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Mon 10/26 star SLL BOD Meeting 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM SLL Field House - Short Beach
Mon 11/2 star SLL Coaches Meeting 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM SLL Field House - Short Beach


Monday, September 28

SLL today announced the 2016 Board of Directors nominations for voting on Monday October 5 at the regularly scheduled coaches meeting.  Voting is open to all 2015 registered volunteers.  The meeting will take place in the field house at Short Beach beginning at 7pm.  Each nominee will present their qualifications prior to voting opening.

2016 Board of Directors nominees:

NOTE: Most positions are unopposed and do not require a vote

President - Ben Kusinski (unopposed)
Vice President BB - Javier Jasso (unopposed)
Vice President SB - Macey Mazzella (unopposed)
Treasurer - Jennifer Burlone (unopposed)
Safety Officer - Joe Chatlos (unooposed)
Secretary - Amy Chatlos (unopposed)
Player Agent - Chris Tyler (unopposed)
Equipment Manager - Ryan Burlone (unopposed)
Information Officer - Bob Fraedrich / Noel Cocca - VOTE REQUIRED
Concession Stand Manager - Wendy Grecco (unopposed)
Tee-Ball Commissioner - Chris Barbee (unopposed)
Minors Commissioner BB - Jose Ramos / Chris Howe - VOTE REQUIRED
Intermediate Commissioner SB - Chris Smith (unopposed)
AAA Majors Commissioner BB - Noel Cocca (unopposed)
Minors Commissioner SB - Dan Brown (unopposed)
Majors Commissioner BB - Javier Jasso (unopposed)
Majors Commissioner SB - George Ilioff (unopposed)
Juniors Commissioner SB - Macey Mazzella (unopposed) 

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