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Home of the 2014 Coastal A Cup Silver Medalists, 2013 USA Cup Champions, 2012 West Coast Cup Champions, 2012 U-13 Provincial A Cup Champions, 2012 U-13 Coastal A Cup Champions, 2011/12 U-13 MSL Division Champions, 2011/12 U-13 MSL League Championship Runners Up, 2011 North Shore Thanksgiving Tournament Champions, 2011 Pitt Meadows Labour Day Tournament Champions, 2011 Mission Memorial Tournament Champions, 2010 Burnaby Remembrance Day Tournament Silver Medalists, 2010 Pitt Meadows Labour Day Tournament Champions, 2010 Beach Blast Silver and Bronze Medalists, 2010 Steve Bonnet Memorial Champions, 2009 PoCo Thanksgiving Tournament Champions & 2009 Richmond Spring Breaker Silver Medalists. 

Welcome to the U-16 Metro, Delta Coastal Selects Sting team website, for the 2014/15 season. The Delta Coastal Selects team, formerly known as the SurDel Sting, is a partnership between the SurDel, Tsawwassen, Semiahmoo and Ladner soccer clubs.  The Sting team will be hitting the training pitch in June to start to prepare for their kickoff tournament in Portland in August as well as working out with core conditioning coach Michelle Roots in preparation for the upcoming soccer season in September. The players have worked hard to get to this point and look to continue that hard work as they develop their skills against some tough competition. They are a great bunch of dedicated players and we are sure they will have a great learning experience and a lot of fun along the way. Go Sting!!!

Monday, April 28
Sting Strike Silver at Coastal Cup Final

The Sting's run in the Coastal Cup saw them in the 2014 finals against long time rival SFC Pegasus. The Sting entered the finals beating the #2 & #3 seeds along the way and a berth into the Provincial Championships meant them also having to beat the #1 seed, who were unbeaten in the regular season. This match was going to be doubly difficult as Danya was out with injury, Evalyn and Allie were playing with injury, Rav and Steph playing with the flu and Maarja unable to go with flu. That coupled with Kylie out on suspension meant the nine healthy players had to dig deep and make sure SFC had to earn every yard out on the pitch.

The first half opened up with the Sting really trying to bottle up the middle of the pitch and the defensive core of Taylor, Rav, Logan and Mac did an outstanding job of frustrating the Pegasus players. Syd, Meg, Lou, Sami and Allie also ended up putting in a ton of commitment to the defensive third of the pitch. So while Pegasus saw a lot of possession they were limited in chances. What chances they had saw Evalyn on the spot being aggressive albeit with a pretty banged up leg injury. They came close off a thru ball that was played into the back of the net but the Sting did a good job stepping out and putting the play offside. At the other end Steph, Riley and Jamie logged a lot of ground tracking down the balls and putting pressure on Pegasus to make mistakes. The Sting's best chance of the half fell to Taylor as Sami did a great job stripping the ball away and feeding the ball back to Taylor but the effort from twenty yards lacked punch and the keeper was able to collect. Score at the half Pegasus 0 - Sting 0.

The second half saw the Sting hold the ball better and play with some more confidence. Off a set piece Sami laid a brilliant corner into the six yard box but the keeper made the high take to keep it out of trouble. Steph and Riley then both went for long range shots but were a little off balance and the efforts went for naught. Fifteen minutes in and Pegasus opened the scoring off a nice one time finish from a cross that left Evalyn with no chance. The Sting as usual though did not hang their heads and kept plugging away and came close to tying things up ten minutes from time. Meg, who was brilliant on the day, ran close to thirty yards to track down the ball at the defenders feet. She chipped the ball around her into the eighteen and made a brilliant cut back pass for Allie. Allie's one timer though was just a little off the mark as her effort from ten yards out curled over the crossbar. The Sting were a little unlucky not to get an extra few minutes tacked onto the match for a long time Pegasus injury as the ref blew the whistle too soon but the final whistle sounded on the Sting's season. Final score SFC Pegasus 1 - Sting 0.

The Sting will take a lot of pride knowing that Pegasus had to earn everything on this day and while they would have liked to have secured the Coastal Cup for the second time in three years they walked away with silver medals around their necks. The players proved a lot to themselves and their fans this season as they found a way to keep going thru some very difficult injuries that plagued them for the first half of the season. While the Sting will be welcoming some new faces to the team next season they are very sad to see Danya, Maarja, Steph, Logan, Kass and Jamie leave the team. For Kass and Jamie in particular they have been with the team since the Sting's U-10 Development team was put together and the team wishes them all the best. It doesnt matter whether you have played with the Sting for one season or six seasons once a Sting player always a Sting player and we are proud of you all this season. Way to go Sting!!

Tuesday, April 15
Sting's Heartbreak Kids Come Thru Again

After knocking off the #2 seed in the Coastal Cup Quarter Finals last weekend, things did not get any easier for the Sting as they were up against the #3 seed, the DSC Attack. Over the years these two teams have put in some memorable games and this one would prove no different as the winner would move into the Coastal Cup Final at the end of April. The game had everything you could want in a match as some good soccer was also matched with passion and intensity from both teams. On this day though the Sting's defence did a masterly job of shutting down the Attack to some long range efforts and while the Sting gave away several cheap corners the Attack could not capitalize as the Sting cleared the ball. With both Syd and Kass sitting out thru injury the heavy lifting for the defence was left to Logan, Rav, Taylor, Sami and Mac. Mac in particular had a massive game as her energy level was contagious for the entire Sting squad and several brilliant strong tackles by her kept the Attack at bay. Steph got things moving for the girls as five minutes in a nice carry up the wing and strong shot saw the save well handled by the Attack keeper. The game also had its fair share of physical play and over the course of the game several yellow cards were flashed to both teams by the ref. Allie, from her attacking mid position used some skill and poise on her attempt after stripping the ball off her mark but the shot from twenty five yards out curled around the far post. A few minutes later and the Sting went close again as Steph's long throw in was flicked on by Kylie's header but again the keeper was in the right spot for the save. Halfway thru the first half and the Sting had their best chance on net as Lou's throw picked out Maarja inside the eighteen yard box. A nice turn and shot beat the keeper to the far side of the net but came off the underside of the crossbar and out. Logan rounded things out as her long range free kick almost saw an own goal as the header was flicked on by the Attack defender but the keeper was able to save up high. So the first half finished up with the score being Attack 0 - Sting 0.

The second half of the match lacked some of the quality passing as both teams appeared to be running out of gas. That said the Sting again seemed to have the quality chances with the Attack carrying a little more of the possession. Taylor and Sami got into a nice give and go freeing up Kylie but the resulting shot from the edge of the box was gathered. Sami then linked up with Jamie inside the eighteen with Jamie's flick on not fooling the keeper. Sami then made a brilliant run down the left wing beating her check but instead of cutting in and carrying the ball she let fly with a tight angle shot that the keeper collected. Halfway thru the first and Lou and Allie teamed up on a short corner but Allie's blast from the edge of the box was blocked and cleared. With time winding down the Sting came close off a brilliant cross by Logan which Sami was able to muscle past her mark to get a head on but it lacked power and went right in the keepers arms. So the final whistle sounded and for the second game in a row the Sting were off to overtime. Score at full time Attack 0 - Sting 0.

Overtime didnt solve too much as the closest chance fell to Sting off a corner but the ball was redirected around the near post and out for a goal kick. So once again the Sting were off to penalty kicks and trying to replicate last weekends result. Both teams had some outstanding penalty kicks taken as Rav, Meg, Taylor, Sami and Lou all buried their efforts hard and low into both corners of the net. The Attack were able to do the same but on the fifth and final kick for the Attack, Evalyn made a fine stop and the Sting won the contest 5-4 on penalties and a final official score of DCS Attack 0 - Sting 1.

The Sting are now off to the Coastal Cup Final for the second time in three years and will be facing off against long time rival and unbeaten #1 seed, SFC Pegasus. Regardless of the outcome the Sting have bounced back from a slow start to the season with some impressive soccer since January and the girls are proud to be only one of two girls teams representing DCS in the Coastal Cup final. Good luck ladies in the final and Go Sting!!

Tuesday, April 8
Sting Sail Thru Cup Action

The Sting's quarter final Coastal Cup match saw them having to take the ferry over to Vancouver Island to face off agisnt the Island Champions, UVI Storm. The Storm, having already secured a berth into the Provincial Championships, were the #2 seed in the tournament so the Sting were going to be in tough to get to the semi finals. That said the Sting opened up the brighter of the two teams as they put a lot of pressure in the attacking third of the field trying to find a way thru onto net. Lou, who had a huge first half, got things going as she scampered down the left wing with the ball and crossed to the top of the eighteen for Kylie. A nice layoff by Kylie found Allie but the hard low shot curled wide of the upright. A pretty good battle in the centre of the pitch ensued as both teams were trying to find a way thru but once again the Sting's stellar defence of Logan, Rav, Taylor, Sami and Mac turned away most threats and limited chances to long range efforts which didnt trouble Evalyn. So there was some just rewards in the Sting's work rate as they popped in the games first goal. Lou used her hustle and physical presence to strip the ball off her mark and feed the ball up to Jamie. Jamie held the ball up well and spotted her strike partner, Riley, making a good run. A nice little layoff pass saw Riley's twenty yard effort go top corner and the Sting had the lead. The Storm team had one quality chance on net as their speedy winger let fly with a booming shot but Evalyn, who was a standout, got her full body behind it for the nice save. So the whistle came down on a quality half of soccer by the Sting as they took the lead into the break. Score at the half Storm 0 - Sting 1.

The Sting opened up the second half sitting back a bit and absorbing some pressure from the Storm as they looked for the equalizer. Once again though the Sting did well to limit any quality chances as they kept everything to the outside of the pitch. With the Storm pressing the Sting looked for some quick counter attacks to take advantage. On one of these the Sting earned a free kick at the touchline where Taylor picked out Logan all by herself. The twenty five yard effort was on target but lacked power as the keeper was able to collect. The Sting came close again as Allie's throw in found Meg but the quick turn and shot sailed wide of the post. So with the Sting in the last minute of the match trying to kill the time a quick break stunned them. With the Storm striker carrying the ball a shot from outside the box deflected twice and the ball rolled into the box. Evalyn did well to charge off her line for the sliding take but the Storm striker got her toe on the ball first and it rebounded to a wide open Storm player to slot into the empty net. A tough break for the Sting as the goal came with less than 40 seconds on the clock and was essentially the final play of the half. Score at the end of full time Storm 1 - Sting 1.

The teams then had to endure two ten minute periods of overtime in which neither side really had any quality efforts on goal and as the overtime period ended the game was off to the dreaded penalty kicks.

The Sting won the coin toss and elected to shoot first. Rav made no mistake as her effort went low corner to the keepers right. Storm then scored a nice goal. Meg then stepped up and another unstoppable effort went top corner. The Storm player again scored giving Evalyn no chance. Logan then stepped up but her booming shot went over the bar opening the door for the Storm team. Evalyn quickly closed it though as she was able to tip the shot up onto the crossbar. From there on in the Sting closed it out as Taylor and Syd's efforts both found the back of the net and the Storm's fourth shooter went over the crossbar. So the Sting won the contest 4 - 3 in PK's and a final official score of UVI Storm 1 - Sting 2. The Sting now return back to the friendly confines of Elsom to play what will surely be a classic contest as they take on their sister team, the DCS Attack, on Sunday in the Coastal Cup semi final. Go Sting!!

Wednesday, April 2
Sting Kickoff Coastal Cup Action

The Sting opened up the first round of the 2014 Coastal Cup against West Coast FC at Elsom. The winner of the Cup will get an automatic berth into the Provincial A Cup in July so the stakes are high for all the teams. The first half saw the toll of two weeks of Spring Break taking effect as both teams struggled to find any real form. Even with this though the Sting seemed the brighter of the two teams as the Sting's defense of Logan, Kass, Rav, Sami, Syd and Mac kept the play to the outside and limited any efforts to long range balls in which Evalyn was on the spot to collect. The Sting's first effort came off Logan's deep throw into the middle of the pitch which saw Syd's twenty yard effort collected low by the WC keeper. Lou was then awarded a yellow card as she colided with the keeper on a floated cross and this got a little energy into the game for both teams. Shortly after that Sami's throw in, to the keepers right, picked out Meg and her blast sailed over the bar from the edge of the box. Meg wasnt to be denied on the next effort however. Meg stripped the ball off her mark and ran at the WC defense and laid the ball off to Jamie on the edge of the eighteen. A nifty little flick pass from Jamie sent Meg thru into the box where she slammed the hard low shot in the bottom corner of the net. The final whistle came down on the half and while the Sting had the lead they knew they had not played their best soccer. Score at the half WC 0 - Sting 1.

The second half saw the Sting play much better as their movement off the ball and penetrating passes had the WC backline on their toes. Lou got things moving for the Sting as a nice carry down the left wing saw her feed a thru ball to Jamie. Jamie held the ball well and then laid it off for Sami who's effort from just inside the box was well saved by the WC keeper. A few minutes later and Lou and Jamie paired up on a near identical play but this time it was Kylie who received the layoff pass but her hard low shot found the side netting. A rare WC effort on goal saw a mini break away down the right side but with Rav closing down the angle the shot curled away from net as Ev also had things covered. So with time winding down the Sting secured their berth into the quarter finals of the Cup as Allie fed Kylie a nice thru ball wide to the keepers left and Kylie's rocket went far top corner for the insurance marker. This was basically the last play of the match as the final whistle sounded. Full time score West Coast FC 0 - Sting 2. The Cup draw does not get any easier for the Sting as they will now head to Vancouver Island to play the Island Champions in Nanaimo next weekend. Good luck ladies and Go Sting!!

Friday, March 21
Coastal Cup Action

The official draw for the Coastal Cup is now posted and can be found in the Links section of the Sting website. The Sting have the Group of Death to get thru as their first round match is against old foes West Coast FC. A win there will see them travelling to Vancouver Island the following week against the Island Champions. It will be a tough road to hoe in this winner take all format but the players are up to the challenge. Go Sting!!

Tuesday, March 11
Most Inspirational Player Award 2013/14

Last night at the club's Annual General Meeting, the Most Inspirational Player awards were handed out for the season. The winner for the Sting this year, as chosen by the players, was Allie.

Allie is the teams first repeat winner of this award having been honoured by the players last season. Allie was chosen by her team mates for her hardwork and dedication both on and off the field and for leading by example. A well deserved recipient and was great to see the team come out to cheer her on.

Congratulations Allie!!

Wednesday, November 13
Sting in Opening Ceremonies

Prior to their own match on November 24, the Sting will be walking the Canadian National Womens team onto the pitch for their friendly against Mexico at BC Place. Will be a great opportunity for the players to see some of their heros and maybe play some inspired soccer of their own in their league match that night. Go Sting!!

Monday, July 16
Michelle Roots, SAQ Trainer

The Delta Coastal Sting want to welcome back Michelle Roots, BA Kin, CSCS, to the coaching staff. Michelle will be our Strength, Agility and Quickness (SAQ) coach for the upcoming season. Michelle's biography is on her company website, Core Conditioning and can be viewed thru the Links tab.

Michelle will be putting the team thru her conditioning program starting in mid August in preparation for the Sting's upcoming season as well as their Labour Day tournament in Pitt Meadows. Michelle will be running her weekly sessions with the team until Thanksgiving. 

Welcome back Michelle to the Sting family.