GA Starzz 2011 16 & Under Fastpitch Softball Team: Welcome

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Season Opener Champs
Season Opener Champs
Introducing the 2011 GEORGIA STARZZ 16U Fastpitch Softball Team

The 2011 Georgia Starzz 16U fastpitch softball team has been organized to offer young ladies from Oconee County the opportunity to enjoy the sport and experience the competitiveness of FASTPITCH SOFTBALL in an organized, family supported and Christian environment.


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The way a team plays as a whole determines its success.

 You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world, but if they don't play together, the club wont be worth a dime.
-Babe ruth

 Remember ladies...It's all about CHARACTER!

Show good sportsmanship out there!


2011 GEORGIA STARZZ 16U Fastpitch Softball Team

I would like to congratulate the following young ladies for being a part of the 2011 GA STARZZ 16U Team.  We are a second year team of 15 and 16 year old girls looking to improve on last year and preparing for the future.  We are based out of Oconee County.  This team is proud to be the 2007 Georgia Little League St3ate Champions.

#00 Jessica Perschka 2013 North Oconee

#2 Brianna Avery 2013 North Oconee

#3 Brooke Turner 2013 North Oconee

#6 Sara Stites 2012 North Oconee

#7 Adrienne Little 2013 Walnut Grove

#8 Victoria Coker 2014 Walnut Grove

#9 Sheila Bundy 2014 North Oconee

#12 Chelsea Ford 2013 Madison County

#14 Hannah Harden 2013 North Oconee

#17 Katelyn Little 2015 Walnut Grove

#32 Sara Stritt 2013 North Oconee




Wayne Turner (Manager)

Chris Harden (Head Coach)

Norm Stites (Asst. Coach) 

Doug Bundy (Asst. Coach)

Tim Coker (Asst. Coach)


Saturday, March 26
Starzz Continue With "HOT BATS" In King Of Moutain Friday Night Lights

The GA Starzz continued with their hot bats and outstanding 2 strike hitting on Friday night in the opening round of the King Of Mountain classic.  The Starzz took the field with a STARZZ FIRST--DECKED FROM HEAD TO TOE IN ALL BLACK!  The uniform looked outstanding, and the play by the girls was even better.  The Starzz take two games from the competition without giving up a single run.  The Starzz garner the #1 seed in the GOLD Bracket and will play their first game on Saturday at 4:45 weather permitting. 

 The Georgia Starzz want to welcome Adrienne and Katelyn Little along with their parents Wendy and Kevin Little and their grandparents and friends to our team. We also want to thank them for their great efforts last night in their first appearances in a Starzz Uniform.  Remember girls, once a Starzz Girl, ALWAYS A STARZZ GIRL.  We cannot wait to get to know both you, your parents and your family during this season.  We are really proud to have you part of our TEAM!  I want to urge all of our past players and parents to meet and welcome each of the new parents and grand parents in our usual Starzz manner and thank them for supporting our girls.

 Good Luck Ladies==Let Us Get After That Championship Today!!!!

Wednesday, March 23
Starzz Sweep Opening Camfast Tournament At World Famous Bishop Park!

The 2011 edition of the Georgia Starzz opened their tournament season with 4 straight wins in their opening tournament of the season.  I don't have the book, but I know there were numerous games with 10+ hits per game.  We only had 2 k's looking, and we hit quite a few balls deep to the no fence--fences.  I think we are only a game or two away from the season's first HR.  The pot will grow as we anxiously await the team's first homer of the season.  Congrats to each of the pitchers for holding all opponents to less than 5 runs all day.  Way to go Victoria, Hannah and Jessica.  As we know, pitching means nothing if the ladies in the field are not getting it done in the dirt.  Special congrats to Chelsea Ford and Briana Avery for their outstanding run saving play in the first game of the day.  Had to be the play of the tournament defensively.  Sarah caught four games, minus a couple of innings of relief--Great Job and a yeoman's effort!  The outfield with Sheila, Sara and the spare pitchers made all the plays and as usual Brooke patrolled the middle of the infield like a pro.  Jessica made every bunt play from third!  The coaches, well--they are all out of shape and were really tired and sore from all the up/downs from the buckets and the full day of thinking!  They surely are not used to 8 hours of noodle/mind management!  Anyway--GREAT JOB in preparation for the early season MAC DADDY--King Of The Mountain!  Ladies, get your hobnail boots ready, and let's climb that ole moutain!!

In this I Believe!