting into sync in this match. Fifteen minutes in and Sami, who had a very solid match, saw her corner kick come back out to her with a different angle on net and the resulting shot that was headed top corner was batted away by the keeper. With Riley entering the match for the third consecutive time, after her ankle injury, she was able to test her foot out with a hard shot that sailed over the bar. It is great to see her out there after a tough injury at the start of the tournament. It was totally against any flow of play but the Academy team were able to notch a goal after a tough bounce dropped at their strikers foot and a diving effort by Evalyn saw her almost get her fingers on it but the Academy team had the lead. This Sting team just doesn't hang its head though and a few minutes later they were on level terms. A splendid run down the right touchline by Ravsaw the hard low cross be redirected into the net by Lou, who did a great job in getting position on the defender. Riley almost had a goal of her own off a similar play but this time the ball rolled wide of the post. The halftime whistle sounded with the score being Thunder 1 - Sting 1.

The second half was much like the first as the pace of the game got slower but the Sting were clearly in charge. Riley got things moving as she sprung Lou down the left side a nice carry saw Lou best her check but the hard shot found the side of the net. Meg then got into the action as she skipped by a few checks as she carried into the box but her shot was well saved from ten yards out. So with time winding down it appeared that this game may go to extra time but in almost a mirror image from the morning game the Sting came thru. Mary fed the ball up to Maarja who turned her check inside out and she had a small breakaway where she made no mistake as she slotted home the ball. The Sting then did a great job of keeping possession and killing off the remaining few minutes of the match. Final score Minnesota Thunder Academy 1 - Sting 2. After the match the Sting came straight back to the hotel, had a post game snack and had an early curfew as their semi final match is at 7:00am tomorrow morning. On the bus ride back to the hotel designated team cheerleader, Trevor, waived his pom poms and got them all pumped up for tomorrow. It wasn't all good news though as it appears Rav's tournament may be over after re-aggravating a knock from the morning game on her ankle. Go Sting!!


Saturday, July 20
USA Cup Day #7. Sting Work Their Way Into the Championship Match

After two matches yesterday in the knockout stage, the Sting had a short turnaround from their match last night with a 7:00am Semi Final contest today against the Eden Prairie Inferno. The first half of the match saw some back and forth play to it as both teams matched up very well so there was little in the way of clear cut chances as both teams tried to break each others defense down. The Inferno had the first best first chance as Ev made one of several sliding saves to keep the opposition at bay. For the Sting the defensive core of Syd, Kylie, Sami, Mac and Taylor did a tremendous job of keeping this tight in their own end. The Sting's only real clear cut chance of the half saw Sami put a thru ball up to Maarja but the resulting shot found the side netting. So the first half came to an end with both sides looking for a way to push thru for the opening goal. Score at the half Inferno 0 - Sting 0.

The first ten minutes of the second half played out much like the first with some tight checking al over the field. The Sting got things moving first though as Steph latched onto to a loose ball outside the eighteen to the keepers right. A nice first touch set up a stinging shot that the Inferno keeper got her hands too but it had too much pace and found the far top corner. The Sting had the bit between their teeth now as the game slowly started to turn in their favour with some good movement and passing. The Sting's next chance came from Sami, who had a brilliant game at left back. Sami's corner found Jamie but the shot was just turned past the post. Mary and Jamie then teamed up with some good combo passing as Jamie teed the ball up for Riley's shot that clattered off the post and back out. With the pressure coming an insurance goal was in the works and some nice passing saw it come off. Five neat passes eventually saw Lou play the ball back out to Sami and from twenty five yards out her booming shot took a deflection and gave the keeper no chance. At the other end the Inferno did not give up and their speedy striker was able to sneak past for a breakaway to Evalyn's left. From the edge of the eighteen the striker let go with a stinging shot but Evalyn was in her zone as she was able to tip it over the bar with her fingertips. From there the Sting controlled play and kept it in the attacking third of the field. Maarja set up the ball for Mary but the hard shot from outside the box was ust dragged wide of the post. Meg and Sami then had some good combo play with Sami's shot just drifting wide. The Sting were able to kill the final few minutes and the final whistle sounded on a very tough match. Final score Eden Prairie Inferno 0 - Sting 2. The Sting are off to the Championship match against the Northern Lights Soccer Club and how fitting is that it will be played on field C2, C for Canada, at 3:00pm. The fields are identified here by number and letter and each letter is for a country. Good luck ladies and Go Sting!!

Saturday, July 20
Delta Coastal Sting Are The USA Cup Champions!!

What can we say about this special group of players but WOW! The Sting's eighth match in five hot humid days had them in the Championship final against the Northern Lights Thunderbolts. After a rousing cheering session on the charter bus out to the field by the parents, the Sting got down to business in their warm ups for the match. Adding to the flavour of the match were more of the international refs from the U.K., Jamaica and Canada. The players were knicked up and bruised after a gruelling schedule but they were not going to let this opportunity get away and from the opening whistle to the final one they played like the team we know they are.

Syd got things moving for the team as her free kick, from the middle of the pitch, found Mary on the touchline. A nice cross to the back post had Jamie redirect it but it just rolled wide of the post. For the next fifteen minutes the battle to control and find some penetration thru each others defence continued as each team tried to break down the others backline. The Sting were the first to succeed in this as Steph was able to turn on a pass and made a brilliant run to the edge the eighteen. Her low booming shot slid under the keeper and the Sting had a lead they would never give up. A few minutes later and the Sting nearly had another as a brilliant run deep into the Thunderbolts end by Lou had her hold up the ball and backpass to Mary on the right touchline. A top class cross to the far post had Skye's glancing header just fizz by the upright. Mac then picked up Mary's throw in and placed a pretty pass along the top of the eighteen but Allie's one timer was blasted over the bar. Just before the break Meg and Allie got into a nice give and go but Allie's resulting effort on goal was well gathered by the keeper. Score at the half Thunderbolts 0 - Sting 1.

The Sting opened the second half not happy with only having the one goal and some better passing was in order and the players brought it to their opposition. Within the first five minutes the Sting were on the board again. A loose ball just outside the six yard box was latched onto by Steph but the shot was well blocked. However Allie was on the spot to collect the rebound and slot home the insurance marker. The Sting were not finished however and were able to add another goal to tip the scales once and for all. From a cross to the back post Skye was able to head the ball back across the goal where Lou took a deft touch to flatten the ball out and prod it home. Ten minutes from time and the Thunderbolts had a free kick just to Evalyn's left. A nice cross in and an even better header saw Evalyn make a good adjustment and take the ball clean in the air. The Championship match would not be complete if the entire team did not participate. With the game out of reach Rav limped onto the field and while her instructions were to walk around and just be part of the game, of course she couldn't resist and made one of her famous outside inside runs and fired the ball hard and low into the side netting. What a kid! The final whistle sounded on a tremendous week of soccer as the Sting are now the 2013 USA Cup Champions. Final score Northern Lights Thunderbolts 0 - Sting 3.

A lot of tears from the parents all around as well as a big emotional moment for Skye as this is her last game as a Sting player and what a way to go and she will be sorely missed by all. Our outstanding keeper, Evalyn, was in her zone all week and totally focused on what she needed to do to help her team out. Our amazing defensive grouping of Mac, Sami, Syd, Taylor and Kylie slogged thru some harsh conditions with out too much of a break and covered for each other all over the pitch. Our midfielders were over and above as they all ran miles up and down the pitch in conditions that made you sweat watching them. Meg, Lou, Mary, Allie, Rav and Skye you ladies are truly amazing. Finally our strike team of Steph, Riley, Maarja and Jamie what can we say about you ladies. You had to battle hard for every inch of turf and took your chances on net with great success. A week long event that we all hope will hold amazing memories for players and parents alike such as the opening ceremonies, new friendships, some great soccer, meeting people from around the world and the topping of being crowned the 2013 Champions. Way to go ladies and for one last time from Minneapolis, Go Sting!!

Monday, July 16
Michelle Roots, SAQ Trainer

The Delta Coastal Sting want to welcome back Michelle Roots, BA Kin, CSCS, to the coaching staff. Michelle will be our Strength, Agility and Quickness (SAQ) coach for the upcoming season. Michelle's biography is on her company website, Core Conditioning and can be viewed thru the Links tab.

Michelle will be putting the team thru her conditioning program starting in mid August in preparation for the Sting's upcoming season as well as their Labour Day tournament in Pitt Meadows. Michelle will be running her weekly sessions with the team until Thanksgiving. 

Welcome back Michelle to the Sting family.

John Herdman
Wednesday, December 19
Sting Take the International Stage

The Sting were asked to participate in the launch of the 2015 Womens World Cup logo at BC Place on Dec 14. Unfortunately not all the players could make this due to other commitments but the ones that did were part of a pretty special event. Not only was the event televised around the world but the players got to hang out with the Womens National team after the event as well as with coach John Herdman. All in all a pretty special moment for the players and one that wont be forgotten soon. Go Sting!!

FIFA 2015 Logo Launch

Tuesday, March 11
Most Inspirational Player Award 2013/14

Last night at the club's Annual General Meeting, the Most Inspirational Player awards were handed out for the season. The winner for the Sting this year, as chosen by the players, was Allie.

Allie is the teams first repeat winner of this award having been honoured by the players last season. Allie was chosen by her team mates for her hardwork and dedication both on and off the field and for leading by example. A well deserved recipient and was great to see the team come out to cheer her on.

Congratulations Allie!!

Monday, March 4
Most Inspirational Player Award 2012/13
Last night at the club's Annual General Meeting, the Most Inspirational Player awards were handed out for the season. The winner for the Sting this year, as chosen by the players, was Allie. Allie was chosen by her team mates for her hardwork and dedication both on and off the field and for leading by example. Congratulations Allie!!

Tuesday, March 13
Most Inspirational Player Award 2011/12
Last night at the club's Annual General Meeting, the Most Inspirational Player awards were handed out for the season. The winner for the Sting this year, as chosen by the players, was Hailey. Hailey was chosen by her team mates for her hardwork and dedication both on and off the field and for leading by example. Congratulations Hailey!!

Tuesday, March 15
Most Inspirational Player Award 2010/11
Last night at the club's Annual General Meeting, the Most Inspirational Player awards were handed out for the season. The winner for the Sting this year, as chosen by the players, was Meghan. Meghan was chosen by her team mates for her hardwork and dedication both on and off the field and for leading by example. Congratulations Meg!!

Tuesday, March 9
Most Inspirational Player Award 2009/10
Each year SurDel Soccer Club awards the Most Inspirational Player to a member of each soccer team in the U-11 to U-18 catagory. The award honours the player who inspires and encourages others on the team to do their best both on and off the field. This award is voted on by the players of each team only and as such is an important peer award. The winner this year is Brittany Costa and she will be collecting her award at the clubs Annual General Meeting on March 23 @ 7:00pm. We encourage all the Sting players and fans to come out for this event. Go Sting!!!

Monday, April 16
Sting Ironman Streaks Ends
A record for the Sting came to an end on Sunday at the Sting's Coastal Cup quarter final match. With Jamie off in Quebec with her school her 137 straight games played record ended for the Sting. This record dates back to the very first U-10 Development match the Sting played over four years ago. Hats off to Jamie for playing thru some sickness, bangs and bruises over the years.

Tuesday, July 24
Sting to be Recognized by Delta Mayor

The SurDel Sting, fresh off their Provincial championship victory, are to be honoured by Delta Mayor and Council at the July 30 council meeting at Delta City Hall. The players are to be recognized for their outstanding achievement in sports and bringing a championship back home. Go Sting!!

Saturday, May 18
USA Cup Links
On our links tab you will find some useful info for a variety of information for the Sting's upcoming trip to Minnesota. Go Sting!!

Saturday, July 10
USA Cup Kick TV

With the Sting starting to get ready for their trip to the USA Cup we always get the question what is this tournament all about?

It is an amazing life experience as the players will be at the largest soccer facility in the world, meet players from over twenty countries, be around 12,000 other soccer players at one venue, have a ton of fun and see some very competitive soccer. For those parents, family and fans that cant get down there to cheer on the Sting, Kick TV posts a daily video blog to the USA Cup website, yes the tournament is so big it even has its own television show. If you go to the Links tab on the left you can see some of the action and you may even see the Sting make an appearance. Go Sting!!!