STER FC Elite Black 96: Tournaments

Monday, May 6
2013-2014 U17 TOURNAMENTS

The following tournaments are planned for U17:

August 24-25: August Cup (Gaithersburg, MD) 

August 30-September 3: Disney Qualifier (Orlando, FL)

November 9-10: VCCL Boys College Showcase (Williamsburg, VA)

November 16-17: PDA Boys College Showcase (Zarapathe, NJ)

November 29-December 1: NSCAA Baltimore College Showcase (Baltimore, MD) 

December 27-30: Disney Showcase (Orlando, FL)

February 14-15: Phoenix Del Sol Presidents Day (Phoenix, AZ) 

March 7-9: Annandale Premier Cup (Fairfax, VA)

March 22-23: Baltimore March Madness (Baltimore, MD)

May 24-26: Potomac Memorial (Bethesda, MD)

June 14-15: Kirkwood Boys Premier (Wilmington, DE) 

Friday, June 1


August 18-19: SYA Cardinal Cup (Fairfax Co.)  CHAMPIONS 2-0-2

August 25-26: August Cup (Germantown, MD) rain shortened 0-2-0

September 1-3: Mclean Premier (Germantown, MD) SEMI-FINALIST 1-2-1 (PK's)

October 6-7: SAC Columbus Day (Columbia, MD)  0-1-2  (missed semi's in PK's)

November 16-18: CASL National Boys Showcase (Raliegh, NC) 1-1-1 

February 16-17: Presidents Day Cup (Williamsburg, VA) SEMI-FINALIST 2-1-0

March 2-3: Loudoun College Showcase (Leesburg, VA) CHAMPIONS 2-0-0

March 8-10: Annandale Premier Cup (Northern, VA) 0-1-2

May 25-26: Columbia Invitational (Columbia, MD) FINALIST 1-1-2 

June 15-16: Kirkwood Boys Premier (Kirkwood, DE) 3-1-0 CHAMPIONS 3-1-0

July 6-7: PA Mid-Atlantic Classic (Lancaster, PA) 


August: Dulles National (Herndon, VA) 1-0-1 Shortened due to hurricane

September: OBGC Capital Cup (Olney, MD) 1-2-0

October: Virginia State Cup (Annandale, VA) 0-1-0 

October: Virginia Presidents Cup Preliminary (Richmond, VA) 2-0-0

October: YMS Columbus Cup (Yardley, PA) 1-1-1

November: Virginia Presidents Cup Finals (Richmond, VA) 1-0-0 Champions! 

November: Baltimore College Showcase, Columbia, MD) 1-1-1

March: Annandale Premier Cup (No. VA.) 3-1-0 Finalist 

March: PWSI Ice Breaker (PW Co. VA) 1-1-1

May: Presidents Cup Regional Finals (Nashua, NH) 0-1-2 

APC Finalist
APC Finalist
Sunday, March 11

ELITE 1 vs. TSF 0

The day started with the Elite playing the highest rank team in the Predator Bracket - TSF Academy White. The team started slowly due the lack of team preparation over the previous two weeks as the VA spring HS season has begun. But as they reacquainted themselves, they began to hold possession and created opportunities. TSF had fast and physical players and they pressured the Elite backline, only to be stopped by the tenacious attacking play of the defensive line. The Elite won the 50/50 balls and did what they had to do to keep the game tight throughout, until in the 62nd minute Derek served a great ball across the top of the eighteen and Alec buried the only goal of the match with a left footed volley. For the final eight minutes the Elite were able to preserve the shutout and move on with a win.

ELITE 2 vs. HMMS 0

Excited about playing toe-to-toe and beating a team that was ranked in the top 200 nationally and #10 out of NJ, the Elite wanted to prove that it wasn't a fluke when they faced another highly ranked opponent out of Eastern PA, the HMMS Eagles. The Eagles were PAE State Cup Semi-Finalist and ranked PAE number #12. The Elite came out ready to play and put the pressure on the HMMS defense, but were unable to break through the tough back line. Once again the Elite defense was stellar, shutting down numerous attempts by fast, aggressive forwards. The game remained scoreless until the 22nd minute when an Elite player was taken down in the penalty box. Once again, Derek was called upon to take the PK and his consistency paid off, giving the Elite the 1-0 lead. Energized, the Elite kept the pressure in the attack with great 2-touch movement and transition from the back line, through the mid and forward. In the 29th minute the 2-touch accuracy moved the ball through the HMMS players as Alec found Ever (guest player from RSA) on the opposite mid-flank. Ever took the ball with a clear run to the goal and beat the keeper with a calm shot to the back post -- 2-0 at half. The game pressure in the second half was intense from both squads, but great defense and a few great saves by Josh, helped maintain the 2nd shut-out of a top ranked team. The victory over HMMS and a late goal by TSF over MCLN ensured a trip to the finals for the Elite on Sunday.

ELITE 3 vs. MCLN 0

Going into the MCLN game, the Elite knew they would be in the finals later in the day. Even with a few injuries and sore players, the Elite refused to take their foot off the throttle against a NCSL D1 team and local rival. Although not the same two teams, the core Elite players still remembered the 8-1 drubbing they were handed by the MCLN Fire Green in The Mclean Premier Tournament last year and wanted to prove they were a better team. From the opening whistle the Elite were aggressive and determined. Josh was tested a few times early, but made the saves to keep the game dead locked - but not for long. In the 10th minute, Alec found Derek breaking off the left wing and he notched the first goal of the game. Minutes later, a direct kick was awarded to the Elite 40 yards from goal, within Alec's scoring range. The shot hit the goal post with bar-rattling power and dropped to the eighteen, where Connor slammed a one touch volley past the keeper - 2-0 Elite. In the final minutes of the half, the Alec, Derek combo hooked up one more time to end the half 3-0. The game remained scoreless in the second half, although not contested. Mclean pushed the ball relentlessly at the Elite defense; only to be shut down by a defense and keeper determined to have zero goals against throughout the tournament.


The championship game had the Elite matched up with another top #200 team (#165) and PAE #7 the Ukrainian National Obolon. Going into the match, the Elite were still believed to be the big underdog as the low ranked stepping stone, even though they were the only team, in either bracket, to go undefeated without giving up a single goal. The UNO were big, physical and fast and from the opening whistle had the Elite on their heels. The attack was relentless as they passed and ran around the Elite midfield and defense. UNO looked as if they were going to walk all over the Elite. For the first 8 minutes, the UNO had the ball inside the attacking zone nearly the entire stretch. In the 9th minute, the questionable call was made inside the box and gave the UNO a PK - the ultimate game winner. After the PK, the Elite's game changed. The UNO still pressured the goal, but the Elite starting playing toe-to-toe with them. The opportunities came, but the UNO shut the Elite down. Twice in the 2nd half, an Elite player was taken down in the box, but the calls were not as favorable and not given as it was earlier in the match. The final whistle blew and the UNO won a well deserved championship 1-0.

The Elite has arrived! Only two teams gave up 1 or fewer goals in the U15 Annandale Premier Cup - both were featured in the Predator Division Championship game (STER and UNO.) The Elite defense of Josh, Sean, Jonathan, Calvin, Hunter and Justin was outstanding - never panicking, always playing pressure-cover-balance and being aggressive to the ball. Kudos to the D. The midfield play of Ryan, Parker, Connor, Robbie, Derek, Will, Tyler and Ever was also something to be proud of. They help maintain possession, rarely gave up the middle of the field and transitioned the ball into the attack - great job midfielders. Finally, great job by the forwards Alec, Brandon, Chris and Austin. They made the crucial runs to off-balance the defense and pinched back to facilitate transition out of the mid. GREAT JOB ELITE!!!!!!!