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Thunder Strikers 95 Girls
Thunder Strikers 95 Girls:Code of Conduct  
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Code of Conduct Code of Conduct


TSC Strikers
Kevin Axenfeld
Columbia, Maryland

  Code of Conduct  

Kids Learn By Example
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Code of Conduct
PLAYER’S Code of Conduct

1.        Learn the rules of the game and abide by them. Play fair.

2.        Demonstrate sportsmanship.   Shake hands with opponents at the conclusion of every match and refrain from such acts that would be considered disrespectful of an opponent.

3.        Accept the referee’s calls and move on with the game.   Do not speak to the referees or linesmen before, during or after a game.   Show respect for their decisions by prompt compliance with their requests.

4.        Overcome opponents with skill, effort, and technique not poor conduct and bad behavior.   Avoid use of foul or abusive language.

5.        Be a good teammate.   Encourage others, never criticize.   Help other players learn by being well behaved and by not being disruptive during practices and games.

6.        Listen to and obey the coach at all times.   Always do your best.   Do not let yourself, teammates, or coach down by a lack of effort.   Always hustle, never give up.

7.        Show up at the field ready to play and determined to win.   Dress appropriately.   Bring a ball and water to each game and practice.

8.        When the game is over, accept the outcome.   Win with grace and lose with dignity.

PARENT’S Code of Conduct

1.        Avoid disruptive behavior.   All coaches have different philosophies, you will likely not agree with all coach’s decisions, do not let those disagreements become disruptive.   Recognize negative remarks can be extremely disruptive to the players, coach, and other parents.

2.        Express concerns about specific situations in a mature fashion through private discussion with the coach.   Do not discuss anything or anyone not having to do directly with your child.

3.        Support the team whenever possible through attendance at games.

4.        Conduct yourself in a positive manner.   Do not address remarks of any kind to referees* or opposing team.   Do not coach from the sideline.   Confine comments to encouragement of players.

5.        After each match, have a positive attitude and show appreciation for the importance the players effort.   Remember that playing the game well is more important than winning.

6.        Support the team and club by volunteering your services when needed.   For home games help set-up/take-down goals, line the field, etc.

(* = in the WAGS league if the referee issues a red card to a parent or simply tells the parent to leave the area then the head coach must sitout the following game)

Thunder Strikers 95 Girls
Thunder Strikers 95 Girls
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