STRIKERS Soccer Club: Soccer Mall Order Form

All competitive players should use this form to help them with their uniform order. All of the formulas are plugged in, just simply plug in the # of each that you would like to order. Please check with your team manager to get your Jersey #.
Soccer Mall Competitive Uniform Order Form

Soccer Mall Order Form_13-14Soccer Mall Order Form_13-14

More Handouts:
  • SPRING 2014 GAME SCHEDULE - Convenient .pdf files are available here to view all game schedules.
  • Small Sided Academy Rules - Please take a moment to review the Rules of the Game for your players age group.
  • STRIKERS SC Handbook - The STRIKERS Soccer Club Player, Parent, Coach Handbook
  • Concussion Policy - AZ Youth Soccer Association has implemented a very specific Head injury / Concussion policy and for the safety of our players, your children, we at STRIKERS Soccer Club, take this policy very seriously. All of our Coaches and Referees have been trained in concussion awareness. Please note that the Referee on the field has ultimate authority. If the game has to be stopped to assist a player that has had a head to ball, head to head or head to ground collision, that player will not be permitted to return to the game. Coaches and parents will then be encouraged to perform the field test for concussion symptoms and AYSA policy must be followed to the letter. Please take a moment to review this policy.
  • Kids Safe-USYouth Soccer
  • 2013-2014 Age Group Chart - To determine which Age Group your player should play in, find the intersection of his/her birth month and birth year.
  • Player Fees - 2013 - 2014 Player Fees
  • STRIKERS Registration - STRIKERS Soccer Club Registration
  • AYSA Medical Release Form - The Medical Release Form must be filled out completely. Recreational Players are not required to have this form notarized. Competitive Players must have this form notarized.
  • Dev/Comp Players Forms
  • UNIFORMS for 2013 - 2014 - PLAYERS THAT PLAYED DURING THE 2012-2013 SEASON, THAT ALREADY HAVE THE ADIDAS KIT WILL NOT BE REQUIRED TO BUY NEW UNIFORMS FOR THE 2013 - 2014 SEASON! NEW Recreational Players will get an all blue Adidas kit to be worn as their home game uniform. As we have done in the past away game uniforms will consist of the practice tee, shorts and socks.