Gibbs Little League: Welcome


  Congratulations 2015 Majors Champions Laser!



  George P. Gibbs Jr. Little League 

We are dedicated to providing a fun, safe, and competitive environment for boys and girls of both Sterling and Princeton, MA to learn the fundamentals of baseball, the greatest game in the world.    



AAA Championship: Thursday, June 18th @ 5:45pm @ Maypother 

                                       #2 Riverbandits vs. #1 Bravehearts(home)


Congratulations to each player for being selected to represent Gibbs LL. Good Luck!!!

                                       Gibbs LL 11-12 year old District Team

  Caleb Marerro, Carson Walsh, Cole Ratcliffe, Coleman Dyer, Jared Bailey, Jay Heffernan, Luke Grady, Noah Hadju, Ray Dennehy, Remi Barney, Ryan Morrissey, T J Farr, Ryan Gardula

                                      Gibbs LL 11-12 year old Holden Tournament Team

Dylan Joerres, Evan Gonsorcik, Frederick Curtis, John Papandrea, John Phinney, Kyle Harrold, Matt Regan, Max Lowe, Nathan Coughlin, Rowan Wallace, Ryan Larsen, Zachary Brennan

                        Gibbs LL 9-10 year old Distric team

 Ben Marcoulier, Brendan Roy, Brett Lucht, Chase Cutter, Chet Fors, George Eirmann, Justin Mariani, Lukas Lahaye, Luke Patton, Nick Ewing, Noah Pavlowich, Yaviah Martinez